Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 14

However, the fear of humans has overcome the emotions of all fish and murlocs on the Murloc Island, making them unwilling to communicate with humans.

Neptune, who put his arms around his chest, looked at Princess Otohime who was sitting beside him, as if she had something to say, but couldn't say it.

Otohime seemed to feel Neptune's heart, did not say much, came to his side and hugged his fishtail.

Neptune sighed and gently hugged Otohime.

Even more fragile than ordinary people, Otohime, who has an open fracture just with a slap, is really surprised by the size of Neptune.

The two of them did not speak, enjoying this time quietly, and Otohime's heart had already made a decision.

This time the arrival of Tianlongren was not an opportunity for her.

No words are needed. Although Yi Ji is weaker than ordinary people, what she does is what she was already doing in the Dragon Palace King City 800 years ago.

Doesn't Neptune want to move the kingdom to a land bathed in the sun with humans?

Just kidding, he is a king no matter what, how could he not act for the people, then why does he do nothing, because he has no way.

It can be said that what Otohime is doing is also sharing the pressure for Neptune, although Neptune does not understand most humans.

The two of them would never think of it, because when the dragons arrived, Princess White Star showed the aptitude of the sea king, and was targeted by someone with a heart, which led to the shooting of Princess Otohime in the future.

Time came to night.

Luo Yi closed the door of the tavern on time at 8:30 in the evening after receiving the last group of guests.

In fact, the tavern that closed so early does not look normal. This is the best time for the tavern to make a profit, but no one is going to tell Luoyi why it closed so early.

Even Harold next door is busy entertaining guests and has no time to manage what Luo Yi is doing.

Of course, this morning, Harold personally delivered the tailor-made clothes for Lilai, and after Lilai tried it on, he said that his inspiration broke out, and he would come again in a few days.

Wearing a gorgeous costume that looked like a princess dress, Lilai was still a little uncomfortable and wanted to change the costume. When Luo saw that the business in the tavern was full because of Lilai, he immediately let Lilai go. Put on ordinary clothes.

Business cannot be too good, otherwise Luo will not even have time to practice.

At lunch, Manjikes asked Luo to spare a little time in the evening and in the morning to practice.

"If you have a book of experience, you can save time for practice, but it doesn't mean you won't practice. Starting tomorrow morning, I will accompany you to exercise."

This is the original words of Manjikes, Luo Yi also remembers clearly.

At the end of the day, the profit of the pub is only about 20,000 Baileys. Of course, this is the result of Luo Yi after deducting the cost. If it is not because the cooking is not made in-house, this profit can increase by at least 50%. Luo Yi is considering Do you want to hire a cook?

"Lilai, you can try this one."

Although Luo Yi can do things like favoritism, he also depends on others.

Manjix took a book of knowledge, and Lilai could not be less.

Solemnly accepted this book of knowledge, which was still a bit heavy for her, Lilai took the book upstairs as soon as Luo explained the role of the book of knowledge.

As for Luo Yi, naturally he went out with Manjikes.

"If you want to become stronger, you need to make progress gradually. Your physique is similar to that of ordinary people, or even not as good as the kobolds. So today's training volume should not be too large. I will correct your movements and jog first."

The area where the two of them are now is No. 29 in the Chambord Islands, which belongs to the illegal zone, but with Manjikes in it, Luo Yi is not worried about his safety.

Besides, it is not far from the area 30 next door, which is the recreation area of ​​the Chambord Islands, and the number of navy patrols is also very large.

The two of them went one after the other, Luo Yi ran in front, and Manjikes followed behind, giving pointers from time to time to correct Luo Yi's running movement.

Luo Yi found out that the cost of running this time was much less than that in the morning, probably because of the correct posture, but Luo Yi soon lost it.

His heartbeat speeds up, his breathing is fast, his limit is coming soon.

"Go on, don't stop."

Manjix's voice came from behind, Luo gritted his teeth and continued on his own steps.

Although his legs were getting heavier and heavier, Luo Yi did not give up lightly.

Luo Yi knew that he had no self-discipline. It was common to fish for three days and hang on the net for two days, but once someone supervised him, he would be able to explode to his full potential.

But why someone can persevere by watching it? Luo Yi didn't know, but he thought it might be because of laziness.

24. I just jump from here

"I Luo Yi is weak and dead. If I jump from here, I won't run one meter further."

On the 29th of the Chambord Islands, Luo Yi held the main cable of the suspension bridge connected to the 30th and exhausted his life's strength to shout at Manjikes.

For an entire hour, Luo Yi watched the time of his system interface with his own eyes, from 20:18 to 21:19.

In fact, after 10 minutes of running, Luo Yi felt that he was not good enough, but under the urging of Manjikes, he gritted his teeth and persisted.

After 15 minutes, he felt that he could no longer feel the presence of his legs, and was completely supported by his will.

According to Luo Yi's calculations and the traces on the minimap, he should have run 5 to 6 kilometers.

Seeing Luo Yi wanted to stop, Manjikes didn't know where he took out a stick and pulled it firmly on Luo Yi's ass.


With that stick, Manjikes used skillfully, but it only caused a little bit of skin injury to Luo Yi, and it didn't hurt his body.

While making a scream, Luo Yi continued to step away from his leg. The pain just now seemed to make him forget his fatigue, um, probably for three seconds.

Luo Yi understands that when you feel that you can't hold on, continue to hold on. Exercise during this period of time is the most effective for muscle stimulation.

So, what he did, when the exercise time reached 17 minutes, his all attributes increased by 1 point.

The 1 point increase in attributes made Luo Yi feel that the whole person was completely new. Even without the club education of Manjikes, it is strange that he can run another 10 kilometers.

One more attribute does not mean it is superhuman.

