Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 7


Luo Yi was very satisfied, put the box away first, and placed it under the bar.

I poured a glass of red wine and placed it in front of Bell, which was the bottle opened when Cook came in the morning.

"Tilough Major Bell took a trip personally."

Bell glanced at the glass of red wine and ignored it.

He doesn't like to drink this, it doesn't taste as good as ale.

"Big man, for justice."

Bell said very little, and as soon as Luo accepted the bounty, he turned and left.

"Thank you; see you next time."

Luo Yi felt that this was normal.

In the past, when I saw Pirates, the protagonist caught the pirate to receive the reward, and spent a long time without talking about the money. The navy has to make things difficult for you. If you don't join our navy, we will make you a pirate.

The brain is sick.

What is the navy? It is the face of the world government on the outside. Even if a few naval officers have no brains, they are only a few, and they happen to be met by Luffy and his party.

But in this world, think about the number of people like Luffy who hang the pirate flag and do adventures and housework, and how many pirates burned, killed, and looted.

If the navy is that kind of stupid and has been overthrown by the people, how could it protect the people?

Luo Yi even felt that the navy that Lu Fei encountered was arranged by the Warring States Period and Karp.

Warring States: "I heard that your grandson wants to be a pirate."

Karp: "Yes."

Warring States Period: "Look, these worms in the navy, let your grandson help us shovel."

Karp: "No problem, Luffy's kid likes doing this."

Then, Monka was cold, Colonel Mouse was beaten, Smogg was promoted, Spandham was beaten, three Qiwuhai were taken, the Dragonite was beaten, and the navy undercover was arrested.

But as a result, nothing happened.

After beating the Dragons on the Chambord Islands.

Huang Yuan: "I'm going to help the young master clear the relationship, but you need to find someone to arrange it."

Bassoromi Bear: "No problem, leave it to me about the young master."

Look at how harmonious the navy is.

A pair of iron fists hung on it, who would dare to move.

"Guests, please take your time, I'll take care of my sister."

With that, Luo half-closed the door of the tavern and went upstairs with a suitcase of money.

As for Craig and the others, does it matter to them?

"A total of 100 knives have been recharged, are you sure to recharge? No"


Luo Yi really did not expect that happiness would come so quickly.

11.Panda Brewmaster

Putting down the wine glasses and picking up the wine they bought, Craig left Bailey on the bar. There was no need to let Luo look for money. The group of people filed out of the tavern, and Craig easily pulled the shutter door of the tavern. Down.

Upstairs, Lilai also fell into sleep after using a large amount of frost power.

Luo Yi understood that what Lilai consumed was not her frost power, but her mental power.

Lilai, who was only eight years old and hadn't even practiced, after the power of frost was suppressed, although she was exchanged for the ability to be finely manipulated, her power was not as great as before.

Lilai also exhausted the part of the power she could now control before freezing Scott, and needed to instill a lot of frost power to prevent Scott from breaking free.

Seeing that Lilai's sleeping posture was calm, Luo Yi knew that there was nothing wrong with her, and she just had to take a good rest. The top priority was to study this system.

As soon as Luo took out one million Baileys and directly exchanged 100 Baileys, a prompt appeared.

"Knife coin meets the upgrade conditions, is it upgraded? No"

The 0 in the upper right corner, and the upgrade button at the back is now flashing crazily.

Luo Yi was hesitating.

This upgrade is good or bad in the end.

Luo Yi, who has played many games in the past, had the experience of accidentally overstrengthening the equipment when he strengthened his equipment.

What is the use of this thing after upgrading, Luo Yi still doesn't know, but it shouldn't be as wrong as that kind of krypton gold online game, just one million krypton.

Looking at the flashing button in the upper right corner, Luo Yi finally clicked it.

For nothing else, Luo Yi’s obsessive-compulsive disorder does not allow a beating cursor or red dot to appear in his interface.

"The system level has been upgraded to level 1."

"The rejuvenation spring water function is on."

"The hero information function is on."

"The inventory function is on."

The upgrade of the level also changes the interface of the system.

Luo Yi propped his left hand on the table, tapped the table with his right index finger, his attention completely shifted to the new content.

The first is the most obvious, right below the system, there is an information bar almost identical to the DOTA game interface.

Luo Yi's profile picture is on the far left of the information bar. It seems that an invisible camera is shooting in front of him. What is displayed above is a dementia-like Luo Yi.

There is no two points of health and mana, it seems that it is also to integrate reality.

On the right side of the portrait, the attack, armor, and movement speed are all invisible.

And the only thing that shows up is the three attributes of strength, agility, and intelligence.

