Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 8

The black and white skin, although it is a panda, is wearing a pair of brown loose trousers, looking at Luo Yi with flashing big eyes.

Ke Luo has a little doubt. In the game, the wine fairy does not look like this. It is clear that the skin is brown and the ears are the same as the fox. Although the nickname is panda, it is because the historical background of World of Warcraft was used for reference in DOTA1. Due to copyright issues in DOTA2, even the entire world view has been reset, and the identity of the hero is different.

Luo Yi called up the system again and watched the introduction after Manjikes.

When he uses magic, he transforms into the appearance of an ancestor.

Therefore, the Manjix in front of him has not inherited the title of Brewmaster. It is currently in a normal state. The appearance in the game is actually a combat form.

"Are you my caller?"

Standing up from the ground, Manjix's voice was a little low, completely unworthy of his current lovely appearance.

Then, I saw him shake his nose.

"There is wine."

With golden light in his eyes, Harazi couldn't help staying, but Manjikes didn't run around, but looked at Luo Yi.


Luo Yi suddenly remembered something. When the lottery was just drawn, he seemed to have drawn something incredible.

Opened the weapon storehouse, took out the battle gourd of the drunk warrior from it.

It is said to be Bao Hu, but it is actually a wine bottle. After standing up, a wine bottle as high as Luo Yi's waist is as high as the Manjikes standing up.

The jug is gray, with a huge wooden stopper on it, and the bottle is like a twelve-petal arc combination, two of which are white, and a large Chinese character wine is written on it with a brush.

This is the battle gourd of the drunken warrior, and there will be four suits of the drunk warrior after that.

After seeing the treasure gourd that Luo took out, Manjikes had already left other things behind and flew forward, and the whole bear hung on the treasure gourd.

How much wine can be contained in such a big bottle.

Manjix: ˉ﹃ˉ

The way Oyo Club solves all problems is to drink another round!

"I recognize you, Summoner."

Luo Yi clasped his chest with his hands and tapped his thin triceps with his right index finger. He was analyzing Manjikes' words.

It sounds like he knows a lot more than Lilai, and he doesn't know whether he has been restricted by power.

However, the character he is summoning is so small, isn't this a lottery game, but a cultivation game?

Seeing Manjikes holding the treasure gourd with satisfaction, Luo went to the underground wine cellar and looked for it, holding a slightly thick rope upstairs, during which time, he also saw the closed door of the tavern.

The rope was looped twice under the mouth of the treasure gourd, and a strong knot was tied so that Manjix could also carry the treasure gourd a little easier.

And seeing Luo Yi's movements, Manjikes' eyes showed a more satisfied look, like that, as if he thought that the old father was feeling that the dog he had raised for a long time was finally filial.

Alas, no, you have to cross your hips to see what makes this bear proud.

And when Luo saw Manjix's appearance, he almost didn't slap his head.

"I'm very satisfied with you, Summoner, when will we start the trial? I can't wait to get stronger."

Putting Bao Gourd on his back, Manjikes said to Luo Yi very seriously, but he got Luo Yi's expression like a staff.

"Should we talk first."

Luo Yi took out a bottle of wine from behind him by the way, which he had just brought up from below.

Seeing the wine bottle in Luo Yi's hand, Manjikes immediately sniffed, and under Luo Yi's instructions, the two went downstairs, leaving Lilai a quiet resting environment.

"So much wine."

Manjix: '﹃'

Looking at the bottles of wine lined up on the container, in combination with the wine barrels placed under the stairs just now, this place is simply heaven.

Manjikes completely left the extra information in his mind behind him, strongly restrained his urge to drink, and followed Luo Yi to the table and sat down.

Although their Oyo Club likes to drink, it does not mean that they are barbarians.

I have no status now, and if I want to drink, I really can only rely on Luo Yi to give him a little charity.

"Drink it."

Putting the wine bottle in front of Manjikes, Luo didn't worry at all.

The battle of the Brewmaster involves drinking and fighting at the same time.

Manjix's strongest state is always when he is drunk, but this ale has such a low degree that Luo Yi can drink as water, let alone Manjix.

A bottle of wine is about 750m long. Manjikes held the mouth of the bottle with his right hand, and put his thumb on top of the cork. The cork flicked away with a "poof", and his head was dull.

"Ton tons"

In the tavern, the voice of Manjikes swallowing echoed.

In the blink of an eye, a bottle of wine can be consumed.

He smashed the wine bottle heavily on the table, and Manjix let out a breath.

"The taste of wine is not good, so it tastes better than urine."

Sticking out his tongue and licking the drop of wine in the corner of his mouth, Manjix said very unceremoniously.

When Luo heard what Manjikes said, the expression on his face was a little weird.

"Have you ever drank urine?"

13. Contract

Manjix was almost killed by Luo.

If it wasn't for a voice in his heart that told him that following Luo Yi, he could become stronger and give him the ability to challenge Brewmaster, how could he agree to the call.

"Prepare me with wheat kernels and koji, and I will tell you what real ale is."

Manjikes raised his head confidently.

As a member of the ancient Oyu Society, although Manjikes has only followed the scholars to learn the knowledge and power for more than ten years, it is the essence accumulated by the Oyu Society for countless years.

