Physician’s Odyssey

Chapter 1: The Hands Love Sheets

In a decade, the layout of the pharmacy has not changed much, and the layout is, as before, a long row of medicine cabinets, with a hint of medicine, and tall counters with weighed pills and parcels of cowhide paper.

On both sides of the lobby, one is a bedroom for rest, the other is a referral room for medical treatment, walking inside is a medicines warehouse and a medicines production room.

He slowly came to the bedroom, placed a fire basin, took out more than a dozen ruined ancient books from an ancient medical box, kneeling on one knee in front of the remains of an old man, and said softly: "Grandpa, this ancient medical scripture, I have found it, now I burn it for you. ”

The matchhead wipes the phosphorus layer on the side of the box, the red flame rises, licks the paper page, and does not overtime into soft ashes.

He left when he was ten, and now he's back.

The woman sitting opposite Su Qiu is the little daughter of the owner of the antique store next door.

Twenty-six years old, looks like a flower, doesn't have a boyfriend, belongs to a rare animal in the atmosphere of early marriage and childbearing in a third-line city.

Cai Yeon belongs to the kind whose body is completely long and ripe with dripping water. A pair of peach blossom apricot eyes stared up and down at Su Zheng. Her eyes turned like waves, as if she could speak. She was holding her lips, smiling and not laughing. In the face of such a beautiful woman, who could not be upset?

“Dr. Su, what joke did you tell me today?” Cai Yeon stared at Su Xiao. After the pulse, he retracted his hands and asked with a little anticipation.

“Tell me about the Three Kingdoms. Their name is Lupu. They call them the Three Kingdoms." ”Su Xiaokou said that they had been in contact with Caiyan for some time, and they were a little familiar with each other, so she was not too reluctant to talk about vegetarian segments.

“Pfft!” Tsai Yeon Shinjun was perfect, her breasts fluttered, “you are too much nonsense, Lu Bu Ming is a family slave with three surnames, she is a guitar shooter, read the third song, which is chicken shooting. ”

Su Jiao saw Cai Yen Mei Yu stretching. He smiled softly: “My mouth is wrong. Let's change our minds and make a sharp turn. The last one is bigger than holding our breath. The first five minutes of elimination, the second eight minutes of elimination, the third half hour later, still stuffing his face in the basin. Why do you think he's so good! ”

Cai Yeon frowned and pondered for a long time. “Half an hour? Did he cheat on the air, or was he bored to death? ”

Su Jiao shook his head and shook with emotion: “The referee looked at it and yelled ‘Oh, my God’. Turns out the guy drank all the water in the sink. ”

Cai Yeon smiled like a silver bell again, his fingers ripped off tears that overflowed his eyes. “You should go to the TV station and get a talk show, definitely a player! ”

“Smile for less than 10 years. Have your chest tightness, upset, urine frequency and other symptoms recently eased?” Different patients, with different strategies, Cai Yeon's illness needs to stay in a good mood, so Su Xiao told her two or three paragraphs a day.

However, Cai Yeon may be misled into thinking that she is deliberately flirting with her every day - after all, she is a good protagonist and a good protagonist at sheeting.

“Dr. Su, your medical technique is blue over blue. Old Dr. Su has always prescribed medicine for me. Now I can take acupuncture every day without taking medicine. I hate the taste of Chinese medicine.” Cai Yeon also admired Su Xiao's fall.

Su Zhiyan's eyes fell on Caiyan's long fingers. Five onions were like handicrafts. If Caiyan was willing, he could be an excellent model. He smiled slightly: "I need you to help me promote more. As you can see, after I took over Sanweitang, the business was much worse than before. ”

Cai Yeon found his forehead silk messy, his hands gently caressed, changed position, revealed the soft white skin of the waistline, by talking, and moved forward.

A thin, low-neck bottoming shirt with a slightly lower neck opening and arms pressed onto the table, and a full-bodied white chest squeezed out of the deep cleavage, holding onto the chin, with a mellow mouth and a wild posture, giving people an impulse to pinch.

