Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 27

Through the map, Luo Yi was watching Lucifer's movements.

One thing Luo Yi is very concerned about is that after Lucifer has swallowed the capable person, he gains the fruit ability and the dry duck ability.

As for Mr.3, a character who also played a very important role in the subsequent plot, Luo Yi did not feel that he needed to be merciful, that is, he opened the lock several times in the deep sea prison and the top war. .

To put it ugly, this is a locksmith, and once he is locked, he can't even release his ability to unlock the lock, and his combat ability is just that little.

The hardness of the candle is comparable to steel, but in the Alabastan chapter, Sauron understands the meaning of iron cutting, that is to say, a swordsman can easily hack him to death, even as long as the strength is strong enough, ordinary attacks can teach him to be a man Up.

As for the top war, it will be six years later. Who knows what the situation will be then.

What's more, it is too late to keep Lucifer, Luo Yi has no way to contact Lucifer remotely, and Lucifer makes the move without mercy.

Just on the boat, Lucifer jumped directly from his own boat to the other's boat, swallowed all the five pirates around Oliver's family.

Said to be swallowed, in fact, it is like a small whirlpool, which directly makes these people disappear.

Luo Yi didn't know how he swallowed, and didn't want to know, he didn't eat living people.

The crew on the ship was wiped out in an instant, and Lucifer let the candle that trapped Oliver's family all melt with a single sword.

If those people were just appetizers, now it is time for Lucifer to enjoy the dinner. Even if the dinner is not good, it looks very delicious with contrast.

"Melting melts the candle wall."

Even if he is desperate, Mr.3 will never give up directly.

A huge candle wall appeared between him and Lucifer.

Then, he ran to the beach without looking back.

It's not far from the sea here. As long as he reaches the sea, he can make a boat out of wax and use the fruit power to push the boat forward.

Seeing the other party’s flaming sword, Mr.3 naturally believed that the other party was a person with fruit ability, and sea water is the nemesis of the ability person. There are not many people who can use the fruit ability to navigate the sea. Mr.3 does not think he is. I happened to encounter it.

While escaping, he kept throwing candles back against the wall. Knowing that his fruit ability could not resist the opponent, Mr.3 only wanted to delay the opponent's time.

Lucifer was expressionless, and with a sword in his hand, the flame shot out, melting the walls of a dozen candles in front of him, and the burst of cremation fell on the candle locks on Craig's feet. On, melt all those candles.

"Thank you, Mr. Lucifer."

Craig, who got up from the ground, quickly thanked him, but did not get Lucifer's response.

He is now busy chasing his food.

Taking a step, a flame rose under Lucifer's feet.

Scorched Earth: The Fallen spreads destruction wherever he reaches, and his flame does not forgive anyone.

This is Lucifer's second skill, covering the surrounding land with flames, causing damage to the enemy, and at the same time increasing its movement speed.

Lucifer's agility is not high, resulting in a huge gap between his speed and his strength, but this does not mean that, Lucifer will let his things escape, this scorched earth is his way to increase speed.

One step down, a punch of flame spreading around like a ripple, Craig pulled Oliver and ran back with his little brother.

But Mr.3's men are not so lucky.

These flames themselves are directed in their direction.

When the flame containing the power of branding burned on them, it instantly ignited the whole body and burned their souls.

A group of people rolled on the beach, trying to extinguish the flames on their bodies with the help of sand, but they lay motionless on the ground without a few flutters.

The flames on the body haven't caused any harm, but the soul is burned to death under these flames.

Lucifer's feet pushed hard, and he ejected out, the speed is staggering.

The speed is slow, compared to opponents of the same level. In Mr.3's eyes, Lucifer's speed is so fast that no one can be seen.

He appeared behind him almost in the blink of an eye.

Lifting the free left hand, the people who had just swallowed had already been digested, this time swallowing pointed directly at Mr.3.


A full hiccup.

Lucifer was stunned.

Strange, why is this strange person alive?

What did you eat just now?

"What happened?"

"Why is the boat gone?"

"Could it be that Mr. Lucifer did it?"

Craig and his party could see clearly.

Just now, after running a few steps back and avoiding the spreading scorched earth flames, a group of people just saw Lucifer stretched out his hand, and then Mr. 3 and their boat was gone.

"Ah" x3

In the sky, three figures were falling, screaming.

Seeing the three Oliver family members falling from the sky, Lucifer suddenly felt a little irritable.

How can I swallow it wrong?

And the three fallen humans in the sky are so weak that they can't help but wind, even if there is a soft beach below, plus some sea water, but at this height, it is impossible to guarantee that there will be no accidents.

Before he could think, Lucifer jumped and came to the side of the three. With a pull with his left hand, he caught Oliver's wife. On the wings of his back, with Oliver's parents hung, he landed firmly on the beach.

But Mr.3 took advantage of this time to build a small boat and sail away like a speedboat.

Lucifer saw that there was also a little girl with an orange hat on the boat, eating senbei.

48. Brother is now a small boss

Through the function of the map, Luo Yi saw Mr.3 on the interface, the whole process of escaping with the help of Miss. Golden Week.

In One Piece World, Luo Yi may not remember very clearly some of the characters who played, but some people still have an impression of Luo Yi.

That is a woman who loves senbei and green tea.

Luo's biggest impression of her is that she doesn't want to go to work all the time, just the same as herself.

If possible, Luo Yi also wanted a job where he could drink tea and eat senbei when he went to work and watched his teammates do all the work without complaining at all.

And the ability of Miss. Golden Week is also the kind that Luo Yi can remember in the Pirate World. He obviously has no fruit ability, but he can use the paint of the color palette to mix colors to suggest others and control their feelings.

Therefore, the strength of a painter described by a painter is powerful.

