Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 24

Gumir discovered this conspicuous sign, but when he first walked in, the little girl was attracted by the little girl's attention, and then the shop manager personally came over and chatted, but he really didn't notice it.


Gumir distressedly took out thirty thousand Bailey from his wallet and paid, and left the tavern with the drunk Major Bell.

Don’t think that the salary of the lieutenant general is high. He usually has money from the playboy’s family for food and drink. He is not greedy for Mexican public funds, and 30,000 Baileys. That’s his salary for several days, just like that. For subordinates to drink.

As for asking Bell to be reimbursed after he wakes up, joking, the navy headquarters won the prize, the commander of the G2 fortress, let his subordinates reimburse him, and it was unlucky to tell him how he was a man.

"So, you just have to discuss it?"

Luo Yi knew that they almost destroyed half of the No. 9 GR. Fortunately, none of the good people lived there. Luo Yi didn't say much, but he asked why he did it last night and got the answer. But just to discuss.

To dismantle half of the islands?If it really fights, will the Chambord Islands sink? Let's go directly to the sea to see if the mermaid is good.

"He is still young."

Lucifer said very aggressively.

The corners of Manjikes' mouth couldn't help but twitch.

Regardless of his usual mature appearance, he is only 17 years old after all, and he is still a beautiful young man.

"I have the blood of a general god in my body. If activated, powerful power can erupt."

Manjikes explained.

"I know, you will become three when you get drunk."

Luo Yi nodded very seriously, and Lilai, who was clearing the table, opened her eyes wide and looked excited. She seemed to want to see Manjikes transforming.

"How do you know, even I don't know it myself."

Manjix was excited, and this was the first time he was excited.

As for why he didn't know it himself, because it was told to him by others.

I lived in Oyo Club for 17 years. I remember that it was the first time I drank alcohol when I was 14 years old. I was so drunk. After waking up the next day, I saw my house. After being blown by the strong wind, I even saw a huge stone.

That day, the scholar said to himself earnestly.

"Manjikes, remember how much alcohol you drink, don't get drunk anymore, you are really hard to deal with the three."

Since then, Manjix has drunk very well and has not been drunk, but he is really good at drinking. This amount is naturally added.

"I can see some introductions here."

With that said, Luo Yi expanded his interface and chose Manjix.

Elemental separation: No one knows if Manjix notices the strong connection between himself and nature, because this always happens when he is drunk and unconscious.

Luo Yi saw this introduction, but Manjix said he couldn't see his interface, and even the inventory existed in their minds like an ability.

Under Luo Yi's explanation, Manjikes probably understood.

However, Luo Yi's words seemed to point him in a direction.

Is there a strong connection with nature?I haven't really considered this aspect in the past. Manjix, who has always been practicing true energy, has indeed noticed that he has reached a bottleneck.

Although it can grow as long as it accumulates over time, as Lucifer said, he is still a little too young, but there is a faster way to improve, who would be unwilling.

"Excuse me, excuse me?"

While everyone was chatting, they heard a knock on the door, and the trembling legs under the half-waist door.


Lilai greeted him immediately, the waiter, she was professional.

"Well, I heard that you are looking for a new store here?"

The visitor looked like an ordinary person, but he seemed to know something, so he seemed a little scared, but he found it with courage.

"Yes, we are indeed looking for a store, does this gentleman have a store to rent or sell?"

Luo Yi felt that at this time, it would be better to entertain him as a human.

Seeing Luo Yi, he looked at Lilai. The man seemed to feel relieved. When he came, he heard that he was a very scary brawny man who was looking for a store in the Chambord Islands these two days. What about a panda.

"My name is Oliver and I have a house, which should fit your rules."

Oliver, who was still speaking normally, suddenly felt as if he had been pinched by someone's throat when he saw Lucifer who had stood up, and he was cold from the soles of his feet to his scalp.

It was terrible. The look in this person's eyes and the armor was really terrible.

; OдO

42. I have a request

After Lin Nan's reassurance, and a cold beer from Lilai, Oliver's mood calmed down a bit.

He is actually quite courageous. He also runs a hotel on the Chambord Islands, and he is used to facing all kinds of people every day.

However, the GR 9th issue last night has been spread.

