Peerless Genius System

Chapter 820: Mr. Ruud

Isn't the knife in the boy's hand a mortal?

Several people looked at the dragon knife in Sholoh's hand again, only to think that the sheath was made of ordinary materials, like a fast catching knife, no one might want to throw it in the street, it could not be a divine soldier.

“Brother Chen, did you look away? How is it possible that the weapon in your hand is of a high grade?” A man said.

“If you really look away, why does this charm keep shining? ”

Chen Feng took out a triangular inscription in his arms. The inscription flashed a faint golden light. Until Sholo left their distance of more than 50 meters, the inscription's golden light did not disperse. Chen Feng frowned tightly, "The Divine Warrior can sense the grade weapon within 50 meters of the square circle and above. I thought it was wrong on the receiving station before, but now I see him again, and the Divine Warrior character lit up again, so I dare to conclude that the knife in his hand, the grade is at least in the Xuan grade. ”


Several people inhaled a sip of cool air. It is well known that the weapon classification, from high to low, is holy, fairy, heavenly, ground, Xuan, yellow, and the most common mortal. The higher the grade, the rarer and more rare the weapon, the Xuan grade, already has enough attraction to make people fight for it.

“I had no idea that the knife in the boy's hand had reached the level of Xuan. This is incredible. Where did he get it?” A man exclaimed.

“Must have taken some shitty luck picking it up, huh, a martial artist deserves such a good knife? I'm not afraid to break his life!” A woman taught by a ghost is jealous of the way.

The man who was also taught by the ghost has a voice at this time, and his eyes are full of chills: “Brother Chen, what are we waiting for? Find a chance to snatch the knife in the boy's hand. A warrior in the district is not enough to suffer. As for the stinking girl in the evil gate, with Brother Chen's strength, there should be no problem against her. Besides, we still have the killer. The Xuan-grade weapon is simply sent to the door for nothing. ”

“Brother Wang is right, for heaven's sake, this is a gift for our Snow Mountain Pie. A weapon of Xuan grade, which belongs to a small martial artist, it can't be the kid's turn.” The other man is attached.

“Do it now and save your nightmares!” A ghostly taught woman to bite her teeth off.

Chen Feng raised his hand: “Not in a hurry, the mermaids are mixed up here, come for the Divine Soldier's Congress, are there some generalized generations? If you shock the snake and expose the Xuan level weapon, then our competitors will appear a lot at once, and if you want to grab the hand, you will hang. ”

“What does Brother Chan mean? ”

“Just don't move around, keep an eye on them for now, and don't let them out of our sight until the time is right for us.” Chen Feng carried his hands with a slight chill in his eyes. He looked with a smile at Sholo and the ghost who had gone across the platform.

Everyone else nodded and thought he made sense.

“Lo, why does that guy keep staring at us?” The ghost noticed Chen Feng's gaze and asked Sholo.

“Needless to say, our little girl must have grown so pretty, she looked him straight in the eye.” The Duck King whispered in his mouth.

Ghost Half Letter Half Doubt: “Really? ”

“Ask the goddamn kid, don't you think?” Duck King's Road.

Sholo raised his eyebrows and nodded softly.

The Duck Emperor continued to praise: "Closed moon shy flowers, sunken fish falling geese, smiling and raw, the Six Palaces fan is colorless, the breeze gently shakes the jade sleeves, the Xiangxiang dress slopes to reveal the gold lotus. Eyebrows like green feathers, skin like sheep fat, face lined with peach petals, piles of golden phoenix, Autumn Bo Zhan demonic figure, spring shoots fiber delicate, oblique red beads floating colorful, high pearl green glow, really fairy Xiaofan, the pavilion jade stands a beautiful girl. ”

In a sigh of breath, he said a lot of beautiful words about women, just like saying the same thing.

Sholo was so shocked to hear it, I didn't realize this stinking duck still had these mouths.

The ghost's pretty face turned red: “Oh, no, she's not as pretty as you said. ”

Laughing like a flower, then happily caused, reaching out to pat the duck king gently, in the end, did not control the force for a moment, the duck king was very proud of the moment before, the next second was patted by a ghost, the moment of the photo fly, the duck face was extremely deformed, more like a mouthful of duck blood, the small plate smashed out like a shell.

The ghost startled: "Duck King! ”

He woke up from joy and hurried to the flying Duck Emperor.

Sholo couldn't help but laugh and mourn for the Duck Emperor for two or three seconds. His eyes swept across from Chen Feng's body. Perhaps because the Chinese people themselves were a very vigilant people, he would be cautious about strangers and strange things, so he didn't have much feelings for this enthusiastic guy, but he was sure that Chen Feng had plans.

What's the picture?

All over his body, it seems that the dragon knife in his hand can get his hands on. There is no doubt that Chen Feng is hitting on his dragon knife idea.

After all this time in the secret, it was the first time I met a guy who hit his dragon knife idea. Sholo couldn't help but laugh. If he just thought about it and didn't put it into action, he wouldn't do anything to them. If he did, then I'm sorry, but I'll have to invite them to see Prince Yan.

“Oh, Mr. Rudd, the elder of the dwarf, is here too!” A man around him shouted.

Sholo looked up at the platform and saw an old Dwarf elderly man with an old dragon bell walking to the stage with a cane. The Dwarf people who were sitting on the stage stood up to salute him. The Dwarf elderly man was also about 1 metre 2 or 3 tall. He hung a gourd on the cane and looked like a great land lord. Moreover, he had a rich beard, white flowers and was about to drag the floor, almost covering his chest and legs.

“Wow, this old man is all white hair, looking at the joy, hip-hop...” The ghost who picked up the Duck King saw Rudd and was shocked.

That was the shock. It caused discontent.

“How can a girl be so disrespectful to Mr. Rudd, who is the elder of the Dwarf tribe and a senior master of refiners, who refines weapons that are not ordinary, the best of which reach the rank of heaven, the first of which is the yellow grade, the famous master, even if he is called the father of the Divine Soldier. ”

“Mr. Rudd, is it possible for a girl's family to talk to herself? If you don't understand, don't talk nonsense and save yourself the fire. ”

“That is, a master like Mr. Rudd, has his own pie and image, what a girl's family understands. ”