Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 3

Millet porridge, stir-fried vegetables, stir-fried pork slices, and took two oranges out of the refrigerator.

Feeling the temperature of the oranges in his hand, Luo Yi felt that it was not good to have such a cold breakfast, but for the ice girl, it should be okay to eat ice.

The spoon and chopsticks are ready, regardless of whether Lilai will use it or not.

"Eat it."

Luo Yi liked this position by the window.


Picking up the spoon, Lilai lightly slapped a small spoonful of porridge, frowned slightly, watching the heat rising from it, and put the spoon back into the bowl.

"Don't you like to eat?"

Luo Yi had a headache seeing Lilai not eating.

The memory of inheriting this body is true, but the ingredients in the tavern are usually made by Luo Yi's mother. Luo Yi’s only role in the store is to serve food and wine, clean the table and scrub the floor. Now he can make one. The meal is still because of living alone in the previous life.

Lilai shook her head and blew a breath into the bowl. In her small mouth, a layer of visible air was exhaled. The hot porridge stopped smoking in an instant. Even the two dishes on the table. There was porridge in Lin Nan's bowl, and they all cooled down.

"It's too hot."

Lilai just picked up the bowl and drank the porridge gruntingly.

"I want more."

Li Lai licked her lips and stretched out the bowl in front of Luo Yi.

Luo Yi, who had just added a piece of meat to his mouth, had no time to chew and looked at Lilai blankly.

You really drink porridge.


Give Lilai another bowl. When I put the rice, I felt it was a lot more. Two bowls per person is not a problem.

Seeing Lilai took another breath to cool the porridge in the bowl, and the dishes on the table seemed to have just been taken out of the refrigerator, Luo looked at his own bowl that had already started to freeze, wondering Whether to eat or not.

Having such a cold breakfast will cause diarrhea.

Luo Yi suddenly felt that it was not impossible not to raise a cute girl.

"Have some food."

With a sigh, Luo Yi picked some meat from the plate and put it in Lilai's bowl. The future turbulent royal sister can't be malnourished in his own hands.

"Thank you."

Looking at the chopsticks in Luo's hand, Lilai looked at her bowl again, picked up the spoon, lowered her head, and started eating slowly.

Luo Yi smiled. This child seemed to mature much earlier than other children. It should be related to the experience of childhood. The help of the system, Luo Yi knew, but Lilai still did not open her heart to herself, and wanted to make her livelier. , It seems to be a long process.


Just as Luo was about to eat breakfast first, the door of the tavern was knocked.

Through the window, Luo Yi could see that a man in a suit, holding a cane in his hand, and with a sexy Barbor beard, who looked a little like Iron Man, was waiting quietly outside the door. With.

Once Luo knew this person, he was

"I want more!"

An empty bowl stretched out in front of Luo, Lilai said in a low voice, Luo took the bowl consciously and saw Lilai's cheeks with a hint of blush.

4. Ability?

Luo put the bowl of porridge he hadn't eaten in front of Lilai, got up and opened the door of the tavern.

The light in the tavern brightened a lot with the opening of the door, and Luo Yi also saw that Lilai's hair was a little frizzy, and it was obviously too late to comb.

With the addition of her burlap, from the back, she looked like a little beggar that Luo Yi had just picked up from nowhere.

"President Cook, please come inside."

Luo Yi made a please gesture and gave up his position from the gate.

The man in the suit smiled at Luo, walked into the tavern, and sat down at the bar very skillfully.

When he walked into the tavern, Cook saw Lilai who was drinking porridge beside him, and he also saw the animal messenger lying in the corner, but he didn't say much.

"I'm sorry about your parents."

Cook leaned his cane on the chair and said to Luo Yi who walked into the bar and picked up a glass to wipe.

"On the sea, anything can happen."

Putting the glass in front of Cook, Luo blankly took a bottle of wine from the counter, opened it with a wine corkscrew, and poured a third of it for Cook.

"The wine in the wine cellar should be almost gone. Your parents just bought a lot of goods from me before, but they didn’t expect this to happen. I brought you some wine this time. Don’t worry. payment."

With that, Cook took up his cane and knocked on the ground twice. The door of the tavern was opened by a group of strong men. Barrels of wine moved in from outside, bypassed the bar skillfully, and moved in. In the wine cellar below.

"Thank you Uncle Cook."

Luo Yi didn't know what to say. Although this pub is not big, there are a lot of foreigners in Chambord Islands, especially in the tourist areas and specialty areas. It is a paradise for shoppers.

There are more people coming and going, and there will be no fewer guests in the tavern. Even a small tavern can’t accommodate many people at one time, but the wine stocked in the store does not last for a few days.

"When you grow up, if you need alcohol in the future, let my caravan give it to you. There is only this I can do now."

Cook took out a phone worm and left a note with his number on it.

After drinking the wine in front of him in one sip, Cook did not say much, and left with his men.

Lilai, who had finished drinking the porridge, sat there and did not dare to ask. She didn't know who came. Anyway, those strong men who looked very strong could freeze up by raising their hands, and there was a little magic wave in her body. nothing.

"anything else?"

After sending Cook away, Luo received the phone worm under the table, closed the door again, and saw the empty bowl on the table and the two uneaten dishes, Luo Yi asked.

Lilai nodded and held the bowl up.

Luo put the bowl back, turned back to the kitchen, and brought out the pot.

The remaining porridge was one and a half bowls more than Luo expected. Seeing Lilai drank five and a half bowls of porridge, her belly didn’t necessarily bulge, and she even licked her lips. With an expression of not being full, Luo gave Lilai a glance at the empty pot.

