Peerless Genius System

Chapter 826: I Want

Chen Feng sucked enough hatred, and the Wu Emperors who stood on stage couldn't help but bite their teeth and stare at him angrily.

Rudd coughed up and said out loud: “I announce the rules of the game, there is only one, no lethal weapon is allowed, until the point, everyone listens...”

The voice stopped, because Schollo, who had no movement at all, appeared directly on the stage as if he were moving in a blink of an eye, and Rudd, who spoke, was shocked.

After appearing on the stage, Sholoh heard Rudd's rules of the game. He tossed his left hand backwards at will. The dragon knife was like a flying sword, traversing a space of dozens of meters, and landed on the ground beside the ghost. The sheath penetrated five or six centimeters into the ground, and the entire knife stood upright on the ground.

It's not to be cool, but the dragon knife only thinks he's the one, the ghost can't hold it, otherwise throw it directly into the ghost's hands.

And no one noticed the dragon knife, just the weird way he just came on stage.

“The young man was so fast that he could not even see his movements clearly in old age. ”

Rudd's old eyes were deeply constrained, and he looked up and down at Sholo, and he couldn't help but mutter.

Other Wuhuang strongmen who took part in the trial also looked at Sholo with uncertainty. It always felt like this guy had a strong energy in front of him. Of course, more than anything, he didn't see the famous crowd.

“Hey, hey, hey, a martial artist dares to go up and make a scene, too much effort. ”

“Everyone wants to have the Heavenly Soldier, in order to get the Heavenly Soldier, this guy is not crazy. ”

“Wait and see how he dies, a martial artist, a martial arts spirit, two stupid pigs! ”

The crowd under the stage continued to say sarcasm about Sholo and Chen Feng.

Chen Feng's companion smiled, his face was obsessed with self-confidence, and the people around him looked like fools.

At this time, the powerful Wuhuang on the stage returned to God, and the skinny middle-aged man sneered: “Are the martial artists now so arrogant? What cat and dog dare to come up and fight for the heavenly soldiers! ”

Both Sholo and Chen Feng ignored his derisive remarks.

Chen Feng approached Sholo and said to the serpent, “Brother Xiao, your true cultivation should not be a martial arts master, otherwise you wouldn't stand up, am I right? ”

Sholo now only wants the time bracelet, he is not interested in talking to these idle people and other nonsense, and he directly rushes to the Wuhuang strong man on stage and Chen Fengxiang said: “I want the time bracelet, you all go down! ”

The words were mild, but with an irresistible tone of command.

As soon as that was said, the whole square was quiet and then caught up in a loud noise.

“Shit, is this guy going against the sky? ”

“A little martial artist, who gave him the courage to speak to the strong Wuhuang! ”

“Crazy, he's absolutely crazy, trying to get a heavenly soldier to get into the magic. ”

“Where did this guy come from? Is it funny up there? ”

“If it's a joke, it's really successful because it makes me laugh, hahahaha...”

Everyone under the stage laughed, and in their eyes, Sholo was a fool without any self-knowledge.

“Smile. Smile. You'll be all silly later.” The Duck Emperor used to dig his nostrils in the ghost's pocket and speak to himself.

The ghost didn't speak, and after she got the illusion dance, she was always happy with a smile on her face.

The Wuhuang strong men on the stage all thought they had hallucinations. How dare a warrior in the district talk to them like this?

“Boy, what did you say?” A skinny middle-aged man's eyes squinted, suppressing an angry scolding.

“Isn't it clear enough what I just said? I want the time bracelet. Get the hell off me!” Sholo looked him straight in the eye, the path of immensity, and the bracelet of time and space he was bound to gain.


The crowd around them couldn't help but breathe a sip of cool air and thought: This kid must be crazy, dare to say this kind of search for death.

Indeed, a lean middle-aged man was furious and a strong pressure exploded on him, and the solid platform collapsed around him, centering where his feet stood.

“Son of a bitch, fuck you! ”

Rolling sound waves sounded like thunder, and many of the crowds watched were shaken by a wave.

A lean middle-aged man embodies a green light, such as a photoelectric impulse towards Sholoh and then a punch to Sholoh's face, while Sholoh's true power operates autonomously, forming an invisible shield outside the body.

The fists and invisible shields hit each other hard...

“Boom ~”

A shocking loud noise broke out on the platform, a mighty energy storm erupted, the surge pushed the surrounding masses backwards two or three miles away, many people fell on their backs and the scene was chaotic.

Other Wuhuang strongmen and dwarf elders flew into the air for the first time, staying in the air and watching from a long distance.

Chen Feng likewise did not react slowly, retreated like lightning, jumped a few times outside the ground, then left the platform at least two lengths away, the platform is in the center, energy surge, strong wind whistling, wind sweeping, he is like in a hurricane, hair uncontrolled dance, dust flying, eyes will be hard to open for a moment and a half, which means that the lean middle-aged man used at least 78% of his power.


Just then, a scream rang.

The skinny middle-aged man sprayed blood, like being hit by a barbarian bull, smashed it out backwards, fell to the ground, continued to cough up four or five pieces of blood, and the whole person was hard-pressed to lie down completely.

Slowly, the raging energy storm stopped, and the wind stopped!

On the platform, there appeared a large pit with half a metre deep, Shololi in front of the pit, like an iron pile nailed there, at this moment, his figure gave a high and unclimpable feeling, true power circulating around him, his surroundings were like a divine power, like a king through the power of the heavens.

The whole crow bird was silent, the needle was smelly, everyone opened their eyes, unbelievably looked at the high and unclimpable figure on the platform, breathing became extremely inconvenient, the back of the spine cooled for a while, obviously, the skinny middle-aged man lost, losing just one move to this seemingly martial artist repair guy.

Horror Russ!

How is that possible?

The skinny middle-aged man looked at Sholo's eyes with a deep sense of consternation. He obviously took the initiative to punch him, but it was him who flew out. The scariest part was that the guy didn't move, relying only on the outward aura, and returned all the power of his punch to himself.

How could there be such a monster in the world? The other party doesn't look too old, can't it accomplish the cultivation that has reached more than Wuzong?

It's not just him, the strong Wuhuang who stayed in the air, the elders of the Dwarves, which one can keep calm? They all looked at the immense figure standing on the platform in horror.