Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 6

As long as he has been to the place, he can direct the messenger to go, and even other shadows on the map can also let the messenger go and explore.

However, it seems that because of no eye-in, Luo Yi could see the dark yellow dots on the map only when the courier passed by.

Green represents friendly forces, red represents enemies, and dark yellow represents neutral units. The map completely inherits the functions in the turret, and even more detailed. Within the range where friendly units appear, you can see any surrounding units. Luo Yi also You can use the map to see scenes thousands of miles away.

Now Luo Yi can see all the guests in the tavern, the color is dark yellow.

Just one thing is not good, you cannot click on the other party to view the data.

If you can see the opponent's level 3D and equipment like in the game, you can also judge the strength of the guest in the future.

But now you can't even see your own attributes, so don't think about other people.

The Dota system still needs to be studied carefully, but before that, the business of the tavern must be done first.

Just opened today, the pub sold ten barrels of wine and some bottled wine. After deducting the cost, more than 50,000 Baileys have already been paid in. It is a good start. When the restaurant is made to stir a few more dishes, the rice will be on its own. Steam it, let Lilai fill up her stomach.

Drink five bowls of porridge and three minutes full, and eat ten bowls of dry rice as you like. Make more. If you have more, you can cook fried rice at night, and you can also know how big Lilai's appetite is.

The messenger quickly returned to the tavern, watching Luo Yi and Lilai take out the lunch box from the messenger's bag, Craig and the others were also surprised.

Let Lilai serve the others, Luo while fetching wine for the guests, while studying the system.

The lottery is definitely a draw, but if other heroes are drawn, nothing else, just finding a way to settle them seems to be a problem, and sure enough, you still have to make money.

At this moment, on the map in the lower left corner, a red dot suddenly appeared, attracting Luo Yi's attention, and the door of the tavern just happened to be pushed open.

9. The road to wealth

The door of the tavern was pushed open, and the otherwise noisy tavern suddenly became quiet.


As the tavern owner, Luo Yi still spoke habitually.

Red represents the enemy.

There is only one person, and it is not a good person at first sight.

The world of One Piece is very interesting. Under normal circumstances, you can know the character of the other party by looking at their faces, even if their beauty is not as good as the king of mouthhus next door.

And now the man who came in was two meters tall, with a big waist and round waist, dark skin, an unfit waistcoat showing his huge belly, a pair of loose trousers, and his belt was shaking constantly, as if it might break at any time.

When he came to the free chair in front of the bar, he sat down, put down the mace on his back, and smashed the wooden floor of the tavern into a small hole.

Lilai, who was fetching food from the lunch box, frowned and winked at Luo Yi.

This is the secret sign between them.

Before opening the store, Luo Yi and Lilai explained many things, including unfriendly guests.

However, unkindness is unkindness. Now the highest combat power in the entire tavern is Lilai. Guests who have been able to fight do not need to be polite with him.

As for Lilai's eyes just now, there is no problem.

Luo didn't have any expression on his face, and blinked at Lilai, showing that he was steady.

"What would the guest want?"

Pushing the menus of the restaurant and the pub, Luo Yi continued to wipe the spotless cup, not because the cup was dirty, but because he felt it was more compelling.

"Scott, the meat bomb pirate group, is offering a bounty of 11 million Bailey. I didn't expect that there would still be people living in the meat and egg pirate group."

Craig placed his right hand on the sword.

Although he is also active on the Great Sea Route, his strength is not weak. When he is usually a escort, he is only a part-time pirate, but his strength can deal with at most 5 million pirates. .

Even if this is not a lawless zone, it is impossible to have a navy in every corner. Although 30 million pirates are not a big deal in this sea area, for this tavern, it may even bring disaster.

Craig had already seen that there were only the little owner Luo Yi and the little girl Lilai in this tavern, as well as a group of seemingly smart ponies.

Maybe it's another family harmed by pirates.

Craig's strength is not strong, not even the swordsman, and only the fleet of the small chamber of commerce is escorted. The powerful pirates generally look down on small merchant ships like them. While seeing Nascott, Naturally, he will be on guard.

