Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 22

"Manager, don't worry, we just want to look at the store and buy it if it's suitable."

Manjikes spoke a word of comfort.

"The house is not mine. I'm just a tenant. I immediately call the landlord over."

With that said, the store manager quickly took out the phone bug from under the cash register and dialed the phone.

"Landlord, someone wants your house, get out of here."

Manjix, Lucifer: ""

38. Where are the ruthless people?

Wandered for a whole day, until the sky dimmed.

Manjikes and Lucifer, in the end, did not look at the store.

The Chambordian Islands are extremely prosperous even if they are illegal, but it is the difference between tourists and traffickers.

With the guests coming and going, the mobile storefront is like a restaurant in front of a school, with people closing down and opening new ones almost all the time.

But whether it's "prosperous shop transfer," or "shop for rent," or "house for sale," it all depends on fate.

Some stores are really good, but they don't meet the standards in Manjix's mind.

Their requirements are not small. First of all, it must be large. Not only the area in the tavern must be large, but also all the doors, windows and aisles inside must be large.

As for the location, Manjix is ​​not worried at all.

The aroma of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley. If you feel that the alley is deep, it means that your wine is actually not good enough, or others do not know your wine.

Anyway, the business in the tavern is pretty good now, and Manjikes doesn't want to spend all his time on making money, just spend enough.

As for Luo Yi's consumption, slowly accumulate and pump slowly, it takes a long time.

Back in the tavern, Luo once went out to exercise on his own, while Lilai meditated upstairs.

And Lucifer, who has gone through a day and a night, has probably understood the situation in this world, and is somewhat interested in the powerhouses in this world.

But Lucifer was not the kind of person who proactively caused trouble. He scorned everything in the world and didn't bother to do anything.

But if the other party actively provokes him, he will never show mercy.

To be honest, Lucifer yesterday didn't know why he signed the contract that suddenly appeared in his mind, and the content of the contract was not that attractive to him.

However, he just signed it. Thinking about it now, maybe it was because that contract came from the depths of his soul and directly remembered it from his heart.

After being bound by an inescapable desire and distorted by an unimaginable talent, Lucifer didn't know how long he hadn't felt his soul. Maybe this was the reason.

"You, god blood."

Back in the tavern, Lucifer, who had nothing to do, came to the basement and looked at Manjix and said.


Manjix, who was pouring the ale into the calabash, nodded.

As a child of gods and mortals, Manjikes knew this from an early age, and some powerful people, especially those who attacked the soul like Lucifer, could easily see his difference.

"Also, too small."

Lucifer shook his head.

He does recognize Manjix's talent a bit, but he does not agree with Manjix's current strength.

Age may be the only fatal injury that Manjix has now.

"Why don't we have a discussion."

Filling the jug, Manjix poured the rest of the wine into his mouth, put down the barrel, wiped the corners of his mouth with the back of his hand comfortably, and said to Lucifer.

Although they don't have a panel, they can roughly assess the strength of the opponent. He knows that Lucifer is stronger than him, especially the flame on the flame burning sword, which touches his soul.

"Go, junior."

Lucifer didn't hesitate. After hearing Manjikes' proposal, he got up directly. The two are now going to find a place to discuss it, and the movement may be a bit big.

Their movements were indeed great, even if they were illegally moving their hands, they also alarmed the navy.

The battle site chosen by the two people was GR 9 and GR 6069 going south was the place where the navy was stationed and the entrance and exit of the government.

Manjkst selected this area, mainly because there are few people here, even if there are people, they are basically lawless elements, relying on the existence of the dark side of this world without being controlled.

Even if it is affected by the aftermath of their battle, there will be no psychological burden.

The two were speechless all the way, Manjikes drank a little wine, improving his state, Lucifer was calm and relaxed, he was in the best state at any time, no need to adjust.

Bao Hu didn't put it down. He held a wooden stick in his hand. Manjikes pulled a stick from the branch above his head the other day and cut it by himself.

Lucifer drew the burning flame sword from the wings on his back.

Because of the contract, it was impossible for him to kill Manjix, and the method of burning the soul could not be used.

However, Lucifer never kept his hands. Since he wants to fight, even if it is to learn from each other, then Lucifer is willing to share with others the flame brand he suffered when he was exiled.

Manjikes turned the long stick in his hand and rushed directly to Lucifer, the treasure gourd on his back did not tremble at all.

His speed was very fast, even faster than Lucifer, but Manjikes still felt threatened in the face of the one Lucifer waved casually.

If he was cut by that burning flame sword, he would be seriously injured if he didn't die.

He fell forward as if he was tripped under his feet. He happened to escape a sword swung by Lucifer, but he didn't see Manjix falling. Instead, he twisted his waist and stood up again.


Manjikes avoided, but the island behind him couldn't escape.

It seemed to have been cut by an invisible sword energy, but the sound of being bombarded by shells broke out.

The flames of Lucifer waved through the magic sword, not only cutting the ground open, but also causing a huge explosion.

This alone caused a sensation.

"What's the matter? Has anyone attacked?"

Those closest to them have this idea in their hearts.

No way, this is an illegal zone. Even if it exists for some reason, the navy hasn't controlled it here, but it doesn't mean that no one else does it.

A group of savages live together, fighting is inevitable, and occasionally one or two explosions, just look at the situation, as long as it does not affect yourself, and care about other people.

