Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 23

Bell reported the intelligence immediately and was appointed to lead the way for Lieutenant General Gumir.

"This is the coffee and milk for the guests, isn't Major Bell ordering something? We have a new ale here, which has a good reputation."

Luo recognized Gumil when he came in, and when he heard him ordering coffee in the pub, he didn't say much, and pulled out the long-standing coffee and milk from the kitchen.

As for whether it will expire, it's not to drink it by yourself, let him alone.

"Luo Yi store manager, I am working now."

Bell shook his head helplessly. Where does his working time come, there is obviously no off-duty time.

Luo Yi pulled the stool next to him and sat down.

The lieutenant admiral came over, although he didn't know what it was for, he must not have come to drink.

He knew the Gumir in front of him, the lieutenant admiral who did not appear in the One Piece comics, but was famous for "Ace's Blackbeard Search" on the cover.

"Drinking a little wine during working hours doesn't make much difference. I have this cup today."

When Luo Yi's voice fell, Lilai just brought a glass of wine and put it on the table.

Smelling the aroma of ale, Bell is indeed a bit greedy, no wonder the business in the pub has been so good recently, it turned out to be because of the wine.

"My husband, drink as much as you want, and treat it as a vacation with me today."

Gumir also picked up his own coffee milk. Although he only ordered coffee, he has never tried such a combination, but he can try it. Well, it tastes really good, much better than the bitter coffee in G2 Fortress. .

"The Lieutenant General came to my shop not just for coffee."

Lilai went to entertain other guests, Luo Yi looked at Gumir's salted fish look, as expected to be a person under Huang Yuan's command, you really are not getting paid.

"Actually, last night"

Bell drank a long sip of wine, and was still savoring the endless aftertaste of the ale in his mouth. Now he immediately explained the reason.

After listening to Bell, Luo Yi was already a black line.

These two people actually did such a thing behind their backs?

"So, is this a reward order?"

Luo Yi asked worriedly.

"Manager, please rest assured, we just want to know if they are interested in joining the Navy."

Gumir spoke slowly, as calmly as the justice he pursued.

40. Why?

"Although I know they won't agree, I'll call people back. They are now looking for a store outside."

Luo waved his hand and called the messenger squatting in the corner to eat.

On the map, the two green names are moving. With the efforts of both of them, the map of the Chambord Islands has been opened for most. Luo Yi directly asked the messenger to find them. I believe that after seeing the messenger, he will know that he will come back. of.

"Interesting pony, a bit like the goat of the marshal."

Gumir glanced at the messenger who ran out happily and couldn't help but say.

"Is the Lieutenant General talking about the Marshal of the Warring States Period? If you have the opportunity, I really want to see him."

Luo said politely.

"If those two are willing to join the Navy, I can introduce you to the store manager."

Gumir stated his purpose again.

Luo rolled his eyes. If Manjix had joined the navy, at least he still had justice in his heart.

But Lucifer, are you sure it’s not because you want to rebuild Marin Vando?

The map is a very magical thing. Although Luo Yi can't see the real-time situation without friendly forces, the map that has been explored has only a thin layer of shadow, and it can retain the terrain features when the shadow appears.

Just now Bell finished talking about the situation, Luo Yi also glanced at GR 9 through the map, it was terrible, as if he had seen hell.

Do you think the nickname of the doomsday messenger is for nothing?

The place where the messenger of the doomsday goes is hell. Do you think this brief introduction is joking with you?

Luo Yi suddenly realized that asking Doomsday Dad to visit the Holy Land Mary Joa would directly change the world.

But think about it and forget it.

Not to mention that there are five perverted old men on it, and there is also a well-concealed Lord Yimu who kneels even the five old stars.

If Lucifer is really allowed to go up, I'm afraid it will bring the end to himself.

Manjix and Lucifer are on GR 52, which is where the shipyards and coating factories of the Chambord Islands converge. It’s not impossible to open a bar there. After a group of workers get off work, have a glass of cold beer. What a happy thing.

However, when Manjix saw the messenger passing through the crowd and running to his side, he knew that Luo was looking for them.

The two returned directly to the tavern.

When they came back, they saw Bell who was already drunk, Luo Yi with a smirk, and a long-haired Mediterranean with his back to them.

In the tavern, only three of them were left.

There is a lieutenant admiral here, even if he wants to talk, he feels a little uncomfortable, he just eats and drinks enough and packs a barrel of wine back.

Luo Yi is constantly cheating Bell to drink more to make up for today's loss.

The shop has only been opened for less than two hours, and today's sales are not half of the usual. How can we easily let you go like this.

And seeing Manjikes and Lucifer coming in, Luo spoke directly.

"You are back, do you know that you are famous?"

Last night, when I was exercising outside, although I was driving the map, I didn't pay too much attention to other people, just enlarged the area around me.

Otherwise, through the map Luo Yi can directly see the scene of the two fighting.

"I know, I heard someone say on the road just now."

Manjikes nodded, looking indifferent.

As for Lucifer, he glanced at Luo.

"Oh, ignorance."

Okay, you are a cold male god. You are amazing. Luo Yi probably understood Lucifer’s way of speaking. Was he exiled because he spoke to the ruler of the dark kingdom in this tone? Will suffer.

