Peerless Genius System

Chapter 801: Killing Unforgiven

“Rockingstone, not everyone has a chance like this, and this opportunity just passes. You don't have much time to think about it. You miss it, that's all you've got in your life, okay?” Dean Ai's luck healed his wounds, and his old eyes looked at Rockingstone as if he were going to eat people.

“What are you waiting for? Come on, hurry up, or the bastard will be transferred to Moon Country.” An elder scolded and drank.


Rockingstone looked at the colorful transmission array, his eyes trembling violently and his heart struggling.

This is a prestigious and rare opportunity, all he needs to do is walk over and shoot his best towards the transmission array, and from then on he will jump from the bottom level to become the brightest student of Twilight City College, prestige, woman, money... everything will flow to him.

In this short period of time, he completed his psychological struggle and eventually chose to seize the opportunity. He walked toward the transmission array, his teeth biting, one pair of eyes through the deep cold, as if the room had suddenly become another.

“Stop! ”

Hu Qingsong, covered in blood, stretched out his arms, blocked in front of him, harshly questioned, “Rojingshi, what are you doing? ”

“Master Hu, please step aside.” Rockingstone did not answer positively, but only with a firm eye.

Hu Qingsong was stunned and looked at him like a stranger: "Do you have to listen to the Dean to disrupt the transmission process? ”

“Can't you? ”

Luo Jinshi asked, "Isn't he supposed to be repaid for killing Elder Zheng and others and hurting everyone in our college?" I asked him what he deserved and what he deserved. ”

Hu Qingsong scoffed: “What a well-deserved excuse to ask, what an excuse to be worthy of the heavens and the earth, and what a crown. ”

“Master Hu, I respect you, but how can you get more and more confused and help outsiders deal with the college? Get out of the way, let me finish this and avenge the college.” Rockingstone preached like a sermon.

Getting confused?

Hu Qingsong smiled dumbfoundly and his face was filled with pain: “What a good apprentice I brought out with my hand. Until today, I didn't see what you needed inside. ”

“If you were me, I'm sure you wouldn't let go of this opportunity.” Rockingstone argues.

“Rockingstone, don't bullshit this traitor. Go to the transmission array and interrupt that bastard's transmission. ”

“Anything to say to a traitor, if you don't hurry, the bastard will be able to pass it on. ”

“Come on, do it. Always waste your time here. ”

The elders urged you to say what I said.

Luo Jinshi said to Hu Qingsong with a slight warning tone: “Master Hu, please stop blocking me. I have made up my mind. Whoever blocks me from flying Huang Tengda is my enemy. ”

Just say it, bypass Hu Qingsong directly, and make great strides toward conveying the array.

“Goldstone. ”

Behind him came Hu Qingsong's sudden cry as if he were a merciful father. Luo Jinshi thought he was going to persuade himself again, ignoring him at all. However, the next second, a sharp pain came from his back, he truly felt a cold blade stabbed into his back.

“Pfft ~”

Another sharp pain, and Nali pulled out of her body.

Rockingstone slowly turned around and only saw Hu Qingsong, full of blood, holding a bloodstained dagger in his hand, the tip of the knife dropped blood water towards the ground.

“Master Hu, you...”

Luo Jinshi's face is full of incredible colors, how can you not believe Hu Qingsong will kill himself, for an outsider who meets Pingshui, kill the only apprentice, how is it possible, is this Hu Qingsong really old fool?

Hu Qingpine face had no expression, the dagger in his hand had no mercy, and he stabbed Rojin's chest again.

“Pfft ~”

Blood splashed, all the energy as if it had been pulled away in the instant room, Rockingstone slowly fell on the ground like a piece of soft mud, the internal organs bled, those pouring blood rushed up, not long later, the mouth and nose spilled a lot of blood.

This knife penetrated his heart, and even when the Great Fairy arrived, it could not be saved. The only thing that could be done was to wait for death to come.

After all this, Hu Qingsong did not have any strength. He fell to the ground, looked at the blue sky, laughed madly, smiled, tears flowed from the corner of his eyes. He had always hated Twilight College's evil air, and was fighting to rid himself of the evil air. But he never thought that his own apprentice would fall under this evil air.


He had never felt as tired, frustrated, and desperate as he was today, although the sky was blue, but in his eyes, there had always been a layer of haze in the sky, which was over Twilight for a long time.



In the chaotic passage, standing on the ghost's shoulder, the Duck King asks, "God damn it, why didn't you let that Rockingstone lose his ability to move for a while? ”

“Why would he lose his mobility, too? Isn't he one of us?” The ghost winked with his big eyes and asked indistinctly.

“Little girl, you're still young. Humanity is the most unreliable thing. How long have we known him and not a day has passed? How can you guarantee that he won't stand upside down and help Twilight College against us? ”

The Duck Emperor's appearance taught, “Under the temptation of money, power and prestige, humanity is the worst hit. Think about it, that young Rockingstone can severely hurt us by clapping hard towards the transmission line, become the meritorious minister of Twilight College, and since then, he has rebelled to be tall and handsome, standing at the top of the pyramid, do you think he can resist this temptation? ”

“Duck, do you think people are too dark?” The ghost never believed that Rockingstone would do what the Duck King said.

“I'm a reasonable guess.” Duck King's Road.

“You're just too dark. ”

The ghost whispered, “Isn't that right, handsome Lolo? ”

Sholoh smiled. “Yeah, this stinking duck is so dark. ”

“His duck master, what is this? Do you know how to bury this duck as soon as you sing it together? Goddamn kid, believe it or not, Ben Duck pulled a lug on your shoulder.” The Duck Emperor is extremely dissatisfied.

“You're itchy. You want me to scratch you again?” Sholo glanced at it with a faint glance.

The Duck King suddenly admitted, “Okay, you're the big brother, Ben. Can't you still wear the duck suit? ”

Sholo ignored it, of course he wouldn't say, and before stepping into the transmission line, his last instruction to Hypnotized Elenda was: Destroy the transmission process, kill the innocent!