Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 13

A breakfast, although the taste is average, but also comfortable to eat, Luo Yi's appetite has also increased a lot, it may be because of the appetizer book and exercise in the morning.

Seeing Lilai volunteered to wash the dishes and carried two pots into the kitchen, Luo Yi expressed his satisfaction.

"Manjikes, I seem to have improved a bit this morning."

Luo Yi also wondered if it was related to the previous book of knowledge. Maybe the experience of eating it needs to be digested by himself, but I still ask the professionals.

"There are indeed some changes. Could it be that you are a physique with low potential and high aptitude?"

Manjix squeezed Luo Yi and gave some speculation.

Luo rolled his eyes.

He knows what Manjix said, that is, he upgrades fast, even at full level.

In terms of attributes, there should be no upper limit. Even if your growth is low, but if you increase the speed quickly, even if you only increase a little a day, it will be terrible in a year.

There are still nearly six years left until the beginning of the plot. By that time, his attributes are close to two thousand. As long as he learns domineering, the general will do it for you.

"Do you want to try this thing?"

Luo Yi took out a book of knowledge and placed it in front of Manjikes.

"You actually have such a thing!?"

Standing up from his chair "Wh", Manjikes widened his panda eyes and kept touching with the book of knowledge.

"You know the book of knowledge?"

Luo Yi now feels a little confused, why Manjix would know, but Lilai seems to have no knowledge of game items.

"In the records of Oyu Society, the book of knowledge can turn pigs into humans and make people into gods. Although it is a bit exaggerated, the effect is still there. In fact, it relies on the power of magic to effectively stimulate the human body. Potential, and there will be no sequelae."

That's it?This actually sounds pretty awesome, Luo Yi is a little lucky now that the first hero he picked is Manjix.

With the ancient heritage of the Oyu Society, he can be said to be extremely knowledgeable and wise. He knows many things, except for alcohol, there are no other shortcomings.

"Did you use the book of knowledge? If so, it can really explain why your physical fitness has improved so quickly."

Manjix fumbled his chin.

"I did use it. Is this useful for you?"

Luo admitted generously.

"Useful is useful, but this thing is very precious"

Before Manjix had finished speaking, Luo Yi took out all the books of knowledge, and the thick book was placed on the table, directly interrupting Manjix's words.

Well, he seems to have forgotten Luo Yi's ability.

"One book is enough. The use of the book of knowledge is limited. After each book is used, you need to wait for a while before you can use the second book."

Manjikes held a book in his arms.

If there is only one copy, let Luo Yi use it. This thing has an improvement effect on him, but it is not very big, but for Luo Yi or Lilai, it can greatly improve their current abilities.

And seeing Luo pull out so much at once, then there is nothing to worry about.

In fact, there is still something Manjix didn't say.

The book of knowledge is used too much, it is really possible to make people become gods.

22. So it's that thing

"This is the material needed for wine making."

After talking about the book of knowledge, Manjix also began to talk about business.

A piece of paper filled with the required materials was taken out of Manjikes' pocket.

Luo Yi glanced a little and found that although he knew all these things, but he really wanted to make his own wine, he could only invite everyone to drink horse urine.

"I'll contact you later"


Before Luo Yi finished speaking, the door of the tavern was knocked.

The knocking sound this time was different from when Cook came last time. It was obviously much rude.

Through the window, Luo saw four men standing outside the door, with dark skin, strong limbs, wooden boards on their backs, and shoulder bags on their shoulders. Just looking at the exposed things, they should be hammers. , Saws and other tools.

"It seems that the woodworker I was looking for has arrived."

Manjikes jumped off the chair, walked to the door with short legs, and opened the door.

"Hello boss, we are here to fix the floor."

The leading man nodded and bowed to Manjix, following the direction of Manjix's fingers, they saw the broken ground in front of the bar at a glance.

The four of them took out the tools very skillfully, and started to do it locally.

Lilai, who had just washed the pots and pans, ran out from the back of the kitchen, her sleeves were rolled up, the water stains on her hands had not yet been wiped off, and her face was a little excited, as if she felt she could do it.

However, when he saw someone repairing the floor, a trace of disappointment flashed across his face, and Luo Yi and Manjix looked at him.

This little girl seems to be a little violent, could it be said that every time she fights with Lena, it is Lilai's first hand?

Luo Yi suddenly looked forward to the scene after calling Lena in the future.

The four carpenters have a very clear division of labor. Although the broken area is not large, there are not many wooden floors that need to be replaced. They replaced more than a dozen wooden floors and repaired some small damages on the bar.

In just one hour, the front of the bar was completely renewed. Not only did the four men repair the ground, they even borrowed brooms and mops from the tavern to clean them up. The service was extremely attentive.

"This is the final payment."

Manjix took out another pile of Bailey and paid off.

Luo touched his chin, and felt like he was being taken care of by a Pandaren. Last night, he forgot to find someone to fix it. He didn't expect that Manjikes had even found a craftsman. He was in two hours. How many things did you do in it?

After the repair was completed, the tavern could naturally open for business. Although it was still early, Luo Yi did not choose to close the door of the tavern.

At present, the income of the tavern is actually not much, and it is not even enough for Manjikes to eat, but now it seems that it does not matter whether he eats or not. What Manjikes wants is just drinking. The calories are enough to make up for his need for food.

As soon as Luo came to the bar, he took out the phone numbers of Phone Worm and Cook, and dialed them.

"Don't "

"Moximosi, who?"

