Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 11

In Lilai's mind, there was only one thought.

What Luo said was justice.

He said that next time he came to play, he would come next time.

Luo Yi also liked Lilai's well-being.

He doesn't like children himself. Even if he gets married, he still finds a dink to marry. In his eyes, children are synonymous with trouble.

And like Lilai, who has passed the age that needs careful care, and even has the ability to help with some housework, is not noisy, well-behaved and sensible, Luo Yi likes it tightly.

The index finger of his right hand tapped the back of the chair lightly, and Luo felt that he just didn't like boys.

Remember that for my daughter next door, maybe even the devil can kill the Latina, do you think it’s because the hero likes children?

No, that's because Latina is so cute and sensible, obedient and hardworking, that's why everyone likes it.

And next door, the super-powered daughter, that Heisei monster, but everyone loves Angel Kyoko, why, because they are well-behaved, sensible, gentle and lovely.

Luo Yi naturally can't be exempt from vulgarity. The ignorant bear boy should receive one after another invoices for compensation. It would be better if it was done by hand.

After thinking about it, the Ferris wheel also turned around. Luo Yi took Lilai’s little hand and came to the exit of Soap Bubble Paradise. After taking the bubble car they had deposited, he ate ice cream and waited for Manjikes to come and meet. .

As for those who don’t eat ice at night, it’s a joke, the Crystal Maiden’s nickname is the ice girl joking with you?

Luo glanced at the time, at 9:58, Manjikes hadn't appeared yet.

He has a question now, but he doesn't know who to answer.

I told Manjikes to gather in two hours before. The time was 8:03. Although the time has not arrived yet, Ke Luoyi wants to know, does Manjikes understand what two hours mean?

Without letting the two wait too long, Manjikes appeared, and he came from outside the Soap Bubble Paradise.

It hadn't been seen for only two hours, if it weren't for the obvious characteristics of Manjix, and the huge treasure gourd on his back, he would almost not recognize it.

Is this taken away?

Manjix, who originally had only a pair of loose martial arts pants, did not change his pants, but he wore a brown waistcoat. A long stick he did not know where he got it was against his shoulders.

Holding a stack of Bailey in his left hand, his right arm went around the long stick, and his thumb stretched out. After licking with his tongue, he counted one by one.

Luo Yi felt that what he lacks now is the big golden chain of sunglasses and cigar.

"What did you do?"

Seeing the appearance of Manjikes as if he had come out of a Hong Kong movie, it was exactly like a performance after looking for someone on the street to help him, Luo Yi asked with concern.

"I just wandered around on the island. There are not many strong people on this island, almost all of them are from the navy. However, a few people wanted to attack me and they were sold to the population auction in the No. 1 area."

Manjikes answered Luo Yi's question while counting the money.

"Here, half a million Bailey, enough for a few days."

Luo Yi: ┐┌

Why are you so skilled?

Luo Yi didn't ask much. After receiving the money, he drove the two home.

Regarding the strength of Manjix, Luo Yi didn't know. The manjix who did not drink could not show 50% of his strength. If it was the manjix who was drunk, he could show 300% of his combat effectiveness.

As for safety issues, Luo Yi is not very worried.

The power that can appear on this island, with a strength of 300 million, is already the best.

It wasn't that Luo Yi looked down on the pirates who offered a reward of 300 million, mainly because there was no difference between 300 million and 30 million, and he couldn't beat it.

However, Manjix's current strength is at the level of Rear Admiral at worst, self-protection can still be achieved.

"Manjikes, look at my physique, how can I improve?"

Luo Yi felt that to exercise such a thing, he still had to ask professionals.

"You? No need, eat and wait to die."

Manjix just glanced at Luo before he came to a conclusion.

Luo accepted Manjikes' comments one by one.

Forget it, get up and exercise by yourself tomorrow morning. Even if you can't get stronger, you should also keep fit.