Brewing and drinking are important knowledge that Oyu community members need to learn, and the rest is drunk.

Manjix wants to let Luo Yi know what things you usually drink. After you have actually seen the wine of Oyo, you don't feel bad about throwing away the things on your shelf.

"Ahem, I'll talk about wine later"

Luo Yi knew that he was habitually scornful, and wanted to change the subject.

"No, you have to talk about the wine first, and buy the ingredients now."

With that said, Manjikes stood up, put his treasure gourd on his back, and walked out of the door with his short legs twisted and twisted. When Luo couldn't stop him, Manjikes pulled away. That shutter door.


Manjikes saw that everything in front of him was already different from the environment he lived in.


Luo Yi quickly closed the shutter door again, grabbed the back of Manjix's fate, and led him back to his seat.

Luo Yi couldn't lift him. He just put the power gloves and two iron tree trunks in the inventory. After seeing the word 5 appear behind his power, Luo Yi tried to Manjix raised it.

Just kidding, the bottom price of the fur clan in the black market is 700,000 Baileys. Okay. Although Luo Yi thinks that ordinary punks are not capable of capturing Manjikes, it is better not to run around until everything is clear.

"You just saw it, this is another world."

Luo Yi decided to talk briefly about the world to Manjikes.

And Manjix also thinks that the wine will be discussed later

Before responding to the call, it was because the contract content of the call made him feel excited, but Manjix did not expect that this was actually a call from another world.

"I think, let's talk about the summon first. Strictly speaking, I don't know exactly what happened when you were summoned."

In just a few words, Luo Yi knew that there seemed to be a certain surprise in the summons of Manjikes and Lilai.

It was already very obvious since Manjix called himself Summoner, but Lilai did not say the word.

"So you don't know the content of the contract?"

Manjikes moved his hips to correct his posture.

With Manjix's short legs, not to mention reaching the floor, it would be nice to be able to lift up and kick the table.

"To be honest, I am only responsible for summoning, and whether the summons are people or things, it is beyond my control."

Luo nodded, this is the truth.

At the same time, fortunately, what he summoned now are the heroes of the two Radiant Legions, at least they are humanoids.

Although some of them are not even human, at least they seem to be quite normal. If they are summoned to the night banquet, the king axe, the big murloc, and the little murloc will be fine.

If there is a Skeleton King, Corpse King, Lich, etc., it will be very interesting.

"That's the case, but I don't know much, but I can still solve some doubts for you, the summoner."

Manjix understood that now they are in a condition of mutual help.

Luo Yi's summoning is not under his own control, but he can indeed summon, and during the summoning process, Manjikes can clearly feel the content and power of the contract, and the object of his contract is Luo Yi.

Then it is very possible that there is a third-party power in the middle to support this, who is it?

Sky Watcher?World Forge?Or the four basic rules?

These are the characters recorded in the ancient books of the Oyu Society, and I don't know if they are true or not.

However, Manjix decided not to guess, the character who could allow him to travel through the world, this strength was not something he could speculate.

"I want to ask, is this calling mandatory?"

Luo Yi felt that it was necessary to find out if it was to pull the other party over, whether he should consider how to comfort him in the future.

"No, I was called to this world after I felt the power of the contract and the content of the contract, and signed the contract with my soul."

Manjix told his own situation.

"The power of this contract is very powerful, or the depth of knowledge in the soul, even the current Brewmaster of our Oyo Society did not notice it. After agreeing to the call, I was summoned here in an instant. I originally thought It's just a simple teleportation magic, I didn't expect it to cross the world."

Manjix seemed a little excited.

Luo nodded a little, and probably understood the summoning process of this system. As for why there are game items and heroes, let him go. Krypton is right.

"What about the content of the contract?"

Luo Yi is more curious about this.

"Probably just not maliciously attacking the summoner, as well as other summoned personnel. While assisting the summoner, the summoner also needs to make me stronger and able to challenge the Brewmaster."

Manjikes twisted his ass and answered Luo Yi's question.

Luo Yi didn't ask for other information.

To put it simply, he is responsible for the lottery. If he is called, these heroes will get a contract. As long as they agree, they will be called successfully. The power of the contract is there to protect their own safety. It also allows the heroes to live together peacefully.

However, according to the content of the contract, these heroes don't seem to be summoned permanently. After completing the contract, it feels like they will return. Once Manjix has the ability to challenge the Brewmaster, can he leave directly?

Thinking of this, Luo Yi suddenly felt that he was going to suffer, should he start exercising?

The idea of ​​relying on heroes to protect oneself seems a bit difficult to realize, what is the content of Lilai's contract, do you fully grasp the power of Frost?

After mastering it, did he leave.

It seems that asking someone is better than asking yourself.

"I understand the general situation, but I am not in a hurry to improve my strength. When Lilai wakes up, we have a meal and then go to purchase the ingredients for wine making."

"By the way, call me Luo Yi from now on, I call you Manjikes, can you?"

Luo held out his right hand to Manjix.

"Of course, Luo Yi, the thought of being able to make wine with different materials in a different world makes me impatient."

Manjikes smiled at Luo, but he didn't know how long he hadn't brushed his big yellow teeth.

14. Book of Knowledge

Once Luo and Manjix's conversation was over, the two became bored.