Peerless Genius System

Chapter 803: Sneaking Forbidden Fruits

After all, it is a female country, and Schollo can't help but go west to the daughter country in his journey to set the assumption that on the streets of Moon Prayer, he is a man whose identity is not revealed, because there are too many more manly women wandering the streets, and speaking very rough, completely like a man.

“If he hadn't seen her without a beard, I'd have thought she was a man. Look under her armpit. Her armpits are so rich, they're all catching up with her hair. ”

The Duck King saw a tough woman walking in front of him and couldn't help but puke. "You can smell a fox smell all the way down the street. It's disgusting. It's disgusting, little girl. Come on, let me smell the scent on you to detoxify it. ”

It felt better when it stuck its head in the ghost's pocket and smelled the ghost's faint body scent.

“Oops, it smells awful!” The ghost pinched his nose.

Sholo also found the smell unbearable and smelly, hurrying in the opposite direction of the woman's path.

Step out of a hundred meters and come to a pond full of lotus flowers.

“You stay here, I'll go to the air and see where the transmission array is.” Sholo ordered.

“It has to be in the palace.” Duck King's Road.

Sholoh did not speak, he glanced at it without a good breath, and the sound of "hush” disappeared into the altitude of hundreds of meters, at this altitude, overlooking the underneath moon worship country, pedestrians like ants, and he was surprised that he could not see the border of the moon worship country, and his sight was all over the moon worship country.

“I didn't expect a country full of women to be so vast. ”

He mumbled in his heart and took it to the heart of the Moon Country, a palace similar to the Forbidden City, an unusual gleam of golden glass tiles, a pavilion pavilion, a pool salmon, fake mountain monster stones, and vine bamboo.

We've been in the air for a long time and haven't seen a trace of the transmission array!

Then there are only two possibilities, hidden intentionally by the Moon State, or blocked from sight by something, so that he can't see, it seems that this method does not work, you have to ask someone.

With that in mind, it quickly falls back to the ground.

On the ground, ghosts and duck emperors were eating unknown fruits, like apples, but with cherries on the surface, they looked very appetizing.

“What are you eating? ”

Sholo frowned, eating without knowing anything, not afraid of poisoning?

“Fruit. ”

Ghost said, "Handsome Lolo, would you like some? It's delicious. ”

“Where'd you get this?” Sholo's face sank.

“The duck picked it on the tree over there.” The ghost refers to a tree by the pond.

At first glance, Sholo, the tree did have a lot of fruit, just like the ghost and the duck king ate.

“Eat whatever you want, throw it away! ”

Straight ahead, take the rest of the fruit out of the ghost's hand and stare at the duck emperor with a bad eye, "and yours. ”

“What to do, what to eat a fruit.” The Duck King quickly swallowed the rest in his mouth.

“You know the bottom line of this fruit? If you eat poisoning, can you handle it yourself?” Sholo was slightly angry.

“I just asked, this fruit is non-toxic and edible. ”

The Duck King argued, "And didn't you notice that the air in this country smells fresh? It's the fruit that comes out of it, and it tastes even better, and I've had three. ”

“Are you serious?” Sholo Half Letter Half Doubt.

"Of course," said the duck queen. "The ghost girl asked. They told her it was forbidden fruit. We wouldn't eat it if we didn't ask for information about these things. ”

Forbidden fruit?

Sholo, the whole person is stunned. The forbidden fruit is the fruit of the tree of good and evil known in the Bible. The consequences of stealing the forbidden fruit are very serious, and the name of these fruits is called forbidden fruit. Is it possible that there is another meaning?

“Handsome Lolo, should be all right?” The ghost saw him so thick, he couldn't help but worry.

“What can I do if I eat a few fruits? With our highly unpredictable fixes, even toxic ones can be easily suppressed. Little girl, relax.” The duck emperor doesn't care at all and even wants to eat a few more, because the forbidden fruit is so delicious it tastes better than any fruit it has ever eaten before.

“You don't know shit! ”

Sholo scolded directly, “As you can see in the market, there are not a few farmers selling fruits, but only those who do not sell forbidden fruits. The forbidden fruits with such a delicious flavour are not a commodity, but can be picked and tasted at will. Can't you explain the special nature of forbidden fruits? ”

By this, the duck emperor was a little nervous, but it still argued: “Probably too much forbidden fruit, rotten street, look, just by this pond, there are a dozen forbidden fruit trees, and the production is quite abundant...”

“I hope so.” Sholo snorted coldly.

“Handsome Lolo, isn't this forbidden fruit really poisonous?” The ghost was very worried.

“It is either toxic or non-toxic, and I suspect that the way women in Moon Prayer produce offspring is to eat forbidden fruit.” Sholoway.


As it turns out, whether it's a ghost or a duck emperor, there's a sharp rumble in his heart.

“God damn it, kid, don't scare me. You're talking about drinking water from the mother river to get pregnant, not eating fruit.” Duck King's Road.

“I'm just saying that there may be such a cop mother river, but I'm not saying that there must be, and that the way this moon country may reproduce future generations is by eating forbidden fruit pregnancy.” Sholoway.

“Pfft ~”

Like a sunny thunderbolt, the duck emperor's ass sat on the ground, his eyes opened horribly, yeah, how could he not have thought of it, although it was a duck in chaotic space, but he could know more about the original world, counting half the people of the original world, how could he not know the meaning of forbidden fruit, according to Sholo, this forbidden fruit is really likely to be the fruit of pregnancy.

“His duck master, I can't help but seduce.” The Duck Emperor blames himself.

“Does pregnancy mean I can have a baby?” The ghost asks Sholo.

Sholo nodded: “Hmm. ”

“No, no, Ben, don't have a baby. It hurts. ”

The ghost hurried, she saw the scene of having a baby in the dark castle, it was called a heartbreaking lung, the process of having a baby was absolutely painful, she didn't want to suffer like that.

Sholoh did not speak and only hoped that his speculation was wrong. The forbidden fruit was not as pregnant as the water in the mother's river, but merely ordinary fruit.

But wishes are good, reality is cruel.

The Duck King, who ate the most forbidden fruit, reacted at this moment...

“Ouch... my stomach hurts... my stomach hurts so much.” The Duck King rolled on the ground.

“Me too, my stomach's starting to ache. ”

After the ghost followed it closely, the abdomen had a spastic pain.

I ~! @ # ¥%...

Sholo couldn't help but scold her.