Su Zheng couldn't help but look around her snowy neck. He pressed his inner agitation and said: "Girl, keep your moves together, unless you want to attract crime? ”

Cai Yeon shouted and blushed. "Beautiful thought! I've been sitting here for a long time, just changing positions. ”

Cai Yeon's beautiful face not only reminded Su Yan of the connection, but always felt that Cai Yeon's frequent visits were not purely for medical purposes, but because of his leather bag.

Tall, thin, wearing a white coat, but with a windy smell of jade trees, a white face, bright eyes, habitually slightly revealing a goodwill smile, black hair slightly curly, some shady temperament - belonging to the type that women prefer.

Since Grandpa died and became a sitting doctor himself, business has become quite cold; is it happiness or sadness to be a doctor, not by talent, but by the face to eat?

“This is today's check up.” Cai Yeon lost a hundred bucks on the table.

Su Xiao glanced at him and warned him: "You've paid too much for the 50. ”

Cai Yeon said uncomfortably: "Remember next time. ”

Cai Yeon stood up and wore denim shorts under her lower body. Ninety percent of her long jade legs were bare. For example, on the jade's skin, they were clean and white, like washed raw pieces. It was not until the tail roots reached a drum, and it was rare to see a meaty fold bent at the intersection of her hips.

Su Zheng swept by accident, and the man evolved from a porn wolf to a porn demon, all encouraged by women crossing through less clothes, helpless: “Remind you that your illness cannot be cooled, next time try to wear trousers. ”

Cai Yeon's cheeks were red, and her round chest bounced up and down twice. She glanced at Su Zheng, waving her fist and threatening, “Don't stare at me. ”

Su looked at Cai Yeon's white cheek. She was dressed in pink. She was extraordinarily cute. "Aren't your daughters dressed so little for men? ”

Cai Yeon snorted softly, turning back and laughed: “Wrong, women are actually dressed for women. Do you men have any level of appreciation, know what fashion is and what trend is? ”

Su Zhao was stunned and silent. Cai Yen had already come together and deliberately breathed a sigh of breath in his ear. “I have to hurry. Today my father went shopping. The door is still open. ”

Su Zheng couldn't help but take a sip. Cai Yeon rubbed her pink lipstick on her pretty lips. Her furry plush fleece swung in front of her. Su Zheng almost didn't hold on. She grabbed the impulse of her slim, soft waist.

Cai Yeon seemed to think that he was too bold to be serious. He took two steps backwards, fanned his pink cheeks with his hands, covered up his shame and shifted the subject, "I don't know how long I can be your neighbor! ”

“Our old street, in the heart of the city, the government wanted to demolish it a few years ago, and there was a very powerful developer who wanted to build it into a large business center. Dr. Su had a great reputation around him, he didn't agree to the demolition, so everyone didn't take care of the developer... Now that Dr. Su is dead, I'm afraid the developer will come back soon to talk about the demolition. ”

Su Shu frowned and wrinkled. "The old street has a cultural heritage. Why didn't the government think to protect it? ”

Cai Yeon shrugged helplessly, turning around, revealing a lukewarm waistline, faintly: “Cultural heritage is too fragile compared to commercial interests. ”

Yan Bi, Cai Yeon shook her figure and Ting Ting went to the next door.

This old Hanzhou alley is only 30 meters old, but it is very famous, privately known as Taobao Street, antique store business is good, a lot of people who know how to walk will come here to pick it up.

Summer rain came, lightning thunder, wind, Cai Yeon just walked away, and the rain column went wild. It was raining heavily and for half an hour it was still weak. A black Toyota sedan suddenly came in a sharp brake and parked steadily at the door.

Su Zhao is burying his head with a magnifying glass to study a green pill carefully, follow the sound of the brake, look out the door, a little surprised, because in such a ghost weather, someone will come to visit, it must be urgent.

“Is Dr. Sue here?” A young horseface wearing a white shirt, black suits and brown leather shoes politely asked.

