Peerless Genius System

Chapter 812, Level 2

When the ghost was finished, he jumped over and jumped into the hot oil pan like a swallow.

“Putong ~”

A splash of oil flowers.

“Little girl...” The Duck King stared at the duck's eyes.

Sholoh's heart also snapped for a moment, afraid of what might happen to the ghost.

And the surrounding audience was sucking the cool air, and the people of Baiyue were all horrified. I can't believe that a girl jumped into the hot oil pan without hesitation. Aren't you really afraid of being blown up by adults?

“Wow, comfortable, just like a hot spring! ”

The ghost sat all over the oil pan, revealing only his neck and head, and of course, the little red umbrella was always there to shield the sun.


Sholo's breath is long and relaxed. I hope it's okay. Looks like Niko isn't really afraid of lava.

“The little girl can, Ben Duck is proud of you, gagging...” The Duck King laughed out loud.

“How could that girl not be afraid of a hot frying pan? ”

“Did she use her true power? ”

“No, I don't perceive any real power fluctuations. ”

“Without the true power to form a protective shield around you, how can you not be afraid of boiling oil on your own? ”

“Incredible, incredible! ”

The surrounding Moon worshippers blew up the pot, and it never occurred to me that the ghost would not be afraid to unload the pot.

“Great. Now let's say they broke through the first level.” On the high stage, Funing joyfully said.

The master next to her is the shady color of her face. She stares angrily at the ghost like a bath in the oil pan. She can't imagine where this little girl is sacred. She can jump into the oil pan without using her true power.

Is the fire not strong enough?!

She waved her hand toward the bottom of the oil pan, a demonic wind blew straight past it, the flame under the oil pan burst violently, the flame rose two or three meters high, she waved again, the flame whistled violently, the whistle sounded, can no longer see the oil pan, can only see a flame, the huge oil pan was completely covered by the flame.

“Witch, what are you doing?” The Duck Emperor's rare seriousness shouted at the statesman on the high stage.

The master said coldly: "I set the rules. Need I explain them to you? ”

Sholo's eyes poured with a flame of anger. He didn't want to have a violent conflict with the moon worshipper, but the master went too far.

“I'm fine, don't worry! ”

Just as Sholo was about to fight the master, the voice of the ghost's silver bell came out of the flames.

Is everything all right?

No way, this is beyond the scope of a frying pan, it's no different than being in a fire sea!

The people of the month of worship were silent, and they felt incredible.

The master clenched his fist, his face was gloomy, and he bit his teeth. He thought it was a must kill plan to get down the oil pan. I didn't expect the other party to break through so easily, which was a big surprise to her.

“Mother of the Nation, I forbid you to do anything!” Funing has some angry ways.

The master froze and laughed bitterly: "You talk to me like that for a man, Funing, you are too deeply emotional. ”

Fauning looked at Sholo on the ring without a defense: “I just don't want him to die here! ”

The master shook his head, his eyes turned to the ring, and the intent to kill was stronger and stronger.

The fragrance time was not long, it was not short. When the time had come for the fat woman who was a judge on the stage to shout a fragrance, the ghost holding the little red umbrella jumped out into the sea of fire. She floated to Sholo's side, and she didn't get a drop of oil on her body. When she was just in the oil pan, it was all blocked by her 'spirit'.

“Are you all right?” Sholo weighed her up and down, asked.

The ghost shook his head: “I'm fine, handsome Lolo, don't worry, hip-hop...”

“Little girl, you scared the shit out of me. I almost died with that witch.” The duck emperor landed on her shoulder.

“This girl knows ducks are the best.” The ghost rubbed his face against the Duck King's feathers with a smile.

The Duck King's old duck's face was red, but he enjoyed the feeling of being rubbed. Looking at the look he enjoyed, Sholo looked like he was blushing.

At this time, the master waved his hand, causing the oil pan to be removed.

Yin Yang said strangely: “You can, it's very surprising. I thought you couldn't even get past the first level. ”

“Witch, don't pretend to say something, come to the second level, Grandpa Duck is not afraid of you.” The Duck Emperor was not a coward and drank heavily from his master.

“Don't be arrogant, you stinking duck. I'll rip you open and steam you later.” The master endured an airway of anger.

The voice just fell, a sharp hissing rushed straight into the sky, trembling eardrums, a giant bird rising deep in the palace, stretching out its wings and flying this way as a cover.

“God... the bird? It's our lunar godbird!” Someone shook up.

“The Master of the Nation actually activated the Divine Bird, and now the man is dead! ”

“Yes, the Bird of God is an animal demon with considerable power and horror, equivalent to the strength of our human martial arts. ”

“Under the claws of the divine bird, a mountain peak is destroyed in an instant. ”

The surrounding Moon worshippers had difficulty keeping calm, each with his eyes wide open.

“What divine bird, isn't it a phoenix? It looks just like the two we saw in the endless forest.” Duck King's Road.

The divine bird is indeed a phoenix. Its feathers are golden all over its body. The chicken head, swallow, snake neck, turtle back, fishtail, its size is huge, its wings are stretched out and its length is similar to that of the ring stage. It stays over the ring stage, covering the sun, and the whole ring stage is under its cover.

“The second level, in a fragrant time, you will pass without being killed by the divine bird!” The Master of the Nation is cold.

Funing's eyes trembled violently. This level of hope for survival is more invisible than the previous level of the oil pan. The birds of God are demons of beasts, comparable to the strong ones of Wuzong. Sholo, how can they survive the attack of a strong man of Wuzong?

It's over. This man is totally over!

The Moon Nationals have no hope for Sholo either.

Fatty stood in the National Teacher's camp. In addition to her, many others stood in the National Teacher's camp. At this time, she couldn't help but cry out: “Tear him apart, godbird, tear this damned man apart! ”

The Duck King and the Ghost looked at each other and all laughed.

“Witch, now you can play the wrong game, God damn it, Kid is not afraid of any godbirds, he is not afraid of anyone. ”

“That's right, handsome Lolo, show her your strength.” Haunted by the Way of Peace.

The fat chick spoke out in time and struck: “He has the most Wuhuang cultivation, can rival our Moon Nation godbird? Stop dreaming! ”

“Let's see, hip-hop...” Ghost said.