Peerless Genius System

Chapter 859: Running Into The Secret (Big End)

“Impossible, impossible, start the self-destruct program, start the self-destruct program!!! ”

Saijin's frightening and maddening shouts have relied on battle armor and systems to disobey his commands, as if some truth had been destructively subverted, bringing fear and shadow.

But the golden armor and system still had no meaning for his orders, and the mechanical tentacles that wrapped around Schollo's body slowly loosened up.

“It seems you still don't understand.” Sholo albatross grinned coldly.

“I don't understand? ”

Saijin was stunned and shouted at him, “I don't understand what? ”

“You're not controlling the system, but the system is controlling you, in other words, you're the puppet of the system, and after you merge with the system, the system takes the dominant position.” Sholo albatross the faint way.

A puppet?

Is the system dominant?

Saijin's brain seemed to blow up a bomb, buzzed, couldn't think for a moment, and then he laughed coldly: “What is this nonsense about you, Shaw warrior trash? If I were a puppet, wouldn't you be a puppet? Half a pound laughs eight taels. You got a face? ”

“Sorry to disappoint you again, I'm afraid. ”

Sholo albatross laughed sarcastically, the white armor covering his surface instantly collapsed into countless pieces and floated away, revealing his original human face, his clothes were shattered, but the smell of the strong man on his body was compelling and silent.


Saijin opened his eyes and couldn't believe that Sholo could freely switch states. Wasn't that a systematic sense of freedom, just himself?

“There is a fundamental difference between you and me, and you rely entirely on the power of high-tech," said Sholo indifferently, "and I, being able to fix it today, mainly by myself step by step, the system has always been in an auxiliary position. I think this is the difference between the extreme of Wu and the extreme of science and technology. The former prefers to improve its own ability, the latter prefers to rely on the products of technology, the products of technology belong to external forces, and there is ultimately the danger of being backphaged. ”

Saijin's body was trembling slightly because he was convinced that Sholo was right, and what happened to him now was that the system they had invented was beginning to dominate, and if it continued to develop, it was feared that one day all the technologically extremes would become puppets without freedom under the control of the system.

“Host's life is in danger, unbind, unbind! ”

At this point, the cold tone of the system appeared in Sai's mind, and it could not help but fall downhole.

Saijin's pupils shrunk, his eyes filled with despair, and then the next second, he gave himself a mocking smile: "I'm going to your mother! ”

He didn't yell at Schollo, he yelled at them for inventing an all-powerful combat system created by technology.

The golden armor disappeared and finally condensed into a golden dot, flying deep into the universe.

The sacrifice of losing his armor was naked, not to mention that he could not survive in outer space without a costume, which was that his chest had been dug out by Sholo and his heart cavern, he would surely die.


Saijin screamed terribly, his capillaries burst, a moment of labor became a blood man, his eyes protruded, his mouth, nose and ears were spilling blood, and then he completely stopped struggling and became a blood corpse in space.

“Lost the system, you're nothing. ”

Sholo slowly raised his hand and then a bloody black energy light bulb lashed towards him.

“Boom ~”

Saijin was directly bombed with no residue left.

At the end of the battle, Sholo locked the summer sea on Earth and dived directly down at the speed of photoelectricity.



Sulu stood on the top floor of a shattered building in Summer Sea City, looking up at the sky, her beautiful and beautiful face, her eyes like autumn water, such as the skin of snow, her long, waterfall-like hair, and her delicate body. Although she had been contaminated with some dust after a war, she still could not hide her dusty temperament.

At this point, a pair of men reached out from behind and hugged her core.

Su Glass turned around immediately, and when she saw her man Sholo standing behind her, she stunned.

“Did I scare you?” Sholo asked.

Su Li's beautiful eyes turned red and shook his head. He fell into the arms of the man and hugged him tightly.

The Four Kings of the Light Holy Land looked up to the sky and wondered how the war was going until suddenly they caught a glimpse of their Holy Highness with a man embracing them.

“My grass, isn't that Sholo? When did he get down?” King Thunder blinked and dared not believe it.

“Totally avoided our detection, and his mother seems to be getting stronger again.” The warlord swallowed saliva hard.

Ray Wang scolded: “Can you grasp the point? Now the first question to be clear is who won, the Fae or Sholo? ”

“Seeing him embraced by our Holy Highness, is it not clear who wins and who loses? ”

The Knife King drank a big sip of wine and laughed happily. "Well done, such a man deserves our Holy Highness, hahahaha...”

Without a word, the Sword King returned to the land with a broken arm, Curisa, after restoring a hint of true power.



The news of the defeat of the Fae soon spread throughout the world, and the world was embroiled in carnival celebrations.

And the next thing is to rebuild the home, and for the first time, all humankind is united in their efforts to rebuild the beautiful home, while the Hubble telescope, fortunately preserved by the Chinese eye and the Magnesium kingdom, finds a UFO near the sun, and by comparing the spacecraft on which the heterogeneous Saijin invaded the Earth, it can be ascertained that the UFO is definitely Saijin's spacecraft.

At the current level of technology on Earth, the ship could not be transported back.

