Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 26

Having said that, Luo Yi also lifted the suitcase in his hand.

Oliver couldn't laugh or cry, but he took Luo Yi and the others into the hotel.

"Yesterday we saw the surveillance personnel outside. Although they are just ordinary people, they should have been trained. You can't find them."

After closing the door of the inn, Luo Yi said directly to Oliver.

"Don't worry, which one is the boat you rented. I will let Lucifer wait for you on the boat first, and stagger the time with you so that the Baroque Work Agency will not find it."

Oliver told Luo Yi about the boat he had rented, and Lucifer, who was outside with a messenger at the port, also got on the boat smoothly under Luo Yi's instructions.

"Is your hire coming soon?"

Luo took a look at the time, and it was 9:28 in the morning, which was not too early.

"Coming soon, I agreed with them at 9:30."

Oliver nodded.

Sure enough, the voice fell, and the door of the hotel was knocked.

"Mr. Oliver, here we are."

Luo Yi felt a bit familiar to the voice outside the door, but he couldn't remember who it was.

Oliver got up and opened the door, greeted people in.

"Hey, store manager Luo Yi."

"Uncle Craig?"

Luo Yi felt that he had remembered the name correctly.

The visitor was the first guest in his tavern, so Luo Yi had some impression.

Unexpectedly, Oliver actually hired this group of people.

Craig's little brother stood guard at the door.

Negotiations can be done by the boss, and their duty is to be in charge of fighting.

Outside the hotel, the Baroque work agency responsible for monitoring picked up the phone worm in his hand and began to report the situation.

"Yes, Oliver seems to have found a buyer and hired a guard. The money should be ready."

"Hmm ha ha ha, watch them carefully, and when little guy Oliver sends the money, I will make their family my art."

"Hi, Mr. 3."

During the report, Oliver and Craig had already walked out of the hotel. Craig's younger brother immediately came to help carry the boxes. There were ten boxes in total, of which only two were filled with cash, and the others were waste papers brought by Luo Yi.

At that time, Oliver can use these two boxes to fool a little bit, and then Lucifer directly shot, this is Luo Yi's plan.

In this matter, Luo Yi did not lose a bit from the beginning to the end. With Lucifer's strength, as long as he does not go to the New World, he will be invincible in the first half of the great route.

Oliver got on the ship smoothly without any obstruction, and the staff of the Baroque Job Club followed them all the time, until they watched the ship leave the port, and then picked up the phone bug to report the situation again.

"Mr. Lucifer, I will rely on you from now on."

Put it on, Oliver didn't even hire ordinary crew members. Instead, he relied on Craig's people to work as navigators and sailors. This was why he spent a lot of money. After all, he did a lot of work.

The most important thing is that he doesn't know who to trust now, especially when he knows that he is under the surveillance of the Baroque Work Agency, and he dare not let strangers board the ship.

Although Lucifer is arrogant, it does not mean that he has no brains. He is a general of the dark realm, and he knows the truth that soldiers are not tired of deceit.

So, after boarding the ship, Lucifer found a room and waited quietly in it.

"Well, as soon as possible."

For this action, Luo Yi opened an inventory for Lucifer and gave him the niche of the shadow. He didn't know whether he liked it or not. That thing can store souls. For Lucifer, it should be equivalent to a lunch box. .

Oliver has a permanent pointer in his hand, which was left to him when the Baroque Work Agency sent the letter.

In the Great Sea Route, the weather, ocean currents, magnetic fields, etc. do not change according to common sense, and the permanent pointer will always point to an island and never change.

But on this permanent pointer, the name of the island is not marked, even if they hold it, they don't know where the destination is.

But Luo Yi felt that it should not be too far.

Since the Baroque Work Society gave Oliver a month, it explained that he had counted the time he spent selling hotels and sailing.

Sure enough, after three days of full sailing on the sea, they came to an island.

This is an uninhabited island. Oliver doesn't know the name, and no one draws a nautical chart of the entire great sea route. The little girl with this ideal is still earning her 100 million Baileys.

A ship has docked on the coast, and it should be the target of this transaction.

Oliver grabbed the guardrail of the bow and looked over, only to see three people on the opposite ship tied to a white column, which could be seen at a glance.

"Father, Mother, Maggie"

Seeing his relatives, Oliver suddenly shouted excitedly.


Maggie raised her head weakly. When she saw Oliver, she smiled, but she looked so haggard.

Lucifer sat in the cabin and looked out through the window.

Now is not the time for him to take action, Luo Yi's task for him is to save people first, and then eat.

In the past few days of voyage, Craig also knew Oliver's purpose. He also knew Lucifer's toughness. That was the werewolf who destroyed half of the No. 9 GR.

Through the window, Lucifer saw a very wonderful taste, it should be said that it was the most wonderful taste on the opposite ship.

It was a man with a weird haircut with a 3 on his head.

46. ​​Ou Mao Xi Lou Yini

On the coast, all the traders got off the boat, but there were still a few people on the other side's boat, who were responsible for guarding Oliver's family.

"Huh ha ha ha, I didn't expect to actually get the money. It seems that when I go back this time, the BOSS will know who is the most useful person in the company."

Seeing the ten boxes that Oliver was carrying behind him, plus the information passed back by his subordinates, Mr.3 smiled like a fool of more than a hundred catties, and even the 3 woven with hair on his head followed. It trembled and didn't know how to fix it.

"I brought the money, and let my family go soon."

Someone supported him, and Oliver had confidence in his words, but he could still hear a trace of tension between the words.

Mr.3 enjoys Oliver's current expression very much, especially when he thinks of making all the people here into wax statues and keeping their panic forever, he feels very excited.

"Don't worry, I have to see if the money is right first, if I dare to deceive me, I will turn your family into wax figures."

