Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 2

Upstairs is the house, three bedrooms, one bathroom, very simple.

Downstairs is a wine cellar opened by their house, but the inside is now empty.

His parents were cool because they went to buy goods.

Luo Yi suddenly became more worried about his future.

What's wrong with the system? After the store is opened, there are only three functions in it: single draw, ten consecutive draws, and illustrated book.

A single draw would cost 1 dollar, and ten consecutive draws would cost 10 dollars. For the time being, there is only Lilai's information in the illustrated book.

According to memory, Luo Yi found the only 113,700 Bailey left in the store and clicked to recharge.

"A total of 11 dollars have been recharged, are you sure to recharge? Yes/No"

Luo thought for a while.


As we all know, DOTA2 is a free game.

2. Is this my place of exile?

The dark golden turntable looks luxurious and high-end, and even has a trace of ancient flavor.

The turntable jumped out at the moment when Luo pulled ten consecutive draws at one point.

But Luo didn't even see the pattern on it, and the turntable turned.

Perhaps it was because the style of the Dota was inherited, or it was because the turntable was spinning too fast, purple smoke emerged from the turntable, and the light on the turntable became more and more bright, until finally, the turntable disappeared and replaced it. , Are ten light spots floating on the purple smoke.

"For the first consumption, turn on the weapon library function."

As a message jumped out directly below, Luo Yi also saw that a sword and shield icon had jumped out in the upper right corner of the interface.

"You got the iron branch trunk"

"You got the rabbit master long sleeve"

"You got the rod of faith"

"You got the power glove"

"You got an animal messenger"

"You got the Demonborn turban"

"You got the sacrifice of the tree"

"You got the healing ointment"

"You got the North Windrunner Quiver"

"You got the Wraith Lord's Armguards"

"Three-year old shop, boutique ferry network disk, 1T resources, complete types"

Luo Yi's face is a bit dark.

Unexpectedly, when I came to this world, I would still watch this kind of spam advertisement, and clicked on this message silently.

"Ignore this user message and report it"

I can't drive a car here. Okay, don't tempt me.

Looking at the ten light spots, he slowly revealed his figure on the purple smoke, and then floated into the weapon arsenal that just appeared in the upper right corner, Luo Yi moved his consciousness there again.

This weapon arsenal is pretty good. You can filter the types of items to find the items in it, but now that the number is small, Luo Yi looked at all the items one by one.

Rabbit ace long-sleeved demon pedigree turban, North Windrunner Quiver Wraith Lord’s Armguards. These four things are all hero skins. Now they are here, they have become pieces of clothing. Luo took a look, except for the designated heroes. , Just good-looking, and there is no other shortcomings other than any bonus.

In other words, four of my ten consecutive draws were drawn and I didn’t use it at all, and I don’t know if I need it in the future.

The other six items are interesting.

Iron Branch Trunk: A branch that looks ordinary. Its iron-like quality gives the holder good luck.

Reaching out and grabbing, the iron branch trunk appeared in Luo Yi's hand.

Several dark yellow branches are tied together by a black green rope. The branches are not long, only the size of a palm, and they can be tied around the waist to make a small ornament.

In the game, this thing has the effect of all Attribute 1, but Luo didn’t notice any changes when he hung it on his body, and there was no inventory in the interface. Wouldn’t it be impossible for him to wear anything afterwards. ?

Imagine holding Thor’s Hammer in his left hand, holy sword in his right, and Daedalus’s Sorrow on his back, wearing an assault breastplate, a mask of madness on his face, and a pair of travel shoes on his feet. I feel a bit ashamed.

Power gloves: studded leather gloves that bring beast-like power.

The introduction sounds nice, but it's actually just a little thing with strength 3. Take out the gloves and put them on your hands. The leather gloves are comfortable to wear. The palms are painted with a layer of silver gray, and the wrists are made of leather. Color, with a little yellow nail decoration on it.

I tried to move the table a bit, and it really made a lot easier. This solid wood table for four people is not light, and it has to weigh 60 or 70 kilograms, but Luo Yi did not feel the difficulty and took off his gloves. Put it back in the weapon storage and lift it up again, suddenly feeling a lot heavier.

"It seems that these props should be effective. They are just external forces, so I can't feel them."

Luo Yi analyzed this way.

Sacrifice of the Tree: A life-saving straw on the battlefield.

Sacrifice of the Tree, or Tree Eating for short, is one of the essential items in the early stage of the game to restore blood. It can eat a tree or a guard, and it is also the coolest item that Luo Yi currently has.

A large leaf that can only be held by two hands, with three small green balls on it, looks very sacred.

Should I eat it directly, or use it against a tree. If I eat a tree, press on the bottom of my feet. Can I eat the Chambord Islands?

Luo Yi suddenly wanted to give it a try, but he quickly pressed this crazy idea. Let's try again when there is a boat.

Healing ointment: A magic ointment that can quickly heal even the most severe wounds.

He curled his lips in disdain, and he could only recover 400 blood, so the introduction dared to write this.

Luo Yi did not take out the green bottle and the dark yellow stopper, but turned to look at the other two things.

Staff of Faith: Seeing is believing.

How should I put it, this thing is just a skin, and it is set on the scout guard and the sentry guard, that is, the eye for opening the field of vision. It hasn't drawn the eye now, so it can't be used temporarily.