Menjikes and Lucifer never thought about hiding their identities, and they uploaded them directly on the island. Everyone knows that there are two people on the island who are very cruel.

According to Oliver, he was going to sell his hotel. As for the reason, he didn't say, Luo Yi and they didn't ask, as long as the procedures are complete, what else is going to do with other people's private affairs.

"Let's go and see your hotel first."

Luo stood up as soon as he spoke.

Lucifer seemed to want to go too, but under Oliver's trembling and Luo Yi's persuasion, he gave up the idea.

After instructing Lilai to clean up the tavern, go upstairs to practice first, and bring her ice cream when she comes back, and the little girl gets busy happily, not caring whether Luo Yi takes herself out.

Oliver’s hotel is located on GR 77, which is still a bit far away from Luoyi’s tavern. With the skills of ordinary people like Oliver, it takes more than half a circle around the Chambord Islands to reach Luoyi’s tavern.

The Chambord Archipelago has a total of 79 GR and 8 islands, and the most central area is the two islands of GR 19 and GR 1019. The upper left is GR 2029. These three small islands form the Chambord Land. The illegal zone of the archipelago.

At the top is GR 3039, which is the Soap Bubble Park, where the amusement park is located, and Luoyi’s tavern is open on the island of GR 4049, on the upper right.

On the lower right is the shipyard, where the No. 5059 GR is gathered by film craftsmen. Raleigh is working there. In fact, it is just to find something to pass the time and see if there are any young and beautiful girls.

And just below the Chambord Islands, is GR 6069, the naval station, the government entrance and exit, which are clearly connected to the illegal zone, but they dare not control at all. It is also sad.

As for the lower left of the Chambord Islands, it is the island where Oliver Hotel is located. GR 7079, sandwiched between the illegal zone and the navy, is the hotel street on the island.

When Oliver came, he had to bypass the naval station and pass the shipyard before he could reach the tourist and local specialty area where Luoyi was located. It didn't take two hours to walk on a bubble car, and he really couldn't get there.

But now, he was closely following Luo Yi and Manjix, and he couldn't help but worry.

They passed through the Soap Bubble Park and came to the illegal zone of GR No. 19, ready to go straight through here to Hotel Street.

Manjix is ​​a brave artist, Luo Yi is protected by someone, and he is not worried at all, but Oliver, he is not sure if someone will come to rescue him when something happens. It's better to get closer to the traffickers. Don't dare to catch him.

Some people passed through the illegal zone without any risk, and it was not just Oliver who was shocked, but also the traffickers in the illegal zone.

They knew that this panda was not only fierce in combat, but even did their job. Now there are not many colleagues who have been sold to places they used to go to.

Now, apart from the few human trafficking gangs who have confidence in their own strength or influence, no one dared to provoke this demon in a panda coat.

"Is this your shop? Mr. Oliver."

Arriving at GR 77, led by Oliver, the three of them came to the entrance of a large-scale hotel.

It seems to be to entertain all kinds of guests. The door of the hotel is also very spacious. Even Lucifer can pass through this door while doing a backflip.

The hotel has seven floors, and the floor area is not small. Luo Yi glanced at it a little. The length and width are probably more than 50 meters, which is simply too luxurious.

Just entering the door, it is the lobby of the hotel, where the front desk is responsible for registering guests, but now there is no one inside the hotel. Even the door is opened by Oliver himself with the key.

Behind the hall is the restaurant of the hotel. The dining area is almost ten times that of the Dota Tavern. There is also a bathroom for the guests behind it, and the door on the other side leads to the kitchen.

Upstairs, there are rooms with different sizes. They seem to be prepared for guests of different sizes. Some rooms, even the height of 666 with a white beard, can live in without pressure. Of course, That is the room on the top floor.

Luo is very satisfied with the layout of this hotel. There are a lot of rooms here, to say nothing, there are hundreds, so as to fully meet his needs, even if all the 117 heroes in Dota are summoned, some of them will live, provided that they can be stuffed in. .

Moreover, the restaurant downstairs can be used as a pub lobby, and even the tables and chairs do not need to be replaced, just changing the layout is enough.

