Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 16

Cook said something Luo Yi didn't know how to answer.

"Thank you Uncle Cook. If you are not in a hurry, do you want to wait and try the new wine in our store tomorrow."

In the past few days, the inventory in the tavern has also consumed a lot, but Manjix said that as long as the materials arrive, he can make some ale first, and that thing can be made in one day.

As for other wines, they need to be brewed and it will take longer to make.

"Since it's your invitation, let me relax on the island by the way."

All the goods have been moved in this time. The staff of the Cook Chamber of Commerce were waiting outside the pub. Cook glanced at Luo Yi's serious expression, smiled, and agreed.

Watching Cook leave the tavern and helping Manjix tidy up his things, Luo immediately took Lilai out the door and put up the sign of closing today, while Manjix went into the kitchen with excitement.

For him, the past few days are simply suffering. He didn’t even have a good drink. Since Luo asked him on the first day if he had drank urine, Manjikes has been very concerned about the inferior alcohol in the tavern. I don't want to touch it anymore, just aftertaste, it feels like urine.

"Euny sauce, what are we going to do?"

As soon as Luo asked Lilai to take one hundred thousand Bailey with him, he took her out without saying what it was.

"It's rare not to open a store today. Let's go to make a new plaque for the tavern and change its name."

Luo Yi took Lilai's little hand and wandered around the island.

"What's the name of the pub?"

Lilai was very happy. She had already regarded herself as a member of the tavern, and she liked working in the tavern very much.

"The Dota Tavern."

As soon as Luo looked at his system interface, he spit out four words.

27. Good wine

With Luo Yi’s personality and strength, as well as the superb craftsmanship of the craftsmen, a plaque with a simple shape and full of characters is completed.

The plaque is very long, after all, Luo Yi has a lot of requirements.

An iconic thing is depicted on the left and right sides, and also colored.

The one on the left is like a spring water surrounded by stones, and a thick branch grows beside it, and red maple leaves grow on it. The spring water emits a slight blue light, full of vitality.

On the right, there are five bone-like stone pillars that seem to stand up, surrounding a red ball of light in the center, as if to pull people into the abyss.

In the middle of the plaque, there is a font that gradually gets larger from top to bottom. The four words "Dota Tavern" seem to have deterrent power.

Luo Yi was very satisfied.

The technology in this world is messy, and even the craftsmanship is messy.

Good craftsmen are not only incredibly fast, but the quality is also first-class.

Frankie built the Wanli Sunshine, although with the help of Bingberg and the others, it only took a few days.

You know, this world doesn't have all kinds of technology to build ships, all of them rely on manpower, one hammer and one hammer.

The creation of the plaque was almost done under the supervision and guidance of Luo Yi. Although he didn’t know how to design or carpentry, he was the overlord of Party A. Facing his request, there was also the one he had in hand. De Bailey, the plaque boss almost didn't confess him as an ancestor.

Lilai did not always follow Luo Yi's side, Manjikes ran to take Lilai back, saying that making wine requires Lilai's frost power.

It was until the evening, Luo Yi carried the plaque and went back.

Just kidding, this boss is a bit unkind. He charged 80,000 Baileys to himself as a plaque, and even 20,000 for home delivery, Luo Yi naturally refused.

Although 20,000 is not much, he can still draw the turntable twice. If he didn't want to change to a good-looking plaque, Luo Yi would even want to carve one by himself.

Carrying the plaque, walked back all the way.

"Manager Luo Yi?"

It was a familiar voice again. This time, Luo didn't need to turn his head, nor could he turn his head, the man stood in front of him.

"What a coincidence, Major Bell."

The roads of Chambord Islands are still very wide. Although Luo Yi carried a big sign, he went straight forward and did not affect the others, but it was still a bit eye-catching.

"Manager Luo Yi exercised quite well during this period."

Luo Yi, wearing short sleeves, has faint muscles on his arms, especially when he is carrying such a large plaque. His face is red and his heart is not beating. He looks stronger than some soldiers in the Navy, at least ordinary recruits. There is no such strength as Luo Yi.

