Peerless Genius System

Chapter 854 Fireball

“Jiufeng swallowed heaven! ”

Suri was surrounded by the breath of holiness, four words truly shook the clouds, a pair of bright eyes with endless killing intentions, coldly forced to look at Sai Sai, the whole person through a huge pressure, the power of terror surged in the air, at this moment the trees that survived in the distance suddenly suddenly burst into pieces, transformed into woodchips and floating dancing.

“Phew ~”

Nine glamorous phoenixes took shape, the sharp hissing went wildly toward Sai, each dragged a long taillight like a comet, the surge of power fluctuated, the whole space shook up, the intense energy fluctuations made the space of the Summer Sea Survivors' Base in the mountainous forests sway for a while.

“Oh, my God, what is that? ”

“Nine phoenixes with a divine light? What power is that? ”

“The world is so crazy, so strange! ”

Survivors were stunned by this scene.

“Team leader…”

Liu Yiyao and Simon Ting pinched a cold sweat for Sholo. Such power is completely beyond their comprehension.

Meanwhile, dignitaries from Jiangcheng's secret base, as well as senior NSA officials, are also in the conference hall, watching video messages sent back from satellites, which are the battle scenes of Xia Hai City.

Can this blow destroy the Fae?

Everyone's heart grabbed hard, the heterosexuality was more powerful than imagined. Although the identity of the star Sulu Xianqiang was shocking at this moment, they were more concerned about whether the invading heterosexuality could be eliminated and the human crisis eliminated.



Nine Shenfeng struck Sai Sai at the same time...

“Boom ~”

The enormous energy storm suddenly emerged on the sky like a mushroom cloud, and the astonishing explosion made the ears of the Four Kings and Sholoh and others buzz beneath. A fierce temperature spread from the sky, and it was even more appalling on the face.

At this moment, the space was riddled with ripples, a mountain soaring into the clouds a thousand meters away, violent temperatures diffused past, and the mountain was instantly burned into nothingness, sweeping the heavens and the earth with heat.

At Summer Sea Survivor's Base, everyone looked up silly and watched the terrible heat swept through the sky, even a dozen kilometers apart, but that fierce temperature was still sweaty.

And on the ground of the explosion center, a silence, the four kings and Sholoh and so on all swallowed dry tongues of spit, a chestnut spread from deep inside, if the explosion point was lower, I'm afraid it's burned into a void space now.

Even Sulu controlled this power well. All the trees in the thousands of meters around the corner were burned. The hot temperatures burned all the land here. The temperatures were more than twice as high as those of the desert, and the space was distorted, as the water fluttered with hot flames.

After this move, Sulu's breath was slightly confused. After all, he did his best, and a slight weakness appeared. It was normal.

She stared dead at the explosion center, the broken space was quickly repaired under the rule of heaven and earth, and the horrific energy emanating from the Nine Phoenixes was gradually dissipating, except that the ground was already a doomsday scene.

Even though Saijin activated the level 50 energy shield, it only avoided the result of being burned to nothingness by high temperatures, and the body was bombarded into countless pieces, floating quietly in the air.

“Shit! ”

Seeing these body fragments, Sulu knew that he still couldn't hurt the xenobot race without biting his teeth.

“Buzz ~”

Saijin's body fragments turned into golden quantum, rapidly converging, and the last intact Saijin appeared in the air.

He looked straight at Su Glass: “That was called ‘Jiufengtian’? Well, it's really powerful, and the temperature at the blast point is almost up to the temperature of the star surface that illuminates your planet, and if I don't get my shield up to the highest level in time, I'm afraid you're going to kill me. ”

High temperature?

So this heretic is afraid of high temperatures!

The Four Kings and Sholoh and others trembled. If we pushed him into the sun, wouldn't we be able to kill him? However, this method is completely impracticable. Sai's body can be quantized, even sealing is ineffective for him, and how can he be pushed into the sun?

Saijin seemed not afraid to expose this weakness, but slowly said: “High enough temperatures can destroy everything, including quantum, the rise of civilization, often starting with the autonomous creation of 'fire', ‘fire' creates temperature, temperature can destroy everything, including civilization, which is actually a group of ‘contradictions’, but a group of ‘contradictions’ are the main elements that make up the universe. ”

“Who's interested in hearing your interracial bullshit! ”

Su Glass grinned and countless flying swords condensed in the sky, spinning forward like lightning, the whole space trembled.

“Psst ~”

The surface of the energy shield was cut off at level 50, and the shield was dispersed.

Saijin lifted his eyebrows and continued: “You're right, you didn't understand anything so deep. By the way, you can't use it unlimited. The data here shows that your health has dropped to 70 percent. It was 95 percent before. That move consumes your true power. ”

Su Rui frowned and stared at him with his teeth bitten to death.

“I have endured one of your 'nine phoenixes', so as a courtesy, I should also give you a gift. ”

Saijin smiled slightly, raised his right hand, a devastating aura gathered at his fingertips, a fiery fireball appeared, and instantly burst to a large fireball five or six meters in diameter.

Hot temperatures came down again, and in Sulu's slight stunning room, Saijin threw the fireball out.


The fireball slid silently across the void, and the wind didn't lift up a bit along the way, reaching the ultimate speed, sturdy crashing into Sulu's body.

“Boom ~”

An uncontrolled and astonishing explosion exploded in the void, the destructive energy shrunk, then spreading wildly around, the endless space broke into nothingness, the ground in the center of the explosion, instantly collapsed an astonishing large pit, about 100 meters in diameter, the edges of which are huge cracks of a person's body width.

All the people on the planet who saw the scene through satellites were discolored and could not help but inhale the cool air.

“This heretic power is so powerful, he is invincible. ”

“To hell with it, we are all about to suffer. ”

“Jesus Christ, why are we doing this to us? What have we done wrong? ”

With trembling chestnuts and despair in their minds, the highest echelons of the world's nations have been crushed by the mighty power of the Fae and the best line of defense in their minds.