Back in the tavern, Manjikes just took a blanket, went to the basement, and refused the offer to go upstairs to sleep.

Luo Yi asked Lilai to wash up first, helped her to make the bedding in the room, and went back to his room.

Seeing the little green tree still in the house, Luo Yi felt that the tree shouldn't disappear by itself, but he didn't know if it would bear fruit. It was somewhat useful.

Lying on the bed, Luo Yi felt that the fatigue of the day was put down.

Summarizing the process of today’s day in my heart, I always feel that there is more content than in the past ten days. From the balance of more than 10,000 Baileys left in the morning to the current 8.8 million Baileys in hand, Luo Yi understands a bit. Why are there so many head dogs?

Grab the head, come quickly.

Open the system interface and look at his balance at the bottom right, there is still 90 dollars, Luo Yi decided to come nine times before going to bed, ten consecutive draws, if you are lucky, you may have another mouth at home, if you are not lucky, There may be ninety skins.


The knock on the door sounded first, followed by Lilai's voice.

"I ve done washing."

Maybe because he didn't know what to call, Lilai's voice hesitated.

Luo jumped up from the bed and opened the door.

Outside the door, Lilai, wearing a nightdress with a starry sky pattern and a nightcap on her head, stood there like a little princess, so cute.

"After washing, let's rest early, don't get up too early tomorrow, we only start business at noon."

Luo Yiqiang resisted the gentleman's urge to pick up Lilai and kiss him, and smiled at Lilai.


Lilai bends slightly, in response to Luo Yi, slowly walks to her room.

"You can call my brother if you want."

Holding his pajamas and looking at Lilai who was about to close the door, Luo Yi said suddenly.

"Euny sauce?"

Lilai held on to the door frame and tried to yell, making Luo almost stay away.

This damn sweetness is almost catching up with his paper man wife Nan Xiaoniao.

"Hey, go to sleep."

Going into the bathroom contentedly, Luo Yi didn't see it, Lilai released the control of the frost power in his body, a small face instantly flushed, lowered his head slightly, and closed the door.

Luo Yi, who took a shower in 5 minutes, lay on his bed, gently touched the small tree at the head of the bed, opened the interface of the system mall, and clicked ten consecutive draws.

"You got it"

19. Training Plan 1

"You got the Town Portal Scroll"

"You got the fire sword of extinction" Doomsday messenger

"You got the boots of speed"

"The starting point recommended ticket package list package red list members click, click the book review to subscribe to monthly pass collection, professional solutions, promote dreams, we charge reasonable prices and provide all the services you need, you know! For details, please group: 626894216"

All of the 90 dollars were drawn by Luo to draw a lottery. This advertisement did not disappoint him. At least it was healthy. It was just a matter of data falsification. Luo Yi didn't advocate it. He wanted to recommend votes.

Luo Yi directly opened the weapons depot.

Cold Iron Maiden's Staff Crystal Maiden

The first thing Luo Yi saw was this staff, Lilai's special staff skin, it really became a staff here.

However, just look at Manjix's treasure gourd. This thing is completely beautiful and does not add any attributes.

Take out the staff from the weapon storehouse. The handle of the staff is black. I don’t know what metal it is made of. The head of the staff is in the shape of a golden crescent. It is wrapped in an ice crystal. In addition to the ice crystal, there are four small ones. Where is the ice crystal floating.

It's really floating, not an unscrupulous merchant with a thin wire inserted on it.

With the addition of a little blue and gold decoration at the tail of the rod, this staff, which stood up to about one meter, three to four meters, appeared in Luo Yi's hand.

This thing is still a bit weighty. Lilai should be able to handle it, but with the staff, how do you live normally?Lilai and the others don't have the ability of inventory, even if they have, skins can't be equipped in the inventory.

Putting the staff away temporarily, Luo Yi sorted out the contents of the armory a bit.

So far, Luo Yi has drawn a total of 110 prizes, including 1 hero, 67 basic items, 1 synthetic scroll, 39 hero skins, and 2 interface skins.

