Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 21

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36. Humph

When he saw Lucifer cut the remaining vegetables and meat in the refrigerator with the flame-burning magic sword expertly sliced, cut into dice, and sprinkled it with seasonings, and roasted them directly with the branding fire, Luo Yi felt the way. The people of West France collapsed.

Are you still a foodie who knows how to cook?

Devouring: Lucifer's appetite and greed will never be satisfied.

This is the first skill in Lucifer's skill column.

Well, after eating too much, I will indeed start to think about the taste.

Facts have proved that Lucifer's cooking skills are indeed top-notch, at least Luo Yi has not yet eaten any more delicious dishes than he does.


Even Manjikes praised.

Not to mention Lilai, the taste of food has already made her overcome her fear of Lucifer, plus a small glass of special drink that Manjix poured her, that was when brewing ale, alone Prepared for Lilai.

Even the Oyu Society, they only start drinking at a certain age. Manjikes is because of his special status and half of the blood of God flowing on his body, so he will start to learn drinking and drunken boxing early.

"I just opened the inventory for you, you should feel it."

After drinking and eating, Luo Yi also drank the children's drink prepared by Manjikes, and began to talk about business.

"It's an interesting spatial ability. Not only can you store magic items, but you can also directly bless the power of the items on your body, which is very interesting."

Manjix nodded.

Lilai did not speak, but just sat there cleverly, acting as a mascot.

"That's the inventory, everyone can open nine of them, but this costs"

Luo Yi talked about the expenses in the system. These are the characters summoned by the system, and there is no need to hide the content of the system from them.

And the first to worry was Manjikes and Lilai.

The two have lived here for a period of time. In their spare time, Luo Yi will take them around the island to buy some daily necessities, or some gadgets. They know Bailey's purchasing power.

I thought that the current income was enough for them to live luxuriantly, but under the circumstances of constantly adding more mouths, it seemed that it was really not enough.

But Manjikes was not worried.

The big deal is that the quantity sold to the Cook Chamber of Commerce doubles, so the income will also double, and the time of winemaking will not change.

Taking this opportunity, Luo Yi also gave Lucifer a brief introduction to the world.

After a little understanding, Lucifer decided to take a walk with Manjikes tomorrow, and took the recent newspapers from the bar to collect information on it.

As for the question of money, the general of Lucifer's dignified kingdom of darkness refused to kneel down to the ruler of the kingdom. How could he make money? Just grab it for what he wanted. If he didn't give it, he had to ask himself. The Burning Flame Demon Sword in here agreed not to.

Lucifer, who has survived for a long time in the Lost Paradise, has long been accustomed to days without money. As for the so-called order, it is only a means used by the strong to enslave and protect the weak.

In the seven dark territories, only he can move freely. What does it depend on? Isn't it the magic sword in his hand, but the unmatched power in his body.

Pay?There is no such thing in the dark territory.

"I was thinking about finding a bigger store, renting or buying, and then using it as just a house and acting as a warehouse by the way."

It didn't take long for Luo Yi to consider it temporarily. Naturally, a few people had to negotiate the specific content.

"This is indeed ok. The store is indeed a bit smaller. I want to brew some other alcoholic beverages, but it lacks some conditions, but can the spring water downstairs be moved?"

Manjikes didn't have any other requirements. The spring water was indeed a good thing. Although the daily output was small, the wine he wanted to brew didn't use much spring water, and it was not used every day.

"It should be possible."

Luo Yi didn't know too much, but when he placed it, he didn't say that it could not be taken away. Luo Yi felt that the problem should not be big.

In fact, he has an item in his hand and has always wanted to try it, but he just didn't have the chance. If he does move out, he can indeed consider trying it.

"Then discuss the requirements for the new tavern."

As he said, Manjikes took out a piece of paper and prepared to start recording.

Manjikes' handwriting is pretty good, at least Biluo is much more beautiful like a chicken claw, and even has a calligraphic feel.

Luo realized that he hadn't found anything that Manjikes didn't know. It seemed that the people who were taught by a great power were different from ordinary people.

Alas, the so-called rich but only three generations, maybe just because they may not be their own children after three generations, and poor but three generations, it is because they can't afford to marry a wife.

As for the Oyou Society, the inheritance of knowledge of such a whole force has started since the ancient times of their world, and has continued to the present. There are simply innumerable generations, and the official website information is not written.

But Manjix's knowledge is indeed much richer than Luo and the others.

Soon, Manjix wrote several pieces of paper eloquently, and finally sorted out the requirements of the new store.

"First of all, the location of the tavern cannot be placed in an illegal place, otherwise the people from the Cook Chamber of Commerce may not be willing to come over. We have to let the courier run to deliver the goods."

"Secondly, whether it is the size of the door or the size of the aisle, the tavern needs to be as large as possible. Lucifer's body is just a little taller than ordinary people, mainly wings. But if you call other people in the future, it will be hard to say. ."

"Finally, in addition to the tavern, we can consider preparing some houses in illegal areas where the navy can't manage them. Even if we have more and more people in the future, we can avoid some troubles."

These are just summaries. For the specific situation, you must first go to the island and check out which stores are rented or sold, and what the price is. Manjikes suggested that it is better to buy it directly.

With regard to his proposal, Luo Yi didn't know what he could do besides nodding his head.

What can he do.

Those who eat, use, and learn from others, and now even buy a house have to rely on others. If it weren't for this tavern and system, Luo Yi felt that he was the one called.

Lucifer was sitting on the bar with his back against the bar, sitting like an ancient clock, with the magic sword on the table, but the flame did not burn the table, holding the newspaper in both hands, glanced over, and met Luo Yi.

