Peerless Genius System

Chapter 817: People I Like

If she is the Holy Lord, then she came here more than a thousand years ago?!

Sholoh's heart was very complex, not knowing exactly what it was, but he felt that the moon worship country had gained an extra sense of kindness, and there was a picture of Su Li coming to the moon worship country when he was the Holy Lord.

“Your cultivation should have reached the realm of Wusheng. Wusheng is the highest level of cultivation known to the realm. Where do you come from? Where are we going?” The master stared at Sholo as if he was going to see through him.

“We come from the Dark Forest to the Light Sanctuary.” The ghost's heart goes straight to the road.

To the Halloween?

The Moon worshippers present were shocked to hear this.

“Why is the little girl so straightforward? ”

The duck queen coughed a few times, but at this time there was a feeling of superiority. After all, when asked the same question, it played the role of a ghost, and now it played the role of Sholoh, and the ghost became the previous one.

“Can't you say that?” The ghost asked carefully.

“Of course not. If someone asks you anything, you answer it, and it will look like you have no capital, and you are not mature and stable at all.” Duck King's Road.


Ghosts are taught to be vain, nodding their heads, "I won't say it again. ”

“Goodgirl!” The Duck Emperor thumbs up with his wings.

Ignoring the conversation between the Duck King and the Ghost, Furning came up and asked Sholo, "Sholo, are you sure you want to go to the Light Holy Land? ”

Sholo glanced at the ghost with a bitter smile. At this time, he could not deny it, but nodded and acquiesced.

“I hear that the Holy Father is about to return, complete the transformation and cultivate a great deal of refinement. Is that why you are not going to the Light Holy Land?” The master was surprised.

“We're going there to check it out and go, right, Duck King? ”

The ghost was nervous for a while, she was going to see her father, and if possible, she was going to rescue him, so that no one would ever know what the real intentions were.

“Yes, we're going on a tour, we're going, we're going, there's nothing to do with the return of the Holy Lord.” The Duck Emperor hurry up and make peace.

The master is an elderly man, how can he not know that the ghost and the duck emperor are lying, but she is very faint: “The Guangxi Holy Land is guarded by the four kings, their cultivation is also Wusheng, even beyond Wusheng, in that higher unknown realm, whoever it is, it is impossible to cause any waves in the Guangxi Holy Land. ”

“I told you to go see what we didn't do.” The ghost hurried, again defending himself.

The master laughed silently and walked silently to the transmission array, pointing the coordinates to the city of Tarawa: “This transmission array, which has been used by successive queens, went to the city of Tarawa to pick the right weapons, Tarawa city is ruled by the Dwarves, the Dwarves are good at building weapons, the mysterious world of divine soldiers come from there. ”

Divine soldiers?

The Duck King came to me with an interest: "Is there a weapon suitable for my mouth or claw? ”

“There are many, varied and countless weapons in the city of Tarawa, whether they are used by humans or by beasts.” State Master's Way.

“Great, Ben Duck needs to get a weapon to strengthen his fighting power, Gaga...” Duck Royal Aesthetic said.

“This girl also needs to get a weapon, always punched naked, which affects normal play.” The ghosts are also rushing.

Sholo was not angry: “Then what are you waiting for? Let's go. ”

“Mmm.” The ghost nodded nicely.

“Sholo, wait. ”

Fanning called Sholo and walked to Sholo's close.

“Your Majesty, may I help you?” Sholo owes slightly.

“Don't call me Her Majesty. Just call me Funing. ”

Funing looked at him deeply, there was a love, called love at first sight, that was how she felt about Sholo. The first time she saw him, she couldn't speak of tension, her heart beat was accelerating, she was about to choke. Although she wanted Sholo to stay, she wouldn't ask for it, just keep it quietly in mind.

Sholo frowned slightly, looking somewhat surprised at the young queen of Moon Prayer.

“It's a long way to go, Sholo. You have to protect yourself. If you get a chance later, you have to come back and see me, okay? ”

Funing said in a very affectionate way, lifting his toes and kissing Sholo gently in the face.

The Lunar Prayer General here is a shock, look at me, I see you, face to face, the statesman looks very calm and accommodating, she has seen the emotions of men and women, naturally knows that this is the action that consciousness will make from deep down.

The ghost was stunned first, then jealous, and the anger rushed up.

Fortunately, the Duck King grabbed her hard: "What are you doing, little girl? Take it easy! ”

“She kissed Sholo, unforgivable, really unforgivable...” The ghost's teeth bite, angry to the extreme.

“Calm down, calm down! ”

The Duck King pulled her so hard, but the ghost was still moving towards Sholo.

Funing kissed Sholo until three or four seconds later. Funing's cheeks were bright red and the girl looked at Sholo with endless temptation.

Sholo's face was stunned and he had no idea that Fauning would do such a thing, and Furui's undulating heart fell into a stone, shaking a little bit, but soon he suppressed it.

“Goodbye! ”

Speaking to Funing, he turned around and walked towards the transmission array, where he met the angry spirits face-to-face.

“What's the matter?” Sholo asked her.

Ghosts are like an exasperated leather ball, and all anger dissipates instantly: “No… nothing…”

“Then let's go.” Sholoway.

Saying, the big step went into the transmission array.

The ghost glanced at Funing with hostility and followed with a gentle hum.

“Alas... woman!” The Duck King shook his head and sighed again, hiding in the transmission array.

“He's gone, your heart should be closed.” The master retracted his gaze from the transmission array and turned to Funing.

Funing looked at the transmission array with a bitter smile on his face: "Did you know that, Master? I envy that girl! ”

“Ghost? ”


Funing nodded, “If I could, I would give up royal riches and follow Sholo to the corner of the sky. ”

The master was stunned, and he said, "You're still young, you don't know anything. What is love? What is love? You have no idea what they really are, you just get caught up in them and lose yourself. ”

“Mother of the Nation, have you ever liked anyone?” Funing turned his head and suddenly asked.

When the master was struck by lightning, her husband appeared in her mind. At that time, she was still an ordinary fox, and her husband, too, was an ordinary fox. She was captured by a greedy hunter. He saved her, despite everything, but he was brutally killed by the hunter, ripped open his belly, and stripped his skin...