Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 15

"Why do I get an increase of 1 point after sleeping?"

Luo Yi couldn't understand it. Could it be that when he was sleeping, his body was digesting the results of last night's training?

Forget it, get up and ask Manjikes.

In fact, what Luo Yi didn't understand even more was why he could increase all his attributes by running a step.

Does it mean that strength does not need to be exercised, agility does not require practice speed, and intelligence does not require mental exercise.

If you don't understand, you don't want to. This is Luo Yi's good habit, and it is also the main reason why he failed the college entrance examination that year and only had two books.

I tried to move my limbs, it didn't hurt, and even felt very powerful.

Since there was nothing wrong, Luo Yi came downstairs. When he passed Lilai's room, he could not feel the chill of last night. Looking down the stairs in the basement, he found Manjix who was still sleeping.

As soon as Luo came to the kitchen, he closed the door so that the sound of cooking would not disturb Lilai and Manjix.

When breakfast is ready, Lilai has also got up and washed up, while Manjikes is brushing his teeth upstairs.

Luo Yi also came upstairs and picked up his toothbrush.

"Why do I improve after I sleep?"

Luo Yi asked.

"The effect of the book of experience is not to make people directly become gods, but to develop the potential of the human body so that people can quickly improve in their own cultivation field. Just like Lilai, after using the book of experience last night, he The control of force has directly risen a step."

"And if I use it, it will allow me to quickly improve in cultivating true qi, physical exercise, and boxing skills."

Manjix explained the effect of the book of experience.

Lin Nan nodded thoughtfully.

He caught the key words.

"My own practice field"

Lilai is a mage and Manjix is ​​a monk, so their direction of ascension is different from their own.

In fact, he is a novice with no career, so his all attribute growth is 1. If he is a fighter, will his power growth be higher.

As for whether or not, Luo Yi doesn't know, anyway, it's a good thing to be able to improve.

Looking at my current attributes, my agility and intelligence have doubled, how great.

After washing and having breakfast, Luo was stopped by Manjikes when he was about to open the door.

"There is too little time in the evening. I will take a break after breakfast and exercise for an hour before opening a shop."

As he said, Manjikes took out another stack of paper. When Luo saw that, it was written "Training Plan 11."

"is teacher."

Luo stood up straight.

Someone tried their best to cultivate themselves, and that was a very lucky thing. Luo Yi, who had tasted the sweetness of attribute enhancement, naturally would not refuse.

He could feel that his current physical state was completely two people compared to the morning before.

For half an hour, I said it was a break, but in fact, I cleaned the tavern with Lilai and the others, and prepared things for opening the shop.

Then, as soon as Luo saw that Manjikes took out a stick and a long stick, it seemed to be thinner, shorter and smoother than the one he hit last night, and it seemed to be peeled.

I don't know why, Luo Yi has a bad feeling.

"Why is there such a thing?"

Luo Yi didn't understand.

"I bought it."

Stretching out the panda's hand, pinching the incense with two fingers, you can see that the incense sticks burning.

"Does the horse stance stick?"

Not knowing where to turn out an incense burner, Manjix inserted the incense into it.

Luo Yi finally knew where this bad premonition came from.

When I watched Big Brother's movies, there were often such scenes.

"Hold this end of the stick, wait for Ban Zhuxiang, then change your hand."

Manjikes handed the stick over and let Luo grasp the position of the stick's tail.

Luo rolled his eyes, and in Lilai's lively gaze, he turned into a stick. He consciously stood above the incense burner and took a step.

Manjikes was taken aback for a moment. How could he be so conscious that he wanted Luo Yi to look at Zhuxiang himself, but he didn't expect to be able to squat on it.

Seeing that Luo Yi had already set his horse stance and raised the long stick in his right hand, Manjikes stepped forward to adjust his posture for Luo Yi.

At first glance, it is a beginner, the posture is not standard, and some movements are still inadequate and need to be guided by someone.

The time for a stick of incense is usually half an hour. Although Luo Yi has been mentally prepared, he did not expect that this half an hour seems to be more difficult than last night.

If you don’t practice martial arts, you will have nothing to do when you are old;

A good horse squat can strengthen the kidneys and waist, strengthen the muscles and invigorate the qi, regulate the spirit and energy, and the foot plate is stable, the balance ability is good, it is not easy to be knocked down, and it can also improve the body's reaction ability.

It can be said that horse step is one of the basic skills of martial arts.

When that stick of incense burned out, Luo Yi had already been full of big men.

Lilai wanted to be a humanoid air conditioner for Luo, but Manjix stopped it.

At this time, you can't let the cold air into your body, Lilai's frost power, even if she controls it well, how can ordinary people can withstand it like this.

Finally, the morning practice was over, Luo Yi took a rest, and shook his hands tremblingly.

He now feels that he doesn't belong to him anymore.

Not just two legs and two arms.

The horse stance brought the soreness from the soles of the feet to the waist, and he was holding the stick, his arms raised flat, and even the muscles of his chest and back were all in a state of exertion.

It can be said that Luo Yi spent almost half an hour in a tight state.

After putting on a new set of clothes, Luo Yi suddenly felt that his own system was really unreliable.