Among them, the most painful thing for Luo Yidan is the so-called interface skin.

He felt that even if he took out all the system streams he had seen before, he had never seen such a system.

You are a person who can't even communicate like an artificially retarded person. There is only one system panel. Why do you need a skin?

In the armory, there are two interface skins: Guardian Wing and Depth of Field.

The effect of the Guardian Wings is that there is a dark golden wing-like frame on the character's head, just like a picture frame, and the system interface has some feathers with small wings, and some dark gold interface.

The effect of depth of field is similar, even not as good as Guardian Wings.

But what's the use?Do I want to look good?What I want is functionality.

Ignoring all skin-related things, Luo Yi knew that this thing was a pit of money.

Turning his head to look at the other items he had obtained, there were a lot of items this time, and there were also existences that could be synthesized.

Luo Yi was a little grateful that the items in the armory needed to be synthesized by themselves in the inventory, not after they were purchased.

In the armory, there are 9 iron-branched trunks, 1023 tree sacrifices, plus the one that has become a tree, and the one in his inventory. There are 11 lottery draws, two of them each time.

So, is this something guaranteed?

What does the system want to do to make the world green?

In addition, there are purification potions 3, healing ointments 6, and magic mango 2. These three consumables are common recovery supplies. They usually appear in the first 10 minutes of the game. In the later stage, few people buy them.

However, Luo Yi felt that more of this kind of stuff was not without benefits.

As for the equipment, there were indeed more equipment, especially since there were several basic equipment that could be combined, so Luo Yi was now caught in the choice.

Speed ​​Boots: Wear a pair of shoes to run faster.

Speed ​​Gloves: A pair of magic gloves that seem to be able to turn weapons into nothing.

Strength belt: an important accessory to improve vitality.

These three items can be combined into a pair of power shoes.

However, he still has the wind spirit pattern on his hand: the heel is blown by the breeze, making it lighter in battle.

In addition to the recovery ring that existed before, it can also be used to synthesize Tranquility Shoes.

The choice of shoes generally depends on the attributes of your hero. After Luo thought for three seconds, he took the item from the armory and took it to the inventory, and turned it directly into a leather boot.

Power shoes: A pair of thick leather boots that can switch attributes according to the needs of the wearer.

Power shoes, commonly known as artificial legs, are very useful, not only increasing movement speed by 15 and attack speed by 20 points, but also 10 selected attributes.

Luo Yi really liked the 10 attributes, whether it was added to strength, agility or intelligence, they were equivalent to the two selves now.

Think about how it is so sad.

Moreover, the attributes of the prosthetic leg can be switched at any time. Luo Yi can use the power leg when he needs strength, and use the agile leg when he needs agility, and he doesn't need it when he needs intelligence. His intelligence is high enough.

For the items placed in the inventory, Luo Yi can clearly feel the attribute bonus that it brings. Now that he has ten more power points, Luo Yi feels that he can interrupt the tree with a punch, but think about it. Forget it.

Continuing to study the items in the weapons depot, he also got two items in this draw.

Magic Wand: A simple but practical magic wand that can replenish the user's energy wizard apprentices and advanced warlocks like it.

Scroll: Magic Wand

To synthesize a magic wand, you need a magic wand, iron branch trunk 2, scrolls, and now they have them all, Luo Yi took them out directly.

In the inventory, the magic wand replaced the existence of the tree branch. It was an icon similar to the magic wand in Harry Potter, and the tip also glowed brightly.

The magic wand's effect, in addition to all attribute 3, is that every time an enemy casts a skill within a field of view of 1200 yards, it will automatically recharge, gaining up to 20 points of energy, and consumes energy, and each point of energy restores 15 points of life. And magic.

This thing, like the prosthetic leg, is used well, it is a life-saving artifact, and even anti-kill, but the latter thought is mostly an illusion.