With the increasing number of explosions, some things have to be dealt with.

Many of the illegal teams of GR 9 were alarmed, but when they saw the battle between Manjikes and Lucifer, they had an idea in their hearts.

"Where is the ruthless person? This strength is not like a rookie."

The buildings on the three streets have all been reduced to ashes under the flames, and this island is completely turned into a piece of scorched earth.

And above the scorched earth, a loud voice, holding a flame sword in his hand, only the wings of the skeleton behind his back spread out with all his strength, with two huge demon horns on his head, like a fallen messenger, bringing the end of the world .

In contrast, the short fur clan who has recently been famous in illegal areas, wears a vest, carries a gourd, and carries a stick. Although the hair on his body is a bit scorched, the whole body is full of thick fur. Strong fighting spirit.

The two of you come and go, moving fast and powerful, almost every collision will bring huge vibrations to the ground.

Manjix, who hadn't tried his best for a long time, was excited.

39. Gumir

The next morning, the Dota Tavern welcomed special guests.

"right here?"

"Yes, this is it?"

"Unexpectedly, it would be such a small pub."

At the entrance of the tavern, stood a man wearing a burgundy suit, a navy-style robe, two samurai swords slung around his waist, a navy with a Mediterranean hairstyle, and Bell followed him.

Unlike Bell's short coat, this man's navy uniform is a robe, and the epaulettes on his shoulders also reveal his identity.

Vice Admiral.

The shops around are no longer open.

Who knows why the Admiral of the Navy came here, and it is still a small tavern, even if this tavern seems to be a little famous for every new wine recently, it has not yet reached this point.

At the clothing store next door, Harold also leaned out of the upstairs workshop.

He knew this person, or most of the residents on this island, knew who this navy was.

Not far from here on the Red Earth Continent, is the place where the Tianlong people live, the holy place, Marigioa, and just below the Red Earth Continent, there is the island where the navy headquarters is located, Malin Vandor.

If there is a headquarters, there will naturally be a branch.

The naval branch of the Great Sea Route is replaced by GX, and the Chambord Islands are within the jurisdiction of the G2 branch of the Navy.

There is indeed a naval station on the island, but there has always been only one major general here. For some newcomers who have experienced the first half of the great route, the major general of the navy headquarters is enough.

And now the Mediterranean lieutenant's characteristics are so obvious that many civilians can occasionally see him in newspapers.

Lieutenant General of the Navy Headquarters, Commander of the Navy G2 Branch, Gumir.

Harold has a heart now. Could it be said that Luo, a kid who robbed a human auction, robbed a little girl and a fur clan, and stole the devil fruit, is it known?

It is true that population auctions are prohibited, but there is a population auction site on GR No. 1 in the Chambord Islands. Even the residents of the island are clear about it. It is for the Tianlong people.

If it really just stole the goods sold by others, the navy might not care about it, but if it stole things from the Denon

The boy Luo, it's not that Uncle Harold is unjust, this matter really can't help you.

Although the navy is synonymous with justice in the eyes of the world.

But when things got entangled with the Tianlong people, the navy became the running dog of the Tianlong people.

Without paying attention to the eyes of the people around him, Gumir walked into the tavern like this.


Lilai gave a sweet cry.

These days, Lilai has gained some reputation in this street for her cute appearance and well-behaved service.

Especially some of the regular customers in the store, some did not come for wine, but to see Lilai's healing smile, and the welcome when he walked in.

"What a cute little girl."

I have to say that even the middle-aged Gumir, although the corners of his mouth are usually bent down, it looks like you owe me hundreds of millions of Baileys, but he still smiles very kindly.

However, compared to his relaxed appearance, the others in the tavern felt a little more restrained.

If it’s an ordinary navy, it’s fine. For example, Major Bell, who is usually active on the island, can be considered familiar with everyone, but now this one, Vice Admiral, how can he be such a big man?

In the tavern, it became quiet.

"Uncle Navy, you scared our guests."

Lilai pouted. When Uncle Raleigh came, they scared their guests, even scared away. Today’s tavern business has just begun. If it were to close again, Lilai would not Pleased.

"Sorry, sorry, can you bring me a cup of coffee?"

Gumir smiled awkwardly, knowing he would not wear a uniform.

"Please sit down."

Lilai pointed to the remaining empty seats in the store, and turned to the bar.

Gumir was actually a little surprised.

The little girl in front of her had a huge amount of energy in her body. She thought it was only the two ruthless men who ruined half of the No. 9 GR last night, but she didn't expect that there was no ordinary person in this tavern.

The young man standing behind the bar is also much stronger than ordinary people. It seems that he has just started to practice, but it should be no problem to fight a dozen ordinary navy soldiers.

However, Gumir did not hold hostility this time.

What happened last night, although it took place in an illegal area, it was too close to the naval station, and even destroyed half of the island.

It doesn't matter if it happens in a lawless area, if the battle between the two is in a neighborhood where civilians live, what should be done, I can't ignore it.

According to the scene of the destruction during the battle, it is speculated that one of them should be a capable person, and it is a bit like the magma ability of the red dog general, it is very likely to burn the fruit, so I called Gumir directly to take a look. Who is it?

Gumir, who came from the Navy G2 fortress overnight, also got the intelligence that the Navy had collected all night. Others didn't know, but Bell still knew it.

That panda, isn't it the fur clan in the Dota Tavern?