Sholo came out and brought the ship back to Earth. Behind Saijin is a huge technological pole. Now that the Earth has exposed its coordinates in the universe, the only thing that can be done is to improve itself before the powerful enemy arrives, and there is no doubt that Saijin's spacecraft will allow the scientific and technological forces on Earth to develop rapidly.

You can't ask yourself to be a hunter in front of the Dark Forest Law, but make sure you're not a prey!



One day after the Great War, the sky was clear, the clouds were spotless, and the warm sun covered the earth.

On this day, Lo Village was very lively and, to be exact, Shaw was very lively to the Far House.

The farm is decorated with lights and the word "Yi” posted everywhere, with a strong wedding vibe.

Three floors outside the farm are all guests coming to the wedding, there are villagers from Lo Village, there are senior leaders from all over the world, there are visitors to the Guangzhou Holy Land, in short, people who know Sholo have come, and people who don't know him have come.

“Shit, I envy Shaw, I can marry four wives, and they're all first-class beauties, and I'm not afraid of kidney failure!” At a table, Zhang Dashan envied and spoke to himself with envy.

As soon as I finished, my ears were pulled hard by Chai Zhiying: “What do you envy? You can't even feed me, you want to learn Sholo? Do you have the guts for this? ”

This immediately caused Su Chanye and Tang Ren to laugh.

“Hey hey... wife, so many people here, give your man a little face.” Zhang Dashan seconded.

The other table, Chu Yue was sullen, had been drinking sullen wine, and was constantly nagging about something.

Chu Yunhong raised his eyebrows, how could he not know what was happening to his baby daughter, but there was nothing he could do about it.

“Well, it's Sholo's wedding day, so don't curse him.” Baiyi persuaded.

“I don't, he likes so many women. Why can't he like me for a second? It's not fair, it's too fair. It's obvious that I knew him first, and I didn't lose to them at all in terms of appearance.” Chu Yue muttered his little mouth.

“Princess Moon, feelings don't make sense. Feelings are feelings. Without feelings, you can't even ask for power. ”

“That is, why hang yourself from a tree like Logo and not consider us? ”

Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai comforted each other.

“Nobody treats you like mutes without talking, huh?” Chu Yue shouted at them and overthrew his head.

Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai could only make themselves bored, and the stall hands shut their mouths.

Lo Fang senior management table, the wind seamless five people happy to eat food and drink alcohol, for Shao Lo sincerely happy. Of all the Lo Fang high level, only Li Zimeng looked at the farm house in a dazzling fashion, the wind was brilliant, and there was a sadness in his eyes.

The Duck King and the Ghost ate the delicious dishes on their table quickly and immediately went to the evil table.

The Four Kings of the Light Holy Land stared at Curris because they had not yet started, and the dish in front of them was nothing but rotten vegetable debris.

Curtis Cold Sweat Falls immediately compensated the ghost not: “I'm sorry, I...”

“Come on, it's the day of His Holiness's wedding. I'm not angry with you. If I don't take care of your daughter on weekdays, I... will kill you!” Knife King said harsh words with a smile.

Curtis was so scared his legs were soft that he almost knelt on the floor.


After eating and drinking for so long, the groom and the four brides came out late, and all the big guys looked at the farm door with some glances.

“What's the matter? Why isn't the bride and groom out yet? ”

Kong was an acute man, asking aloud in his rough voice.

This also reveals the voice of everyone, especially senior leaders from abroad, who have come here not to drink, but mainly to meet the great heroes who have protected the planet.

At this time, Xiao Ruyi ran out of the farm and said to Xiao Zhiyuan and Huahuoying, who were looking for guests: “Dad, Mom, no, no, no, no, no. Brother ran off to the secret with four sisters-in-law and Xiaobei. ”

Her voice was not so small that many people heard it.

- What? What?

Gone to the secret?

Everyone stood up from their seats and looked in the direction of the summer sea.

After a catastrophe related to the survival of mankind, the mystery and the original world have been opened, and the entrance and exit are in the mirage of the sea above the summer sea.



Enormous, spectacular and mysterious.

Sholo was flying in the air in an ancient groom's suit with four beautiful women in red bridesmaids.

They were Su Li, Ji Siying, Voyeur and Gu Qian Xue, reading the mountains and enjoying the view, Su Xiaobei lay on his back, a pair of large eyes curious to gauge the great scenery of the secret.

“It's beautiful! ”

Su Xiaobei couldn't help but marvel. The wind blew open her Liu Hai and revealed her forehead like a white jade.

Sholo looked at her, looked at Ji Siying, Voyeur and Gu Qian Xue, and the third woman looked at him with deep emotion.

“Sholo, you're in charge of the Holy Lord.” Sully said in his ear.

“No way, you're just going to be a handcuff?” Sholo frowned.

“Yeah, can't you? ”

Su Li spoiled him, but she didn't mind that Sholo married Ji Siying and they were polygamous in secret.

“Well, before I do, I'm gonna do one thing.” Sholoway.

“What is it, Dad?” Su Xiaobei asked curiously.

“There's a guy who owes Daddy money. Daddy's going to get him back!” Sholo smiled slightly.

He said, of course, not money, but revenge. The elder of the Dan Patriarch nearly lost his life in the transmission corridor that day. This revenge must be avenged.

(All finished)