Peerless Genius System

Chapter 847 Heterogeneous Invasion

“Goddamn... Kid...”

The Duck Emperor struggled and climbed hard in front of Sholo, his white feathers stained red with blood, his voice pale and powerless, at which point it turned back into a miniature version of the duck.

Sholo leaned down, held it up with his hands, and laughed at it.

The Duck King laughed at him as well, one duck at a time, looking at each other, and finally laughing.

Half a day later, the duck emperor said: "The ghost girl is fine. She was rescued by the knife king and should be with her now. ”

Sholo nodded and looked up at the mirror-like world in the sky: "Duck Emperor, do you know what this is all about? ”

The Duck King shook his head: “I don't know, if my master had the Lord God of Chaos, he would have known, but in this way, the two worlds seemed to have been penetrated by someone, and the chaotic space I was in seemed to be gone. ”

“Come on, let's check it out too! ”

Sholo temporarily pressed the pain in his heart and placed the Duck King on his shoulder, then turned into a ray of divine light and rushed towards the hazy mirage of the sea.

Not a moment later, he entered the area, reflecting the eye curtain, causing his brain to buzz and fall into a brief void.

This is indeed the former world of China, or the city of the summer sea that he is familiar with. It is only then that the city of the summer sea is a mess, those modern high-rise buildings have been destroyed, there are soaring nitrous smoke everywhere, even the distant mountain forests have been destroyed, a ruined view.

“This is the old world? How did it end like this? ”

Can't believe this is the original world it saw on the computer silver screen, shouldn't it be a high-rise, a modern city full of beautiful car pedestrians? How could it be such a ruin, and the sky was covered with haze, and the sun scattered across the earth, and the entire heavens and the earth were overwhelmed by an atmosphere of repression to its limits?

Sholo also wants to know exactly what happened.

The first time he thought of his family and friends, grandparents, father and mother, Zhang Dashan, Su Xiaobei, Ruyi, Tang Ren, Ji Siying, Gu Qian Xue, poison girl, etc., he rushed to the headquarters of the NSA in the summer sea, but found that there was no one there, and the NSA buildings and facilities were destroyed.

He swiftly swept through Summer Sea City with his mind and finally discovered the Survivors' Camp.

It was a force stationed in the mountains of the north of the city, where the survivors of the city of Xia Hai were all there. Sholo fell from the air like a god, causing tremendous unrest and fear. A group of soldiers pointed their guns at him with their hands, as if they were imminent enemies. Soldiers from elsewhere rushed this way, and the entire survivor base sounded a staggering alarm.

“Put your hands up! Put your hands up! ”

As a modern soldier, he would never believe in any fantastic story or man, but before his own eyes the man flew from the air, instantly subverted his perception of the world, and the world view collapsed at this moment.

“Out of the way! ”

Sholo sipped a sip and a pounding breath swung out of him, all of the soldiers were lifted upside down.

He was too lazy to talk to the soldiers, develop a powerful mind, search for Zhang Dashan, Xiao Ruyi and others among the survivors, but found that they were not there at all.

At this point, two women, like flowers and jades, emerged from the crowd of survivors, looking incredibly at Sholo.

“Captain? It's really you, Captain! ”

“Team leader…”

The two women ran up in tears, holding Sholo tight as if they had found tissue.

Sholo immediately recognised that they were the only two members of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Group, Liu Yiyao and Simon Ting, who were the three team leaders of the sales department. Although their clothes were a little dirty, they had a clear figure, which allowed them to still use the word 'special object'.

“Know what happened? How did Natsumi end up like this?” Sholo asked them.

“Aliens, aliens have invaded our planet.” Liu Yiyao choked.

Simon Ting nodded like a chicken pecker: “Well, here comes an alien, his technology is very powerful, he releases a giant gyroscope made of metal, that giant gyroscope spins and moves at a very fast speed, wherever the building goes, it is destroyed, and the aircraft cannon bombs it to no avail. ”


A giant spinner made of metal?

Sholoh frowned deeply, although he, like the vast majority of people, was quite certain that humankind was not alone or the only one in the uncertain universe, but that there were really aliens visiting the Earth and committing aggression, something that still amazed him and made him feel like a dream was generally untrue.

“Captain, I finally know why you gave up your job at China Pharmaceutical Corporation, and why you're always so uncomfortable not seeing anything in your eyes. Turns out you're way out of our ordinary people. ”

“Captain, you are the fairy practitioner often mentioned in the novel. You are a fairy, right? A fairy can fly freely in the air. ”

The two women looked at Sholoh with a respectful eye, and in their eyes Sholoh was the god, and they worshipped.

Sholo doesn't know how to answer them.


The Duck King coughed a few times, “Actually, I'm a fairy too, you can call me Duck God! ”


Liu Yiyao and Simon Ting jumped greatly and stepped back like electric shock. He looked at the duck king standing on Sholo's shoulder, the former pointing to the duck king, trembling and asked: “Captain, this duck will... speak? ”

Sholo glanced at the Duck Emperor and didn't explain it much.

Turning to the question, “Is there any other survivor base in Xia Hai other than this one? ”

“No more! ”

A slightly murky voice sounded.

Sholo turned around and looked at another acquaintance. When Tian Tian, former director of the Xiahai Municipal Public Security Bureau, was revitalized, Tian Renewed changed into a military uniform and followed by two soldiers with live ammunition.

“Chief Tian.” Sholo was not arrogant enough to keep anyone in his sight, and his attitude remained modest.

Tian Jingxing sighed heavily: “There is no longer a director here, heretical invasion, this disaster is a worldwide human catastrophe, it is hard to say if I can survive, I am now in charge of this base. ”

“Su Xiaobei, Zhang Dashan, Ji Siying, NSA poisoned girls, and my sister Xiao Ruyi, Tang Ren, are they here?” Sholo asked hastily.

Tian Jingxing shook his head: "None of these people you said were on the list of this base. ”

“What do you mean?” Sholo's heart trembled.

Tian revived with a bitter smile: “Perhaps elsewhere, perhaps dead.” The final voice was filled with helpless sighs, "a week ago, interracial airborne Earth, releasing a devastating advanced weapon, 20 million people in the city of Summer Sea were killed and injured more than half of the time in a day. Faced with that rotary gyro of death, we humans are fragile and have no resistance whatsoever. ”