Why can others become stronger with a little money, but when you have enough money, you have to exercise hard to become stronger?

With this broken system, it is estimated that one billion yuan will be smashed into it, and the four emperors can't be beaten.

After washing, the tavern opened, and Luo Yi welcomed their new day of business in the tavern.

"Hahaha, the manager, although you are young, you must pay attention to your body."

A guest sitting in front of the bar laughed loudly when he saw Luo Yi's shaking hands.

Luo took a deep breath and put down the goblet he wiped every day.

Forget it, don't be angry, this is a guest giving money.

26. Dota Tavern

Three days passed quickly.

Luo Yi's life is very regular, and he exercises once in the morning and evening. Every day Manjikes will set a new standard for him according to his increased strength, and thoroughly drain every trace of physical strength in Luo Yi.

In the past few days, Luo Yi didn't use the Book of Knowledge again, mainly because he found that he couldn't use it. It should be in the so-called cooling time.

The book of knowledge in the game will enter a 5-minute cooldown after being used, and it seems to be a bit longer to change to the real world.

Under the guidance of Manjikes, Luo Yi's attributes continued to grow every day.

Luo Yi's current attributes, strength: 13, agility: 11, intelligence: 14.

The growth of intelligence is 2 points more than strength and agility. Luo Yi guessed that this should mean that his willpower is increasing.

Cultivating the body is actually a very difficult task. If you say that you are supported by your physical strength at the beginning, you will continue to exercise by controlling your body completely by your willpower.

Maybe, this is the so-called spiritual quality of hard work.

However, that morning, Luo Yi had just gone through the morning exercise. After washing his body and before his hair was dry, the door of the tavern was knocked.

"Euny sauce, it's President Cook."

Through the window, Lilai naturally saw Cook who had been here a few days ago.

As soon as Luo was still wiping his hair, hearing Lilai's voice, without removing the towel on his shoulder, he immediately went downstairs to open the door.

"Uncle Cook."

There were some smiles on Luo Yi's face, especially when he saw the group of people following Cook and the boxes they were carrying. Those were all the goods they ordered.

"You've grown up."

Cook took his cane and walked into the tavern.

Compared with last time, there is an extra panda in the store.

Cook no longer concealed his surprise. How long has it been since the tavern seems to have completely changed its appearance.

Although there are no guests yet, Cook can feel that the anger in the tavern is in sharp contrast to the desertedness last time.

"This is the bill."

Originally, Cook was going to return directly to the Chamber of Commerce, but he still chose to send the goods over again.

What happened to the Chamber of Commerce affairs for a few days? As the president, I still can’t do some private affairs. What is the feeling of not taking a vacation for ten years? Know it, it’s the joy of getting rich.

Besides, if there is something that can't be solved through the phone worm, it is a major event of the bankruptcy of the Chamber of Commerce.

Luo Yi poured a glass of red wine for Cook. It was the same bottle opened last time when Cook came. He also poured a glass for Major Bell before. It is a pity that he didn't drink it. Now there is half of the bottle of red wine.

Picking up the bill on the table, Luo glanced at it and handed it to Lilai. The little girl took the bill and ran upstairs, according to the number above, took a small bag, and Bailey was installed, a total of 1.13 million Bailey, a fraction was erased.

Since the second day Luo went out to exercise, these Baileys were placed in Lilai's room and Lilai was responsible for them.

Seeing Lilai coming down from the stairs with this "large amount of money", Cook couldn't help but pay more attention to Lilai.

She is indeed a cute little girl, but if Luo Yi's trust is gained because of this, it should be impossible. There should be another relationship between the two.

Cook accepted the money and didn't count it. Instead, he looked at Luo Yi.

"Listen to Harold, are you capable now?"

Although I don't know where I got the information from, it is not unreasonable for Cook to make his chamber of commerce bigger. No matter what he does, intelligence is the first element.


Luo nodded a little, and the ability to sell gold was not.

However, unlike those with the Devil Fruit ability, he can swim in the water, although Luo Yi's swimming skills are still in the stage of drowning.

"I've seen a few people with abilities, and they are all good, but those pirates who offer more than 100 million rewards are as strong as monsters. The staff in the tavern are more complicated, so don't do it lightly."

Cook said seriously.

"I know."

Luo Yi nodded again.

This was Cook's advice to Luo Yi as an elder. Luo Yi understood it in his heart, even better than Cook.

The first half of the great route starts from the upside-down mountain and goes to the Chambord islands. After the fisherman island passes, the second half of the great route is called the New World.

How do people in the new world call the first half?

Paradise knows not.

The pirates sailing from Upside Down Mountain to Chambord Islands, some people don't even know what domineering is.

In short, it is not necessarily the strong who will be domineering, but the strong will definitely be domineering.

Cook didn't say much, but looked at Manjix who was directing there with interest.

Cook still has some understanding of the fur family.

Although his chamber of commerce does not have those black transactions, as a businessman, he still knows a little bit.

A living, talking fur clan seems to have become a member of this tavern.

Cook didn't care about the changes in the tavern. He has always remembered the kindness and friendship with his parents for Luo Yi's parents.

"Your parents will be proud of you."