Peerless Genius System

Chapter 840 Warcraft

Sholoxo looked incredibly at the king of war: "What are you doing? ”

A smile appeared on the king's face, his eyes filled with excitement, licking his lips and grinning: “Try a couple of pounds of your knife. ”

His duck master's, just use his body to test the knife, is this guy crazy?

The Duck Emperor felt a cool chill pouring down from the top of his head, and finally his whole body was cold.

“Stupid, brass pen, brains kicked by donkeys, self-righteous to stand and be cut with a knife, is really fucking stupid to the point.” King Thunder seized the opportunity to bury the King of War with all his heart.

The Knife King still looked lazy and dug his nostrils: “It's really stupid, but it's also really handsome, that's the only guy who dares to use his body to test that guy's knife. ”

The Sword King kept his mouth shut and watched it faintly.

All the members of the Kwang clan around them pinched a cold sweat for the warrior king, so much so that the other side chopped a knife for nothing, the strength would decline, the subsequent battle would be a loss.

“Fight me, you can't be distracted! ”

The warlord laughed and kicked Sholo's stomach in a daze.

“Boom ~”

Powerful power surged, despite the protection of Qi Jia, but Sholo felt that all the intestines seemed to stir together, tearing his heart and lungs so hard that he couldn't help but make a dull howl, a bloodstain also came out, his body like a shell smashed backwards out, flying hundreds of meters, fell on the ground and rolled backwards to slide out more than a dozen meters before he could stop.

“Pfft ~”

It took a dragon knife to support the ground to barely stand up and open his mouth to spit a lot of blood.

“All right, Warlord, well done! ”

“Kill him. Kill him like this! ”

“The King of War! ”

The surrounding opticians were very excited to see, and a burst of excitement and cheer broke out.

Both the ghost and the Duck Emperor's heart grabbed deeply and breathed a sip of cool air. It really didn't occur to me that the king of war at the Light Holy Land existed so terribly. One foot kicked Sholo into continuous spitting blood, and he was as fierce as a warcraft.


The raging, weird, sandy laughter stirred the whole space, such as the warrior king of the beast twisted and rushed towards Sholoh with a horrible threat. His clothes on his upper body collapsed and parsed, revealing the curved muscles of a dragon tray. Approaching three meters tall, he was like a giant, and besides the wounds just cut off by Sholoh, he had many wounds. His body showed a bronze color, as if he had experienced a thousand hammers.

“Sholo, have a good fight!!! ”

The warrior roared loudly, burst out, tens of meters of altitude suddenly arrived, then fell ferociously in an unparalleled force, and the long knife in his hand was filled with gaps, facing Sholo's body and stabbing him with all his strength.

At this critical juncture, Sholoh avoided this deadly blow by rolling on the ground.

The king of war and the broken knife fell together, listening only to the loud sound of "bombing”, the ground of the city of sky trembled violently, a large pit centered on his falling point, collapsing and spreading around.

The ground flies, the sandstone flies, and the fierce power flourishes!

The first time the Duck King took a ghost and flew into the air, the Sword King, the Knife King, the Thunder King and their deputies also quickly emptied. As for the surrounding optical personnel, they hid far away. Although the pit was expanding at high speeds, there was still enough time for them to retreat and escape.


When the dust settles, everyone can't help but breathe in the air.

Because the vast square is no longer there, replaced by a pit at least a dozen meters deep, hundreds of meters in diameter, looking down from the sky, like a giant black iron pot, painted black, with a chilly smell.

“Grunting ~”

The duck emperor swallowed the saliva and sweated.

Ghosts are frightened by this scene, and this fighting power is horrible.


Sholo stood up from the heavy dust of Chong, who escaped the king's knife but was buried on collapsed ground.

When he captured his position, the king of war smiled, like a barbarian beast rushing towards him, with a strong spirit of brazenness, rather than a barbarian beast, rather than a warcraft, a horrible warcraft that is really crawling out of hell.


Sholo set his mind and shouted and greeted him up.

“Psst ~”

Heavy fighting between the two sides, the knife and the knife collided, the Mars foam splashed, the sweeping force swept over, and the mighty power overwhelmed the Quartet.

“Boom! Boom!”

The sand splattered, the ground collapsed, two people broke into the layer of ground and fought. The solid ground rocked the mountain like a major earthquake. The amount of battle was underground. The sound of the metal clattering between the knife and the knife was still like thunder.

“It's so fun, it's so fun today! ”

The King of War's exciting laughter made it clear that he was crazy about the battle.

Who can win this battle?

That's what everyone in the room wants to know.

“Duck King, can Lo win?” The ghost is worried, very worried about Sholo.


The Duck Emperor rarely took it seriously, “The pressure emanating from the Light Warrior King was obviously much stronger than the boy killed that day, and there was a fanaticism like fire, a crazy desire for battle, he was like a demon god, I couldn't even imagine that he would lose. ”

Seems to verify his words...

“Boom ~”

The ground broke open and Schollo flew out of the ground, not by himself, but by someone apparently throwing him out of the ground.


Along with the murky laughter of the sand, the king of war broke out of the earth, fully transformed into a warcraft, he rose up and chased Sholo in the sky, his hands grabbed Sholo's face, and then in the most barbaric and manic way, he was born in the air to push Sholo down to the ground.

“Boom ~”

Another thunderstorm exploded, Sholo's back neck first smashed to the ground, solid ground like tofu slag project, he smashed around the center, sand and dust rolled like a storm, rocks splashed like doom.

The dragon knife detached from Schollo's control and flew out of the rolling sand and dust at high speed, landing on the ground with half of its body plugged into the ground.

Everyone was horrified, because another shocking pit appeared on the surface, like a giant crater, with unstoppable roots upside down.

When the dust was scattered, we saw Sholoh, who was at the deepest end of the pit and was covered in injuries.

There was more than one wound on the warrior's body. In the underground battle, each of them had a knife and many bleeding wounds, but he was blind to them, as if the wounds were not his own body, and his eyes were full of excitement.

“Well played today, Sholo, you're a tough opponent! ”

The king took his hand off Sholoh's face and stood high, staring down at Sholoh like a victor.

Sholo's nostrils spilled blood, his eyes closed, and his face was full of pain.