Pirate God-level Naruto System

Chapter 116 Awakening, 6 Lei Yin!

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Leb Bea scarred smiled and more gratitude, more glare. Watermark advertising test watermark advertising test

Seeing him, Natally couldn't help but hide behind the thunder.

But you can brow a wrinkle: "What do you mean?"

"It means very simple, if you lose, you will stay here, but in my opinion, you can live it out is very good." Leb Baya is full of tone, his whole person The look makes people look the creepy.

Macchi right hand has already held the handle of the waist samurai knife.

Cocaple double punches.

Then, only a group of intensive footsteps sounded, a group of black people who took a machine gun, rifle, fire and other weapons, and surrounded them.

It seems that this Leb Bayala should be premedy, he knows that Lei Yin and others will come to the casino, so it has set ambush.

But the world-famous food is one of the four days of king, Macch is a deputy head of the food help, and the Rayin is a rising food super star. If their food memory information is plundered, it is undoubtedly a pneumatic benefit.

But I don't know, the purpose of Leb Bayara is far more than that.

"It turned out that I want to solve us here, I don't even look at us, you are a bastard!" Macch said like this, it has been pulled out of the sheath.

"Give me a hand!" Leb Bayala shouted, and the black people were buckled to shoot toward the thunders, and the muzzle was shocked.

But at the moment, Macch rushed into the enemy's array, the knife flashed, a burst of screams, and a blood splamed in the ground.

It can naturally be nature, and the hand has changed a purple handwood shape, just like a mechanism, I sprayed a lot of poisonous bombs, and smashed the injury.

And the remaining residual soldiers and horses are also eliminated by Lei Yin.

At this time, the Lei Yin suddenly felt that the surrounding time was stopped, the surrounding people were moving, and the land was completely stationary, the air also stopped flowing.

what happened?


Go to the top! "

The justice is still in confusion, suddenly there are two giant beasts in front of him.

A dawn, a tentative octopus (the other is a huge orange fox with nine tails.

Eight tail ghosts and nine tail! !

Thunder I thought that it was in front of it, it should be to play with them. This time I face it at the same time, but the strongest two in the nine tail beasts.

Just as he prepared a war, he came to the ear, like a huge familiar voice: "Let them become part of your body."

After that, the eight-tailed bull and the nine-tail nine lama is brown and orange.

Suddenly, the thunder sounds that a very powerful Chakra is extremely turned, and it is integrated with his body.

Wait a minute, how is this sound like a Buddha?

"Small Lei Yin, because of eating many foods in this world, your cells have activated, the larger the energy that Chakra energy can be contained in the body, the last two tail beasts are absorbed, to welcome your last one Let's fight! "The voice of the Buddha's Hong Zhong was floating in the void, but he did not see his figure.

"The last battle?" Lei Yin muttered a sentence, did not understand what he meant, "Buddha, you -"

And just as I said something to the Buddha, I suddenly felt a sky around, but this feeling didn't last too long, and the world in front of my eyes returned to normal.

"Congratulations to host the eight-year-old cow, and became the eight-tail perfect column!"

"Congratulations to host the nine lama, and became the column of the nine tail!"

When you say this, there is an imitation of the virtual shadow in front of the thunder.

There are two angles, brown hair on this vain, and the white robe, the pattern of six black hooks in the chest, behind the robe is a sign of a red swirl.

This is an immortal, big tube! !

One to the nine tail synthesis ten tails.

The outer road is a ten tail.

"Congratulations to the main awakening six power!"

"Your information is updated!"

Six Dao · Lei Yin

Age: 19

Level: God

Blood session and human column power: round to the eye, vortex, blood session, one to nine ends perfect people (ten tails)

Skills: Windmilt Woods; Bai's Tooth (s); Fauda Sword; Fei Leizhen 2 (a); Spiral Pills and Its Derivatives; Tricolor Domineering, etc.

Item Bar: Seal Scrolls, Bitter, Grass Sword, Hands in Sword

Tongling Beast: One to Nine Tail (Ten Tail), Cat Tiger World of Warcraft, Bad Snail, Corner, Loyal Dog, Outer Magic, etc.

Cactus mode: St. Fantover, Cv, Fairy; Mu Xianlian; Luoxao

Chakra: 5 billion +

Money: 67,000 two (fire shadow world) + 503 billion yuan (food world)

Lei Yin didn't know why she suddenly had to put such a big battle, at this time he has changed.

His eyes became a round of eyes, and the nine black spheres were hung behind, forming a circle, holding a gray black condition in his hand.

The black sphere is [seek jade], the scepter is named [Six Tang Cum].

Seeking the jade, gets the artifact after the six power, there is a six-way force to arbitrarily manipulate it, and the shape can also be changed according to the user's idea, and the power is extremely powerful.

Six tin groins are artifacts of seeking jade derivation.

The body of the six lottery is suspended in the air, just like the emperor of the world, it is four weeks.

"It's strange, cocoa, Macch and Natalie?" He looked around and did not find their figure.

It is only still there, and there are also casino guards who have just killed a place.

The six lottery sounds overlooks Leb Bayala: "Hey, where did you get my friends?"

In fact, Leb Bayala didn't know, he thought, laughed: "Haha! They have been taken away by us, if you want to save them, you will be bored, otherwise, we absorb it more than just their Gourmet memories, I am afraid that even their life is also difficult. "

"Small thunder, don't listen to him, your friends have been sent to the safe area, let go to fight." The voice of the Buddha is coming again.

In this way, the thunder is relieved.

"You think that you become the side, I will be afraid of you? Leading less here, the scared man, today is your end, I want to plunder your memory!"

Although Leib Beyala is a little drum, but the double boxing wraps around two strong darkness, ready to give the opponent's powerful blow.

The six-way Lei Yin looks back to his eyes. When a look, the jade is in front of him, and the thunder is going to the opponent.