Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 4

"Uncle Harold, quickly deal with the wound."

With that said, Luo held Lilai with his right hand and Harold with his left hand and walked to the second floor of the shop.

Just now, Lilai's hand clenched unconsciously, Luo Yi naturally felt it. You can't let go at this time. Look at how many times Lina has been riding on her in the face of the disgust of red. deep.

The second floor of the Harrods clothing store is the accommodation and work area. In addition to a bedroom and a living room, there is also an oversized work room for designing clothes.

When he arrived in the living room, Luo Yi asked Lilai to sit down and give Harold some warm water to soak his hands.

Crystal Maiden's frost power, even if it has been restricted now, and does not directly open an extremely cold field like in the game, but the hazard of frostbite is extremely powerful.

Seeing Luo leave, Lilai suddenly couldn't sit still, the scared look on her face couldn't hide at all.

Just after being exiled, she came to a strange world. Luo Yi could be said to be her only relative, and he was so kind to her. In the blink of an eye, he frostbited his acquaintance.

"Don't worry, it's not your fault."

Hearing Harold's words, Lilai raised his head, but when he saw her masterpiece being held in front of him, she felt very guilty.

"But, I caused you frostbite."

Lilai whispered.

"Haha, Uncle Harold, although you are a little embarrassed with your hands up, your smile to comfort Lilai is really gentle."

Luo Yi put the prepared warm water in front of Harold.

For frostbite, the basic treatment goal is to quickly rewarm, prevent further cold exposure and restore blood circulation. It requires rapid water bath rewarming. The temperature of the water bath is controlled at 37℃43℃, which is suitable for all kinds of frostbite.

Although not so accurate, Luo Yi also tried it with his own hands, and it was just a little bit higher than his body temperature.

His fingers have appeared purple-brown, and the pain has disappeared long ago. He wants to heal, I am afraid it will not be so fast, if it is not cured in time, I am afraid that these hands will be useless.

Putting his hands in the basin, Harold "hissed" in a cold breath. The pain in his fingers did not feel anymore, but the position of his palm was extremely painful.

For a person who designs clothes with his own hands every day, if his hands are useless, most of his life will be ruined.


Seeing Harold's appearance, Lilai hurriedly got up, followed the way Luo Yi was just now, and bowed and apologized to Harold.

"It's okay, little girl, we all know that you didn't mean it. Now that it has happened, just settle it."

Harold laughed, but his hands shook in the water, and the pain was beyond recognition again.


Lilai didn't know what to say. Luo Yi and Harold didn't seem to blame themselves. Lilai was very uncomfortable. Her life was spent being blamed by people around her.

"If you want to apologize, put on Uncle Harold's clothes and give him a good publicity."

Luo stretched out his hand and pressed it on Lilai's shoulder, and said with a smile on his face.

When everyone makes mistakes, as long as they make mistakes, bear the courage, and correct them. If even the person you hurt has forgiven you, why have to blame yourself to the end?

"Yeah, little girl, you are so cute. I have a lot of creativity in my mind now. I must let you wear my Harold T-shirt. I believe that in time, more children will come to mine. Come in the shop."

Harold also followed Luo Yi's words.

Besides, Lilai's appearance is indeed impeccable. With long golden hair, ice-blue pupils, and skin with barely visible pores, it is a perfect promotional template.

"However, this may have to wait for my hands to get better."

Harold looked at his somewhat relieved hands in the warm water, and said in a slightly mischievous tone.

Lilai was silent.

She was not used to the gentleness of Luo Yi and Harold.

Since she was a child, she has caused trouble to everyone around her because of physical problems. Even her parents sent her away, although Lena was also sent away.

But no one has ever comforted themselves after making mistakes like them.

The corners of his eyes gradually became moist. When he was exiled, the heart that thought he would be frozen forever seemed to be melted before it had time to freeze.

Luo Yi, staring at Harold's hands, suddenly felt that he remembered something.

Isn't this a good time to try props?

The effect of the Tree Sacrifice in the game is to eat a tree or guard, gaining 7.0 points of life recovery for 16.0 seconds.

But his introduction says "the life-saving straw on the battlefield". Since it is a life-saving straw, you should find a tree when you can't eat it.

Mind opened the system interface and took out a tree sacrifice from the armory.

Harold only saw Luo grabbing one hand into the air, and a small green ball appeared in his hand, looking full of vitality.

"Uncle Harold, eat it."

Luo Yi didn't explain much, and handed over the tree sacrifice in his hand.

"Boy Luo, have you become a capable person?"

Harold was strange now.

I just helped Luo Yi fix the funeral yesterday. Why didn’t you see it all night? Not only was there a little girl in the family, but Luo Yi became a capable person. Devil fruits and slaves.

"That's it."

Luo Yi didn't know how to explain it. If he had to count the ability, what he needed most was the money ability.

"This can heal the injury."

Luo Yi said this sentence very surely, but at the end, he hesitated.

"You kid, forget it, can't I eat it."

With that said, Harold swallowed the tree sacrifice in Luo's hand.

6. Not fat ~ times

It is a natural taste.

When the tree sacrifice was eaten by Harold, this thought came up in his heart.

It is like the fragrance that appears when the trees grow naturally, sweet and fragrant.

The smell is like the resin just secreted by the Shampoo Islands.

Did Luo eat the fruit of the tree?

Harold guessed in his mind that it would be good for the taste alone to sell it.

