Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 29

I had a dream."

Who is not a young man who doesn't know the heights of the sky? Luo Yi couldn't remember his original wish. Later, he didn't know what the wish was, but he lived every day in a muddle-headed manner.

Seeing Oliver's appearance, Luo Yi didn't ask much, just nodded.

He remembered what Blackbeard said.

People’s dreams will never end!

51. Dota Chamber of Commerce

Dota Tavern.

Manjix was sitting on the bar, holding a hip flask in his left hand and a cigarette in his right, chatting with guests in the tavern.

Lucifer was wearing an apron, holding a burning flame sword in his right hand, and a cooking book in his left hand, studying how to make more dishes in the back kitchen.

Dib and Lilai have been dressed in Harold's tailor-made employee costumes, one in a nondescript tuxedo and the other in a maid costume, working as a handyman in the tavern.

Luo Yi continued to stand in front of the bar, wiping a goblet he liked recently, with a cold expression on his face.

Maggie, Oliver's wife, sits behind the counter of the original hotel and is responsible for the cash register.

Oliver, but no one was seen.

Three days have passed since Oliver returned.

Since he said he wanted to join the tavern and got Luo Yi's nod of approval, he went out passionately. A clone of Luo Yiran Dibu followed Oliver to protect his safety.

Luo Yi knew what he was doing and didn't care about him. Luo Yi didn't accept the 150 million Pele left on Oliver.

My reward is this hotel, which has now been handed over to me.

I remembered that when Major Bell saw him and Oliver change the contract three days ago, his expression was as if he had a PY transaction with Oliver.

The opening of the pub is fixed at three hours a day.

Although the place was changed, whether it was the ale brewed by Manjix or the dishes provided by Luo Yi, they were all up to the next level, and their income increased, but after discussion, the business hours were still reduced.

Anyway, every day's wine can be sold out, there is no need to worry at all, but Manjikes, put Luo Yi's training plan on the agenda.

In the past few days, Luo Yi has one more task besides daily exercise.


Looking at the glass of ale in front of him, Luo Yi had a headache.

During this period of exercise, Luo Yi’s physique has risen to a higher level. Of course, in addition to having a good teacher and insisting on daily exercise, it is also the credit of the book of knowledge, which saved Luo Yi a lot of training time. Can be promoted.

"It's not enough to have a strong physique. It also requires sophisticated techniques, that is, moves. All I can teach you is drunken fist, so you must learn to drink."

That's what Manjix said at the time.

"Can I learn something else?" Luo Yi also felt helpless about his physique and turned to look at Lucifer and Dibu.

Lucifer: "You, no fire."

Dibu: "I use a shovel."

Luo Yi understood that in the entire tavern, the only normal one was Manjikes.

Lucifer's abilities came from the dark realm, as well as the flame imprint brought by the death knell of Wa Shiondo. I simply couldn't learn it, unless I also suffered the imprint torture, think about it and forget it.

And Di Bu is completely wild, relying on his own physique and shrewd mind to survive in Rift Shadow Ruins. If he really learns to use a shovel, Luo Yi might not be willing to go out and do it.

Even if the elimination method is used, there is only one option left for Zuiquan.

So, these days, before going to bed every night, Luo Yi was asked by Manjikes to drink a glass of ale.

Yes, Luo Yi admitted that the wine tasted good.

But every night, he didn't even know how he got into bed.

And the feeling of a hangover is very uncomfortable.

Although I keep exercising every day, the amount of alcohol has nothing to do with physical fitness.

Drinking is completely natural, and Luo Yi does not accept any rebuttal.

However, Manjikes meant to make Luo Yi like to be drunk, not to drink more.

The drunken boxing thing is not a slap in the face when you get drunk, but a set of very strict tactics, distractions, and body techniques.

In addition to daily physical exercises these days, Luo Yi also practiced the basic routines of drunken boxing in accordance with Manjikes' guidance.

However, the essentials are never grasped.

"Drink too little wine."

That's what Manjix summed up, but Ke Luo felt that he didn't have this talent.

Could it be that the intelligence is too low?

Luo shook his head while wiping the wine glass, how could it be possible.

In fact, it is said to be drunken boxing, but many of the techniques in it are common in many places.

