Peerless Genius System

Chapter 845: A Must Kill Sword

There are countless pink petals floating in the sky, and the picture is beautiful, but it's actually a thin blade, filled with a sharp slaughter in every inch of space.

Shololi was in the air, and his fine blade gently rubbed over his body, leaving a wound when the surface stood.

“The white monster of the Goddamn Kid, even the King of War's steel knife can't hurt a single hair. This thin blade of pink peach blossom can easily cut off his flesh, which...” The Duck King feels bad, this sword king can't take the usual view, the strongest of the four kings is not him.

The far-sighted opticians on the ground were very excited, but soon they stared at each other, because the sword king's fine blade, although capable of hurting the white monstrosity of Sholoh, but the cut wounds, healed quickly again, and finally did not leave a single scar.

The Sword King slowly vacated, he had no sword in his hand, his sword turned into this thin blade of heaven, looking indifferently at Sholo, slightly frowned: “Is it speeding regeneration? This is indeed the most powerful thing in your Shaw clan. ”

“Ho ~”

Blood brains roared and rolled down his throat, and Sholo burst directly into his face. The fierce and horrible atmosphere rolled like a flood. The dragon knife was like a bloody lightning bolt, straight into the sword king.

The Sword King calmed down and stood still. The countless fine blades around him operated autonomously. In front of him, they merged into a wall composed entirely of fine blades. Sholo, the knife, collided strongly with this wall.

“Boom ~”

The pounding force swept in all directions, and the space sounded like broken glass. The dark nothingness spread around the circle, but the laws of heaven and earth were extraordinarily powerful, and the broken space was quickly repaired at a visible speed.

Without waiting for Sholo to have the next move, the fine blade of the flying sky received the Sword King's instruction, and the moment after, rapidly went toward Sholo wrapped, all sides, including the fine blade in front of the Sword King, all poured toward Sholo, only half a second, the group wrapped Sholo inside, far away, purple red, no killing power, instead, makes people feel like an egg filled with peach blossoms.

The Sword King pulled away his distance and said softly: "Blast! ”

The threat of a flower ball made entirely of thin blades to tear everything apart burst abruptly, and Schollo, wrapped in it, became a blood man, falling from the sky to the ground, falling just along the edge of the pit beneath, smashing the ground out of another pit.

“Buzz ~”

The countless fine blades in the sky merged into four long swords, whistling through the void, like four nails, nailed Sholoh's arms and thighs and nailed Sholoh to death on the ground.

White monstrous Sholoh screamed terribly, struggling desperately, and that face twisted with extreme distortion.

“It's over! ”

The Sword King said faintly, in front of him, a sword of God gathered in the sky, with an exorbitant intent to kill.

At that point, a shocking illusion appeared around him, causing all the viewers beneath to take a breath of cool air.

Those were eyes, like the eyes of heaven, overlooking the arts and crafts, and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth rallied toward this sword. The immense divine power was in all directions, and the sword emitted a fierce ray of God.

“A sword to kill!” The knife king subconsciously retreated, shaking his face.

“The Sword King, after the presence of His Holiness, completely suppressed the remnants of the Shaw, and with this sword stab, the Shaw's remnants had no chance of survival. ”

Thunder King is also shocked. He can make jokes about the Knife King and the Warrior King, and he can insult them aloud. But he will never dare to make jokes about the Sword King. Although the Sword King sits flat with them, everyone in the Light Nation knows what the Sword King is like. Strength chases the Holy Majesty directly. If the Holy Majesty did not break his own limits, his strength will be raised again. I fear that the Holy Majesty will not be an opponent of the Sword King.


At the instigation of the Sword King, a lightning bolt was drawn in the air. The deafening thunder sounds continued in the ears. The myriad phantoms of the fierce god surrounded the Sword, and the force dissociated the horror, while its target, Sholoh's chest.

“Want to kill that kid? Have you asked your grandfather the duck? ”

The Duck Emperor burst, like an electric light impinging on the past, directly impinging the stabbed sword with his body to change the trajectory of the sword.

But before it touched the sword, it was shaken open by the divine rays around the sword, the mouth and nose were sprayed with blood, countless feathers were contaminated with blood from the sky to zero, the place was shaken open by the divine rays, the flesh was blurred, its white feathers were stained with red by its own blood.

“Don't!!! ”

Watching Sholo struggle painfully with four swords nailed to the ground, the Duck Emperor who fell to the ground screamed.

It's over!

All members of the Optical Nation are excited. This is the Sword King, an invincible existence. Shaw's remnants are in front of the Sword King, and it is not enough to harm them.

Just as the sword was about to stab Sholoh, a brilliant divine light came through like a rainbow from afar, sweeping through the sword, easily interrupting the sword that stabbed Sholoh, smashing it into dust in the air.


This is…

Everyone's heart trembled slightly and their eyes opened unbelievably.

The next second, a woman appeared next to Sholo in the sky, fluttering in white, the world appeared dusty and deconstructive, like a delicate flower with a beautiful face, a beautiful atlas, a beautiful jade neck, purple eyes, black, beautiful soft and long hair naturally scattered over her shoulders, snow and white skin like coagulated jade, hidden glow and glow, red lips full of alluring glow.

Holy... Your Holiness?!

The ordinary members of the Optical Nation struck a spiritual attack, and it never occurred to me that His Holiness had broken the Sword King's deadly blow against Shaw's sins.

After a brief standstill, Knife King, Thunder King and Warrior King saluted Su Li. The Sword King in the sky also restrained his sword will and fell back to the ground. His left hand rested on his chest and bowed slightly to greet Su Li.

“You all go! ”

With his hands behind his back, Sulu's eyes were constantly on Sholoh, and his faint voice was a commandment that no one could disobey.

The Knife King raised his eyebrows and seemed to know it would turn out this way. He first responded with a voice “Yi” and left with his own entourage. At the same time, he shouted to the ordinary members of the Guang clan around him: "Disperse, disperse! ”

“Ray, you haven't had a chance, haha...”

The warrior king recovered a little, but his actions were unobstructed. Before he left, he did not forget the thunder king's voice.

“Grass you... get lost! ”

Lei Wang couldn't help but shout, but realized that Su Li was here. The word 'Mom’ swallowed back alive and then went away with a dark face.