Peerless Genius System

Chapter 830: Rise and Fall

“This pressure at least… at least at martial arts level, did this guy actually reach the boundaries of martial arts? ”

“Ridiculous, ridiculous, a martial arts less than thirty years old, what's wrong with this world? ”

“Back off! Back off! ”

All the experts who came to participate in the Divine Soldiers' Convention were horrified, retreating and retreating, as if they were in a fierce dust and sandstorm, unstable center of gravity, uncontrolled inclination, the strength of Sholoh, so that they could not help but be frightened to battle. Who would have thought that such horrible powerful men would be encountered at the scene of the Divine Soldiers' Congress.

Sholo was provoked and the real power in his body was raging. He looked at Ruyang and laughed. “If you say I am the devil, then I am the devil, what can you do about me? ”

Shoot straight out.

“Ho ~”

The raging palms of the raging shore turned into a falcon, stretching out wings long enough to cling to the ground, hissing toward Lu Yang, passing by, the ground dimension crumbled, with rolling dust and gravel behind it.

Lu Yang was terrified and his old eyes were staring. At this moment, he tried his best to strike a slap. His vast power turned into a green light poured towards the falcon with his teeth dancing claws, and the two collided strongly.

“Boom ~”

A shocking outbreak erupted, and the ground beneath the collision was bombed out of a large pit nearly two lengths deep.

Lu Yang's body shook, rapidly backward flashed, held by other Dwarf elders to stabilize the shape, chest gas and blood surged, eventually uncontrollable, “Pfft” burst out a mouthful of thick blood.

The surrounding masses looked at it from a distance, they didn't dare to cross the thunder pool for half a step. Everyone's heart was full of shock. You know, Lu Yang was the peak Wuhuang who stepped into the realm of Wuzong, and was wounded in the face, which they didn't dare to imagine.


Sholo's figure was illusory. In a few dozen meters of space, he strangled Luyang and raised Luyang with one hand. The other Dwarf elders repaired him weakly and were directly shocked by his aura.

Lu Yang was one metre and twenty-three tall, and the land duke was general. He was strangled by Sholo and held up in the air without any resistance.

“History is written by the winner, and likewise, righteousness and evil are defined by the winner, the winning party is the righteous, the losing party is always evil!” Sholo stared coldly at Luyangdao.

Ruyang looked at him in horror and could not believe that Sholo's power had reached such a terrible state.

“Young man, you've built too many times! ”

Originally and Yan Yue Lud, an old face sank down, scolded with the tone of the command, “Let go of Elder Luyang! ”

The atmosphere rose dramatically, and for the surrounding crowd, like a mountain crushed down, people couldn't breathe normally.

“Whether to help Lo or Grandpa. ”

The ghost fell into a dilemma, and Rudd gave her a weapon she loved very much, and Sholoh was someone she liked and depended on, and it didn't seem right to help anyone.

“Help what? Be a gourd eater right here, nobody! ”

The Duck Emperor rolled her white eyes and then spit, “Justice, evil, red teeth anyone would say, I also said I represent the Jade Emperor. ”

It was Lu Yang who spat so easily about righteousness and evil, as if justice were his home, opening his mouth and making people sick.

In the face of Rudd's commanding voice, Schollo coldly replied, “What if I don't? ”

During the conversation, fingers tightened, Luyang's old face rose red, full of pain, the neck uploaded an array of "clicking” sounds, as if the esophagus and trachea were about to burst open without withstanding this powerful squeezing pressure.

“The old man ruined the time bracelet!” Rudd blew his beard staring and his face cracked.

The look on Sholo's face flashed.

Lud angrily said: “Old age has long seen that you care about this time bracelet. For you, the time bracelet is more attractive than any other divine soldier. Otherwise, you will not stand up when you see the time bracelet appear. If you don't let go of Elder Luyang, you will never get the time bracelet! ”

The space-time bracelet was held in his hand, and with his power, it was an easy thing to destroy.

Sholo looked at him coldly and did not respond.



Rudd started counting, and everyone's heart spoke on his throat as he counted. On the count of two, he didn't see any movement from Sholo. Rudd's five-finger tightened, ready to destroy the space-time bracelet.

“Mr. Rudd, if you destroy the space-time bracelet, I will slaughter all of you! ”

Sholo's killing breath swelled, his eyes beat deep, and his intense bloodthirsty breath burst from him.

At this moment, he was no longer a person, but rather a dangerous and fierce beast, painfully struggled by Lu Yang, who strangled him, as Sholo's five fingers pierced Lu Yang's throat like a sharp sharp sharp knife.

This time it was Rudd's turn to stand still. With his strength, he did not grasp the mysterious and powerful young man in front of him. If the young man really killed in Tarawa City, he could not stop it.

He yelled, "How dare you? ”

“What do I dare not, in your eyes I am the devil crooked, how strange it is to slaughter you all over the city. ”

Sholoh's heart was holding a breath and he had to vent, and if Rudd was to really destroy the space-time bracelet, he would surely have made the city of Tarawa bleed into a river.

“You filthy thief! ”

Rudd bit his teeth and grabbed the space-time bracelet a little loose, afraid that he accidentally crushed the space-time bracelet.

At this point, the Duck King saw the time, flying out of the ghost's pocket, as a rapid photoelectric blast towards Luther, grabbing the space-time bracelet with a duck claw, and flying over the sky.

“Goddamn kid, you've got the time bracelet, praise me, Gaga...” He asked Sholo for credit.

Sholoh's heart was full of joy, but the next second his color changed sharply and he shouted, "Get away! ”

The duck emperor looked down and immediately scared the dead soul, Rudd blasted a palm towards it, his palm weathered into a fiery flame, like a fiery monster, his mouth swept toward it with a vast blood basin.

It immediately retreated, but it was still a step late, struck by this fiery monster, the left wing and the feathers of the abdomen were burned, revealing the flesh inside, the flesh was also scorched black, the drizzled blood seeped out of the inside, and the flesh was blurred.

“Duck King! ”

The ghost jumped quickly to catch the Duck King falling from the air.

Meanwhile, Rudd flew into the air to regain control of the space-time bracelet.

Sholoh punched Lu Yang in the hand, and it was the first time he came up to compete with Lud for control of the space-time bracelet.

His true power turned scarlet, because the scarlet was so deep that he looked like black, and when he flew, he was like an adult thick black lightning bolt, and Rudd was all blue, so the outsiders saw that it was black and blue and the light shone up, competing for the time bracelet.