As he said, Mr.3 raised his right hand, and his elbow, like a melting candle, began to shed a white liquid, which looked very disgusting.

In the cabin, Lucifer could no longer see their situation, so he walked out of it.

"This is money, you let my family disembark first."

Seeing that the opponent turned out to be a Demon Fruit Ability, Oliver's face suddenly showed a panic expression, and immediately opened the two boxes in his hand.

A box full of 100 million Baileys, the moment it was opened, the unique flavor of banknotes drifted out.

"Huh ha ha ha, you deserve to be the one who runs a hotel on the Chambord Islands. He is really rich, but can you please open the rest of the box? As long as you confirm that the money is enough, I will let you go. ."

Mr.3 didn't plan to release people from the beginning, and it was not the first time that he did this kind of thing. The reason why he was confirming whether the other party really had money was just his bad taste.

If you really brought the money, then pretend to release the person, and then grab the opponent directly, and if you don’t bring it, the process of piercing the opponent’s scam step by step and pushing the person into the abyss of despair is also Mr.3 Favorite.

"Let my family disembark first."

With that said, Oliver also glanced at Mr.3's boat specially, but due to the terrain, he could not see the situation on the boat.

Seeing Oliver's performance, Mr.3 doesn't know where he is just dying. It is estimated that the box at the back contains only some waste paper.

"Huh ha ha ha, it seems that you don't take your family's life as a thing. If so, then you will join your family and dedicate your life to my art."


Mr.3 was still laughing wildly, and even his subordinates took out long knives with grim smiles. After their leaders had finished acting, they could go up and kill the Quartet.

However, the atmosphere created with great difficulty was destroyed by a loud hiccup.

"Which guy is it"

Following the source of the sound, Mr.3 looked at his boat, ready to teach his ignorant brothers, but saw a scene that he will never forget.

It was a stare from hell.

Under the blazing sun, a figure stood above the bow of the ship. Although it was two meters tall, it still seemed so insignificant compared to the entire ship.

However, the terrifying aura exuding from Lucifer, Mr.3 once felt in his BOSS, and even more terrifying than his BOSS, especially the pair of glowing eyes, and the burning hands. The long sword of flames made Mr.3's heart cold like wax.


"Father, mother, Maggie, you will be fine."

On the boat, Oliver's family poked their heads out, and it was obvious that they were safe. The worry in Oliver's heart was also put down, and the whole person collapsed to the ground weakly.

"Mr. Oliver, this is not the time to relax."

Craig, who was standing next to Oliver, pulled Oliver and pushed him behind him.

In any case, Oliver is his employer. The amount of hire this time is huge. He originally thought it was just an escort, but after he got on the ship, he realized that the mission was to save people, and their role was just to divert attention.

The real battle and the task of saving people were actually done by Mr. Lucifer, but Craig and the others, just sailing and playing cover, they took so much money, and he was a little unwilling to make it back. , He was afraid that he could not sleep well.

What's more, now that the commission is not over, he still needs to escort Oliver's family back to the Chambord Islands safely. Although Mr. Lucifer has rescued Oliver's family, they are also a capable person at such a close distance. , To be honest, Craig has no confidence.

"Melting melted candle lock."

Mr.3 reacted first and attacked Oliver directly.

As the only minded pie in the Baroque work agency besides BOSS, Mr.3 naturally knows that the hot man above can't be beaten by himself, and what he needs now is the hostage.

The milky white liquid shot out from Mr.3’s hand and rushed towards Craig’s group. The speed was so fast that it surpassed everyone’s reaction. In an instant, it solidified on the ankles of a dozen people. The huge candle locked them.

Even Craig was not immune.

His strength is to deal with pirates who have a reward of about 10 million yuan, and Mr.3's bounty is over 30 million. If you talk about the halberd, he even won a wanted criminal who has a bounty of 42 million.

His legs were locked and he couldn't even move. Craig fell on the beach and Mr.3 rushed up immediately, trying to catch Oliver.

Even though he has been developing fruit abilities, he still needs physical support to use abilities proficiently. Although Mr.3's physical skills are not good, they are still passable.

On the boat, Lucifer looked at the situation below, not anxious at all.

Although he is not good at speed, in his eyes, Mr.3's speed is really too slow.

The legs were slightly bent, Lucifer's body fell forward, and then his legs released force, like a cannonball, ejected from the bow of the ship.

"Melting melts the candle wall."

Obviously only a few steps away from Oliver, but Mr.3 still relied on years of combat experience and always paid attention to Lucifer's gaze, and displayed defensive methods.


The white wall completely formed by candles collapsed in less than a second after coming into this world.

"It's a lie."

Seeing the wall of the candle smashed into pieces, Mr.3's head was covered with cold sweat.

His candle was as hard as steel, and it broke when it was broken.

"Well, Ou Mao Xi Lou Yini is interesting."

Standing in place, Lucifer looked at Mr.3's ability and said lightly.

47. Run

Mr.3 felt that he was dead today.

When Lucifer's stalwart figure stood in front of him, he could even feel the cold breath on the burning sword.

Yes, even though the sword was burning, it made Mr.3 feel numb in his scalp. He knew that with just one sword, he might have to report to Huangquan.

Looking at Mr.3, Lucifer also disliked his soul a little, but this is the best food that can be eaten so far.

Devouring: Lucifer's appetite and greed will never be satisfied.

This is what Luo Yi can see, one of Lucifer's skills, in the game, is to swallow and digest enemy or neutral units to obtain its special skills.

For example, if you swallow the centaur conqueror in the wild, you can get the skills of war trample, and if you swallow the Moonkin Ripper, you can get the hurricane and the aura of toughness.