Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 5

However, this little princess is holding the crotch of her skirt with both hands at this time, and her walking posture is a bit twisted.

"What's wrong, aren't you used to it?"

Luo Yi asked with concern.

"No, it's not."

Lilai shook her head, flushing on her cheeks.


It was like the sound of a mosquito, but it fell into his ears clearly. Luo Yi just remembered that he just took his clothes.

"I will take it."

7. Tavern opens

Luo Yi took four of them in the clerk's abnormal eyes.

Pure white, blue stripes, spots, lace, Luo Yi chose four different styles, packed them in a small bag, returned to the tavern, and handed them to Lilai, who was blushing.

Fully equipped Lilai finally returned to normal walking posture this time.

Luo Yi immediately began to plan the opening of the store.

Now that the wine is available, as for the food issue, you can temporarily ignore the business, or go directly to the nearest restaurant to order, and after discussing the price with them, you can place an order when the customer orders The restaurant is treated as a takeaway for customers.

The tavern that hadn't opened for a few days had already accumulated some dust. With Lilai's help, it took the two two full hours to clean the entire tavern.

Seeing that it was about noon, Luo Yi asked Lilai to rest first, half-opened the door of the tavern, and walked out directly.

When opening a shop on the same street, the shopkeepers still know each other.

Along the way, Luo Yi greeted many people. When everyone saw that he was not immersed in pain, they couldn't help but admire the child's inner strength.

Luo Yi went straight to a restaurant on this street.

In fact, the restaurants also sell alcohol. In other words, the difference between pubs and restaurants in this world is not that big. They all have chefs who are responsible for cooking. They only serve alcohol and food.

"Is Boss Ai here?"

At this time, Ai, who is the owner and head chef, would naturally not leave the restaurant. Hearing that Luo was looking for him, he stopped working in the back kitchen, washed his hands, and came to the hall.

"It's Luo Yi, what's the matter?"

Although the two stores are far apart and there is even some competition, but when it comes to the meal, the business of the tavern is not as good as the restaurant, and the relationship between the two is still quite good.

"Boss Ai, I came to discuss business with you, boss."

Without the slightest muddle, Luo Yi said all his thoughts.

"In other words, I don't need to prepare the staff here to be responsible for the delivery, just give you some menus, and there will be special staff to pick up the dishes, right?"

"Yes, all the dishes are sold at the price on the menu, and Bailey charged will be settled with the boss every night."

"That's not impossible, but Luo Yi, how long are you going to cooperate with us?"

"The cooperation time lasts until the tavern recruits a chef."

Luo Yi and Ai quickly ordered the matter.

Open the door to do business, who would dislike fewer guests.

Although the orders in the tavern will increase their workload, their income is also increasing. What are you afraid of?

Once satisfied Luo left the restaurant, everything was ready now, but the last thing was missing.

The name of the pub.

Every shop has its own name. Luo Yi’s tavern was named after his father before, but Luo Yi is now going to change it for him.

As for the original brand, leave it in the basement as a souvenir.

However, it takes a lot of money to change the brand, and it takes time to find a carpenter to do it now. Luo Yi felt that he might need to change the way.

"Lilai, can your frost power be perfectly controlled now?"

As soon as Luo returned to the tavern, he looked at Lilai who was drinking water and asked.

"Yes, but only a small part of the energy can be controlled."

The situation in his body, he knew that the frost power that Lilai could mobilize now was less than one percent of the energy in the body, but that was not something ordinary people could bear.

"Then making such an ice sculpture can guarantee that it won't melt away?"

Luo Yi found a pen and paper and drew a plaque shape that was a bit ugly but probably understandable.

"No way, unless I have been supplementing the power of frost."

Regarding her current limited power, Lilai still knows herself. To ensure that the ice sculpture does not melt, it needs to inject a large amount of frost power into the ice sculpture, but melting is inevitable, just like the flame will eventually go out. Power will also be consumed.

"forget about it."

The name of the tavern will not be changed for the time being. Without that condition, don't be too entangled. The most important thing to do now is to open a store.

Time is approaching noon, and many visitors here are already preparing to choose their favorite restaurants for dinner.

The operating hours of the pub basically start at noon and continue to operate until the evening.

Even in the afternoon, there are still customers in the store boasting that they once killed a goldfish as big as an island alone.

Under Luo Yi's guidance, Lilai also earnestly learned how to be a qualified clerk.

The little girl has a strong learning ability, and she can learn some polite language as soon as she learns it. As for the characters, it seems that because of the system, Lilai can understand.

Luo Yi originally thought that he might be busy, but now, Lilai can also help register the needs of the guests.

Opened the door of the tavern and hung the open sign at the door. As soon as Luo came to the bar and stood there, Lilai stood by the side obediently.

It may be that the iron branches and tree trunks brought the lucky effect. In less than ten minutes after the door was opened, a large number of guests came in, who seemed to be people on the whole ship, and directly filled the tavern.


Luo Yi and Lilai greeted the guests at the same time. Lilai took a menu, took a deep breath, and walked out of the bar.

The leader is a figure who looks more than two meters tall, with a samurai sword slung around his waist, and a scar on his face, looking fierce and vicious.

"Guests, please order."

With a slightly trembling voice, Lilai's height is only a little higher than the table, and there seems to be a big gap between adults and children in Pirate World.

"What a cute little girl, won't your parents feel bad when you come out to work at such a young age?"