"Someone taught them hand in hand, and avoided many detours."

Luo said politely, he didn't mean to hide the existence of Manjikes.

"So, it seems that there is indeed a strong man in the store manager Luo Yi's shop."

Bell, who is in charge of these areas, can almost be said to be familiar with every resident here. After all, he passes by their door every day. He also knows that Luo Yi is not a capable person.

The navy stationed in the Chambord Islands, because of Luo Yi's emergence of capable people, has also been discussed.

At that time, I thought it was a passing ability person and dismissed the little bounty. Now it seems that the ability person should still be in Luo Yi's tavern, and he didn't mean to be an enemy of the navy. Naturally, he left it alone.

The navy is not stupid. They also know that One Piece’s deputy captain Reilly is on the island, but when people are okay, they gamble, drink, and live a life of retirement. They will not provoke them.

Otherwise, there are too many pirates on the Chambord Islands, and there are some powerful newcomers coming to the island every year. Will they catch them?

Anyway, if you go to the New World, half of those who can survive are pretty good.

"It's really strong."

Luo nodded. The two didn't talk much. Bell's daily patrol time was not fixed to prevent someone from seizing the navy's patrol time to avoid it, so that there would be no patrol effect.

Back at the tavern, Lilai wore power gloves and moved the ladder out of the tavern.

Luo Yi took off the original plaque and put up a brand new one.

I didn't find a few flower baskets and set off firecrackers. In fact, there were not many repeat customers in the pub, and the main business was mobile business.

"Hey, kid Luo, you changed the plaque?"

With two bags in Harold's hands, he happened to see Luo Yi coming down the ladder.

Looking up at the brand new plaque, Harold didn't understand what it meant, but he still felt that the plaque seemed pretty good.

"Uncle Harold, Lilai has enough clothes."

Luo Yi shook his head helplessly.

These days, Harold will come once every evening, holding the clothes he just made, two sets a day, Lilai can't wear them, besides, for Lilai who usually helps in the tavern , Harold’s clothes are too fancy, not conducive to her work.

"Huh, I said that Lilai was a model for me, but now I work in your tavern every day, and every morning when the tavern business is not busy, let Lilai stay in my store for one, no, two hours. "

Harold forced the clothes into Lilai's hands.

For him, it is the happiest thing in his life that his clothes can be loved by customers.

Under Harold’s strong request and Luo Yi’s bargaining, Lilai will go to his clothing store to be a model for an hour after breakfast tomorrow morning. During the period, he may have to change many clothes. As for Lilai’s own opinion .

"It won't be troublesome for Uncle Harold."

Being well-behaved makes people feel bad.

Luo Yi also knew that Harold was taking care of him in disguise.

After breakfast, it was around 8 o'clock. How could there be any guests? Harold just found an excuse to satisfy his desire to make clothes and let Lilai wear different clothes every day.

After dinner, rested and digested for a while, Luo saw Manjikes coming up from the basement with a stick, and knew that tonight's exercise was inevitable.

The next day, after breakfast, Lilai went to the next door, and Luo Yi continued to exercise his basic skills.

Cook's time was accurate, or Luo Yi knocked on the door of the tavern while Luo Yi was wiping his hair.

"Wait a minute."

As soon as Manjix was practicing in Luo, he ran to see his wine.

The ale extracted using the unique method of the Oyo Society, the moment he opened the lid, the aroma spread to the entire tavern like a decay.

"Good wine."

Although he hasn't seen the wine and tasted it yet, Cook is not stupid. The taste alone defeated most of the wine in his hand.

28. Contract

When Manjikes came up from the basement with a small wine barrel, even Luo Yi, who was not drinking, couldn't help sniffing.

In the past, Luo Yi always had a question that he could not understand, what is so good about wine and why so many people like to drink.

After all, Luo Yi felt that things that tasted bad and had side effects were nothing lovely.

After many investigations, I came to the conclusion that radish and green vegetables have their own loves, so he likes the happy water from the fat house.

