Peerless Genius System

Chapter 816: Little Fox

The three demon foxes lay in the pit, and the seriously injured body could no longer stand.

“It can't move. Let's kill this monster together, before it recovers and we worship the Moon Nation! ”

Someone shouted, the ladies in the palace came back to God, and together they poured up to the three demon foxes. The knife and gun stick greeted him. In the blink of an eye, his body was bleeding. The three demon foxes only had a constant wailing score, and he could no longer do it if he shook these people who had been repaired to very low levels. He was unwilling to stare at Sholo standing in the air, his eyes were colorless, as if he was dead.

“Stop it, stop it, stop hurting it, it's the Master Mother! ”

Funing rushed in at the fastest possible speed, looking at the red eyes of the three demon foxes filled with blood.


Are these three demon foxes really teachers?

So they've always been monsters?

The people of the people worshipping the moon took a sip of cool air and looked at the demonic fox in front of them with horror. Everyone's back of the spine developed a chill. Although the moon worship country was ruled by Her Majesty the Queen, after all, the power of decision was still the state teacher, that is, a fox demon had always held the moon worship country's pilgrimage.

Ever since ancient times, it's just that identity is constantly changing. When the last, the mother and queen of Funing, was in power, his identity was the Prime Minister. When the last Queen was in power, his identity was the General Secretary. It's terrifying to think about it. The monsters have been in Moon Prayer, lying beside each of their queens.

“Your Majesty, it is not a master, it is a monster, beat it to death, do not let it gasp back, if it is restored, we fear that the Moon Nation will come to a great disaster.” A woman called.

“Yes, kill it, kill it! ”

People around the moon worshippers are scared, monsters can hurt people, eaters don't vomit bones, and this monster has been controlling the life vein of the moon worship country since ancient times, it must have made a plan, they can no longer feel any sense of security, and fear makes them cry out unanimously for the order to kill the demon fox.

In the face of the sound of falling around and shouting to kill themselves, the eyes of the three demon foxes were full of bitterness and despair.

“Don't kill it! ”

Funing pressed down all the voices with one voice, resolutely and hegemonically, “Nobody move it, it's not some monster, it's our worshipper of the moon, it's my master mother. ”

Three demon foxes looked at Funing like water, two lines of tears slipped from the corner of his eyes, watched Funing resist all the sounds for himself, it couldn't help but choke up, the crying made people listen to the tremendous sour heart, even Sholo in the sky slightly frowned and fell back to the ground.

“Don't cry, Mother of the Nation. Funing will protect you and won't let anyone hurt you!” Funing reaches out to the nose of the three demon foxes.

A woman was shocked when she saw Funing reach over: "Be careful, Your Majesty, it is a monster and it will hurt you. ”

“How could she hurt me when I was brought up as a child by a master? ”

Funing's eyes were incredibly firm, her hands touched the nose of the three demonic foxes and gently caressed, tears poured silently, “We have been worshipping the moon country for more than a thousand years since its founding. For more than a thousand years, our country's wind and rain have been smooth, the people's well-being has never had any major disasters, she has never hurt us, she is the guardian god of our moon country, how can you say she is a monster. ”

This heartfelt word, like a memory of Hung Zhong, strikes everyone's soul.

Yes, Her Majesty is right. They have not had any major disasters since the establishment of the Moon State. The people have fed and lived happily ever after. The master of the State, though a three-headed demon fox, has never harmed them.

“Stop saying the Master is a monster. ”

At this time, the fat woman with all the dust stood up, she had fallen into the crack of the ground before climbing out, but heard everyone accuse the master of being a monster, to kill the statesman, instantly in a hurry, “the statesman was the first queen of our lunar country out hunting occasionally saved, in return for the gratitude of the first queen, the statesman swore to serve the moon country for the rest of his life, supporting all queens to govern the country, His Majesty is right, she is not a monster, she is the guardian saint of our lunar country! ”

The words of Fat Girl remind a lot of people of a legendary story, saying that a little fox was being chased by a tiger. When he almost lost his life, an arrow drove the tiger away. A woman saved it, took it home, took care of it, cared for it, and eventually the little fox recovered. It was no longer willing to leave the woman, and promised to repay her.

This is a well-known folk story of the moon worship country. Somehow, it has been passed down since ancient times. Now, I think that woman is the first queen of the moon worship country, and that little fox is the current... master of the country.

Aware of this, everyone looked into the eyes of the three demonic foxes and the weapons in their hands drowned.

The three demon foxes wept like rain, it remembered the first queen of the Moon Prayer Country, and when she was finally asleep, she was just a little fox, nothing was repaired, but it was always there to warm her body with its own weak body temperature.



The three demon foxes were not killed, with the attentive care of Funing and the people of Baiyue, it soon gasped and regained its human form, just missing one arm.

The transmission array was at the residence of the National Master, who took care of it himself and wiped it clean.

After being defeated by Sholoh, the Master's hostility towards Sholoh disappeared, and he had a slight friendship with Sholoh.

“Know why I put the transmission array here?” She asked.

It didn't seem to be ready to wait for Sholo to ask why, she continued: "Because it is something of the Holy Lord of the Light, it is the Holy Bishop of the Light who taught me how to practice. She is my second benefactor, and I will use my life to guard the things of the benefactor. ”

Light Holy Lord?!

The Duck King and the Ghost looked slightly stunned.

Sholo also frowned: "You say the Holy Bishop of Light taught you how to practice? ”

The master nodded and walked two or three steps towards the window: “When the first queen of Moon Prayer was finally asleep, I was just an ordinary little fox. I didn't know what had happened, but I stayed in front of the queen's body. The glorious Holy Lord happened to come to Moon Prayer. When she saw me faithful to her master, she taught me how to practice. ”

So that's it!

People find it some unbelievable that the Light Holy Lord is high and can only look beyond the blasphemy of existence. Don't say that ordinary people, I'm afraid they are martial arts or martial majesty, it's hard to see her all her life, and the Holy Lord has driven to the moon worship country, which is really unbelievable.