"How full were you just eating?"

Looking at Lilai’s three fingers erected, Luo consciously touched the 13,700 Bailey left in his pocket, calculated the surplus in the refrigerator, and wondered whether he could survive. one week.

Even if Cook had sent himself a lot of goods, but the wine, deducting the cost, judging from the business of the pub in the past, he did not make much money.

According to Lilai's appetite, just eating every day may eat up all the profits. This is still the case of only eating rice.

"Eat some dishes, too."

No matter how bitter it is, Luo can't bitter the child. Luo looked at the two dishes on the table and felt that it didn't matter that he was hungry again. He just ate a piece of greens and a piece of meat.

Lilai nodded, picked up the spoon and started cooking, but the sliced ​​meat was okay. It was very difficult to get to the green vegetables.

"Do you use chopsticks?"

Luo Yi picked up the chopsticks and asked.

"I haven't seen this thing."

It seemed that Lilai was a little embarrassed because he couldn't get the food.

"I teach you that the upper chopsticks are controlled with your thumb, index finger and middle finger. The lower chopsticks should be fixed, only move the upper chopsticks, and then clamp the food. This is very important."

In Pirate World, chopsticks are also one of the main eating tools. Luo Yi feels that it is necessary to learn this. But if heroes are summoned in the future, should he teach them to use chopsticks one by one?

Regardless of them to die, they are not cute girls, if Lina, Fengxing, Xiaohei are sisters, why not teach them by hand.

Lilai’s talent seemed to be pretty good. Under Luo Yi’s guidance, she quickly learned the correct grip, but she was not very proficient in using it. Watching the two pots of vegetables quickly eaten by Lilai, Luo Yi proficiently Pick up the dishes and chopsticks.

"Let me do it."

Taking the tableware from Luo's hand, Lilai walked to the kitchen with short legs, but soon, Lilai blushed and clutched the door frame.

"Where is that water?"

Luo patted his head one by one, there is no faucet in Dota World.

"Let's go together."

Entering the kitchen, Luo taught Lilai how to use the faucet and how to use detergent, and to dry the dishes after washing the dishes.

There is a way of life here, Lilai has to get used to it.

After washing the dishes, Luo Yi took Lilai upstairs to wash her face, picked up the comb and tidyed her hair.

Lilai's hair is very good and very soft, just like using Piaoying's refreshing gel water. It feels cold to the touch. It is still very comfortable in this not too hot weather.

Somewhat bewildered and washed with Luo Yi's help, it was the first time that Lilai was served like this.

Then, Luo Yi took her hand and left the tavern with his only deposit and keys.

Outside, there was a green world. Stepping on the roots of this mangrove tree was sticky, and Luo Yi felt a little sick.

Those are all resins. The roots of the archi mangroves secrete special natural resins due to respiration. The resins expand to form bubbles due to the air, and then fly to the sky. Therefore, the Shampoo Islands are also called Soap Bubble Islands.

These resins are widely used in every place in the Chambord Islands, running sports cars, bubble ferris wheels, houses built on bubbles and even bubbles can be used like balloons to hold various goods during shopping.

People who come and go on the street, almost everyone is holding a few bubble balloons in their hands. Inside the balloons are packaged goods. Even a child can easily bring a lot of things to play with.

But Luo Yi didn't need these things.

Next door to the pub is Harold's clothing store, which is only a few steps away.

"Uncle Harold."

Luo Yi greeted him very politely. Before Harold was busy for his parents' funeral, even if Luo Yi was no longer the original Luo Yi, he would still remember the kindness of others.

"Boy Luo, I just saw President Cook coming, and I still want to come and see you."

Harold's figure is slightly fat, but he looks sturdy and kind. The only thing Luo can't stand is that he always wears a pink embroidered T-shirt. No wonder he is single until this age.

"Thank you Uncle Harold for your concern. I want to buy two sets of clothes for my sister."

Luo Yi pulled Lilai who was hiding behind him.

"Sister? When did you have a sister?"

Harold looked at Lilai beside Luo in a strange way. It could be seen that this was a beauty embryo, but from her dress, she seemed to be from a poor family. Could it be that Luo Yi adopted it.

Harold opened his mouth, he wanted to say something, then he took it back.

"Since it's your sister, let me dress her up personally. It's a meeting gift for this little princess."

With that said, Harold took out a red dress from behind him and handed it to Lilai.

Unexpectedly, Lilai waved his hand in disgust, and the dress turned into frost and was smashed. Even Harold's hands were red, and he was frostbited.


Lilai said with hatred.

Other customers in the store were also attracted by what happened here.

Those who can?

5. Tree Sacrifice

"I'm sorry, Uncle Harold."

Seeing that both of Harold's hands were in a state of frostbite, Luo quickly pulled Lilai to apologize.

And Lilai also discovered her mistake and was stunned there for a while.

How to do?

When I was in the village before, I also frostbite others because of the power of frost. If it weren't for being uncontrollable, I wouldn't be exiled by my parents.

Seeing Luo Yi sincerely apologizing to Harold, Lilai's heart was full of mixed flavors, standing on the side with her head down, grasping Luo Yi's left hand and squeezing tightly, would she be driven away again? It.

"It doesn't matter, the little girl is a capable person. It is normal to have poor control when she first gained the ability."

Harold didn't blame Lilai for being injured, but instead saw Lilai's appearance and comforted.

This little girl shouldn't be easy, maybe she was driven out after eating the Devil Fruit by mistake, hurting others.

Fortunately, it was picked up by Luo Yi. Luo Yi, the child, is also kind. Even though his current situation is not optimistic, he is willing to help others.