The middle area of ​​the information bar is the icon of the talent tree and the six skill bar grids, but now they are all blank.

The inventory is on the right side of the information bar. There are a total of ten grids. Six larger grids are on the top, three smaller ones are on the bottom, and there is a circular grid on the lower right corner.

"Strength 5, Dexterity 3, Intelligence 4, am I so weak? I can't beat the creeps."

When Luo saw his own data, he almost didn't choose to give up the krypton gold directly.

To be honest, with the exception of the weird little guy who had 0 initial agility and 0 agility growth, Luo Yi almost didn't see single-digit attributes, except for the water man's attribute transformation.

No wonder a power glove has increased his strength so much, it turns out that the initial attribute is too low.

Concentrate the mind on the attribute row, and the word 1 jumps out behind it, which means that the value of each increase is one point.


are you crazy.

Is the growth so low?

Even the Liushen outfit at the full level can't beat the Ultra Soldier.

However, Luo Yi noticed that in the lower left corner of the information bar, there was no small circle showing the level.

This also means that the upgrade is not based on the experience value, so this attribute growth, is it the qualification of this body?

Is the increase in strength, agility and intelligence the same as in the game?

Strength increases the upper limit of life, life recovery speed and magic resistance.

Agility increases armor, movement speed and attack speed.

Intelligence increases the upper limit of magic, magic recovery speed and skill enhancement.

Then combined with the power system of this world, power can make them more powerful, agility can increase the speed of attack and movement, and intelligence can increase the amount and power of domineering.

Of course, these are just guesses.

Seeing his low growth, Luo Yi felt that he could almost give up the idea of ​​improving his strength.

How can he play this kind of wasteful start?

It's hard to say that there are still items that increase one's qualifications, so I think too much.

Unless you can learn the hero's skills, use the butcher's carrion accumulation to increase your strength, the little murloc's energy transfer to increase agility, silent governance stealing to increase intelligence, and then go out to kill, kill the entire world, you will be invincible.

The frequency of tapping the desktop with the right hand increased again.

But it's useless to think so much now. When do you try to exercise and see how this attribute grows, let's talk about it. If you don't make a few push-ups, you can increase your strength.

If your strength doesn't improve after more than ten push-ups, then you can be a soft man with peace of mind and hold Lilai's thighs.

Thinking of this, Luo Yi shifted his attention to another newly added function.

Rejuvenating spring water.

Good stuff.

Although such a name sounds a little bit silvery, and even reminds Luo Yi of a certain massage movie, it is also a real name.

The spring water in the game, the BUFF added to the hero, is called "spring water rejuvenation", which is a state that restores 5HP and 6MP every second.

When he got here, he appeared in his arsenal, two bookshelves like those used by senior high school students, but the material was stone, with three stone bowls sandwiched symmetrically.

The stone bowls seem to be held by an invisible force, from top to bottom, from small to large, in a spiral arrangement.

Luo Yi knew for the first time that the spring water could be put away, but it seemed that he needed to find a place to release the spring water.

As for the remaining 10 million, or else, another 1 million?

Nine million is enough to squander it for a while, but this is more than 50, close to 600,000 yuan.

Wait a minute, according to the probability of the previous lottery, it seems that it is not so easy to get a good thing. As for the hero, the probability is estimated to be even smaller.

Luo Yi felt that he could try first.

"Ten in a row."

"You got the Panda Brewmaster"

Luo Yi: ω′

12. Have you...drank urine?

"You got the recovery ring"

"You got the book of knowledge"

"You got the fairy fire"

"You got the Ghost Deng Maru of the Thousand Faces God of War"

"You got the iron branch trunk"

"You got the helmet of the Emerald Summit"

"You got the cloak of intelligence"

"You got the sacrifice of the tree"

"You got the battle gourd of the drunk warrior"

"Group number 626894216, one hand with updates, thousands of HD, complete resources, never titled"

This time, after ten consecutive draws, a small advertisement appeared again. Luo Yi still chose "Ignore the user's message and report", and then closed the system interface.

In the room, there is now an extra person, or the fur clan.

For centuries, in the depths of the Lamenting Mountains, in the retreat village at the bottom of the abandoned capital, the ancient Oyo Society has been carrying out their sacred contemplation, achieving in-depth communication with souls by getting drunk on grand festivals .

Manjix, the child of gods and mortals, is the first in the village to possess the talent of gods and the spirit of mortals.

He has been studying with the greatest scholars in the society since he was a child, and finally obtained the right to challenge the most respected title among the Jiu Xian tribe through constant efforts.

This is part of the introduction of Panda Jiuxian.