It may be impossible to fight, but there is still hope for the navy, provided that the other party is here to make trouble, and if you eat a quiet meal, don't disturb each other.

Letting the messenger continue to deliver the order, Luo Yi poured a large glass of beer and placed it in front of Scott.

Remind the sturdy Scott to pick up the beer, drank it all in one go, and smashed the glass on the table.

"Continued Cup."

Regardless of the actions or the tone, Scott showed a very fierce look. Even Luo Yi felt a icy breath coming from Scott's eyes. If he guessed correctly, there is no eye shit. Wipe clean.

Still pouring a glass of wine blankly, Luo Yi looked at Scott a little, and silently took out a pile of wanted orders from under the bar, and flipped through the table one by one.

Craig's small movements, Luo saw it, if he was a pirate, then he would know a lot of information about the pirate.

No matter how this person thinks, he might be a pirate.

In Luo Yi's impression, this person's strength is naturally not too strong.

In the world of One Piece, if the bounty rises to 100 million Baileys in a short period of time, one can obtain the title of supernova.

Luo Yi speculated that this so-called extremely short time was the time it took for these pirates to reach the Chambordian Islands from the junction of the great route, which was less than a year.

Luo had never heard of the fat man in front of him, and the bounty must have not exceeded 100 million.

And Luo Yi's actions naturally attracted everyone's attention.

"Ohhhhh, shopkeeper, what are you doing?"

Scott was holding a wine glass and looked at the kid with interest.

Luo Yi, who is only 15 years old, is less than 1.7 meters tall, even standing, he is not as tall as Scott sitting.

"Guest, I don't think you have a place to put money, how will you pay later?"

Luo searched for many wanted orders, but unfortunately there was no gain, so he could only sigh, refold the wanted orders, and look at Scott with a smile on his face.

And Luo Yi's words caused everyone including Craig to take a breath.

This little shopkeeper has a good temper.

At this time, Lilai was walking, slowly approaching Scott.

"Ohhhhhhh, my head is worth 11 million Baileys. If the store manager has the skills, he can use it to pay for the wine."

Scott drank the wine in his hand and laughed wildly.

Who he is, he is a pirate, paying for food, does not exist.

Don't look at Scott being fat, but he is not an idiot, otherwise how did he survive the destruction of the Pirate Group.

The reason why I picked the smallest tavern on the street is because I think no one can beat myself.

And now, this little kid actually has to pay for himself, is it lack of social beating?

Inside the pub, only Scott's laughter echoed.

Craig's right hand has already held the hilt of the sword. Once Scott has the intention to do something, he will go up and stop it. As for the loss, he can only be borne by the little shopkeeper. Who makes him anger himself other people.

As long as it can survive the navy, what is Lilai doing?

Only then did Craig see that Lilai had come behind Scott.

And Luo Yi showed a relaxed expression on his face after hearing Scott's bounty.

"It seems that this guest is working hard. Your bounty is indeed enough to pay for the meal and the cost of repairing the floor."

When Luo said that, even Scott stopped laughing.

The previous laugh was ridicule, but now the silence is anger.

He is ready to do it.

With his right hand, he grabbed the mace he had placed on the ground, and he wanted to let this little demon know that he was a pirate, a cruel sea crouch, why it was so cold.


As soon as he held his right hand on the mace, Scott was taken aback and immediately let go of his hand, but a layer of skin was taken off the palm of his hand, and his right hand immediately became bloody.

I couldn't believe what happened when I looked at my mace that was completely frozen.

Don't talk about Scott, even Craig and his party that he saw with his own eyes were too scared to speak out.

Just now, when Scott was about to start, Lilai had already touched the mace. In just an instant, the big stick, which was about the same height as Lilai, was frozen into a popsicle. There was no process. .

And now, Scott saw that a little white hand grabbed his slightly longer belt.

A strong cold broke out, and a human-shaped ice sculpture appeared.

Luo Yi is in a very good mood now, he feels that he has found a way to make a fortune.

