Peerless Genius System

Chapter 827 Siege

“I repeat, I want the time bracelet, give me all of you... get lost!!! ”

Sholo raised his head and stared coldly at a dry Wuhuang strongman. The blood in his body swept uncontrollably. If he didn't know that sometimes the bracelet was empty, he wouldn't have any emotional fluctuations, but now, he just wanted to get it immediately and then use it to go to the Light Holy Land, so you're welcome to say anything.

“What an arrogant kid, who doesn't know what's going on with you, but wants to fight for a time bracelet from so many of us, do you have the ability to do that?” A strong Wuhuang grinned coldly.

His voice had just fallen, his pupils had shrunk, a chill had poured down from the heavenly lid to the soles of his feet, and finally his whole body was freezing and his shaky eyes filled with horror, because Sholo, standing on the platform, disappeared in his sight without a trace, he was hard not to catch a trace of the movement of the other side, but a strong sense of crisis existed in the bottom of his heart.

“Careful, he's behind you!” Someone sounded a reminder.

Behind me?

The Wuhuang strongman shook a chill and turned around. When he saw Sholo standing idly, his right palm extended towards him, the cold sweat instantly wetted his whole body. The next second, a huge palm surged out of Sholo's palm.

“Boom ~”

The power flipped, the dull explosion was violent, the Wuhuang strong man was directly bombed from the air by Sholo into the ground, a large pit appeared on the ground, black painted, no idea how deep.


The whole world sucked the cool air and stared at the unmatched sholo in the sky, able to stay in the air, to be definitely above Wuhuang, a young man in his twenties, is actually Wuhuang, and there is still much higher level than Wuhuang, it is simply unimaginable.

Sholo's hand deterred the other Wuhuang strongmen, all of whom were stunned in the air.

At this time, Chen Feng took out a pill of Dan from his arms, stuffed it in his mouth and swallowed it. Almost as he swallowed it, his temperament rose sharply, from Wu Ling to Wu Wang, then from Wu Wang to Wu Wang.

“Boom ~”

As he slipped, the whole man rose into the sky and stood in the void like any other Wuhuang strongman.

“Bang Yuan Dan? Did he just swallow Blast Wonder Dan? ”

“Absolutely yes, it's forbidden dan, it's a dan drug that temporarily improves the vitality of overdraft itself, and the cost of refining this dan drug is too high, so few people can afford it. ”

“No wonder this guy went up and fought for the space-time bracelet, turns out he had such a hand. ”

“Unfortunately, halfway through killing a harsh character, even if he was promoted to Wuhuang Xiuwei, he feared he would not have a chance to get a time bracelet. ”

“That's not necessarily true. The boy was so arrogant that he had already committed all kinds of anger. Everyone feared that they would unite against him first. ”

The people beneath looked up at the sky, and the battle of the mighty that they had met for centuries made them both tremble and excited, each retreating far away, afraid of being affected by the battle.

The elders of the Dwarves had fallen back to the ground, and the battle had apparently risen from the ground to the air.

“Elder Rudd, have you swallowed the Blast Wonder Dan?” The grumpy Dwarf old man asked.

“My rule is that you can't use a weapon of destruction, and Blast Wonder Dan is not in this category, so it's not against the rules.” Rudd said.

The other dwarf elders shut their mouths without question.

Rudd looked at Sholoe with concern: "This child has a strong temper, and he starts his hand without mercy and resoluteness. These heartfelt fierce people, if they get the space-time bracelet, may cause great harm to the whole mystery. ”

“If Elder Rudd fears this will happen, he will not be given a time bracelet.” The grumpy dwarf old man said.

Rudd laughed bitterly: "Isn't this putting our Dwarves in a state of disbelief? ”

“The General Assembly of Divine Soldiers was convened by us. The final right of explanation lies with us. The Divine Soldier loves to give to whom. If he dares to make a scene, I will be the first to destroy him.” The grumpy dwarf old man said.

“Look again, it won't necessarily be him who eventually won the contest.” Rudd said.

In the sky, a dry Wuhuang strongman naturally stood together, and Sholoh was alone.

“My predecessors, I believe we have judgment. If we do not unite, he will defeat us all, easily win the contest and then get the space-time bracelet, which is not fair to us at all. For the sake of fairness, I propose that we unite against him first, and when we defeat him, we will try again. Whom the space-time bracelet eventually falls into, we can also accept it frankly, no difference, right?” Chen Feng began to ignite the wind.

This statement was immediately endorsed and responded to by the powerful.

“Yes, unite against him first! ”

“This kid is so arrogant, do you really think he's invincible? ”

“I'm not feeling well without eliminating him first! ”


Sholo swept these people with disdain, sarcastically: "It seems you are not going into the coffin without tears! ”

“Little bastard, don't be so tall. When I come out to hang out, you don't even know where the fuck you're eating big tits.” A Wuhuang strongman raged and punched Sholo in the air.

“Ho ~”

The raging true power turned into a golden tiger, his teeth roaring for a few steps in the void, then jumped high and fell hard from the sky towards Sholoh, opening his sharp teeth and vowing to tear Sholoh to pieces.

“You're the first! ”

Sholo smiled coldly, his figure instantly disappeared, the golden tiger fell into the sky, he appeared in front of this Wuhuang strong man, without mercy, whistled out, the fierce clap smashed the true power shield of Wuhuang strong man.

“Pfft ~”

This Wuhuang strong man sprayed a lot of blood, like the one in front of him, falling from the air, like a meteorite landing, blowing the ground out of a large pit.


Other Wuhuang strongmen have returned to God at this time, such as roaring and rolling down their throats, all pounding hard at Sholo.

Sholo hummed softly, his figure was like a fantastic sky flower, indeterminate in the sky, and every time the remnants disappeared, the sky appeared outside the county, as if the space was difficult to contain him.

In the sky, the power of several Wuhuang strongmen falls like a galaxy for nine days. Every inch of space is a violent fluctuation of power. The forces activated under the joint cause distortions in space, and the heavens and earth are shaking.

“Son of a bitch, die! ”

Together, the powerful people of Wuhuang surrounded Sholoh, and since their hands provoked great strength, they locked Sholoh in the middle, and tore him apart on all sides. As long as they were strong enough, Sholoh would be torn apart by five horses.

Chen Feng seized the opportunity to bully him and pulled a pitch-black dagger out of his sleeve in a rush of thunder into Sholo's heart. This was the dead end of the sky, and he was convinced that the dwarf elders on the ground could not see.