Peerless Genius System

Chapter 811 Lower oil pan

The palace is like a battlefield in ancient Rome, round, surrounded by audience seats, only in the middle is a square and correct platform, the length of the platform is 50 meters, made of marble piles, the stones and stones are almost seamlessly connected, trying to plug a sheet of paper is not possible, smooth, like a mirror.

At this moment, Sholo, Ghost and Duck Emperor are in the center of the ring, surrounded by more than 5,000 seats of worship of the Moon Nation, there are no idle seats, Funing and the State Master on a high observation platform, overlooking the artistic and artistic life.

In front of Sholo, there was an oil pan under which the fire was burning, and the oil in the pan had boiled, rolling white smoke, which was daunting.

“What's the first level? Come on, don't waste your time. We have to hurry!” Ghosts are eager to try, and are very interested in breaking through.

The Duck King shook his head and sighed: “Little girl, I'm really anxious for your IQ. I think I know something to do with this oil pan with my ass. ”

Lower the oil pan!

Sholo gave the answer in silence, really with his butt to think and know what the first level was.

The duck emperor then explained to the ghost, very serious and serious, very confident: “See this oil pan, the oil inside is boiling, this first level must be fried, throw in the wild flavor or something to fry, then eat it at the fastest speed, more than who eats and eats fast. ”

Hearing that, Sholo almost sat on the floor with a poke.

“Oh, it's better than eating. That girl will never lose. I'm the best at eating and stuff.” The ghost held up a little red umbrella and two apricot eyes lit up.

“Bang ~”

Sholo unnecessarily gave a chestnut on the duck head of the duck emperor, his white eyes said: “Why is it that the ghost's intelligence is in such a hurry, even if your intelligence is not high enough to go anywhere? If you don't know, don't talk nonsense, blindly carry the ghost at any rhythm. ”

“Master Duck, what are you doing banging me on the head and messing up my hair? You know what? I was wrong, didn't I eat faster than anyone else?” The Duck Emperor stared furiously.

Eat a lot faster than who?

Sholo thought it was nice and funny, and gave the Duck King a chestnut: “How can you be so big? ”

“Taxi is a disgrace, you son of a bitch. You can't hit me in the head again. If you don't believe me, let's make a bet.” The Duck Emperor is also a temperamental duck, always bullied by Sholoh, it is time to fight back a great Jedi.

“Bet your ass! ”

Sholo was not angry, “If you really said that you ate more quickly than anyone else, I'd pull your hair out and throw it in the fryer and blow it up. It would be disgraceful. If you don't fight for a few days, you'll have to go to the house to blow it up, won't you? ”

How dare the Duck Emperor fight Sholoh again, silently retreating into the ghost's pocket, a phrase flowing from his pocket: “Are you my big brother yet? ”

Looking at the humble Duck King, the ghost couldn't help laughing.

On a tall platform, the master snorted, “You don't even know you're dying. It's stupid! ”

“Stop selling the shuttle. What is the first level, say it clearly?” Sholo raised his head and said softly.

In the eyes of the master, a man dared to talk to her like that, without any respect, which made her hate the itching of her teeth, but she still stood still. Sigh: “As you can see, it is a boiling oil pan in front of you, the first level is that one of you jump in, if you can stay inside for a fragrant time without dying, you will pass. ”


After hearing this, all the people around the worship moon breathed a breath of cool air. I thought the master didn't want this man to live and jump into the boiling oil pot. Isn't it just that he was blown alive into human flesh? And the death method is so tragic.

“Lower the pan? Does he have to play this big?” The Duck King swallowed a sip of saliva.

“Mother of the Nation...”

“Fornin, I told you I've made concessions, and that's my greatest sincerity. ”

Funing wanted to say a few words, but was interrupted by the master wave, and the line was strong.

The master went on to flush down Sholo and the ghost said: "After jumping into the oil pan, you are not allowed to use the true power. Once I find that there is a fluctuation in the true power, you will lose this level. ”

“What difference does it make to killing them? ”

Funing can no longer sit down, shouting loudly, do not say that you can not use the real power, even if you can use the real power, staying in a hot oil pan for a fragrant time will be fatal, I'm afraid Wu Wang won't last long.

“Of course it makes a difference, they have at least a chance to survive, and if I do, they have no chance.” The master argued cunningly.

She is an old river and lake, self-proclaimed Funing, this little river and lake can't fight her, besides, killing this man, Funing's emotions naturally dissolve, not only upholding the national law, but also protecting Funing, which is a win-win thing.

“Aren't you asking too much? ”

Sholo frowned, his eyes condensed, he thought that both sides were safe and peaceful goodbye, hello, I'm all right, but the master didn't seem to think so, so no wonder he turned away.

“Too much? ”

The master laughed, “If you want to live, you have to go through three levels. This is a rule of national law. You have no choice. ”

“Goddamn it, kid, ignore this witch, the fuck is over! ”

Duck Emperor is also exasperated, can't use true power, isn't that bullshit, pure flesh protection, even if Wu Shengqiang jumps in, he has to burp his ass.

“This girl can try.” The ghost whispered.

After listening, the duck emperor was terrified and flew out and touched her forehead: “No fever, little girl, what are you talking about? ”

“I'm not talking nonsense, she said not to use true power, but our blood sucking power system is different, based on the 'spirit’, my ‘spirit’ is yin, even the lava erupting in the dark forest I have to, this oil pan is worse than that.” Ghost Way.


The Duck Emperor stands still.

Sholo said with some relief, "Are you sure? ”

“Rest assured, handsome Lolo, although I'm not reliable, I can pack my tickets for this. ”

The ghost focuses, "But I have a request. ”

“What do you want?” Sholo frowned.

With a lively and lovely smile on his face, the ghost walked up to him and whispered in his ear: "When I get out of the oil pan, don't call me by my name. ”

“What should I call you? ”

“Linger! ”

“Linger? ”

“Yeah, yeah, that makes our relationship seem more intimate.” Ghost hips and giggles.