Animal messenger: Losing the messenger is a capital crime.

As soon as Luo took out the animal messenger directly, a brown pony that was only one knee high to Luo, with a Mohican hairstyle like Beckham, and a travel bag on his back, appeared in the tavern. .

Anyway, from the messenger's eyes and the two erect ears, Luo Yi always felt that this was not a horse, but a donkey, but his name was a chicken.

In the previous days when he played support, Luo had a pack of corn-eye packs TP. In those days, don’t want it. If you lose, you have to be backed up. After that, Luo gave up cooperating with the pig teammates and started playing man and machine. It turns out that the man-machine is 1V9.

Over the years, the only reason Luo Yi insisted on man-machines was that he didn't have to buy chickens himself, his teammates would definitely buy them.

"Summon the animal messenger and turn on the map function."

The interface in front of me has changed again. In the lower left corner of the interface, the words Map appeared. Luo Yi directly clicked on it. There was a very conspicuous bright spot on the black map. When his hands were swept across the air, the map became larger. As soon as Luo saw his own tavern, he only saw the tavern, not even the shop next door.

The little horse named Chicken touched Luo Yi’s leg affectionately, and his tail flicked. It looked very cute. Luo touched the little horse’s head consciously, and suddenly felt a little clear in his heart. It seems that you can control chickens to deliver goods like in the game.

I just don't know when the chicken can fly. The chicken in the game will directly become a flying messenger after three minutes of the game.

"Da da da"

The sound of footsteps came upstairs. A person who seemed to be only about eight years old, with long golden hair draped over his shoulders, was wearing a very crude burlap, hiding behind the door timidly.

"you're awake."

Luo gave her a kind smile.

"Is this my place of exile?"

3. I still want

As the animal messenger pony, Luo Yi temporarily let him stay in the corner by the bar.

The little girl sat on the table directly opposite Luo Yi, looking at Luo Yi who was silent, the little girl swayed her two little feet and turned to look out the window.

Crystal Maiden Lilai was born in a mild climate and grew up with her hot-tempered sister Lena.

One of the two sisters was playing with fire and the other with ice. They often fought because of who was on it, but Lilai had always been the one riding underneath by Lena.

After the two destroyed more than half of the house with ice and fire, their frustrated parents finally realized that the two must be separated.

Lena was sent to the far south, the burning desert of a country of strife, to live with her patient aunt.

Lena was exiled to the remains of a glacier in the cold north.

In the system's illustrated book, Luo Yi combined the situation of the two sisters and summarized Lilai's life experience a little bit.

When Luo had just crossed over, he saw Lilai lying beside him.

The famous ice girl in the blade tower, although a mage, has a warrior's heart, a level 20 talent tree, and an increase of 250 attack speed. From then on, the ice girl in Luo's hand is a cannon with a thunder hammer. Warrior.

And now, seeing the ice girl sitting in front of her alive, Luo Yi felt a bit unreal and shit. Such things as crossing have happened, so what's the point of bringing a sister paper.

It’s just that Lilai actually asked if this was her place of exile. Did their parents send the two sisters away when they were eight?

But it's too partial, why Lena lives with her aunt, while Lilai is directly exiled.

Seeing Lilai's first glance, Luo Yi decided to raise her, nothing else, it was as simple as seeing her cute.


As soon as Luo watched her hands resting on the table, her face already on the glass window, Lilai, who was deeply attracted by the outside scenery, gave a soft cry.


Lilai retracted her gaze and turned to look at Luo Yi.

"Are you hungry?"

Luo asked, there is still some food in the refrigerator. With his cooking skills that can cook the food without causing it to burn, it is still possible to make a meal.


Lilai nodded, and when Luo saw it, he went straight to the kitchen.

Seeing Luo Yi's back disappear behind the door, Lilai turned her head and looked out the window again.

There is one thing she didn’t say. In Lilai’s mind, there seemed to be an extra layer of shackles, which allowed her to have a certain affection for Luo Yi while also preventing her from having the idea of ​​harming Luo Yi. This is when Lilai just woke up. When I came, there was something more in my mind.

At the beginning, Lilai thought that she had reached the place of exile, and the uncontrolled power of frost on her body became docile. The shackles that came out of her body might be left by the person who helped her seal the power of frost. And this person might be Luo Yi.

But Lilai found out after coming downstairs that it was not like this.

"Here, it is not Radiant, nor Dire, but another world."

This is the answer Lilai got in his heart. As for what kind of world this is, Lilai still doesn't know. In short, it seems that he will live with this person in the days to come.

Lilai knows a lot of things. After all, she is eight years old and not a three-year-old. In this unknown world, the power of frost in her body may be her only support.

Although I don’t know why the power of Frost has become much milder, it is no longer like before, as long as she sits down and rests, the well water and mountain spring will be frozen instantly, the mature crops are frostbitten by the frost, and the orchard becomes ice. Labyrinth, this is one of the reasons why she was exiled.

Now the situation has changed. She is able to control the power of frost in her body. As long as she practices more, she believes that she can become unmatched. If there is a chance to see Lena's bitch again, she must be beautiful.

Without waiting long, Luo Yi made breakfast.

The time now is to glance at the system interface, 7:20, it only took 30 minutes to cook by myself.