As for why Lucifer swallowed the ship, it was precisely because of Miss. Golden Week's ability.

Blending colors, red of bullfighting: Once you encounter red paint, you just want to attack the red of bullfighting like an impulsive bullfighting.

During the transaction, Miss. Golden Week was resting leisurely in the cabin, but the situation outside still alarmed her.

When Lucifer jumped off the ship, Miss. Golden Week also secretly got off the ship to help, but did not expect things to develop so fast.

Seeing that Mr.3 was about to be swallowed by Lucifer, in desperation, he could only put on the bullfighting red and transferred Lucifer's attack to the ship.

And after swallowing a large ship, even Lucifer's strength would have to be digested for a while. Seeing the duck with its mouth flying away, Lucifer's anger can be imagined.

Even on the return boat, Oliver dared not show the joy of reunion with his family.

After all, the ship is sulking right now, but a big boss who can make a ship disappear in an instant.

"From today, this is our new tavern."

Although Oliver hadn't returned yet, when Luo saw that the man had been rescued, he consciously took the plaque from the Dota Tavern and hung it at the entrance of Oliver's inn, replacing the original one.

As for whether Oliver would not give it to himself.

When Luo knew, he didn't dare.

No, don’t let me let Lucifer eat your hotel, believe it or not.

Of course, just think about it, Lucifer is not necessarily willing to eat it.

Look at what he looked like after eating the boat. Those soya-like eyes were just as uncomfortable as eating Baba.

"What about the original tavern?"

"The original tavern, I will go back to live, Lilai, how about you?"

"I'm with my brother."

"it is good."

Manjikes, who was holding Bao Hu to relieve his greed, glanced at Luo Yi and Lilai.

The two men were not saved.

Since becoming the teacher of the two, Manjix gradually regretted it.

He suddenly understood why, when he was studying with scholars, he was always drawn when he was doing nothing.

However, compared to their own reasons for being drawn, the reason these two people have been taught by themselves in the past few days is because of their mercy.

Lilai’s and Luo Yi’s duel exercises are going on every day, and the growth rate of the two, with the supply of Luo Yi’s book of experience, has indeed improved very quickly. Even if the book of experience is about to run out now, Man Jikes knew that as long as Ken Hua Bailey, he could continue to supply.

That is the prop that allows Luo Yi and the others to practice quickly, at least for now, as they improve, the role of the book of knowledge will only become smaller and smaller.

Luo Yi actually knows this too. In the game, the book of knowledge "after his first two books, every time he consumes a book of knowledge, he will gain an extra 135 points of experience." This setting does not seem to exist in this world. Up.

But everything is difficult at the beginning. Now with the help of the Book of Knowledge, Luo Yi can be regarded as entering the door of practice. When he gets used to it in the future, even if the Book of Knowledge can't play a role, it doesn't matter.

"This is the visiting map of the table and chair, just move it a little bit."

Luo Yi took out a drawing from his pocket. This was a sketch he drew in his free time in the past three days. The main thing was that the restaurant on the first floor of the hotel needed to be rearranged, and the rest was almost unnecessary.

"Don't worry, leave it to me."

Di Bu took the drawing and directly separated three clones and started to work.

If you divide it, you can make it: Did I meet you somewhere?

This is summoned by the earth. It is an imperfect semi-autonomous copy of itself, and it also has all the skills of the body, but it can only use the shoes and items equipped by the body, and cannot use arcane shoes and runes.

Arcane Shoes, Luo Yi had already drawn synthetic items in the subsequent lottery. He did not expect that the level 2 system could only draw things worth 1,000 gold coins in the game, and there were many more than 1,000, but Another very important piece, Luo Yi can only hope to come after upgrading again.

The four burials moved very fast, one could support ten Lilais, and Lilai could only lift a chair at a time. Lilai found that almost all of her work had been taken away. I feel like I am going to be unemployed.

However, when his eyes scanned over a hundred tables, Lilai knew that she would not be able to be free in the future. She immediately understood that she would not be unemployed, and immediately smiled.

Seeing Lilai moving the table, staring at Dibu frowned, suddenly became happy again, with a smile on her face. Even if her work efficiency was not improved, she was happy when she moved the chair.

Luo Yi, who was holding the table, wondered if she should give Lilai a psychological counseling class. Children with psychological shadows are the most terrifying.

Everyone gathered firewood and the flames were high. It only took an hour to set up the new tavern. This was the result of Luo Yi and Manjix's arrangement while discussing whether to add new elements.

Under Luo Yi's plan, he wanted to renovate this restaurant. After all, this was originally a restaurant in a hotel. The difference from the tavern environment is bright.

Yes, it is too bright here.

The floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides make the interior of the restaurant so bright that there is no place for mice to hide, but when people come to drink and blow, they naturally don't want to stay in such a bright environment.

Humans are such strange creatures. They are willing to walk out the door of the tavern when they are drunk, and they are unwilling to let other people see how they drink when they are awake.

Almost all men who can come to drink in a pub are men, and a place full of men is actually a good place for them to vent their pressure, relieve their worries, vent their depression, and adjust their mentality, except for alcoholics.

And the tavern in Pirate World is different from the previous life. Occasionally, some pirates or chambers of commerce will hold banquets. If you don’t modify the glass and make it soundproof, I wonder if it’s because Disturbing the people and getting complaints, this street is full of hotels.

"Brother is a small boss now."

Luo Yi akimbo triumphantly.

Manjix didn't bother to look at him: "I make all the money."

Luo Yi: ;

49. Plan

On the return boat.

Lucifer was still in his room and hadn't gone out for three days.

"Mr. Lucifer, I've been angry for too long."

"Speak down, do you want to disappear suddenly?"