Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 20

After hearing that Luo Yi was preparing for the draw, Manjikes also generously said that you are welcome to take the flowers.

With sea king-like meat every day, the three people now even reduce the time to eat a lot, and they don't need to spend extra money on food.

According to Manjikes, this meat is rich in nutrients and enough calories. For Luo Yi and Lilai, who are not physically strong now, it is enough to eat half a catty of meat for a meal.

It was also from the day that the sea king-like meat appeared that Luo Yi knew that Manjikes had not eaten enough in the past few days.

A life of wine and meat is what he usually enjoys as a national treasure.

Taking the five million that Manjix gave to himself and the five million that he took from Lilai’s room, Luo Yi returned to his room after the training of the day, took a deep breath, and topped up 500. Knife coins.

"Knife coin meets the upgrade conditions, is it upgraded? No"

Just after the recharge was completed, Luo immediately yelled at the news as soon as he saw it.

Sure enough, this system is a pitfall. Now that it is only level 1 and level 2, it will cost 5 million. Then, for the following levels, round it up, isn't it worth 100 million.

However, the one who needs to be upgraded still has to be promoted. Luo realized that he couldn't draw a hero because of the insufficient level of the tavern.

"The system level is upgraded to level 2."

"The hero information bar function is on."

"The hero inventory function is on."

Seeing that the function that jumped out this time was turned on, Luo Yi couldn't understand it a bit.

Wasn’t it turned on during the last upgrade?

But it seems a bit different, this time, it seems to be the hero inventory.

Sure enough, the system interface has also undergone some changes. At the top left of the system bar, a selectable button appeared with the word hero written on it.

After clicking it, a total of three columns and six rows of icons appeared, all of which were the heroes' heads. Except for the colored heads of Manjikes and Lilai, the rest were gray.

As soon as Luo clicked on Lilai’s avatar, he saw the information bar below, which turned into Lilai’s face, but unfortunately, it was not the way Lilai was sleeping, it seemed to have taken some of her actions in the store. Used as an avatar.

This time, even Lilai's attributes could be seen.

Strength: 6, Agility: 6, Intelligence: 56???

Luo Yi:

what happened?

Luo Yi remembered clearly that Lilai's initial attributes were clearly 18, 16, and 14. This intelligence was also a bit outrageous.

Moreover, this is still a property that has no equipment effect. If he wears Luo Yi's current equipment, how can Lilai's intelligence increase to 80, and the latter???What the hell is it, can it still depend on whether the mood increases?

If you don’t understand, don’t read it.

In the skill bar, like Luo Yi, there are six grids, but Lilai's first grid already has skills.

Power of Frost: Possess an unrivaled frost talent, able to manipulate freezing magic with mental power.

An ice blue, like an arcane pattern, occupied a skill grid and wrote a very simple introduction.



Is this also OK?

Is this Nima a skill? This is simply a set of skills.

Luo Yi didn't bother to worry about this thing, but looked at the inventory behind.

Unlike his own, Lilai's inventory has a lock on it.

There are a total of nine inventory, just like in the game. The top six are inventory items that provide attribute bonuses, while the bottom three are equivalent to the nature of a warehouse. However, you can switch items on the battlefield, but the equipment you need to replace After a period of cooling, the effect can be provided.

Lilai’s first inventory was emitting a faint light. With Luo Yi’s rich gaming experience, this is a Peugeot that needs to be unlocked first. With a click, a prompt appeared.

"Unlocking the first inventory requires 100 dollars. Will it be unlocked? Is it?"

What about the pit, one is 100 dollars?Then unlock all, don’t you want 900?

As soon as Luo looked at the five million Baileys at his feet, he was heartbroken, and directly recharged them into knife coins, and unlocked Lilai's first inventory.

The golden light flashed, the five-mao special effect flashed, and the first inventory was unlocked.

"Unlocking the second inventory requires 200 dollars. Will it be unlocked? Is it?"

Luo Yi: ┴┴︵╰‵′︵┴┴

35. Doomsday Dad

Luo Yi didn't expect that this hero's inventory unlock would actually be incremental.

When he gritted his teeth, he unlocked Lilai's second inventory.

"Unlocking the third inventory requires 300 dollars, do you want to unlock it?"

Unlock?Get a fart.

Anyway, the equipment also has an increase in the hand, but it does not directly affect the body like in the inventory, and I can't feel the effect of the increase.

Luo Yi, who originally thought he was a lot richer, suddenly felt that he was poor.

Because when he opened the Manjix panel, he found that the hero's inventory was unlocked separately.

In other words, according to the increment of 100 dollars in each inventory, a total of 4,500 dollars is required for nine grids, and two people alone cost 90 million Baileys.

Looking at his system, Luo Yi found out that this was a big hole, a big hole that money could never fill.

Only then did he upgrade the system to level 2, and he changed his tricks to cheat himself of money. If he was upgraded to level 3, wouldn't it be exhausting Manjix?

I spent $100 to unlock Manjix's inventory. Since I have unlocked two for Lilai, we can't favor one another, and the money spent now is earned by both of them.

For the last 100 dollars, Luo silently opened the shop and clicked on the draw. This time, he decided to try the single draw.

