Peerless Genius System

Chapter 806 Funing

But the sky in Fornin's palace swept through every corner and found no trace of the Queen of the Moon.

“Where are the people?” Sholo cast his questioning eyes at the mute house woman around him.

The Queen of the Dumb Palace shook her head and took out her paper and charcoal pen and wrote: “The Queen has gone to the Master of the Nation. ”

Sholoh was angry with Buddha, who was born: “Now that she's gone to the master, what are you bringing me here for? Want to see the décor of this Funing Hall? ”

He's really slapping this dumb lady right now, and he's looking for the Queen of Moon Prayer, not this damn sleeping house.

With an innocent look on her face, the Dumb Palace woman wrote on the paper: "Didn't you ask me to bring you to the Queen's bedroom? ”

I ~! @ # ¥%...

Sholo's heart scolded her and felt that she had been severely played by this mute lady. She was about to leave without getting involved with this mute lady.

The mute lady pulled his sleeve and looked at him with a smile on her face.

“Leave me alone, let go! ”

Sholo was in a bad mood, and this time, the tone was really cold, and his eyes were extremely scary.

The Lady of the Dumb Palace beat up a spiritual spirit and took two or three steps backwards. It took half a day to return to God. She wrote in a charcoal pen: “What can I do for you, Queen? Maybe I can help you. ”

“Tears, I want her tears!” Sholo's cold way.

The Dumb Palace woman was stunned and smiled and wrote: “The Queen collects tears with the Grail every time. The Grail is inside, and I will fetch some for you. ”

Write and turn to the inner temple.


This is not what Sholo expected. His aim was not to find the Queen of the Moon, but to get the tears of the Moon Queen. Now the Dumb Queen says that the tears of the Moon Queen are in stock. Isn't that soon enough?

Soon after, the Dumb Palace woman marched out of the inner palace, adding a tiny, refined bottle of Dan medicine and presenting her hands to Sholo.

“Is that the tear of the Moon Queen?” Sholo Half Letter Half Doubt.

The Dumb Palace woman smiled and focused on the focus, then wrote with a charcoal pen: "Have you had any friends who missed the forbidden fruit? ”

With the tears of the Moon Queen in her hands, Sholo's hostility toward her plummeted: "Hmm.”

“Then go and give it to your friend. If you wait for the foetus to form in your belly, you must take the abortion pill.” The Dumb Palace woman wrote.

Sholo frowned and looked up and down at the dumb lady. She didn't think she was an ordinary lady. Otherwise, how could she know so much? "Go find some silver needles. ”

The Dumb Woman is still half-packed, so look at him.

“Forget it, use your hair. ”

Sholo was too lazy to waste any more time looking for a silver needle, pulled two silks from the head of the Dumb Palace woman, cut them into several cuts and poured them into the true force, the silver thread was sharp as a silver needle, then a little point on the Dumb Palace woman, the Dumb Palace woman stood motionless like petrified.

“You helped me find the tears of the Queen of the Moon, and I cured your illness. If I'm not mistaken, you've had some horrible experience, and you've been scared to make it impossible to talk, so I'll reactivate your nerves now. ”

As he spoke, the silver needle stiffened with blue silk slipped into the white neck of the Dumb Palace woman.

People welcome, water process, support, air shelter, these points are stabbed with silver needles, then the bones on the back neck, wind pool, wind house, mute door, heavenly column, each needle has deep shallow, the whole process is clean and easy, from needle application to needle pulling, a total of less than five breathing time.

Sholo gently untied the Dumb Woman's cave: "You should be able to speak by now. ”

Quite simply, his figure was mutilated and he left like a wind.

“Wait, you haven't told me your name yet. ”

The Dumb Palace woman took two or three steps. The next second, the whole person was stunned and coughed a few times. Her face was incredible. "I... I can talk now...”

“Ho ho ho ho ho!”

A noisy footstep sounded and a moving sergeant came in outside the Funing Palace.

“Your Grace? ”

The leader was shocked to see the Dumb Woman, “Didn't you go to the Master of the Nation? ”

“I did, but I came back. ”

With her hands behind her back, the Dumb Palace woman exudes a sophisticated and elegant personality.

“Your Majesty... are you ready to speak?! ”

With his eyes wide open for the leader, he has lost his ability to speak since he was scared when he was ten years old, and nine years apart, His Majesty is suddenly able to speak again, which is incredible.

Other generals also found it hard to believe and stunned on the spot.

The Dumb Palace woman laughed: “I met a noble man and he cured me. By the way, go and call the master mother. I have something important to discuss with her. ”

“Your Majesty, I happen to have something to discuss with you. ”

At that time, a blue smoke came in through the gate, a clear voice sounded, and immediately after that, the blue smoke became a person in front of the Dumb Woman. It was a woman, about thirty years old, wearing a white robe, a white robe, mopping the floor, wearing a crown, looking handsome, with a beautiful scent.

Seeing this woman, the other generals are well suited to stand up and retire.

“Mother of the Nation.” The Lady of the Dumb Palace greeted her happily.

“Funing, can you talk now?” The Master wondered, just now I thought it was a fantasy. I didn't think Funing could really speak.

Funing nodded and his clear eyes filled with joy: "Mother of the Nation, a man healed me. ”


The statesman's face suddenly sank, “I also came here to report to you about the man who broke into the Moon Kingdom. According to General Zomonda, the man was transferred from elsewhere to this point, and was repaired to at least Wuhuang rank. ”

“Wuhuang Rank? ”

Fanning thought of the image he had just taken in the air by Sholo, his mouth raised with an arc and laughed, “Looks like that's him. ”

“What does he mean by that? ”

“The man who cured my illness so that I could speak again.” Funing Road.

“Did he just come here?” The Master of the Nation was shocked.

Funing nodded.

“I can't even find him in the palace. ”

The more the master thinks, the more terrible, “Somebody, somebody! ”

“Your Majesty, the Master.” A general hurried in.

“Mobilize heavy soldiers to guard the Hall of Funing, and do not let a fly in without my command.” The State Master ordered.

“Yes," the sergeant ordered to step down.

“Mama, you don't have to do this, do you?” Funing shook his head and left his mouth open.

The master said seriously: “How can this not be necessary? Men are tigers, poisons, and disasters. They only cause endless suffering to our women and must be strictly guarded against. ”