The moment the spicy man saw Lilai, his eyes lighted up, his whole person twisted like noodles, and then he gave Luo who was standing behind the bar a vicious look, but he was also slightly taken aback.

too young.

The little girl looked only seven or eight years old, and the boy behind the bar was probably only fifteen or six years old.

Are there no adults in the shop?

And Lilai did not answer the man's words, holding the small notebook in her hand to her chest, some tears seemed to flicker in her eyes.

"Brother Craig, you scared people."

"Haha, Brother Craig, you look like this, you won't be able to marry a wife in your life."

"Don't be afraid, little sister, Brother Craig is a good person."

"We are the escorts of merchant ships, and Brother Craig is still a pirate."

The other people in the store spoke up, and everyone was impressed when they saw Lilai.

But Luo Yi knew that Lilai was not scared, but because Craig mentioned the word parents, it made Lilai feel uncomfortable. After all, he was a child in exile.

With a sigh, Luo Yi walked out from the bar and picked up the notebook in Lilai's hand.

"This guest, what do you want to order? The store has just bought a batch of good wine. Would you like to order it?"

Protecting Lilai behind him, Luo gave Craig a professional smile.

The pub is open.

8. Red dot

With the memory of his predecessor, Luo Yi is very handy when he works in the tavern.

I wrote down the dishes that Craig and the others needed. As for alcohol, they didn't order more expensive red wine. Instead, they ordered some ale and beer.

In the corner, the animal messenger stood up.

In the tavern, almost everyone's attention was attracted by the little messenger.

The hair on the whole body is spotless, the smooth curves, the refreshing hairstyle, the smile on his face, and the tail is slightly shaken, and he walks on four short legs that look very short but run quickly. , Came to Luo Yi.

With a bite of his mouth, he took the order from Luo Yi's hand, turned his flexible little head, put the order in the backpack on his back, and got out from under the waist door.

Craig and his party looked at it for a moment, but in the great route, anything could happen. A donkey looks smarter, what's the problem.

"Lilai, you take these wine and glasses to the guests."

Craig still wants a lot of wine, but he can’t let the guests wait. Although Lilai has a strong frost power, she is light and soft. If you want to move the wine barrel, don’t think about it. Take a little glass bottle of beer to live your life.

As soon as Luo went to the back of the bar, the wine under the stairs was the previous stock in the shop, Luo Yi tried to carry a barrel.

Well, if you can hold it up, it is very difficult. If you can't move your legs, you can't roll out all the way.

Putting down the wine barrel, Luo Yi put on power gloves.

With only 3 points of power bonus, Luo Yi didn't feel much when he was too table before. After all, the weight of a table is limited, at most tens of kilograms, but a barrel of wine is about two hundred kilograms.

Although the human beings in the Pirate World have special physiques, they are amazingly powerful.

But at that time, for people who had performed non-human exercises since they were young, ordinary people like Xiang Luoyi could lift the wine barrels in the tavern. That was because they helped in the store since they were young.

Seeing Luo lift the wine out barrel by barrel, ten times in a row, with a barrel placed next to each table, Craig and his party slightly admire Luo Yi’s strength. This physical strength and strength are more The crew on the sea is going to be tough.

On the wine barrels, there is a faucet that was originally connected, and the logo of the Cook Chamber of Commerce is also printed on the lid. Every time they go to the tavern to buy goods, they will send these wine barrels back, and they can even offset part of the purchase price.

On Luo Yi's side, he poured wine for every customer, while the messenger, walking his calf, ran on the somewhat sticky road of the Chambord Islands all the way to the Ai restaurant.

The clerk in the restaurant also knew about their cooperation with the tavern, and prepared for someone in the tavern to come over with an order, but when a donkey that looked very happy came in from the door of the restaurant, he also carried it on his back. When I found the order in my backpack and handed it to the waiter.

Let alone the guests, the people in the restaurant are crazy.

What is this?The dishes on the top are indeed from their restaurant, and there is a line written under the order.

"Please feel free to deliver the food to him."

rest assured?Don't worry, you can at least have someone who can talk and communicate.

After the messenger handed the order to the waiter, he found a wall that would not disturb other people, squatted down, and obediently waited for the food to be done.

Ah, who is cooking in the kitchen, is also a black line, but he didn't say much.

Compared with those young shop assistants, Ah's knowledge is naturally broader.

After receiving the order, he arranged for staff to prepare the food and put it into the packing box they had prepared, and asked the waiter to help deliver it first, but he did not expect that Xin picked up the packing box with his mouth and stuffed it into the bag on his back.

The waiters and customers all over the restaurant couldn't help laughing when they saw it.

How big is this messenger, it's only the height of their calf, and the length is less than one meter. The bag on the back can't fit a lunch box half the size of this messenger no matter how you see it.


Loaded in!

Throughout the restaurant, everyone's eyes and tongues stared out.

"Ba ka na"

Someone yelled out in surprise.

What they saw, the huge lunch box, put it in the flat bag, didn't even support the bag, as if it suddenly disappeared.


The fork in one's hand fell and hit the plate with a crisp sound, but no one was bothering him.

The messenger ignored everyone's gaze, put one lunch box after another into the backpack, stepped on his short legs, left the restaurant, and ran to the pub.

Nothing happened temporarily, Luo Yi, the system panel in front of him has not been turned off.

He found that this map system alone was already very abnormal.