Although Luo Yi is relaxed, Gumir is not.

He also took a look at the GR 9 battle. It was indeed tragic, but he was able to sit as the commander of the Navy G2 branch and his strength was not low.

I originally thought that the strength of the two men might be equivalent to the level of a lieutenant admiral, and the navy is indeed short of manpower now, so it would like to win over.

But under the domineering induction of seeing and hearing, not to mention that the man who looks like a demon, the fur clan, is much stronger than the ordinary navy lieutenant admiral. The huge aura contained in the body is also in the Qiwu Sea, or I have felt it in the general candidates being trained by the Navy.

And the other one felt that it was about to reach the level of an admiral.

In a small tavern, there are such two powerhouses. Fortunately, the two are not pirates, and they fought in illegal areas without causing civilian casualties. There is no need to issue a reward.

Moreover, even if you want to post, there is no photo. Is it hand-painted?

Gumir calmly picked up the coffee milk on the table. After drinking the first cup, he felt that the taste was very delicious. When he returned, he asked the chef in the fortress to purchase milk to supplement the nutrition for the soldiers in the fortress.

"Is this uncle looking for us? Lucifer is not good at words. Just tell me if you have anything."

Seeing Gumir's navy uniform, Manjix would naturally understand some.

Just like in their Oyu Society, some people will hire monks or draw directly into their own forces. Generally speaking, the navy should be here now.

Seeing how many pirates can wave on this sea, we know that the navy has always been short of manpower.

"Introduce yourself, the navy headquarters won the prize, Gumir."

Although he has not played against each other, Gumir has already recognized the strength of the two Menjixes and put them in the same position as himself.

"Oyo, Manjix."

Manjix stood on the stool, about the same height as Gumir, and stretched his finger at Lucifer by the way.

"The kingdom of darkness, Lucifer."

Although he was named, Lucifer did not express too much. The strength of this navy is good, but he is almost equal to him. If Manjix is ​​fully equipped, he can be equal to him. If it stimulates the blood of the gods in his body, then It's another matter.

Oyo Club?The kingdom of darkness?

Gumir said that he had never heard of these two places. Could they be islands from the New World? After all, they were the territory of the Four Emperors and there was almost no navy.

"I wonder if the two are interested in joining the navy?"

Gumir came with a mission this time, and now he is not even familiar with his hometown and he is not polite, so he just invited him directly.

"What are the benefits of joining the Navy? Is the salary high? Is there freedom of movement? Is it possible to drink every day?"

Manjix didn't immediately refuse, but instead asked.

In a word, Gumir knew that there was no play.

To join the Navy, the salary is not high, you need to obey orders and cannot drink alcohol every day.

But what Gumir said is so eloquent. All those who join the navy do not do it for justice. How can anyone do it for good?

"I don't know the way, your Excellency"

Gumir turned to look at Lucifer who was sitting at the bar.

"Huh, ignorance."

Well, I don't want this either.

"It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter if you don't want it, I just hope that the two of you will try not to cause damage in civilian areas in the future, otherwise the boss will have to issue a reward order, and the two do not want to be suspended."

"Manager, why are you so deserted today?"

Before Gumir had finished speaking, the door of the tavern was pushed open, but the people who walked in from the outside made Gumir a little fidgeting now.

Why, why does Pluto Raleigh appear here?

41. Terrible

"It turns out that there are customers. The manager brought me a bucket of bar, so I won't disturb you."

Raleigh didn't care about Gumill's old acquaintance at all.

He has not been a pirate for many years, but Gumir has been in the navy for a long time.

The Roger Pirates weren't the only one chasing Karp. At that time, Gumir was just a major general, holding two swords in his hand, and his swordsmanship was good.

"Okay, Uncle Raleigh."

With that said, Luo went to the back and brought out a barrel of wine. Reilly paid the money and left without saying much.

Gumil swallowed.

Although he is considered a veteran of the Navy, he still lacks confidence in the face of legendary characters.

Fortunately, Bell has been drunk by Luo Yi, and his chief will not be embarrassed.

"Who is that guest?"

Gumir felt that he had to test it. Could it be that this tavern has something to do with One Piece?

"You mean Uncle Raleigh? He is a coating artisan in the coating yard. He helped introduce many businesses in the tavern."

Luo Yi smiled inwardly.

This lieutenant admiral is really smart. He knows to use roundabout tactics to inquire about Raleigh. I don't believe you don't know. If you pretend not to know, then I will pretend to be stupid.

"Wow, then I should go too. Since the two are not willing to join the Navy, we will not force it. This milk coffee is delicious. How much is the total cost?"

With that said, Gumir took out his wallet.

"Thank you, Chenghui 30,000 Bailey."

Luo Yi personally came up to collect the money and greeted him with a smile, but Gumir almost wanted to cut the store manager with a sword.

Thirty thousand Baileys?Are you crazy, dare to grab the navy's money?Isn’t it just fourteen glasses of wine and two cups of coffee, so expensive?

Seeing Gumir's stunned expression, Luo Yi pointed to the big sign hanging on the bar very skillfully, which was very conspicuous.

"Special cold wheat beer, 2000 Bailey cup."