"You got the doomsday messenger"

Luo Yi:'ω

Is this a single draw miracle?

In the room, a red circle suddenly lit up, and a five-pointed star, burning with raging flames, went straight to the roof, but did not burn anything.

A tall figure appeared from the magic circle, a pair of huge demon horns, wearing dark red metal armor, legs like sheep's hooves, and the wings with the skeleton on the back.

The Burning Flame Demon Sword in his hand stretched out directly from the magic circle and almost stuck it on Luo Yi's head.

"I bring the end."

There was a low voice and some unclear words, but Luo Yi could hear it clearly.

Who is this, this is the doomsday father.

A big move back then was to ban the active skills, passive skills, and item skills of the opposite hero, and singled out the hero who met his father and died, and beat the hero who was called father.

Looking at the flames slowly disappearing, and the height that almost reached the ceiling, fortunately, there were few things in the room, otherwise the pair of wings behind it could mess up the room.

His flames will never go out, his devouring will never be satisfied, and his killing can only punish the enemies Lucifer brought to him.

Holding a flame-burning sword, plundering the soul of life, he is a fallen messenger, once a feared general in the dark kingdom, but was banished for the crime of contempt. He refused to kneel to anyone.

How awesome.

Even if you don't read the introduction, Luo Yi can feel his pride just by looking at the doomsday eyes.

Compared to his body, Doom's eyes are too small.

It was like two soybeans placed on a scorched face, if it weren't for the huge helmet, Luo Yi really wanted to see what Doomsday's face looked like.

"Boom boom boom"

Luo Yi's room door was knocked, and quickly got up from the bed to open the door, and saw Manjikes wearing a pair of shorts and Lilai who was timid behind him.

After Luo Yi upgraded the system, the two also felt the difference. Even after Luo opened their inventory, the two knew how to use it and put their own props in.

Afterwards, sensing that a new hero was called out, Manjix went upstairs, just in time with Lilai who opened the door, and the two came together to meet their new partner.

"Little guy from Oyo Club."

Doom looked down at Manjix with a look of arrogance.

"The torture of the brand? The kingdom of darkness? You are the one Lucifer who made the death knell of Wa Shiondo ring six times and still survived?"

Manjix saw the origin of the other party at a glance, and returned to the end.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Luo Yi quickly took a look at the attributes of Doom.

Strength: 395, Agility: 224, Intelligence: 277.

When he just unlocked Manjix's inventory, Luo Yi naturally paid attention to Manjix's attribute points.

Strength: 287, Agility: 204, Intelligence: 176.

Compared to the end, Manjix's attributes are indeed much less, but the two are now different.

One is a young boy who is still working hard to be the first, and the other is a general who has been fighting for many years.

Fortunately, the atmosphere between the two is not very tense.

"That, what do you call Dad?"

Luo almost yelled his father, but even changed his words.


The Doomsday glanced at Luo, too weak, how did he agree to the summoning? Is it because he was tired of the lost paradise.

"Well, Lucifer, how about a supper and sit down and talk?"

Luo Yi suddenly proposed.

Lucifer looked at Luo Yi with a blank face, then nodded.

Seeing his agreement, Luo immediately motioned the two to go downstairs.

And Lilai looked at Lucifer with a little fear, especially the handle in his hand, still braving the flames, as if to plunder the soul of the magic sword.

Don't look at Lilai and her sister Lena always quarreling about ♂, because Lena is her sister.

Now I really saw a demonic character, a child who was just eight years old, how could he accept it, especially after his mental power increased, he felt very clear about the power brought by the flame brand.

However, the current situation is a bit embarrassing.

Lucifer's body is too tall.

Luo Yi’s room was just an ordinary room, and the door was only two meters high and one meter wide.

And Lucifer's height, although only two meters, the two horns on his head increased him by almost half a meter. Even if he squatted down, there were still a pair of wings behind him, and he was going out sideways. When I got stuck.

How to do?

What else could be done, Luo took down the door frame with black lines.

Finally Lucifer squeezed out.

After passing the narrow stairs again, Lucifer's wings got stuck twice, tore off two guardrails, and came downstairs.

"I think we have to consider moving."

Luo Yi said this sentence.

It's just the doomsday father now, and Manjikes is still sleeping in the basement. If he summons other people, he doesn't even have a room to live in. The body shape is a different matter.

"It makes sense. I'll go out to see the house tomorrow."

Manjikes scratched his stomach and said.

I took out the Neptune-like meat from the refrigerator. This is what I ate today. Some people bring fresh meat every day. With the appetite of Manjikes, there is not much left.

But now, with another mouth, Luo Yi suddenly felt that, apart from the knife coins he had already redeemed, there might not be enough money to spend.

I dealt with it a little bit. In fact, the meat was sliced ​​and cooked. As soon as Luo brought the stuff up, Manjikes also moved out the ale.

Lilian sat quietly in the chair, afraid to speak.

Lucifer sat upright on the chair, and Luo Yi was a little worried when he looked at the slightly trembling chair.

With the magic sword inserted between the wings on his back, Lucifer grabbed a piece of meat, put it in his mouth, and chewed it twice.

"Bah, it's unpalatable."