Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 28


"Really, forget it at the observation deck this time, remember to pay attention later."

"Yes Yes Yes."

"However, it has been three days. The meal I ate before was made by Mr. Lucifer. I have not been used to eating these days."

"Yeah, why is Mr. Lucifer so strong and cooking so delicious."

"Maybe the strong have some hobbies."

Not only on the observation deck, but every corner of the ship is actually full of discussions.

After all, no matter how strong you are, you have to eat or drink.

For three whole days, Lucifer hadn't left the room. Although they had delivered meals for all meals, they didn't enter the room.

Even the Olivers wanted to express their gratitude, but they were too scared to enter the door by Lucifer's aura.

Therefore, everyone felt that Lucifer was angry because he let the enemy run away, but they didn't know that he was just digesting it.

Lucifer's devouring skill requires digesting the opponent before he can continue to devour the next unit.

The ordinary people on the ship before, with his strength, only digested in an instant, but a whole ship, or a medium-sized ship, Lucifer also said that Yali Mountain is big, no matter how strong his digestion is, there is an upper limit. what.

After digesting for three days, Lucifer knew that there was actually some left in the ship in his stomach.

This is because the ship itself is not a living body. If it is a living thing, Lucifer is afraid it will take longer to digest. After all, his digestion time is determined by the current life of the devouring unit.

Those who don’t have much exercise are a bit better than ordinary people, and even worse than Luo Yi’s current pirates, they will be digested after swallowing them, but if they are changed to the sea king, Lucifer has to see if he has the ability to swallow the other person. .

Otherwise, if there are no restrictions on this ability, otherwise he can even swallow the Sky Watcher Zet and the World Forge Ancient Titan.

Who are those two? One of the three fragments split from the original consciousness of the world, and the other two fragments with the same identity as him, Radiant and Dire, sealed in a celestial sphere, and then pushed them into the darkness and entered The outer orbit of an ordinary world is called the Moon of Madness.

The other is the world forge who broke the Moon of Madness, released the Radiant Splendor and Night Dire, and carried the imprint of the original power of the universe. What they forged was reality itself.

Lucifer is very strong, but these two existences are not something he can touch, and even the residents of Radiant Splendor and Night Dire, not many people know about this matter, even the Oyu Society has not recorded it.

Of course, this is something.

Lucifer has not eaten non-living bodies before.

In the dark realm, the lost paradise, not everyone would be tough with him. There are always some witty people who know to avoid him.

At this time, Lucifer, who was hungry and thirsty, could only eat some trees and some soil to live his life.

There are too many unsatisfactory things in this world, but your life still has to go on.

Sitting straight in his room, Lucifer worked hard to digest the ship, so that he could free up his stomach to taste the food he had never tasted before.

Yes, Lucifer's idea is very simple, even he himself doesn't know what he wants, but he is very picky about eating.

In addition to the delicious soul, Lucifer is very picky about the taste of food.

Next to Lucifer's room is Oliver's family.

After three days of buffering, Oliver's parents and wife were almost settled down.

After being captured by Mr.3, facing the pervert every day, he threatened to make them into wax statues. If they hadn't waited for Oliver to send him money, they would have been finished.

Sure enough, artists are crazy.

Cecil, Oliver's father.

In fact, when he was caught, Cecil felt that their family was dead this time.

Even if Oliver brought the money, he couldn't leave alive from the other party's hands. A Devil Fruit Ability person, or a senior agent of the Baroque Job Society, could not let them so kindly.

Maybe, when Oliver comes with the money, it will be the time when his family reunited to go to Huangquan.

In fact, Cecil was not reconciled. His daughter-in-law was only three months pregnant, and his hotel had just been taken over by his son. He finally wanted to come out and enjoy the good fortune, but found that he was about to get cold. , Who can stand this.

However, when Lucifer descended from the sky and wiped out those people and rescued them by raising his hands, Cecil couldn't believe it in his heart.

When his own son met such a powerful person, he was conceited that he had only a lot more knowledge than Oliver. He also heard the names of many powerful people a bit, but he had never heard of such a person.

And your own son can please him, shouldn't he be a son, you are a man with a family, how can you betray yourself like this.

Seeing Cecil's uncertain face, Oliver felt that he was almost at the Chambord Islands. Some things should be said.

"Father, actually our hotel"

Oliver explained the situation.

Now, apart from the 200 million Baileys left in their hands, a three-story house on the Chambord Islands and the various collections at home, they really have nothing.

After hearing that Oliver had used his hotel as a reward, he invited Lucifer to take the shot, Cecil was also relieved that his son did not betray his chastity.

"It seems that we need to find another way out."

Cecil didn't care about using the hotel as a reward, and it was impossible to say no.

Seeing Lucifer directly let a medium-sized sailing ship disappear, it shows that people also have the ability to make their hotel disappear directly.

And the rewards that have been promised, or even the rewards for life-saving, could not be given.

If the hotel is gone, you can open it again. If your life is gone, there will be nothing.

"Father, I actually have a plan."

Oliver has also considered a lot these days, and he has already thought about it, but his father is a father after all, and he still wants to hear Cecil's opinion.

"Do you want it"

Seth looked at Oliver, especially the glowing eyes, and he thought he had guessed it.

"Yes, I think so"

Oliver's wife, Margie, and his mother Naomi, sat aside and watched quietly. This was the first time they saw Oliver dancing with excitement.

Facing his father, who had always been under pressure, Oliver seemed to open his heart, with a smile full of dreams on his face.