Su Jiao shook his head and sighed: “Is it gone?” His last name was Su, and he was also a doctor, but the other party obviously came to find his grandfather.

“Was he away, or was he?“ The young man asked anxiously.

“Dead,” Su Xiao said helplessly.

“Dead?” the young man opened his mouth and pulled his horse's face long. He stood still and asked for confirmation. "Are you kidding me? ”

Su Xiao put down the magnifying glass and said with dismay: “How could I joke about my grandfather's death? ”

“What should we do?” Young Six Gods said ruthlessly, "Dean Dietrichson asked us to come here and treat people, and he gave a death order, but people died, how can we cross paths? ”

Remembering Dean Dietrichson's tantrum, the young man had a chill. He still had the courage to call Dixie Won, “Dean, the man you're inviting is dead! ”

“Bullshit, how could he die? You didn't even go! Just dead, bring me back the body too.” Disneyland hung up directly.

Suddenly, the young man slapped his head and sighed: "Alas, this is the only way.” Turning to Su Qiu, “could you please come with us to Jianghuai Hospital and explain to our Dean about Dr. Su's death? ”

The dean asked his grandfather to treat the illness. I'm afraid it's also old. It's hard to see the expression on the face of the youth, it doesn't look like a phony.

Su Zheng thought about the bad weather. There was no business at the pharmacy at the moment. He took a walk with him. He said softly: "Okay, let's go with you. ”

The young man was relieved and, although the person to be invited died, finding a living person to go back to was hardly a crossroads.


“It's urgent that we do everything we can, because this is about the dignity of our medical community in Hanzhou. ”

Dean Di Shiyuan of Jianghuai Hospital knocked his fingers on the conference table several times, his eyes swept over everyone's face, everyone lowered their heads and dared not look at them.

Unlike the directors of other hospitals, Di Yuan had a hot personality and Thunderwind. In his hands, through decades of efforts, Jianghuai Hospital, which was not eye-catching, was successfully transformed into Sanjia Hospital.

Qiao Dehou, a second-in-command of the courtyard and senior Party official, received a phone call and flashed a surprise in his eyes. He lowered his voice and said: "Don't worry, I have contacted Professor Tang Ming. ”

Jianghuai Hospital is a business unit, Di Shiyuan is responsible for the daily operation of the hospital, and Qiao Dehou is responsible for administration and party group work.

Dixie Yuan took a look at Jodhao and knew that he was fighting with himself. If Jodhao could get experts to solve the problem, he would have more reason to interfere in the operation of the hospital later.

Di Shiyuan's face was silent. In fact, he was more concerned about Zhao Ming, who had sent him. Could he invite him to Su Guangsheng?

Everyone came to the door and waited for Don Ming to arrive. A sedan stopped first and walked out of the co-driver. Di Shiyuan recognized that he was the one who sent him out. He greeted him and asked: "Xiao Zhao, are you invited? ”

Zhao Ming's face was gloomy and uncertain, sighing: “I didn't invite you, but I invited his grandson. ”

Di Shiyuan didn't make a turn. When Zhao Ming repeated his answer, he saw a young man leaving the rear row of the sedan.

Su Xiao introduced himself calmly: “Dean Di, I am Su Xiao, my grandfather Su Guangsheng died shortly before. ”

“Ah...” Di Yuan lamented with loss, his emotions waved with complexity. “Although he was in the folk, Dr. Su was highly skilled and called me a rare shrink of his life. ”

If Su Guangsheng is invited, today's dilemma will surely be solved. It's a shame. At this point, another sedan drove into the hospital in the storm.

Di Xiyuan thought that Tang Ming must have arrived and smiled bitterly: "Xiao Su, I have something to do here. We'll talk about it later. ”

Yan Bi, he turned around and took a large group of horses to the newly driven car.

When he encountered a cold situation, Su Xiao did not expect it. He was a little curious. What kind of problems did Jianghuai Hospital encounter?