All the equipment in the kitchen is also very complete, even Manjikes is very satisfied. The things here can greatly improve his winemaking efficiency, and some wines that could not be brewed before can also be manufactured.

There is also the underground warehouse behind the kitchen, which is countless times more luxurious than the tavern, and there are even some thermostats. In this way, there is no need for Lilai to provide Manjix with manual cooling help, just a machine.

However, satisfaction returns to satisfaction, and both of them are now aware of a very serious problem.

The budget is insufficient.

That's right, this hotel can almost be regarded as first-class regardless of its location or hotel facilities.

Placed in GR 77, it is also one of the most beautiful boys in the entire block.

Therefore, the price must not be cheap.

Even if it's just calculating the cost, it is calculated at 100 million, but Luo Yi and the rest of the deposits they have now don't even have 10 million.

"Mr. Oliver, to be honest, we don't have that much budget."

Luo Yi spoke directly.

What can I do if I can’t afford anything I like.

"Well, I wanted to find a medium-sized tavern about three floors."

Manjix also nodded.

The size of this hotel is indeed beyond their expectations. It is one thing to be suitable, but the original plan was to develop step by step from a small tavern to a medium-sized tavern, and then to a large-scale tavern.

Now it’s a bit embarrassing to make it to the sky like this. Is it possible to let Lucifer come forward and let Oliver sell it at a low price?

Luo Yi suddenly felt that his idea seemed pretty good.

"Actually, I have a request. This hotel is the only reward I can get."

Hearing Oliver's words, Luo Yi and Manjix looked at each other, as if they could listen to them.

43. Have a job or not

Oliver began his story.

The three sat down, Luo Yi and Manjix, listening carefully to Oliver.

It turns out that Oliver is not an aboriginal inhabitant of the Chambord Islands, his hometown is in the West Sea.

Pirate World, if you compare the great sea route to the equator, the red earth continent is the prime meridian plus the opposite meridian, and the two are perpendicular to each other, dividing the seas of this world into the East China Sea, the West China Sea, the South China Sea, and the North Sea.

Although he is from the West Sea, Oliver was born in the Chambord Islands. Yes, this hotel was also built here by his father.

As for why the hotel is used as a reward, it is because he needs money, and he needs a lot of money to save people.

That is a request made to him.

This hotel was left to him by Oliver's father. In other words, he had only just become the manager of the store within a few months, and in a few months, he would be a father.

However, the parents who traveled to relax, and his pregnant wife were captured by pirates, and even sent a letter asking for a huge payment of 1 billion Baileys, otherwise his family would all be all. Dead.

"How can I put out 1 billion Baileys, even if the hotel’s business is good, but the daily maintenance and daily overhead costs, the monthly profit is less than 10 million Baileys, and this time I went out. Traveling, my father even spent tens of millions of Baileys to hire guards, and the money I can spend is only 200 million Baileys."

"I was selling the hotel half a month ago. The time left by the other party is only half a month, but all the people who come to see the store are madly lowering the price, even if I lower the price of the hotel. 800 million Baileys, but there are still people who continue to hold down prices, and they simply cannot sell.

Oliver was holding his hair frantically, and he could see that he had almost driven him crazy in the past half month.

However, Luo Yi felt that Oliver's psychological quality was acceptable. At least when he first met, he did not see Oliver's strangeness. He even behaved very normally, just like an ordinary person who wants to sell a hotel. .

However, it’s normal to think about it again. If you let others see that he is eager to sell the hotel, the people who lower the price will become more and more ruthless. That’s how some people push the price below 800 million and want to sell the hotel in a short time. Go, it's almost impossible.

Luo sighed.

This world is like this. The weak eats the strong. In the face of absolute force, money is actually of no use. This is also the reason Luo Yi insists on exercising and wants to become stronger.

"Please, as long as my family can come back, you can take this hotel."

Oliver knelt directly on the ground and gave them a dirt seat.

He has made a desperate move. Although the hotel is well run, their family does not know any strong people. Even the guards are just an employment relationship.

"Get up first, Mr. Oliver."

Luo Yi helped Oliver up and continued to ask.

"Why not go to the Navy for help?"

Manjikes also nodded. This is what he wanted to ask. There are no shortage of strong men in the navy, and they should not refuse to catch pirates.