Peerless Genius System

Chapter 835: Four Kings Gather

“Where's my wife? ”

Sholo drank a lot from Curisa. He seemed to be surrounded by magic. There was no wind in his hair. The dragon knife slowed out of the sheath and killed him.

“Don't insult us, Your Holiness, because of the remnants of your Shaw clan, you do not deserve to see her!” Curisa Road.

“Okay, then I'll kill you! ”

Sholo grinned, the bloody dragon knife took his wild death, the bright red knife sprayed from the tip of the knife, like a bloody flame, the cold killing intent made those seriously injured members of the optical family sincerely feel a tingling chill.

Curisa's face was full of nervousness and cloudiness, set up a stand against the enemy, and bean-grain-sized sweat beads rolled down from her forehead. At this moment, Sholoh was no longer the old Wu Xia Amon, but could be slaughtered and ravaged arbitrarily by him. Even in the past, when Sholoh was awake in his veins, he was not able to remain out of sight.

“Curisa, the last time I saw you, I was humiliated by you and now I will return the humiliation to you!!! ”

Sholo roared, the dragon knife in his hand made a thrilling dragon roar, a knife split out, the momentum pounded, the hegemonic blood black light fell straight down from the air like a shocking rainbow, like the flood that exited the gate roared and growled.

At the same time, Curisa split a knife, and the silver knife was like a dragon-toothed claw sweeping towards this bloody black light.

Yet, at the moment when he touched the black light of blood, it broke out invisible, and the black light covered him. In his eyes, he could no longer see the figure of his opponent, Sholo, and the world was all black and blood.

Opposite him, a blood knife scattered through the breath of death struck him at a trembling speed. His body could not help but tremble and kick back under his feet, his body flew backwards like a light.

The strongest and most lethal blood knife gathered by the knife, leaving Curisa in place, shattered into pieces, while the man who avoided the blood knife was not unharmed. The bloody black knife maniacally attacked him, striking him and flying him out.

“Pfft ~”

Big mouthful of blood sprayed out of Curisa's mouth, he cried painfully and fell to the ground, his face instantly white as paper.

One move, just one move and he loses!

What a tremendous disgrace it was. On that day, he despised the common man in a high position, but defeated him a few months later, unimaginable, unacceptable. He stood up with a sharp pain and a carp, gasping for his breath and staring dead at Sholo.

“Yes, that's good. One knife down. You're alive! ”

Sholoh laughed, he was not a good man. Even if he was the Lord of the Herald, he could not overdo it. At this time, he crushed Curisa under his feet. This feeling was too good, and the blood in his body boiled uncontrollably.

Curisa couldn't say anything. She had a hot face. It was like being slapped in the face. He held a knife in his hands, bit his teeth, and was ready to greet her again.

Sholo grinned and the dragon knife in his hand struck again.

An indestructible blood-black knife cut through the sky, reflecting the heavens and the earth as blood-black, which can no longer be measured by length. The blood-black knife is like a lava bursting from the sewage of the earth. It rises more than a dozen lengths into the sky, while chopping off at a lightning speed towards Curisa, it looks like the delicacy of a reaper.

This is definitely a terrible knife!

In front of this knife, Curisa didn't even have the courage to pull the knife and split it it, her eyes open and she looked horrified. Time seemed still to him, silent as death around her, all the voices ceased to exist, and there was only one thought in her mind, and that was -- it was over.

At the end of the day, he closed his eyes in despair and waited for the death to come...

At this critical moment, a bright sword not inferior to a bloody black knife struck the void silently, like a giant curved moon parallel to the ground, colliding with a bloody black knife.

“Boom ~”

A loud thunderbolt shook the heavens and the earth, whether bright swords or bloody black swords, dissipated at this moment, turning into a surge of horrible energy fluctuations, centering on the point of impact, rolling and raging around.

The first time Curisa was lifted out by this raging fluctuation of energy, other members of the Optical tribe around her were also lifted out, and the raging fluctuations of energy were like beasts roaring, such as a raging wind whistling, such as the tsunami flickering, ghosts being far away, hallucinating, still feeling a great deal of pressure on her chest, unbearable.

Until after five or six breaths, this sweeping fluctuation of energy gradually dissipated...

Sholo shook his body and retreated two steps back to stabilize his figure. Although he did not see the voice of the other party, he knew that it must have been the sword king of one of the four kings of the Guangzhou Holy Land who arrived.

“Cough... cough...”

Curisa, who had fallen to the ground, coughed up blood, and the breath in his body was chaotic, as if a beast was barging in, constantly damaging his five dirty hearts and veins, raising his head, a bone fairy wind, a cold man standing in front of him.

Curisa froze first, then smiled with comfort: "Wang, you... you are here! ”

In words, with deep respect.

The white man, the dusty man, is just meddling!

“Not only is your king here, we're here! ”

A slightly dramatic voice came along, and another three walked from the side of the garden, each with an attendant deputy behind them.

“King of War, King of Knives, King of Thunder! ”

Curisa opened her eyes, swallowed the pharyngeal spit, and the Four Kings gathered together. As an accessory deputy to the Sword King, he knew best. The Four Kings of the Guangzhou Holy Land usually disobey no one, despise each other, and it is difficult to gather together. The scene of the Four Kings appearing at the same time, like this, is truly once in a hundred years.

Those seriously injured Kwang people around them were like finding a group of hundreds of sentiments to organize, want to cry, they stared angrily at Sholo, as if they were saying, "Our people are here, you son of a bitch, wait to die.

“This is the descendant of the Shaw clan in the original world? It's very powerful, it's easy to beat Curisa down. If it weren't for the rush time, I'm afraid you would have lost your life.” Of the three, the man with the beard, his hair fluttering, a gourd hanging between his waists, looked at Sholoh, looked at Curisa again, with a few lines in his eyes.

In this way, Curisa felt hot on her face, but he respectfully replied: “His Royal Highness the Knife said extremely, I am not a skilled man, not his opponent! ”