Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 1

Pirates of the turret of the pub: ancient animal husbandry, Chen Zhong

brief introduction:

After crossing into the world of One Piece, Luo has only one tavern in his hand. Fortunately, he has a blade tower system in this dangerous world.

"Single draw a miracle, ten consecutive draws guarantee the bottom."

Lena: Aka Inu, is it hot enough for you?

Extreme Cold Ghost: Green Pheasant, your ice is weak.

Storm Spirit: Huang Yuan, watch me return to blue.

Broodmother: Big mother?Your children are not half as cute as mine.

Wanli Butcher: Kaido, I heard that you can't kill you.

Lightning Ghost: Ainilu, you are like a rookie in mastering the level of lightning.

Crystal Maiden: I still want to eat!

Luo Yi:???

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1. Well known

"Why did you cross?"

Looking at the strange ceiling, Luo Yi still felt a little weird.

"Even when I play Dota, it is indeed a bad habit to watch One Piece on my mobile phone, but I am only playing man and machine."

Luo burst into tears.

Through the memory remaining in his mind, Luo Yi knew that he had come to the world of One Piece.

But to be honest, it's one thing to like to watch One Piece, but a peaceful world is the world he loves.

In the motherland he loves, at 1 o'clock in the middle of the night, he dared to walk home alone, but in this world, even when lying at home, pirates would rush in at any time.

How could it be repaired, even if his golden fingers were already activated when they just crossed over, Luo Yi was not happy at all.

What's wrong with having cheats? Did you not live well in the original world?

Although I am a social animal, I come back from work every day and have time to play man-machines and watch anime. In addition to rent and meals, I can save a huge amount of 163.45 yuan every month. How can I save such a happy life? Pulling into this dangerous world, I just want to be a salted fish.

Moreover, even if you come to the world of One Piece, at least you have to throw yourself into the weakest sea-the East China Sea, directly into the great route, or what is going on in the Chambord Islands.

With wealth, fame, and power, all the men in this world, the "One Piece", Gol D. Roger, said a word before being executed, causing people from all over the world to flock to the sea.

"Do you want my treasure? If you want it, go to the sea to find it. I put it all there."

The world began to welcome the advent of the "big pirate age".

Luo Yi understood that.

Roger: "I'm going to delete my account, but I put all my equipment and deposits there. Whoever wants it, just go get it yourself."

Then, a group of public beta players excitedly created their own accounts and controlled the characters to embark on an adventure, but they did not expect that in the previous closed beta, everyone except Roger did not delete the file.


As soon as Luo looked at the system interface that jumped out, he felt like he was playing Dota.

At the center of the interface, it shows dawn, and the current time [6:14] is still beating on it. Well, you don't need to bring your watch when you go out in the future.

In the upper right corner of the interface, a big zero jumps there, and there is an upgrade button below the zero. When Luo clicks it, it prompts that the knife is insufficient.

There are also two buttons in the lower right corner, a store and a recharge. There is a small frame behind the store with a light yellow 0 displayed on it, which should be the coin.

I clicked to recharge, but I was prompted that the funds were insufficient.

Luo Yi knew that there was still a little money at home. If he guessed correctly, Bailey would be needed to recharge the knife coin.

Well, Pele is the currency of this world, and purchasing power is equivalent to the yen.

But Luo Yi didn't get up, mainly because his left hand was being pressed by a blonde loli.

According to my own memory, this body is celibate, and there is no child bride, so this little girl.

[Crystal Maid Lilai was born in a mild climate area and grew up with her hot-tempered sister Lena. She soon discovered that her natural attraction to ice elements caused trouble for everyone around her.As long as she sits down and rests nearby, the well water and mountain spring will be frozen instantly; the mature crops are frostbited by the frost, and the orchard becomes a labyrinth of ice, and then collapses and is destroyed.

This is the message that Luo Yi popped up when he opened the system interface and looked at Lori.

Crystal Maiden Lilai!

Do you like it?

Of course I like it, I like it very much.

However, Luo Yi liked Lilai when he grew up, not the flat girl now.

For women, Luo Yi has only three requirements, long hair and big waves.

As a full-fledged sister-in-law, I really can't love loli or something.

What do you want Lori to do, even if it's a legal Lori, it's nothing. Besides using that soft eyes, soft voice, and cute expression to act cute and cute to you, what can you do?What can you do?

Even if Luo knew that Lilai would become a royal sister when she grew up, but that was Lilai when she grew up. Now she is only 8 years old.

What you see through the system is the other party's story background, incidental, and the contract content printed in Luo Yi's mind.

According to the content of the contract, Luo Yi needs to realize the wishes of the heroes summoned by him. That is to say, he can summon the heroes in the turret, and the other party will not hurt himself or the same contract because of the restrictions of the contract. hero.


Luo Yi didn't know what his wish was, and the contract didn't tell him, but Luo Yi felt that it should be the desire to learn to control the power of frost in her body, and then to defeat Lena and return to her parents.

Carefully took out his hand.

An 8-year-old child was relatively well-behaved when he slept, and it was not easy to wake up. Luo got up carefully, trying not to make a sound, and went downstairs.

Luo Yi’s house opened a tavern, but his parents died in a shipwreck a few days ago, so they only left this tavern for him.

When the news came back, Luo Yi was very unacceptable. Their family had no other relatives. Even the funeral was done with the help of Harold, the owner of the clothing store next door. Harold was busy at the time. Luo Yi still remembers the way he was busy before, and he even doubted the color of the head of his old father who died young.

After busying for several days and simply going through a funeral, Luo Yi couldn't wake up in bed due to general reasons such as sadness, fatigue, and lack of food.

The overall area of ​​the tavern is only about 100 square meters, and the waist door at the entrance is very small, just like the tavern where western cowboys often drink. If someone comes to make trouble, they should not fall off and save a repair fee.

Outside the waist door, there is a shutter door that has been closed, indicating that the tavern is now closed.

Inside the pub, the bar is not big, but it occupies a quarter of the pub's place. On the wall behind the long table, there are many bottles of wine on the shelves that cover the entire wall.

Two large round tables against the wall, about a dozen people, the remaining eight small round tables, neatly placed inside the pub, each small round table is surrounded by four chairs.

The interior decoration of the tavern looks very simple, with a few chandeliers hanging overhead, plus two huge glass windows, so that the light in the tavern is not too dark.

Behind the bar, there are two small doors. One is behind the kitchen, and the other is the stairs up and down. The stairs are also made into a huge container, but here are small wine barrels.