50. I want to join you

Let us swing our oars and the boat pushes away the waves

The sea is as calm as ever.

In this great route, it seems so abnormal.

But this is not important. What is important is that the ship has landed.

Oliver got off the boat impatiently.

Just half a day ago, he was discussing his plans with his father vigorously. This was the first time Oliver had spoken freely in front of his father in so many years.

And this half day was almost the longest half of his life, just like a newlywed Yaner, when he took his lover out to read the honeymoon, lying in bed waiting for the beauty to come out.

Still, Oliver remained calm.

Quietly waiting for Lucifer to disembark, Oliver went to the shipyard to settle the balance of the leased boat. Craig and a group of people followed Oliver's family and escorted them to the original hotel.

According to the contract, Craig's job is to safely escort Oliver's family home, so it must be executed well, otherwise the income this time will be too easy.

Oliver was a little dumbfounded when he reached his hotel.

The four burials were working together in a tacit understanding, and they were working on decorating the tavern in full swing. Even the signboard at the entrance of the hotel was taken off and replaced with the Dota Tavern.

"Manager Luo Yi, it's really quick to start."

The enthusiasm in the heart was instantly extinguished in half.

According to Oliver's idea, he should now go home, settle his family, write the contract, go directly to Luo Yi to take over the hotel, and then put forward his own ideas.

But they didn't follow the routine, they just moved over, and they are still being remodeled.

What can Oliver and the others say? Look at Lucifer beside him. This is the existence that made a ship disappear. If they are not happy, maybe the hotel will be gone.

However, Oliver's mentality is also very good.

When he changed, he changed. Originally, he didn't intend to go wrong. It was already great to be able to save his family. Besides, the hotel was originally an agreement with Luo Yi.

Watching Oliver and the others enter, Craig and the others left. As people who take money to do things, they can be said to be very professional.

Just do things, don't ask questions.

Walking into the tavern, Oliver only saw the busy land and Manjix lying on the cash register, but did not see Luo Yi and Lilai.

Lucifer walked directly in, found a place to sit, digesting the last part of the ship.

Oliver came to Manjikes cautiously: "Excuse me, where is the manager of Luo Yi?"

"As soon as Luo goes out to exercise, it is estimated that he will be back in one hour."

Manjikes raised his eyes, glanced at the clock hanging in the hall and said.

Then he turned over, adjusted his sleeping position, and continued to sleep.

This is what Chi You used to fight the world.

Oliver saw that Manjix didn't continue to talk to him, and didn't care. He took his parents upstairs and let them rest first. Then he took out the contract he had prepared beforehand and began to revise it.

After all, it was originally intended to sell the hotel to save people, but now it has become a traded item, and the procedures still need to be changed, otherwise it will not be easy to recognize the ownership of the hotel in the end.

There are hundreds of countries in the world of One Piece, but only more than 170 countries belong to the world's ZF countries.

And each country naturally has its own set of methods of governance. On the Chambord Islands, all contracts are directly responsible by the government stationed department on the island.

Even the captain of the black cat pirate group in the East China Sea who wants to legally obtain the inheritance of Miss Keya in Silob Village cannot directly kill and occupy it for himself, but needs Keya's suicide note, let alone such a family. The handover of the hotel is over.

Oliver only needs to modify the contract, and then go to the government station with Luo one or two, and change the name on the contract from his to Luo Yi, although Oliver's own name is not on the contract. To two months.

When Luo had a gray head and face, and Lilai and Lilai came back from outside, Oliver couldn't wait to greet him.

"Wait, I'll take a shower first."

Through the small map, Luo Yi had seen someone appearing in the hotel before, but it was still a small green dot.

Green is a friendly army, so it doesn't matter what they are here, and there are still four at once. Even if Gumir came last time, the color is only dark yellow and neutral. Currently only Bell is friendly to himself.

In the past few nights, Luo Yi returned to the original tavern to sleep, as did Lilai, and the new tavern was handed over to Manjix and Dibu to take care of them, and let them choose the room themselves.

Even so, Luo Yi also left a room for himself and Lilai in the tavern for them to wash and rest.

After some sorting, Luo Yi went downstairs first.

As for Lilai, he was digesting the experience of fighting Luo just now in the room.

"Mr. Oliver, congratulations on your family's safety."

As soon as Luo arrived in Oliver's room and saw all four of them were there, Luo Yi spoke first.

"I would like to thank Mr. Lucifer for his help." Oliver was grateful: "This is the contract I prepared. After the store manager Luo Yi signs it, we can go to GR 66 to register again, and then we can give the contract to this store. is you."

Luo Yi took the contract and glanced quickly.

Although he is not afraid of Oliver lying to himself, all contracts should be looked at. This is a habit developed in a previous life and it is not easy to change.

"One more thing, I want to ask Toro, a store manager."

Oliver stood up straight, bowed at ninety degrees, and bends down to Luo Yi.

Luo Yi suddenly felt that there was a feeling of adding a yellow robe to his body.

I didn't even agree, so you bowed first. Didn't you force me.

"Let's talk about what happened first."

Luo helped Oliver up. With his current base strength of 30 points, Oliver had no resistance at all.

"I want to join you."

Oliver looked at Luo Yi with hot eyes.

I don't know why, Luo Yi felt that Oliver at the moment was very dazzling, so dazzling that he was a little jealous.

From his eyes, Luo saw what he had thrown away a long time ago.

It's like singing in a song.

"Life is like a merciless carving knife,

Changed our appearance.

Will it wither before it blooms,