Although Lucifer's expression didn't show anything at all, Luo Yi felt that he seemed to be talking in his heart.

"Huh, I'm so desperate."

37. We just want to see the shop

The next day, Luo Yi and Lilai were still training in basic skills, and then went to the old place of GR 29 to practice fighting.

Almost every day, Luo Yi consumes a tree sacrifice, so far, he has lost three of them.

As for the purification potion, except after it was used by Lilai on the first day, it was never taken out.

In Manjix's words, the self-recovery after exhaustion is conducive to the improvement of Lilai's mental power.

At the end of today's exercise, Luo Yi suddenly discovered something was wrong.

Counting the days when he uses the book of experience, he should be able to use it tomorrow morning, and as his attribute points increase, the effect of exercise will become less and less. If he had not joined the actual combat training with Lilai, he would even have No longer see the time when the attribute points are improved.

But today, after the training, Luo Yi saw that his all attributes had improved by 2 points.

Strength: 22, Agility: 22, Intelligence: 25.

This is Luo Yi's current attribute, which is more than three times more than half a month ago.

However, recently his attributes have improved, from 2 o'clock in the previous day to 1 o'clock in two days.

Today's improvement is a bit abnormal. Could it be that it has broken through a certain bottleneck.

Despite this conjecture, Luo Yi didn't have any special feelings, just that his physical fitness had improved a little.

But when he focused his attention on his attribute column.


Luo Yi couldn't help but explode.

For Luo Yi, who doesn’t read very seriously and doesn’t even know how to "wow sorrow," expressing happiness, sadness, anger, confusion, sorrow, anxiety, fear, guilt, etc. can only be replaced by one word. Extremely useful.

Lilai looked up at Luo, as if she wanted to say something, but couldn't say it.

As soon as Luo saw something, he saw the growth behind the attributes, and all became 2.

Can you not get excited?

Can you be unhappy?

Can you not lose control?

He never thought that his growth would improve.

Could it be said that the increase in system level also means that one's own growth can be increased along with it?

So now should I work hard to make money first, wait for it to become rich, and exercise well?

Even if the attribute growth is only 5, the efficiency is 5 times as much as it is now.

But wait, it seems that making money is not your turn.

The current situation is that he is nourished by the heroes he has summoned, and he doesn't even have the qualifications to worry about money, and is the kind of living on other people's money.

Alas, life is difficult, Luo Yi couldn't help but shook his head.

Lilai followed Luo, looking at him a little worried.

Just after the two of them had finished training, Luo immediately became happy, excited, and a little lost in an instant. Isn't it possible that when the ice cone brushed his head, he made his brain silly?

"Eunichan, are you okay."

Lilai pulled Lalo Yi's arm worriedly.

"I'm fine, by the way, Lilai, you can use the book of knowledge in two days. I will give you another one."

Luo lightly patted the back of Lilai's hand, then took out a book of knowledge and placed it in Lilai's hand.

These days, this area of ​​GR 29 has become their exclusive training ground.

It was the lawless group on this island who knew that a team had directly planted it.

It is said that it was a demon wearing a child's coat, and when he raised his hand, he froze more than 20 people directly, then turned his head and smiled at another group of people, which directly scared the others.

The most terrifying thing is that a panda from the fur clan not only sat down to death the leader of the team, but even packed up the remaining living people and sold them to the population auction house.

According to reliable sources, the panda had done this kind of black-eating thing half a month ago, but it was not done illegally at the time, and it was also at night. No one knows if it weren’t for them. Considering some communication, how can I know this?

Therefore, let’s not say anything else, at least jump out to provoke Lin Nan and the others. I really dare not. Don’t be caught by the time when people are not caught. Instead, they will be sold. To be a slave for a lifetime, it is better to be caught by the navy.

"Finally gone."

"That little brother is amazing day by day, it's terrible."

"The scary thing is that little girl. What kind of ability is that? I think it can be used by a hundred people."

"Fortunately, the boss just told us to observe carefully, and didn't say to do it."

"However, the price of the capable people is not low recently. If you really catch the two of them, you will have to sell 200 million Baileys."

"You arrested someone, the boss gave you 100 million Baileys, believe it or not."

"You lie, how can the boss be so kind."

"Just stare."

This man is a fool, and working with such a person is really tiring.

Luo Yi didn't know that they were already being watched. He talked and smiled and took Lilai's hand and walked to the tavern.

Back at the tavern, Manjikes had already taken Lucifer out.

Once Luo and Lilai finished washing, they opened the door of the tavern and opened to welcome the guests.

On the streets of the Chambord Islands, the combination of Manjikes and Lucifer seemed a bit conspicuous.

One is the fur clan whose reserve price reached 700,000 Baileys at the population auction. They are just over a meter tall and look stupid and cute.

The other is wearing an armor of unknown material, even his face looks like armor, a long flame knife on his back, two big horns on his head, plus his legs are really unique. It's different. When everyone saw Lucifer, they couldn't help but evade.

Lucifer enjoyed this feeling very much. He raised his chin somewhat arrogantly, scanning the people on the street with soy eyes, like a general patrolling the barracks.

"Can't you change your look?"

Manjikes had a headache, and he was not a wizard, so there was no way to transform Lucifer into a cute lamb or pig.

Lucifer from the night dire side, although not the most terrifying, but at this time, especially in tourist attractions, it is indeed easy to frighten many people.

When they went around in GR No. 4049, they finally saw a store that was ready for sale, and the overall size was good. When Manjikes was about to go in and talk to someone, the store manager knelt down on the spot.

"Please don't kill me. I am willing to give money and will not report to the navy."

Manjikes looked up at Lucifer depressedly, and saw that his slightly raised face and his pale yellow eyes did not look like a good person.