Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 17

"Introduce myself. I am Cook, the president of the Cook Chamber of Commerce. Although it is not a huge chamber of commerce, it is also small in scale. I am friends with Luo Yi's parents."

Cook is a businessman, an out-and-out businessman.

For money, he can deal shamelessly with the nobles, or do some unknown activities with the pirates. As long as these operations are innocent on the surface and secretly, they will not be noticed by anyone, and he has recently caught up A line may be able to make his chamber of commerce even stronger.

As for this tavern, it can be said that it is the last trace of humanity that Cook has retained.


Manjix touched his stomach, meaty and comfortable.

Hearing Cook's introduction, Manjikes originally wanted to claim to be a friend of Luo and took it back.

You are a friend of Luo Yi's parents, and I am a friend of Luo Yi's. Wouldn't it be called your uncle to be beautiful?

"Are you interested in doing a business?"

Cook spoke directly and pointed at the wine barrel in front of Manjikes.

Manjix grinned, he was familiar with this conversation.

There are so many pandas in Oyou Society, and all of them are martial arts bears. You can't live by farming alone.

The panda's appetite is already large, and with the consumption of martial arts, it will naturally cost more.

Therefore, facing Cook’s proposal, Manjikes just wanted to say

It just happened.

When Luo Yiyou woke up and found himself lying on the bed, the sun had already set.

His head was still dizzy, but his stomach and bladder reminded Luo Yi not to rest anymore.

After solving the physiological problem, Luo came downstairs and saw Manjikes and Lilai who were clearing the tables and chairs.

"Wake up? Where is the meal? After eating, rest and continue training tonight."

Manjix didn't let him go because he was drunk.

"Well, it's hard work."

Seeing the movements of the two, Luo Yi knew that the pub was still open today.

There are some food under the bar, and it is still steaming, thinking that it was Manjix who prepared it when he woke up.

After eating the food, Luo saw a contract squeezed to the side with the seal of the Kur Chamber of Commerce.

With curiosity, Luo picked it up and took a look, then raised his head and glanced at Manjikes, then at the contract, then raised and lowered his head, with a piece of meat that was only half of his mouth in his mouth, and he couldn't believe it. .

29. Iron-branch trunk, well-deserved reputation

During training, although his mind was a little uncomfortable, Luo Yi felt that he was full of energy.

The contract just now was a cooperation signed between Manjikes and the Cook Chamber of Commerce in the name of a tavern.

300 barrels of special ale are provided to the Cook Chamber of Commerce every month. The Cook Chamber of Commerce provides materials and barrels for brewing ale, and the Cook Chamber of Commerce provides transportation and storage.

Luo Yi simply asked, and the answer he got from Manjikes was that the profit per barrel was about 8W Bailey, which means that Manjikes can earn 2,400W Bailey every month!

Hearing this, Luo Yi was almost crazy.

Are craftsmen like this?

Does making money start at ten million?

What is the point of opening this tavern by yourself?

However, Manjikes said that not all the wines sold are paid by Bailey. The Cook Chamber of Commerce will provide them with sea king meat every month, as well as some other materials purchased by Manjikes, which is about 2000W. Bailey.

The final money should be around 400W.

But 400W is also a huge sum of money.

Thinking of this, Luo Yi felt that today's condition was particularly good. Although the training time was much later than usual, he was indeed very motivated. He didn't need Manjix's spur at all, and he completed the training volume of the night.

Back in the tavern, it was already ten o'clock. When he first went out, Luo Yi asked Lilai to put 100W Bailey into his room. He felt that a 100 shots tonight would be a good choice.

Skillfully recharge, draw a lottery, as for the system upgrade, Luo Yi felt that he should not have enough money to charge up at one time, so he didn't give a hint, but after the upgrade, he didn't see that the lottery could draw something better, so he is not in a hurry.

"You got the iron branch trunk"

"You got the scroll: Soul Ring"

"You got the scroll: the niche of shadow"

"Do you want to get rich overnight? Do you want assets of over 100 million? Do you want to be famous overnight? Do you want wives and concubines in groups? Baby, what are you waiting for, come on: 626894216"

I didn't bother to pay attention to the advertisement, and would jump out almost every time the lottery was drawn, Luo Yi sorted out the harvest this time.

In fact, after 100 consecutive draws, a lot of things suddenly appeared in the armory, which was indeed a bit chaotic.

This time, there are 38 skins, and the rest are objects.

Luo Yi felt happy when he saw the three books of knowledge added.

Although it is small, but the cooling is long, he is now a man with a profit of tens of millions every month, even if he does not earn it by himself, it is not good to eat soft rice.

And this time the lottery items, the number of scrolls obviously increased a lot, Luo Yi synthesized many items.

Ethereal pendant: a small gem decorated with chains.

Wraith Band: A ring that always echoes with faint whispers.

Bracers: Bracers are a common choice for enhancing defenses and extending life.

Soul Ring: A ring that can devour the soul of the wearer.

Restoring turban: Create an analgesic aura to restore life to friendly forces in battle.

Xuanming Shield: A powerful shield that bestows the strength of the heroes of the past. It can protect the entire army in battle.

Shadow Niche: Contains the ashes of powerful demons.

These are all things Luo Yi synthesized this time.

But now he is lying on the bed, looking at his system interface, thinking about a very serious problem.

Although every time a lottery draws, there is no thank you for your patronage of this kind of deceptive thing, but in terms of the number of hero skins alone, there are a lot more, and now there are even duplicates drawn.

