Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 12

After tidying up his inventory, Luo Yi's six inventory boxes were immediately full.

Power Shoes Wand Buckler Recovery Ring Wind Spirit Heraldic Crown

This is what Luo Yi currently puts in his inventory.

He can actually synthesize another kind of equipment, but it is not necessary for the time being, and the two basic equipment synthesized by the equipment can also be used to synthesize other items, so I left it for now, maybe I will get something good next time. .

Buckler: The bottom of one person's barrel becomes a buckler in the hands of another.

Buckler has a probability of 50 to block damage, melee heroes can be used as 20 points, long-range heroes can block 9 points, one of the artifacts used for registration in the early stage.

Crown: 4 all attributes

This extra thing that came out in the previous version of the big change, there is no introduction, it is really pitiful, but it is a small piece, and it will definitely be used in other equipment in the future.

After finishing the arrangement, Luo glanced at his attributes.

Strength: 57, agility 37, intelligence 417.

Luo Yi found that adding intelligence seems to have a clearer mind, and will surely sleep better later.

Sure enough, the eyes closed and opened, and it was dawn.

Seeing the misty sky outside and the display of 6:01 on the system interface, Luo Yi put on his clothes, carefully went to the bathroom to wash, and went downstairs softly, ready to exercise.

Then, on the bar, I saw a stack of paper full of words pressed by a beer glass, and the Manjikes who snorted softly on the floor behind the bar.

Picking up the stack of paper, Luo Yi saw the big title written on the first one.

"Training Plan 1"

20. Is this improved?

Luo Yi watched the first one very seriously.

Manjix analyzed Luo Yi's current physical condition in detail above, whether it was strength, speed or endurance, it was written clearly.

Luo didn't expect that in this half a day, Manjikes could actually see so many things.

The content of "Training Plan 1" is to let Luo Yi exercise his physique first.

Jogging, running fast, alternate running, push-ups, sit-ups and other basic training volume are also written on it.

Luo Yi saw his training this month, only jogging, stretching and basic strength training.

Manjikes also explained in great detail. What he needs to do now is to lay the foundation first. Whether it is physical strength, strength or flexibility, he must first exercise to prepare for future high-intensity training.

Even in terms of diet, Manjikes wrote the requirement to prepare a variety of high-calorie meats, as well as a lot of vegetables, and wrote the four characters "lack of chefs" in extremely large fonts.

Luo rubbed his temples with a headache. He also knew something about diet.

Rich and poor, if you don’t have a lot of nutrition and energy, high-intensity physical exercise is just consuming your own potential.

Putting down the training plan prepared by Manjikes, Luo Yi controlled his volume again and left the tavern.

Jogging was originally planned by Luo Yi.

Under normal circumstances, people cannot know where their limits are. After all, ordinary people rarely have this time, or have this energy and state, to find a track and run dozens of laps.

Luo Yi also wanted to know where he was in his best state. He opened the system interface and put away the equipment with attributes in the inventory first. After that, he did not put away the interface. He moved his joints a bit and started jogging.

In the morning in the Chambord Islands, the air is very fresh, especially the rich carbon dioxide. I am telling Luo Yi to go back and stop struggling.

Just ran out one street, Luo Yi felt that his nostrils had enlarged.

Two blocks later, Luo Yi could no longer control his breathing rate, and his footsteps began to become chaotic.

As Luo gritted his teeth, he felt that the only benefit of running in the Chambord Islands was the cushioning resin secreted on the ground. Even if his running posture was not standard, it could well protect his knees and ankles.

Running all the way to the end of the third street, Luo Yi stopped running, panting heavily with his mouth open, but did not stop under his feet, but kept walking forward to avoid gravitational shock.

The morning air in the Chambord Islands is indeed not very suitable for exercise. After all, the island itself is a mangrove tree. The respiration performed at night is more than that released by a large number of plants in the city.

Fortunately, there were not many people in the morning. Three streets ran down. It took Luo Yi more than six minutes, which was less than two kilometers in total.

"Is this your limit?"

The air is not good, just an excuse, Luo Yi did feel that he was out of breath just now, so he stopped.

"Manager Luo Yi?"

The voice came from behind, Luo Yi felt a little familiar, and at the same time, some small green dots appeared on the mini map.

Friendly?But aren't Lilai and Manjix still in the tavern?

Luo turned his head and saw Bell.

"I didn't expect Colonel Bell to patrol so early."

Nodded and greeted friendly, Luo Yi did not close the system interface, anyway, it was translucent and had little effect.

"For justice."

Bell didn't take off his hat this time. Last time, it was because of official business. This time he only met during patrol. As for why he called Luo Yi, maybe it was the reason above, maybe he was curious.

After bringing Scott back earlier, because Scott was captured after being frozen, this matter also spread among the Navy.

There has been an ability person similar to Bingbing Fruit in the Chambord Islands. It is not known whether it is a natural or a superhuman.

For those capable, the Navy will naturally pay more attention to it. For now, the other party seems to be interested in making friendly contacts with the Navy, as evidenced by the pirate who directly exchanged the reward.

Otherwise, the pirates who offer a reward will be sold in the population auction, and may even sell at a higher price than the reward.

And Luo Yi also has his own guesses.

Last time Bell and the others came, it was a neutral unit, but now it has become a friendly unit. I don't know if Bell represents the entire navy or himself.

However, the navy soldiers behind him seemed to be in a friendly state. If you want to verify, you may need to collect some data.

"Is the manager Luo Yi exercising? But at this time, I don't recommend you to go for a run."

The process of patrolling is not complicated. The main thing is walking on the street. It doesn't matter to stop and chat occasionally, and it can even appear that their navy is very close to the people.

"Isn't it safe at this time?"

Luo Yi probably guessed what Bell was going to say, but still pretended to be a fool.

