Peerless Genius System

Chapter 828 Quaker

The black dagger penetrates Sholoh's true force shield through the evil shadow of his chest.

This was not expected by Sholoh, according to theory, it is impossible for ordinary weapons to penetrate his true force protection, there is only one explanation, this dagger is more special, not ordinary, he immediately reached out and blocked, if this dagger stabbed him in the heart, he could have tumbled the boat in the gully.

“Pfft ~”

The black dagger penetrated his palm with ease and blood seeped out.

“Ah!!! ”

Chen Feng roared, holding the knife handle tight with his hands, continued to push forward, and finally stabbed Sholo's left shoulder before stopping.

Sholo looked at this dagger through his right palm and stabbed himself in the left shoulder, his eyebrows wrinkled deep and a sharp ache poured into his brain.

Chen Fengyin smiled proudly and said in a voice that only two people could hear: “Brother Xiao, now you are careless, this dagger is a fairy-class divine soldier, dedicated to assassin assassination. Any real force protection for it is as fictitious as killing you, enough, hey hey hey...”

“Fine, it, I want it too, you, go to hell! ”

Sholo's faint path was accompanied by two killer planes in his eyes.

Immediately afterwards, a violent explosion rolled out around his body, with no hot temperatures, no sparkling flames, the bombing of true power.

“Boom ~”

The first to strike was Chen Feng, his arms broken off, his body flew out, his mouth and nose sprayed, he fell from the sky, and he was blown to the flesh and blood.

The energy fluctuations of the rolling waves swept thousands of meters across the corrugated circle. All Wuhuang strong men at high altitude were severely injured. There was thick blood water sprayed in their mouths, which fell from the air. Some Wuhuang smashed into the Dwarf people's buildings. The steel cast building collapsed in a flash, and there was no power whatsoever like the tofu slag project.

The people in the square, with the exception of the ghost, were all turned upside down and shouted. The dwarf elders on the platform also had a tendency to be blown away, and the entire inhabitants of Tarawa City felt a trembling soul.

“Wow, that's amazing! ”

For the first time, the ghost saw Sholoh's firepower open, and it was a shattering shackle.

“He's a Wusheng rank. Are you kidding me? He scared the bloodsucking elders, remember?” The Duck Emperor didn't think otherwise.

“So Lo is the prettiest.” Ghost hips and giggles.

At this time, the people who slowly climbed up from the ground saw a dagger hanging on Sholo, reminiscent of the image just rushed up by Chen Feng, and suddenly understood everything.

“He broke the rules and brought a knife! ”

“That dagger doesn't look like a regular dagger, or it won't hurt this mysterious young man. ”

“I recognize him. He is Chen Feng of Snow Mountain Pie. He is insidiously cunning and good at offensive planning. Snow Mountain Pie has annexed the other door pieces around him. He is said to be inside the door and treat him as a brother. He secretly poisoned him and killed him. ”

Blatantly using weapons in violation of the rules in the contest, or using the most shameful means of sneaking up. At this time, everyone stood on Sholo's side, accusing Chen Feng of his actions, and someone had recognized Chen Feng and told him everything he had done in the area of Snow Mountain Pie. At one point, he became a street rat and everyone shouted.

Chen Feng broke his arms, blood water “goo" gushed out of the wound, his thighs and chest were blurred, life was better than lying on the ground screaming.

Sholo pulled out the black dagger, slowly falling back to the ground, his palms pierced and his left shoulder stabbed, and recovered almost as he fell.

“You're not dead?! ”

He looked at Chen Feng with some surprise. At such a short distance from face to face, he was able to live with all his strength. It was somewhat irrational. According to his expectations, Chen Feng should be crushed into a piece of rotten meat.

“I... my life, haha... haha...” Chen Feng endured pain and laughed madly.

You're dead?

Sholo had to laugh. After a closer look, he found that Chen Feng seemed to be wearing something. In the middle of the bloodshed, it was a rare gold metallic glow.

He reached for it and Chen Feng flew into his hand.

“You… what are you going to do?” Chen Feng's breathing became impatient and his eyes filled with fear.

Sholo didn't respond to him, reaching straight out and tearing off the bloodstained clothes outside him, and then a golden vest appeared in everyone's sight.

“It's Krishna!” Rudd subconsciously shouted out the name of this vest.

“Quaker? ”

“It turns out that this is the legendary defensive god Kui Ka who can block the blow of Wushu Class Strong! ”

“This quickie was made by the ancestors of the Dwarves. It was revealed a thousand years ago. The whereabouts are still unknown. I didn't expect to wear it properly on Chen Feng. ”

The crowd took a sip of cool air, and they never thought of a snowy mountain disciple, wearing a fairy-class soldier.

“Interesting. Are you giving me the constant divine soldiers? ”

Sholo smiled cold and reached out to pick up the quill on Chen Feng.

Kwai Kai has a hidden glow that seems gorgeous on the outside, but it actually has a rustic, rustic smell.

After pulling for a while, it was discovered that Qi Jia could not be taken off at all, and Chen Feng's meat was stuck together. Chen Feng was in constant pain and shouted like a pig.

“Kwai Kwai has identified him as the dominant one, and no one can take off Kwai Kwai unless he dies or does it himself.” Rudd said out loud.

So that's it!

Sholo lifted his eyebrows and looked at Chen Feng with a particularly cold and gloomy eye.

“You... what are you going to do? Don't mess around. This is Dwarf territory. Dwarf elders are there. If you mess around, you won't get out of here...”

After all, Chen Feng forcibly promoted to Wuhuang Xiuwei, his vitality was extremely strong, he recovered a little, his energy was much better, just saw Sholo's eyes, he couldn't help but strike a chill all over his body, his arms broke, the only way to get Qiujia was to kill him, Sholo must be working on this idea.


At that time, two screams rang.

In search of fame, everyone saw a man and a woman who were struck by a knife stuck on the ground and fell to the ground. It was Chen Feng's companion, the man and a woman who had been wounded before by the ghost.

Several others rushed up to help them.

Sholo looked at Chen Feng playfully: “You guys are really hitting on my knife! ”

“I... I...”

Chen Feng is indistinguishable. He really hates those two assholes. Don't you know how to judge? The other party was obviously ruthless, and dared to fight the knife idea. Even more deadly, at such a critical moment in deciding whether he was dead or alive, it was undoubtedly pushing him to death.