Under Luo Yi's own will, the exercise time reached 30 minutes. He felt that this would be enough. Let's stop here today.

But Manjikes, and the stick in his hand, didn't agree.

The next half an hour was the longest time Luo Yi spent in these two lifetimes.

When Manjix's stick struck him, it brought a needle-like sensation, and a flow of heat poured into his body along the stick.

Luo Yi didn't have the mind to think about what it was. Anyway, he knew that when the heat flowed into his body, his fatigue seemed to be somewhat relieved.

Under Manjix's stick, Luo Yi persisted for another half an hour.

Until just now, after adding a little full attribute on the attribute panel again, Luo Yi really couldn't hold on.

He felt that the reason why his attributes were increasing was all because of the previous book of experience. As for why he grew so easily for the first time and almost ascended to heaven in the next two, he didn't bother to care.

Breathing in big mouths, and walking on the suspension bridge between 29 and 30 with perseverance, Luo Yi yelled out the words he had said when he saw Manjikes holding the stick in his hand again.

Just kidding, I want to become stronger, but I don't want to be exhausted on the way to become stronger.

"Let's stop here today."

At this time, Luo Yi saw that there was still a weed in the corner of Manjikes' mouth.

Wait, where did you get this weed?There are no such things on this island.

Also, you are carrying a stick and carrying a treasure gourd. Are you missing a straw hat? Go back and buy one for you, Dragon Hero, Kung Fu Panda.

Luo Yi had a lot to say, and wanted to vomit very much, but the sentence just now had exhausted all his remaining energy, and now he was walking home, Luo Yi felt unable to move.

"Starting tomorrow, you need to add more high-calorie meats to your three meals. The sea king meat is best."

Manjikes did not urge Luo Yi. His physique was different from Luo Yi. Luo Yi was an ordinary man. He just ran at a high speed under his stick, and ran around the 29th island. .

Luo Yi now needs to rest.

It’s a pity that there are still many different things in this world. He doesn’t have any materials to give Luo Yi a medicated bath. Fortunately, many meats in this world contain a lot of energy, which can be used as a substitute. The role of medicated bath.

The premise is willing to spend money.

Manjix's profession is a monk, and the power of a monk's cultivation is called Zhen Qi.

Zhen Qi is not so easy to develop. He can master Zhen Qi at a young age. It is because of his genius and extraordinary talent. He has changed other pandas from Oyo Society and is still exercising at the age of 17.

"Go back, walk back slowly, you can relax your tight muscles."

Manjikes stood beside Luo Yi and said.

Luo nodded, let go of the cable in his hand, and stood up.

Although his legs trembled and he felt unable to raise his energy at all, Luo Yi insisted on walking back on his own strength. As for the stick in Manjix's hand, forget it, it is not time to use crutches.

If he was on the way, it was actually very fast. Although he didn't have much energy, when Luo returned to the tavern, he went a little faster than when he came. It only took 15 minutes to get home.

"Wait a hot bath, soak for a while."

Luo nodded.

When he walked back, the sweat on his body was almost dry, and the bathroom in the pub was similar to the bathroom he saw in a well-known action movie in a certain country. It was spacious and had a bathtub.

Luo Yi went upstairs to release the water by himself. Taking advantage of this time, Luo Yi applied soap and washed all the sweat off of his body. After rinsing, the water was almost ready and the whole person was soaked in.

"Ah cool"

For the first time, Luo Yi felt that taking a bath was such a comfortable thing.

But although it was comfortable, he couldn't enjoy it too much. After soaking for a while, there was a trace of fatigue and the water temperature dropped a bit, Luo Yi got up.

"Why is it so cool?"

I didn't feel it just now, but this time, when Luo Yi passed by the door of Lilai's room, he suddenly felt a chill.

"Lilai, are you asleep?"

Luo knocked gently on the door.




It seemed that Luo Yi's knock on the door scared Lilai, and there was a commotion in the room immediately, as if something had fallen over, and it seemed that Lilai had hit something.

The door was opened a crack, and half of Lilai's face appeared behind the crack.

Luo Yi could see that she seemed to be hiding something, but it was useless.

You look at the bottom of your feet, the chill that comes out has proved everything.

"That I didn't mean it."

Following Luo Yi's sight, Lilai also saw the clearly flowing cold current under her feet, clutching the corner of her clothes with both hands, and whispered.

"It's okay, pay attention to safety and rest early."

Luo gave Lilai a smile and went back to his room, he was almost exhausted.

As for Lilai, she should be contacting the power of Frost Control. After all, she left her at home alone, and she had nothing else to do.

Putting on the equipment, Luo Yi cut the prosthetic leg to the strength. He found that the higher the strength, the faster the recovery of physical strength, which should increase the effect of life recovery.

Within a few seconds of touching the pillow, Luo Yi fell asleep directly, even snoring.

In the basement, Manjix didn't rest, and getting some exercise was nothing to him.

At this moment, he was holding the picked branch in his hand, and he used a knife he didn't know where he got it to rest the branch.

The ground is full of sawdust.

25. This is a guest who gives money

This feeling was something Luo Yi had never had before.

In his sleep, it seemed that there was a stream of heat in his body, flowing up and down all over his body, nourishing every corner of his body.

When Luo woke up from the bed, the sky outside was also darkly lit. Looking at the time, at 5:59, I didn't expect that he would wake up so early and still wake up naturally.

Luo Yi, who opened his eyes, kept the posture he had just woke up very rationally. He knew that if he moved by himself, his whole body would be sore.


Staring directly under the system panel, Luo Yi doubted whether he hadn't woken up, but was still dreaming.

Strength: 9, Agility: 7, Intelligence: 8.

This is the basic attribute of Luo Yi now.