If you can get some training methods from the Navy, it would be good. After all, it is a world-class organization with its own training camp, so naturally there is a systematic training method.

"This is not a lawless zone. I don't think anyone will blatantly act on the street. They just saw the running posture of the manager Luo Yi."

Bell explained, then pointed out some of Luo Yi's shortcomings, and emphasized some of the reasons why the morning in the Chambord Islands is not suitable for cultivation, which is similar to what Manjix wrote on the paper, but it is not so detailed.

"Thank you Colonel Bell."

Luo always thanked Bell, although he didn't teach himself anything, but he explained it very carefully.

"We continue to patrol, for justice."

Taking a step back, Luo Yi made a please gesture.

Although he didn't catch a cold for Bell's "just for justice", Luo Yi didn't say much.

In the navy, everyone has a different definition of justice, such as the justice of the Warring States monarch, the justice of the lazy blue pheasant, and the justice of pure crane.

Seeing more than a dozen navy running in front of him, even though they were holding a rifle in their hands, they had a very uniform running posture. At first glance, they had practiced, and soon disappeared in front of Luo Yi.

Luo turned his head directly, and after walking a few steps, he started the trot again.

In my mind, I remembered the posture Bell told him, swinging his arms and legs, making subtle adjustments at every step.

Perhaps it was because the sun came out for a while and the archi mangroves began to release oxygen. Perhaps it was because Luo Yi's posture became more and more standard. This time when he ran to the entrance of the tavern, Luo Yi felt that he was not so tired.

After habitually scanning the small map, Luo Yi also saw his attributes.

Strength: 6, Agility: 4, Intelligence: 5.

Huh, is this improved?

21. Make people become gods

It was still early. Looking at the 6:37 displayed on the system, Luo Yi decided to buy some food first, and he would take care of the food in the future.

Although he is wealthy now, he can't live in such a luxury.

Currently there are only two foodies, and if you finish 90 consecutive draws, you will have more than one person.

Luo Yi couldn't help but shook his head. It was too terrible. Later, he would be summoned and resolutely ignored.

As for sister paper, what's wrong with sister paper, is it important to have money?

Can't afford to eat rice, and still take care of the sister paper?

At this moment, Luo Yi Steel's straight man's personality made him instantly make a judgment.

Back in the tavern, Luo Yi took out the money that Craig had paid for the wine in the bar, and saw that Manjix's ears moved and did not get up, knowing that he found himself.

Gently exited the tavern, put on the equipment, and switched the artificial leg to agility.

Seeing his current agility attribute changed to 417, Luo Yi felt a little uncomfortable, really.

Multiplying his agility by 4, he didn't even have as much equipment.

Stepping away, feeling the sound of the wind whizzing around, and the faintly salty wind slapped on his face, Luo Yi knew that he was so weak.

The surrounding people just opened a shop, or the bustling people on the street, all looked at this guy who was running with some surprise.

After his strength increased by 7 points, Luo Yi clearly felt that the speed of his physical recovery was also increasing, and the consumption of physical strength during running was reduced a lot, even Luo Yi felt that as long as he did not run at full speed, he could run. All day long.

Is this the self after doubling the attributes?Amazing.

Luo Yi praised himself from the bottom of his heart.

Think about it carefully, Oda Tai has a Dao power setting in the book, but Luo Yi knows that an ordinary navy soldier has 10 Dao power with a gun, and other people's data can't be remembered.

But Luo Yi could feel that with his current strength, it should be no problem to defeat an ordinary navy soldier.

Approach the opponent with agile legs and switch the power legs to attack. This is still possible.

Luo Yi is still somewhat confident about his operation. The human-machine 1V9 sounds like nothing, but the AI ​​of DOTA2 is sometimes more brutal than the players. Do you know the CS1.6 expert BOT?Alpha Dog is just opposite.

After arriving in the market and purchasing a lot of ingredients, Luo Yi took the things back to the tavern.

Although it was still early, Manjikes and Lilai had already gotten up. When Luo came back, he saw that Lilai had rolled up his sleeves and was wiping the tables and chairs in the pub with a rag. , Then used a mop to superbly sweep the floor in the tavern quickly.

The messenger shivered in the corner. It had been forgotten by Luo Yi for a long time. He was hungry for a day and didn't say it. Today, he was chased by Manjix's mop all the way, but what can it do? It can't speak.

"Good morning, Lilai, Manjix."

"Good morning, Oni sauce."

"Good morning."

Manjikes did not ask Lilai what he called Luo Yi, nor did he have any different emotions towards Luo Yi because of the training plan. Everything was the same as yesterday.

Luo Yi brought a lot of ingredients into the kitchen.

For today's breakfast, Luo immediately prepared two large pots of porridge, half of which belonged to him and Lilai, and one and half of Manjikes.

Regardless of whether he can eat or not, there are only two pots at home.

Cook porridge, wash vegetables and cut vegetables, wash and cut meat, pour in, heat together, put some salt, taste, put some salt, taste

Finally, the porridge was cooked.

Luo expressed his satisfaction with his cooking skills, and there was no such green or dark cooking that was just black and purple.

Lilai and Manjix had already cleaned the tavern.

Manjikes was sitting on the bar, taking out a pen and paper and writing something on it, while Lilai ran to the kitchen, wanting to help Luo a little bit, but was too weak to lift the outfit. Cauldron full of porridge.

"Try it with it."

As soon as Luo saw Lilai's somewhat lost face, he took out the power glove he had placed in the armory.

Lilai put on the gloves, grabbed the handle of the pot with both hands again, lifted it hard, and really picked it up for her.


Luo said Lilai's compliment.


Although she knew that it was after Luo Yi took out that magical glove that she had this strength, but Lilai still enjoyed Luo Yi's praise.