Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 25

"Navy, I have already looked for it, but the other party is from the Baroque Jobs Club. The place of transaction left to me is not within the jurisdiction of the Chambord Islands Navy. Now the mission has been handed over, and now there is no news. No."

Oliver's tone was full of disappointment.

Luo Yi understood that the police could not completely count on the help of the police when his family was kidnapped. The cash that should be prepared must be prepared. After all, eggs cannot be placed in the same basket.

However, Luo Yi heard a familiar vocabulary.

The Baroque Work Club was not created by the guy Krokdal. It was founded to obtain the ancient weapon "Pluto". In the entire studio, there are not many who can fight. If Luo meets, they will not let the other party out. With the second punch, I couldn't get up.

However, the opponent seemed to be very powerful, but in Manjix's hands, that was a younger brother.

Except for Krokdal's rustle fruit which is more difficult to deal with, everyone else is weak, OK?

Hearing that it was a Baroque work agency, Luo Yi suddenly felt that Oliver and his father had hired a fake escort. Even Mr. 1, the top killer of the Baroque studio, the bounty was 75 million Baileys, even 100 million. Not.

As for the others, the highest bounty is more than 30 million. Who is your father hired, liar?

But Luo Yi didn't say this. After knowing who the other party was, Luo Yi felt that this business could be done.

"Don't worry, we will help you solve it."

Luo patted Oliver on the shoulder, his face confident.

Manjikes glanced at Luo. He clearly felt that Luo Yi was a little uncertain just now, but after hearing the enemy's name, Luo suddenly became full of confidence and looked like he was sure to win.

"Really? Thank you, thank you."

Like a drowning man, grabbing a life-saving straw, Oliver seemed to have seen the moment his family returned safely.

"Don't rush to thank you, Baroque Jobs is a secret criminal company. Since they have left you with a place to trade, they must be prepared. Maybe someone is staring at you during this time."

Luo still has a certain understanding of the Baroque work agency. Although it is weak, he still has the manpower. Coupled with the identity of Krokdal's Qiwuhai, it somewhat facilitates the actions of his subordinates. Some people are hiding in the Chambord area. The Islands observe Oliver, and he can still do it.

"Then what to do?"

For Luo Yi, it can be said that Oliver's only hope is now. After learning that he might be monitored, Oliver also became nervous.

"It's okay. If someone really monitors you, then the things you contacted us have now been exposed. It's better to pretend that we have purchased a hotel from you and then secretly follow you to the trading location."

As soon as Luo thought for a while, he got along with a solution that was not perfect, but it should be feasible.

Manjix expressed satisfaction with Luo Yi's thoughts and even added some details. Oliver, hearing the content of the discussion between the two, has more and more hope in his heart. Maybe, it is really possible.

"Then, Mr. Oliver, we will come over tomorrow with the funds to buy a hotel. Please follow the content we discussed today, draw up the contract, and prepare the procedures."

"Don't worry, Manager Luo Yi."

At the entrance of the hotel, Oliver politely sent Luo a couple of people away, the expressions on his face were a bit relieved.

On the way back, Luo glanced at Manjix, and Manjix blinked at him.

Just as they guessed, there was indeed someone monitoring at the entrance of the hotel just now, and Manjikes sensed the presence of those people.

This makes it even more certain that Oliver and his family are unlucky enough to be targeted by others. After all, the Baroque Working Society also needs to operate funds.

As soon as he returned to the tavern, Luo saw Lucifer sitting there upright, doing nothing.

"Lucifer, there is a kind of cannibalism if you do not work!"

Luo Yi was tempted directly.

"Well, dinner."

44. Mibo (Dibu)

The action this time is actually not difficult at all.

Let Lucifer follow, even if Krokodall comes in person, you can call him father.

But Lucifer didn't want to be like Baibeard. Everyone wanted to be his son.

In Lucifer's skill column, there is an ability that can make everyone tremble.

Doomsday: When the death knell of Wa Shiangdu announces a name, the doomsday of the owner of that name will come.

In the game, the opponent is forbidden to release skills and items while causing actual damage.

In fact, even the so-called passive skills cannot be released.

Luo realized that if this move could ban the opponent's domineering and devil fruit ability, wouldn't it be possible that even a general could be killed directly.

But now that there is no test subject, I can only give up this idea for now.

Because of Gumir's arrival, the tavern closed again today, but Luo Yi didn't bother to open it again, so he would take a day off today. Anyway, if it was not sold this year, it will be bought together tomorrow, so don't worry.

Looking at the 99 dollars in his system interface, Luo felt that he should get rid of him.

Usually busy with training and opening a shop, Luo Yi dare not draw a lottery in a crowded place. Even if the probability of drawing a hero is quite low, but a person suddenly appears next to him, it is difficult to explain whether it is right.

Luo Yi, who was planning to draw alone, gave up after thinking about it.

The time to turn the dial once is the same as ten times. It doesn't matter if you play a single draw occasionally. If you really draw a hundred times, more than ten minutes will pass, and your eyes will almost be blinded.

Luo Yi didn't know if he could turn off the interface during the lottery draw. What if the coin is gone and the items are not drawn after it is turned off? Luo Yi would not joke with money.

After rushing another dollar, Luo Yi started ten consecutive draws after reaching 100.

"You got the iron branch trunk"

"You got a short stick"

"You got a helmet of iron will"

"Chat group number 626894216, official certification, no one at all, chat is black, bragging, hurry up and join"

"You got Meepo"

Luo Yi suddenly couldn't believe it during the last ten consecutive draws.

The golden aperture lit up in front of his eyes, and Luo Yi knew that it was the effect brought by Mi Bo's skills.