The phone worm in One Pirate World is very interesting. It can imitate the facial features and expressions of the opposite person. Watching the phone worm make a call, it is like a simple video call.

"Uncle Cook, it's me, Luo Yi."

Seeing the beard growing on the phone worm, Luo Yi silently sighed the magic of the phone worm.

"Luo Yi? Is there anything wrong?"

On the other side of the phone worm, Cook was still on his merchant ship. As soon as he delivered the wine to Luo yesterday, Cook took the ship back to the Chamber of Commerce. He is still sailing at sea, and unexpectedly received Luo Yi's call.

"I want to order some goods and settle the wine money you sent Uncle Cook by the way."

Hearing Luo Yi's words, Cook's face was a little surprised.

Did you make money so quickly?

"What do you need?"

Cook did not ask too much. He is a businessman. Where did the customer's money come from? It has nothing to do with him. As long as you don’t have a good relationship with Luo Yi’s parents, he would not make the delivery in person, and even the deposit. Things that are not accepted.

"There is a lot of stuff"

Cook picked up the pen in front of him and wrote down everything Luo Yi needed.

He saw that these were all materials for wine making, and it seemed that someone who knew wine had arrived in Luo Yi's shop.

"No problem, people from the Chamber of Commerce will deliver the materials to the door in three days."

Cook can still guarantee delivery.

"Thank you Uncle Cook."

After Luo Yi and Cook exchanged a few words, he hung up the phone worm.

Everything is developing in a good direction.

"Euny sauce, who is Uncle Cook?"

Lilai knelt on the stool in front of the bar, leaned her upper body onto the bar in front of her, and asked curiously.

In fact, she wanted to ask yesterday, but she was not so familiar with Luo Yi, but today is different, but she has even changed her name.

"Uncle Cook, is the president of the Cook Chamber of Commerce. He established his business on the Chambord Islands nine years ago. It was my parents who helped him open this market that allowed the Cook Chamber of Commerce to develop."

Luo Yi explained a little bit.

Lilai looked clear and nodded vigorously.

Manjix moved both ears and went to the basement with the book of knowledge.

After chatting with Lilai for a few more words, the tavern gradually received guests in twos and threes.

Luo Yi and Lilai also started to get busy.

The messenger went to the restaurant reluctantly. It felt that Luo Yi would only think of it when he used it.

But isn't it, if you don't ship things, who will remember such things as messengers?

However, Luo Yi seemed to think of something too. After providing the guests with drinks, Luo opened the refrigerator, found a few corns, and rubbed them directly with brute force. As for the skills, he hasn't practiced, no.

When the messenger came back with his food, he saw a pot of corn, a pot of soybeans, and a pot of water in the corner behind the bar dedicated to him, and tears almost fell.

"After two days of coating, you can go to Murloc Island."

"I can't wait to see what a mermaid looks like."

"The legendary mermaid, I didn't expect that I would see it one day."

"Surman Island can be regarded as a franchise country, and it is guarded by a white beard. When you arrive on the island, don't cause me trouble."

"Don't worry, boss, although the Don Quixote family sells mermaids in private, the cost of catching mermaids is not something we can afford."

Luo Yi stood in front of the bar, wiping the glass goblet that would never be cleaned, listening to the conversations of the guests in the tavern.

I have to say that the tavern is indeed a good place to gather information. From the chats of the guests, you can hear many useful things.

Like now.

The two words of Fishman Island and Don Quixote reverberated in Luo Yi's mind, and he couldn't help but think of the key words he heard in the restaurant yesterday, shipwreck, Denon.

Luo Yi just remembered that it turned out to be that matter.

23. Maybe because of laziness

Murloc Island.

Located at 10,000 meters under the sea in the holy place Mariagioa, it is a necessary place to reach the new world. It is also the birthplace of most murlocs and merfolks. It also has the reputation of "undersea paradise". It is a dreamlike paradise and a mountain. One of the dreams of governance.

If you want to dive 10,000 meters to the bottom of the sea, you can only reach this place safely by coating the upper hull of the Chambordian Islands and sailing by sea currents.

All the pirates who want to go to the new world can only pass through the fisherman island. After all, there is the holy place Mariahia above. If you want to pass there, I am afraid that I will have to fight with the admiral.

After the "big pirate age" started, the fisherman island experienced large-scale abductions and looting by pirates on the island, and young female mermaids can be sold at high prices in the population auction, so the island often happens here. The kidnapping of a mermaid by humans.

It was not until ten years ago that Edward Newgate, one of the four emperors, the Whitebeard, announced that Murloc Island was taken as his own territory, and the Whitebeard flag was hung up. He brought a brief peace to Murloc Island. .

But these days, the fisherman island is destined to not be peaceful.

Just four days ago, because of being attacked by sea creatures, a huge wrecked ship came to the front entrance of Murloc Island.

And on this boat, there are Tianlong people.

If it weren't for Princess Otohime's rescue, the angry crowd on the island would have pulled the Tianlongren into slices.

As for the reason, maybe I just want to know why a group of staff can be guarded by the admiral, and then do whatever they want in this world.

Now, the Tianlongren are receiving treatment in the Dragon Palace King City. It is estimated that it will not be better in a few weeks.

In the Dragon Palace, King Neptune is sitting on his throne.

Over the years, Princess Otohime has made speeches only in order to let the people of Fishman Island go to the world on the sea.

Although he has a unique domineering look, he can feel the other's thoughts and emotions, and convey the user's own consciousness to others, affect the minds and thoughts of others and generate strong resonance, and can even change the other's values ​​and ideology.