Peerless Genius System

Chapter 813: Come

“Phew ~”

The phoenix birds howled and fanned their huge wings down toward the ring, shaking a fierce breeze that tilted the lunar folk in the surrounding audience.

A pair of scarlet eyes sparkled with cold light, and two giant claws of forest light deterred people, like a sword, pounding viciously at Sholoh.

“I'm in a hurry, I'll punch you!” Sholo spoke faintly.

Just as the voice fell, a mighty force gathered on his fist, a terrible fluctuation rose, and the falling phoenix bird sensed a dangerous breath and slowed down.

Sholo didn't want to, he just punched...

“Boom ~”

A thunderous voice sounded completely empty, vast power distorted the space, immensely overwhelmed the Quartet, surrounding Moon worshippers were rejected by this surge of power to lean backwards, horrible fluctuations made everyone feel palpitated, even the statesmen on the high stage.

The phoenix bird shouted a terrible cry, his huge body swept up into the sky, and flew into the cloud and disappeared. It waited a long time before it fell from the air, smashing into a mountain in the distance, listening only to a loud "boom". The mountain was crumbling and disintegrating like a small pile of earth, and the ground trembled violently, and the phoenix bird struggled a few times and nothing moved.

There was a golden feather rain in the sky, all falling from the phoenix bird!

Sholoh stood on the stage and his body was nailed like an iron stake. At this moment, his figure gave a feeling of immobility, like the emperor of King's Landing, to deter all sides.

The people around the moon worshippers stared at each other and punched each other. With just one punch, this man defeated their moon worshipper godbird. How is this possible? No one can believe this is true. It's like a dream. It's not true.

“Oh, my God, he punched our lunar godbird on the ground!” A nation of moon-worshippers couldn't help but scream in horror.

The cry led, and the whole battlefield was caught up in a loud noise, and everyone looked at Sholo on the ring with horror, talking some incredible words.

The statesman looked at Sholo with amazement and beat the phoenix bird with one punch, which was by no means surprising to her. She could not believe that the man the martial artist had such a terrible explosive power, but she was convinced that one thing was that she had misjudged Sholo's strength.

“Wow! ”

Funing went from surprise to shock and was able to defeat the phoenix bird, indicating that Sholoh's strength would not be lower than Wuzong's, nor would the master's mother necessarily be able to threaten his life.

“Basic operation, sit down, sit down! ”

The Duck King stood up with a dry cough and brushed his presence, shouting to the people around him who worshipped the moon.

The ghost demonstrates with her mouth wide open and O-shaped fat woman: "Look, this girl is not dreaming in the daytime. ”

Fat chick looked at Sholo in horror and automatically ignored the ghost demonstration. At first she thought Sholo was Wuhuang's cult, but now it seems that Sholo's cult is far above Wuhuang, Wuzong? Or Wu-joon? But he looks so young. How could he be so tall and unpredictable?

Sholo turned around and took a step forward toward the high ground.

“Buzz ~”

An invisible force erupted on him, the ripples generally swung around, and the phoenix feathers drifting in the sky instantly turned into nothingness, deterring everyone.

Staring straight at the master, he said coldly: "What's the third level? ”


Everyone couldn't help but take a sip of cool air, and it was horrible that a man who had fallen into their moon country in the air had such a formidable cultivation.

The master returned to God from his shock, his shady face biting his teeth: “This third level is defeating me!!! ”

Just as the voice fell, a pounding momentum erupted from her, and she flashed from the platform to the nearest of Sholoh, and the white jade-like claws pinched the fierce force into Sholoh's eyes.

Sholoh greeted him with a palm and his limbs didn't touch at all, but the true power of his surroundings hit him hard.

“Boom ~”

The marble stacked ring instantly crumbled into countless pieces of stone. Good thing the Duck Emperor reacted quickly. He flew quickly away from the safety zone with the ghost to avoid being affected. Looking back, the Duck Emperor and the ghost were all completely discolored.

It was originally a place of battle. At this time, it turned into a dark, lacquered abyss. The abyss disappeared, causing the scalp to feel numb, heartbeat, and the gravel fell, but the sound of the landing was not heard at all.

The surrounding Moon worshippers were all scared to death, and the air seemed to be filled with electricity, and their whole sweat had been uprooted without control.

“Mama, stop!” On the high stage, Funing shouted out loud.

“Your Majesty, it is my duty to uphold the law of nations, and this man must die!” The master looked at Sholo in a murderous manner.

Sholo stood up empty-handed and smiled softly: "Do you think you have the power to kill me? ”

“Killing you is nothing short of nodding.” State Master's Way.


Sholo laughed, smiling with a sarcasm, “Seems I am too kind, trying to achieve a result where both sides are safe and happy, but only if you don't let me make this little wish come true, is this going to force me to kill you all? ”

A cold slayer burst out of his eyes, leaving those present with no choice but to strike a chill.

He is not tough enough, he is too kind to others, if he is tough enough, he will not accept this so-called three-level test, in the end it will not be a big war, I knew it, why waste time, crush directly by force, whoever TM disobeys will beat you to the point of clothing.

“Kill all of us? Just you?” The master laughed.

“With me! ”

Sholo responded faintly and suddenly there was a tremendous surge in his palms.

The master didn't even have time to react. It was like a shell. She flew out obliquely. She didn't fly voluntarily, but was beaten by Sholo. At this time, the sky had a thick cloud, and her figure didn't go directly into the cloud.

“Third level, right? Come on, show all your strength! ”

Sholoh rose empty, like a god standing in a 100-meter void, overwhelming, influencing the laws of heaven and earth, a time of clouds rolling and wind, he perceived the smell of the statesman, it was a man of martial dignity, of course he could not defeat him with one hand.

The moon worshippers at the bottom were horrified, and this is what they had no idea.

“Who is this man who came to worship our moon? How can it be so tall! ”

“The void stands like a god in the lower realm. ”

“Stop it, the more terrible it is! ”