Today, Luo Yi understood that it was not that he did not like to drink, but that the taste of the wine was not enough to arouse his interest.

Manjix prepared ale this time.

The mellow peeled wheat kernels and koji are brewed through the special techniques of Oyu Society, the unique Qi of the monks, and the power of frost provided by Lilai.

Although he only smelled it with his nose, Luo Yi could smell the delicate scent, the scent of wheat, and the smell of alcohol. If it was such a wine, even if he drank a short film, Luo Yi felt it was worth it.

The wine barrel is just an ordinary wine barrel, and the wine glass is just an ordinary glass. When Luo saw it, Manjikes' face now revealed undisguised excitement.

For him who is addicted to alcohol, not drinking for several days is enough to make him uncomfortable.

Especially when he was still living in the tavern, and watching the rows of wine barrels in the tavern, which contained only low-quality alcohol, Manjix felt even more uncomfortable.

Holding a barrel about the height of himself, Manjikes poured the wine directly into the glass.

Obviously the lid of the wine barrel has been fully opened, and the target is a wine glass that is not a quarter of the diameter of the wine barrel, but Manjix just filled the three glasses without spilling a drop.

Seeing the little foam floating on the glass, Luo Yi and Cook swallowed together.


Compared to Luo Yi and Manjix's reservedness, Manjix could not bear it for a long time, grabbed the handle of the quilt, raised the wine glass high, shouted excitedly, and drank all the wine in the glass.

"Ah, come alive."

Seeing the refreshing look of Manjikes, Cook seemed to let go of the majesty of the president of the Chamber of Commerce, took up the wine glass, and prepared to taste the taste of the wine.

The beautiful golden color, through the uneven outer wall of the glass, exudes a crystal clear light, this liquid like a work of art, just looking at it makes people move their index fingers.

As soon as the wine glass reached his mouth, Cook took a deep breath. The rich aroma was even stronger than the smell that came from the basement just after the lid was opened. Cook couldn't help but secrete a lot of saliva in his mouth. Swallowed.

The ale enters his mouth and is sweet and rich. Although it has a hint of bitterness of wine, it is just right, which stimulates the taste buds and allows the tongue to feel the taste of wine more fully. Cook did not react until he had a glass of wine. Actually drank it all in one go.

The weight of this glass of wine is 500m. Ever since Cook established the Chamber of Commerce, Chengri has dealt with merchants or nobles, and he never remembered the days when he drank beer happily.

Moreover, the taste of the wine made him feel endless, and he couldn't help but want to continue.

However, the panda sitting on the bar had already been holding the wine barrel and drank it, and it seemed that he did not want to share it with others.

"Good wine."

Cook controlled his gaze, trying not to look at the undrunk ale of Manjikes and Luo, took out his handkerchief and gently wiped the foam on his beard.

Manjix was still drinking, and Luo couldn't help taking a sip when he heard Cook's words.

Then I tasted it again.

Then took another bite.

One more taste at the end.

Hey, no more.

Seeing his empty glass, Luo Yi was surprised.

This taste is good. Although it tastes like wine, it is very comfortable and tastes very good. It is a bit on the top. Luo Yi looked at the three wine glasses on the table, and there were already nine.

He quickly pulled over the stool and sat down, rubbing his temples, trying to relieve his dizziness.

"Luo Yi's drink volume is still so bad."

Cook looked at Luo Yi and couldn't help but smile.

Hearing Cook's words, Luo Yi couldn't help but show some memories in his mind.

It seemed that it was the first time that I drank beer secretly several years ago, and only drank a small half of a glass. I slept under the bar all night until my parents got up the next morning. After searching for a long time, I found him.

This was also the only experience that Luo Yi's body had drunk. Since then, he has never touched alcohol again.

Luo Yi, who was on the bar, couldn't hold back and fell asleep.

Manjikes's barrel of wine has also bottomed out. He put down the wine barrel and burped comfortably. Manjikes felt that his muscles and bones had become more flexible.