Peerless Genius System

Chapter 804: The Queen's Tears

The pain of the ghost and duck emperor intensified, both rolled full, although it was not certain if it was because of the signs of pregnancy from eating the forbidden fruit, Sholo immediately found a guest house to rest in. When talking to the guest house junior, he deliberately pointed his voice, imitated the woman's speech, and in addition, the guest house junior did not suspect that he was actually a boy.

Coming to the house, the pain was relieved, the ghost lay powerless on the bed, his face was white, and the duck king was equally tired and exhausted.

Sholo exchanged medicine with the system in the original world, and after a little pulse was determined, the ghost was really pregnant, not to mention the Duck Emperor, eating too much, reacting the most intensely, the duck belly was a little swollen.

“I noticed that there was life moving in my stomach, and it was over, and Ben Duck was really pregnant, and now I'm gai, and if it came out, where would I put my old face?” The duck emperor cried.

“You still have the guts to say it! ”

Sholo was angry, he left for a little while, and this happened. He didn't even know how much the forbidden fruit dared to take off and eat.

“Handsome Lolo, I don't want to have a baby, I don't want...”

The ghost's eyes turned red and she was terrified, holding Sholo's hand tight.

Sholo had endless tolerance for her, consoling her: "Don't worry, since there are forbidden fruits that can make people pregnant, there must be something that can cause them to lose their babies, I'll get back to it right away. ”

It is true in the history of the western tour, but this woman is not the daughter country, whether or not she has abortion water, he has no heart.

“You stay right here, you're not going anywhere, you wait for me to come back, you hear me?” Sholo ordered that the last interview stared at the Duck King, and the ghost was obedient. He had nothing to worry about. What he feared most was that the stinking duck was messing with the plane.


The ghost nodded nicely and she trusted Sholo very much.

The Duck Emperor said with impatience: "God damn it, kid, relax your mind. In our dead state, don't say where to go. It's just a matter of standing up and taking two steps. ”

“Just know. ”

Sholo threw it away in a bad mood, it was nothing, had to come out with this kind of crap, if there was no foetal water, it would be a big game.



“What, your friend accidentally ate the forbidden fruit and got pregnant?” The owner of the inn was shocked to hear Sholo's account.

“We are new to your country from somewhere else, I don't know if forbidden fruit can make people pregnant, boss, is there anything in your country that can be aborted? ”

Sholo smiled and explained that he had completely transformed his voice into a woman's voice, and his appearance had changed slightly with facial makeup, then he put on the neutral waitress he had bought, making people look like a woman.

The innkeeper laughed and said: "Your friend is not the first to get pregnant by mistake with forbidden fruit. This happens all the time in the moon worship country. The usual solution is to take abortion pills. ”

Abortion pills?

How could Schollo not know about this? It's just that taking an abortion pill has an unpredictable trauma to a woman's body. Ghost, a 16-7-year-old girl, if she was traumatized just because she ate, he couldn't bear it. As for the Duck King, it's a duck, and the solution is certainly not an abortion pill.

Shaking his head, he asked: "Is there anything else that can achieve the result of an abortion without any physical harm? ”

“Yes, but even if I told you, you wouldn't get it.” The innkeeper was embarrassed.

“But it doesn't matter.” Sholoway.

The innkeeper sighed: "It was Her Majesty's tears. ”

“Queen of the Moon Nation?” Sholozanne said differently.


The innkeeper focused, “Her Majesty's tears can eliminate the effects of forbidden fruit without any damage to the woman's body, but Her Majesty lives deep in the palace, and our common people may never have had the chance to meet, let alone get her tears. ”

Sholo's eyebrows wrinkled deeply, thinking that this moon-worshipping country is too strange, there are forbidden fruits that can make people pregnant, but the tears of the moon-worshipping queen can make people unharmed abortion, when it is amazing.

But knowing that the tears of the Queen of the Moon have the effect of abortion, you have to get whatever you want.

“Thanks. ”

Sholo thanked the innkeeper and turned around and left.



Night fell, the moonlight night was no different from the rest of the world, the moonlight was silver, everywhere, the bamboo in the mountains turned black under the moonlight, the lights were on fire, but the insects in the grass sounded like rain.

Sholoh came and went in the palace of the Moon Prayer, no one could detect his presence, just seemed to have searched the entire palace, nor found the sleeping palace of the Moon Prayer Queen. In addition, in this palace, he acutely perceived the smell of a strong man, at least in Wuzheng, one of the strongest he had encountered since his arrival.

Is it true that this martial majesty is the Queen of Moon Prayer?

Sholoh implied that without 100% certainty, he would not disturb her, Wu Zheng, enough to make him pay attention, and once he reached an indefinite point with this Wu Zheng, it would be very troublesome for him to want to leave through the transmission array.

Let's find a tongue first!

With his mind set, he stood on a tall glass tile, and Sholo looked down for a figure, quickly identifying the candidate.

It was a woman wearing tight white clothes, walking along the path of the palace in a small step, black as a fountain with long hairboard, the corn pine pine, eyebrows without drawing, skin without the need to apply powder, greasy, lips like dango, ribbon waist system, to show the moving body, wearing a silver lock on her chest, as she walked, gently swaying, making a windchime sound.

It's supposed to be a palace girl!

Sholo guessed.

The palace is obviously attracted to the moonlight, with a drink and snacks in her hand, but does not forget to look up at the moon.

She didn't understand what was going on, her fair throat was strangled by Sholoh, she panicked, the drinks in her hand and the snacks fell to the ground, but they all fell silently under the wrap of Sholoh's true power.

“Don't scream, or nobody will save your life, understand?” Sholo Cold Channel.

Despite her panic, the Miyagi nodded to make herself clear.

Sholo had no habit of bullying a woman, got her nod, loosened her neck and allowed her to breathe, but at the same time had not completely relaxed his guard, and he would knock her out as soon as the woman was ready to call.

The Miyagi breathed heavily for a few moments before slowing down, and then her clear eyes glanced straight at Sholo as if she saw something very rare.

“Look at what you're looking at. Look at what you're looking at! ”

Sholo was seen uncomfortable and disguised as a vicious silent channel.