"It's too bright here."

With a soft noise, Meepo appeared.

This is a mischievous little earthling with a blue headscarf on his head, but it does not cover his huge ears, standing up like Dutch rabbit ears.

With a high nose, squinted eyes, big mouth, a straw dangling, and a yellow backpack on his back, there seems to be a lot of things inside.

Meepo has only three fingers on his hands and feet, and he has white hair on his body. He is barely a fur clan.

And Mi Bo is his name in DOTA 2, Luo Yi is actually a little used to calling him, Di Bu.

To me, life is everything you know and can discover.When you live in Rift Shadow Ruins, it is not easy to find food.Therefore, you need to take shortcuts, you need to be foolish, and you need to fully understand your abilities.

This is part of Dibu's introduction, Luo Yi closed the panel of the system casually.

"Are you my contractor?"

"What is the content of the contract?"

Since talking with Manjikes, Luo Yi knows that everyone here has signed a contract, and the content of the contract is generally what they desire in their hearts.

Just like Manjix wants to become stronger, and Lilai wants to learn to control the power of frost in his body so as not to cause trouble to others, Lucifer didn't say it, and Luo Yi didn't know.

"The contract says that the food is taken care of here, and safety is guaranteed, so I am here."


This is really a simple hero.

But according to his experience, it is indeed understandable.

Luo nodded.

"It's okay to take care of the food, but the necessary labor is still required."

"I still have a little confidence in my abilities."

As he said, Dibu stretched out his hand and grabbed it back and tore his shovel from the backpack.

"It's all trivial things in life, generally don't need to do it."

Luo raised his hand and stopped Mi Bo who was a little excited, and took a look at the attributes of Dibu by the way.

Strength: 152, Agility: 152, Intelligence: 137.

Dibu's attributes are not low, but it feels much weaker than Manjikes and Lucifer.

However, the situation of each hero is different. Even in the game, there are strong and weak points, so naturally you can't force it.

"Then can I have dinner now? I haven't eaten for two days."

Hearing that there is no need to do anything, Meepo put away the shovel somewhat disappointed, and said unceremoniously.

"Yes, it's time for dinner here, so let's have dinner first."

With that, Luo turned his head and looked at Lucifer.

"Huh, ignorance."

Although he said so, Lucifer entered the kitchen skillfully.

Over the past two days, his cooking skills have conquered everyone. Originally, the sea king meat was made by three people together, and the taste is different, but when it comes to Lucifer’s hands, although it is also barbecue, and it is barbecue every day, But the taste of others is really nothing to say.

Even in these two days, Lucifer has skillfully used various seasonings in the kitchen to create different flavors of roasted meat.

From the power attribute, Luo Yi can already roughly judge the appetite of everyone.

There is actually a lot of meat delivered every day. Manjikes was not stingy on this. After he was full, Luo began to sort out the things in the armory, and Dibu was very conscious. I picked up the dishes and went to the kitchen to clean up.

Originally, Lilai wanted to help, but after seeing the other three divinations that suddenly appeared, and swiftly cleaning up the things, Lilai pouted and sat in front of the bar.

"In a while, we will change to a big venue. At that time, even four places will be too busy. We still rely on you."

As soon as Luo saw Lilai's emotions and comforted a little, Lilai even smiled.

Seeing her like this, Luo Yi suddenly felt distressed.

Just like the baby5 next to Doflamingo, he is eager to be needed. As long as he is needed by others, he can't refuse others. To put it bluntly, the shadow of childhood is hard to heal, and so is Lilai.

Compared to Luo Yi's ease, Oliver was very nervous.

After Luo Yi told him that he might be under surveillance, he was even more worried, but he still acted according to the plan.

Doing a play and doing a full set is what Luo Yi told him that whether it is preparing a contract or hiring a guard, it is all something Oliver needs to do by himself.

In any case, he had to personally take 1 billion Baileys to the transaction. If he went out without a guard, he would think it was fine.

Therefore, Oliver paid 50 million Baileys and hired a team of well-known and capable guards. It is said that their team leader has also been a bounty man.

Went around the shipyard again, rented a boat, and agreed on a departure time tomorrow.

Everything was ready, watching the bright sky outside, Oliver was fidgeting in his hotel.

45. There is a 3 on his head

Early the next morning, Luo Yi took Dibu and Manjix to Oliver's hotel.

In the hands of the four Dibu, each carrying two large suitcases, they all looked a little heavy.

The suitcase was bought by Luo Yi with Meepo yesterday afternoon, and it was filled with waste paper and the like, but it was so packed that it looked like it was full of money.

As for whether other people would doubt whether they could pay for the tavern, Luo Yi didn't care.

The Baroque Work Club seems to be ambitious and the goal is to annex the Kingdom of Alabastan, but in fact, it doesn't have much abilities. It looks like a lot of people. Putting it on the great route seems trivial.

There are only ordinary people like bullying and bullying Oliver who are not strong in the family and have a few bad money on hand.

Otherwise, Qiwuhai itself possesses the legal right to plunder, and can plunder the ships of non-ZF participating countries, as well as other pirates, and will not be short of money.

And Krokdal itself is a natural rustling fruit ability person, invincible in the first half of the great route, the reason why he lost to Luffy was not because he was too waves.

Luo Yi speculated that even if the Baroque Work Agency knew that he was going to buy it, it would not be able to find anything in just one day.

After arriving at Oliver's hotel, Oliver had already waited at the door, seeing Luo appearing, it was like seeing a savior.

"You are finally here, Manager Luo Yi."

When Oliver saw Luo Yi and them, he trot to greet them.

"Don't worry, Mr. Oliver, I have brought the money, is the contract ready?"