Wait, my palm is itchy.

Harold took a breath.

He saw his hands that were frozen purple and purple, as if there were thousands of ants crawling and biting on them. It was so itchy that he couldn't help but want to reach out and scratch, but reason told him to hold back.

Harold felt that his unfeeling fingers also began to itchy.

The skin on the palm of the hand also began to fall off, and new epidermis began to appear in it, and an extremely itchy sensation began to transfer from the palm to the fingers.

Compared with those itching, it was natural that Harold was more shocked to see the injury that he recovered so quickly.

Harold was also stunned until the skin on his fingers also fell off, leaving a place with dead skin and fingers that looked slightly matte.

From the time the tree sacrifices were eaten until the fingers were fully recovered, a total of 7 seconds passed.

What can I do in 7 seconds, Harold said he can do everything first, and then spend 4 seconds to light a cigarette.

But if it were changed to before, Harold would never believe that the extremely severe frostbite could be cured in 7 seconds.

"Sri Lanka One"

Harold raised his hands and moved his fingers incessantly.

He can feel that his hands are now healthier than ever before, and they are also very flexible. Even the scars on his hands before are now gone.

"The effect is good."

Luo Yi also took a breath.

After Harold had eaten the tree sacrifice before, his heart was also a little nervous.

After all, this is the first time.

If the tree sacrifice really had to eat a tree to be effective, Luo Yi would consider planting the branches.

Another effect of the iron branch tree trunk is to cast it on the ground to plant a happy young tree.

Luo Yi didn't know what a happy little tree was. After all, after he played DOTA for so long, those little trees would be cut off happily within three seconds after they were planted.

"Boy Luo, your fruiting ability is really great, maybe you can make a lot of money by turning the tavern into a medical clinic."


With Harold's vision over the years, the healing effect alone would not cure the disease, but as long as the fee is reasonable, a group of people will come to buy it.

But Luo Yi shook his head.

"I don't want to expose this ability, Uncle Harold also please help me keep it secret."

Seeing the restoration effect of the tree sacrifice, Luo Yi naturally knew the preciousness of this thing.

If you get one when you are seriously injured, although you cannot guarantee a complete recovery, you can also come to an end and buy time for the doctor's rescue.

"Well, I won't tell anyone about this."

For some reason, Harold felt that Luo had grown a lot overnight. Hearing his firm tone, Harold did not ask much.

"Now that I have a good hand, I will make a dress for Lilai now and see if there is any style I like."

After his hands were healed, Harold seemed to have completely forgotten about his frostbite, and also talked about the purpose of Luo Yi and the others in coming to his shop.

Luo gently pulled up Lilai, who was still on the sofa, and he could feel that the little girl was still a little worried now.

"It's okay, Lilai can control her ability in the future."

Blinking at Lilai, Luo Yi comforted her.

Lilai finally relaxed after hearing Luo Yi's words.

Haroldella stepped aside, took out the ruler and started measuring her.

"Lilai's body proportions are really great. It's simply the golden ratio. As long as you wear my Harold brand clothes, you can make a direct debut without any problems."

Harold's expression was very excited, as if he saw a rare treasure. While recording data quickly on the paper, while panting heavily, both nostrils became much larger.

If it hadn't been for Harold's frostbite just now, he was comforted by Harold, Lilai even wanted to freeze the moron in front of him into an ice sculpture.

"My inspiration, oh, I can't help it anymore, Luo kid, you take Lilai downstairs to pick some clothes you like. No tomorrow, I will make them tonight."

In the working room, Harold's voice came from inside, directly hanging Luo and two people in the living room.

Luo Yi didn't think there was anything wrong. In his memory, Harold's life seemed to be born out of clothing. If he was given the fruit of scissors, maybe even his house would be changed.

Holding Lilai's little hand, Luo came downstairs and talked a few words with the clerk, let Lilai choose two sets of long skirts and two sets of pajamas, and then returned to his tavern.

Luo Yi and the others haven't been upstairs for a long time, and the guests downstairs are still just the same, but because it is early morning, there are only a few guests, and Luo Yi can't keep them all silent.

Closing the door of the tavern again, Luo Yi cleaned the spare bedroom upstairs and brought his spare bedding.

The whole room was empty. Fortunately, the closet was built in the wall when the house was built. Now only four sets of clothes and one bedding are placed in this room.

"You can live here for the time being, change your clothes, and I will wait for you downstairs. If you need a table or something, please move to my room."

Luo Yi originally wanted to buy a new one, but after thinking about it, let it go.

It is a question of whether Pele, who they have now, can feed him both.

When he came downstairs, Luo Yi opened the system panel.

The map in the lower left corner seems to be due to just leaving the house. You can already see the two buildings of the tavern and the clothing store, as well as the road in front of the two shops.

I don't know if using a chicken to explore the road will open up the map view. The shape of this chicken should not be caught by human traffickers as a treasured creature and sold.

I don't know why, Luo Yi suddenly thought of BIGMOM in Wan Guoli, would she be interested in her own chicken?

Turning his head and glanced at the chicken sleeping in the corner, Luo Yi suddenly thought that they weren't actually two of them eating, there was still a mouth here.

It didn't take long before Lilai came down from the stairs.

The light blue long skirt with a few small yellow flowers embroidered on it, and the simple and plain long skirt with Lilai's long golden hair, looks like a princess from a fairy tale.