10. Happiness comes so fast

Although Lilai tried her best to freeze Scott into an ice sculpture, then she collapsed to the ground.

But Craig and his party did not dare to underestimate this tavern.

When it comes to using ice, except for people like straw hats and others who are not even familiar with admirals, Craig and others who have been on the sea all the year round and have experienced the three major generals are still very familiar.

Kuzan, the navy codenamed "Green Pheasant", is one of the world's most powerful naval generals, capable of Bingbing Fruit.

During the ice age of the green pheasant, the cold air of the whole body was released to the extremely frozen area, and the sea area between several islands could be turned into frozen land in an instant, and the freezing time was as long as a week.

Although Lilai's current ability seems to be different from the green pheasant, it may be the lower-level fruit of Bingbingguo, but no matter how you look at it, it is something that you can't provoke.

The ferocious pirates offering a bounty of 11 million were frozen in an instant, and there was no response, especially now that the temperature in the entire tavern has suddenly dropped.


Someone couldn't stand it anymore, and he hugged his arms and shuddered.

Lilai's ice is different from the green pheasant's.

The ice sculptures made by the green pheasants freezing people are real ice sculptures, and they also have cones.

But Lilai's ice was transparent, pure ice, like a protective film, wrapping Scott in it.

Luo Yi held Lilai upstairs to rest and put it in his room. After covering his belly, he slowly walked downstairs and took out the trembling phone bug from the cabinet under the bar.

"There are tens of thousands of routes, safety is the first, the boats are not standardized, and the tears of relatives are two lines. Citizens are welcome to call the Navy:

Here is No. 46 of Chambord Islands, and No. 60 to 69 are the naval station, government entrances and exits, and the Chambord Islands, it is also the place where the sacred Margioa’s Dendras often visit. The navy patrolls the island. Countless.

Luo called the navy on the island, explained the situation, and waited for the navy to arrive in the store.

As for business jokes, how can business grab money, cough cough, and catch pirates quickly.

Tavern is the main business, but earning a bounty is a side business.

Everyone knows that the channel to make money has never been the main business.

The navy moved quickly, perhaps because it happened to be patrolling nearby. When the door of the tavern was pushed open again, only less than half an hour passed.

"I'm Major Bell of the Navy G2 Branch. Are you the manager of Luo Yi?"

Wearing a uniform with a navy coat and the word "justice" written on the back, a person who looked not very different from a normal person walked in, saluted Luo Yi, took off his hat, and looked stubborn. Very energetic.

Behind Bell, there were only two navy soldiers, wearing ordinary navy vests, holding a spear in his hand, one of them also carrying a box in his hand, and the two followed him very seriously.

"This man doesn't pay for food in my tavern, but he said his head is worth 11 million Baileys. This is his wanted order. Can it be used to exchange money?"

While waiting for the arrival of the navy, Luo Yi also looked for the wanted warrant in the shop, and really showed him the one of Scott, which is now also placed on the table and pressed with the glass that Scott had just drunk. To prevent drifting away.

Next to the wanted order, there are two clean dinner plates that have been eaten. They are typical dishes of Sco. Unexpectedly, he was frozen by Lilai before he could even start the meal, adhering to the traditional virtues of diligence and thrift. Not a single grain of rice was let go.

Besides, the traverser is also a human. This body has not eaten for a few days, and only took a bite for breakfast. In addition, after a busy morning, Luo Yi felt that he was almost hungry.

"Scott indeed."

Bell turned his head and glanced at the soldier behind him, and the soldier carrying the box nodded.

"Now that I have confirmed, I will take the people away."

Bell directly ordered that the navy waiting at the door also pushed into a trolley from the outside, put on thick gloves, and the four people worked together to move Scott up, then put on the mace, and pushed People are gone.

Bell took the box from the soldier, put it on the table, and pushed it in front of Luo Yi.

Open the box, just glance at it, there is no counting, no need to count, just click to recharge.

"A total of 1,100 knives have been recharged, are you sure to recharge? No"