Ye Di, are you going to let those heroes have a change of clothes?

Lilai got one of his cloak, but it doesn't have attributes, and it's really just to look good.

Even most of the items drawn now have very few rare-quality skins, most of them are ordinary, and occasionally a few rare-level skins just laughed.

As for items, it seems that consumables also account for the majority. There are now 15 branches in addition to the synthetic ones, and the tree sacrifice has reached 21.

And Luo Yi thinking about the problem is exactly the level of the system.

Think about the first lottery items. If you list the prices of the items, there are only a few items, but you can find them, so cheap.

After the system was upgraded, it seemed that the things that were drawn gradually started to become more expensive, but at present, the most expensive thing drawn is the chain mail used to synthesize the mysterious shield. The price in the game is 550. .

Aside from those skins, this is the most expensive thing currently drawn. As for the second most expensive item, the scroll: Crystal Sword. The price in the game is 500.

Luo Yi felt that the level of the system should limit the value of the items he could draw.

Otherwise, 200 lottery draws, you can't even draw a little more expensive piece.

Looking at the 1 in the upper right corner, Luo Yi felt that he was looking at 5 million Bailey.

But over the past few days, I have settled the money with the Cook Chamber of Commerce, plus the expenses of the three of them for food and the money spent on their own lottery, 11 million Baileys, there are only about 5 million left.

If this were all replaced, would he be forced by Manjikes to catch the pirates to make a living?

There is also the problem of the probability of the lottery.

In fact, Luo Yi was nervous, looking forward to the lottery right now, but a little scared.

Luo Yi wanted to draw another hero out, but he was afraid of it.

One more person, one more mouth.

If it's a mage, it's okay, depending on Lilai's appetite, it is only twice as much as ordinary people, and Manjix, this appetite is also terrible.

If there is another edible hero, it is estimated that the tavern can be closed, so let's just change to be a bounty man.

Of course, the system did not disappoint Luo Yi. After 100 consecutive draws, no hero appeared.

After tidying up the inventory, Luo found that he seemed to hurry up to practice.

The items he is carrying now are power shoes, wands, shadow niches, soul rings, crowns, and wraith belts.

Niche of Shadows: 1.5 mana recovery, 2 all attributes, 2 armor, active: soul release

Soul Ring: 6 Strength, 2.5 Life Recovery, Active: Dedication

Wraith Band: 3 Strength, 6 Agility, 3 Intelligence, 5 Attack Speed

Two of them, like the magic wand, are equipment with active skills, but Luo Yi is mainly used to support attributes.

As for the character's attributes, it has also become strength: 1428, agility 1215, and intelligence 1512.

Luo Yi found that there were still a lot of attributes added to equipment.

Squeezing his fist, Luo gently punched the small tree beside the bed.

"It hurts"

The iron-branched trunk is well-deserved.

30. Actual combat

When he got up the next day, Luo Yi habitually took out a book of knowledge.

Since the second use of the Book of Knowledge could not be opened, Luo Yi tried every morning to see if the cooling time was over.

But it failed for several days, and today is the sixth day.

Luo Yi tried to open the book of knowledge as usual, but he didn't use any force, and it was useless. This thing mainly depends on people's willingness.

Today, the Book of Knowledge finally opened his heart, allowing Luo Yi to enter into Luo Yi's body.

"Five days? Or six days?"

The cooling time in the game is 5 minutes, but now, 5 days and 6 nights have passed since I used the Book of Knowledge. Luo Yi thinks that the time may be 5 days. The time I used before was the night, when I used it yesterday morning. , The cooling time is not over yet.

As for whether the guess is right or not, just try it in a few days.

For Luo Yi, when he opened his eyes today, he felt that the air was exceptionally fresh, and he was as happy as knowing the income of the pub last night. This must be the so-called happy event.

"This is the training content that started today."

As soon as he got downstairs, Luo saw Manjikes patted a piece of paper in front of him.

New content?Luo was excited.

But as soon as Luo saw it, even Lilai was standing next to Manjikes, dressed in a blue and white sportswear. It seemed that he had also come in from Uncle Harold.

Moreover, the expression on Lilai's face was even more excited than Luo Yi.

"From today, in addition to basic skills, you and Lilai will have actual combat training. The content is sparring."

Luo Yi: °°

Sparring?I'm afraid it was not the one who was beaten.

Others don't know, Luo Yi knows that Bailey who summoned Manjix was earned by Lilai.

When fighting against Lilai, he didn't even have a skill and never had actual combat training. In the past few days, he has only increased his horse-buying punching exercises. How to fight?

Besides, Lilai is so cute, how can she bear to start, she can't move.

"Although the way a monk cultivates zhenqi is somewhat different from the mage's meditation, some principles are still the same. The effect of Lilai's meditation in the past few days is also obvious, and her mental power has increased a lot.

Luo Yi and Lilai stance together, while Manjikes explained.

"However, it is far from enough to just increase the power. It needs to be used continuously to completely master the power that one has."

"Although Lilai's frost power is very powerful, she also needs to learn to control it. Luo Yi, your physical fitness does increase every day, but there are some things that can only be quickly mastered through actual combat."

The time to practice basic skills this time was only half an hour. For Luo Yi, there was no pressure, but for Lilai, her legs were already shaking.

A few people sat down and ate breakfast. This is Luo Yi's recently integrated time plan. The cooking time can be used to exercise basic skills. After the exercise, prepare the dishes and you can start the meal.