Peerless Genius System

Chapter 800 Opportunities to Turn Around

The ghost is at the peak level of Wuwang when he does his best, but now it is daytime, and the sun is high, she must support the little red umbrella at all times, so the strength of the war must be greatly discounted, sieged by five mentors, although not to be defeated, can not take up much upper wind, for a time both sides can not hold still, this is still the result of the duck emperor assisting her, otherwise, at this time, it is feared to have been defeated.

On the other side, Sholo Sheng rose into the air, slapped, the earth collapsed, the elders of Twilight College threw up blood, terrible energy fluctuations like a wind raging, countless students were lifted out.

The sand and dust roll, the mountains rock, the scene of the end!

Everyone looked in terror and shock at the void, like an angelic Sholo, and all the elders of Twilight College were not his enemies. It was horrible, it was impossible to imagine.

“Rest in peace for a while! ”

Sholo slowly extended his arms, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

At the same time, the spiritual energy between the heavens and the earth seemed to be strongly attracted, and from all around him came wildly. At this moment, when the sky was raging and the wind was overwhelming, he could not help but create an impulse to worship.

What's he gonna do?

What the hell does he want?

Dean and elders looked at Sholoh in the sky with great tension with their eyes open and panicked. They had never met such an enemy, young and powerful as God, and they could not believe it in any case without seeing it.

“Phew ~”

A true force swept up from the sky from Sholo's Heavenly Spirit Cover, blew up, and the dots that turned into silver and white scattered, covering the entire Twilight College, and then the indiscriminate attack began.

Those dots suddenly hit nearby academics, each hit falling down seriously, or spraying blood from his mouth to moan, or fainting directly.

Now that we are in opposition to Twilight College, which is in charge of the transmission array, in case everyone is temporarily incapacitated in order to ensure safe arrival in the Moon State.

“Pfft, pfft, pfft.”

The elders were again traumatized and threw up several pieces of blood in a row, all sitting on their legs, entering a state of harmony and stabilizing the hearts in their bodies, otherwise they would no doubt die.

This is what Schollo wanted, slowly falling back to the ground, and his eyes fell on the transmission array.

The transfer array absorbed the true power for most of the day, by which time the usual colorful light had been restored, that is, it was ready to be used, and he walked to Hu Qingsong: “Will you align the transfer coordinates of the transfer array? ”

Hu Qingsong returned to God after being stunned for half an hour: “I... I will not...”

“Who would?” Sholo asked again.

“Elenda.” Hu Qingsong looked at Elenda.

“Help me align the coordinates to Moon State.” Sholo looked at Elenda and said faintly, in words, with orders that no one could disobey.

Elenda stood up and stared at Sholo angrily: "You devil, I won't help you if I die! ”

In her eyes, people who can instantly hurt everyone in Twilight College are just like demons.

“It's not up to you. ”

Sholo smiled softly and his right palm swayed gently in front of her.

Elenda's pupils narrowed, her consciousness instantly blurred, and she was hypnotized by Shore.

“Align the coordinates of the transmission array to the Moon State.” Sholoway.

“I would never... I would never... help you...” Elenda shook her head hard as she resisted Sholo's hypnosis.

Sholo glanced at Hu Qingsong: “You're not helping me, you're helping Qingsong, he wants to take you far away. ”

Of course, he could see that Elenda had a deep affection for Hu Qingsong, otherwise she would not have stood up for Hu Qingsong.

Indeed, Elenda's resistance quickly dissipated when she heard that Sholo was helping Hu Qingsong and that she and Hu Qingsong were going away.

“Qingsong, are we going far away? Okay, I'll help you. ”

Irinda had no focus on her eyes, but she was delirious and headed straight for the transfer array, and then proceeded to align the transfer coordinates of the transfer array.

In fact, the method is not complicated. The outer ring of the transfer array is like the password lock of the original world. By rotation, different digital combinations can be displayed. The transfer array consists of three outer rings of the same size. Rotating them is the same. There can be many digital combinations.

Less than that, Elenda was done, and she was happy to report to Sholo: "Green Pine, the coordinates are aligned, which is Moon Country. ”


Sholo stretched out his fingers and softened her eyebrows and Elenda fell softly asleep on the floor.

Demonic law?

How could this guy know magic?

The students at Twilight College were staring at the cold air.

Dean and elders are also sweating like waterfalls.

“Alanda, Alanda...” Hu Qingsong called Alanda worried.

“Don't worry, she's fine, just get some sleep.” Sholo turned his head and said softly.

“Thank you, thank you!” Hu Qingsong nodded his thanks.

Sholo certainly knows what he's thanking: “You don't have to thank me, I'm just clearing up the threat.” Look at the ghost, "left. ”


The ghost rushed to his side and stepped into the transmission with him.

“His duck, wait for me.” The Duck King rushed into the transmission line like an arrow.

One duck for two and just left.

At Twilight College, all but Rockingstone were seriously injured and temporarily unable to move.

“Rockingstone, do your best to slap the transmission array. Whatever that son of a bitch fixes, it's no match for the power of space.” Dean Ai shouted loudly at this time.


Rockingstone is difficult around, look at the dean, look at Hu Qingsong again, eyebrows wrinkled tightly.

“Rockingstone, what are you still standing there for? Listen to Dean Ai, clap your hands at the transmission array. ”

“They're in the space tunnel right now, trying to wipe them out is easy, come on. ”

“This is a disgraceful opportunity for our college. All you have to do is take a slap. From now on, you will be the college's diamond student. All cultivation resources are automatically deflected to you. Tibetan Sutra is free to come and go with you. Read the book on how to do it. ”

“As long as you kill them, you will be a meritocrat of the College, a star of attention, a role model for all participants, and your family will be proud of you. ”

The elders persuaded each other.

Luo Jinshi was firmly on Hu Qingsong's side, but faced with the temptation of the elders, he moved his heart. He had always hated Zheng Feihan, nothing more than jealousy. He was jealous that Zheng Feihan had a grandfather who was an elder, jealous that Zheng Feihan could hug him left, and all kinds of beautiful women were in his arms, and now, a chance appeared, he turned around, and the opportunity to live like Zheng Feihan was in front of him.