The effect is actually very obvious.

When Luo first learned the drunken fist body technique, Lilai's attack made it difficult to hit him.

According to Luo Yi's idea, his own agility has improved, and he has also learned the dodge method. Although he can't achieve the effect of displacement, it is difficult to avoid the directional skills of the wizard.

And Luo Yi's growth also led to Lilai's control of Frost's power. From avoiding critical attacks, to now attacking Luo Yi with all his strength, the two suddenly became evenly matched.

Luo Yi understands that this is the difference between having a genre and no genre.

Beating the master indiscriminately is actually just a story of dog food.

A boxer who had recently learned the art came back and had a dispute with his wife. The wife was eager to try, and then a shy iron fist hit the boxer's chest.

Under the guidance of Manjikes, coupled with long-term duel training, Luo Yi also mastered Lilai's cast of frost spell.

Just like a BOSS repeatedly brushing, it is naturally getting easier and simpler. If it weren't for this BOSS would also upgrade, it would have been maxed out by Luo Yi.

Just as Luo Yi thought and was in a daze, Oliver returned.

"Manager, I have done everything."

I completely ignored Margie who was sitting at the door, and in her pouting expression, Oliver ran in with excitement, holding a piece of parchment with his right hand held high.

"It's pretty fast."

Putting down the glass in his hand, Luo Yi took the parchment from Oliver.

"A medium-sized sailing boat cost 100 million Baileys, and a three-story residential house, plus the cost of renovation, totaling 47 million Baileys. As long as the goods are complete, you can sail at any time."

Oliver speaks quickly, and he doesn't conceal the enthusiasm in his body, but this is also a good thing. Luo Yi hopes that Oliver will keep this enthusiasm so that he can be a handyman.

"When it comes to sailing, don't worry about it, and come back in a few days. You can plan the route first and expand your business these days.

Luo nodded.

This is the result of their previous discussions, creating a chamber of commerce that belongs to them alone. Oliver proposed and Luo Yi agreed.

Oliver hadn't thought about it before, but he really didn't know any strong people. It was still a bit difficult to navigate this sea area.

After seeing Lucifer's toughness, Oliver also brought up the careful thought in his heart.

Luo Yi unfolded the sheepskin scroll in his hand. It was a contract issued by World ZF. The four big golden characters reflected a faint light under the light.

"Dota Chamber of Commerce"

52. System upgrade

The Chamber of Commerce was proposed by Oliver.

When Oliver proposed a series of plans to Luo Yi, Luo Yi felt a yellow robe added to his body.

Obviously he didn't do anything, so he was regarded as a big boss by Oliver. He wanted to use his reputation and power to do things under his own hands, and establish a huge chamber of commerce to make a fortune.

As for why, Luo Yi didn't ask him, Pirate World is a very interesting world, and almost everyone has their own beliefs in their hearts.

The Oliver family, who originally opened the hotel, has a high income, not to mention the wealthy, but in this Chambordian Islands, it can be regarded as a middle class.

Oliver didn't say why he made so much money, and Luo Yi didn't care.

In any case, according to the plan discussed by the two, Oliver was responsible for establishing the chamber of commerce, operating the chamber, contacting buyers, preparing for the supply. Almost everything was done by Oliver, and what Luo Yi needed to do was when he set sail. , To ensure the safety of ships and cargo.

This is simple, Luo Yi also knows that in this world, to be a good chamber of commerce, force is the most important thing.

Otherwise, in a world where pirates are rampant, they will be robbed when they go out.

Lucifer's strength is indeed very strong, but Luo realized that he might not want to go out recently.

In the room upstairs, when Luo Yi and Lilai went out for exercise, he helped Lucifer to buy various cooking books. According to his concise and concise statement, it seemed that he wanted to improve the taste, the smell of wood in his stomach. And the smell of urine and sweat

After swallowing the whole ship, Luo Yi really admired Dad Doom.

Even in the game, only level 20 talents can swallow the cause unit, otherwise, you can only eat small wild monsters.

Sure enough, reality and the game are different. When Doomsday Dad releases Devour, as long as the opponent is not as good as himself, there will be no cheating prompts such as insufficient level.

Closer to home.

The Dota Chamber of Commerce was established. Luo Yi was the chairman and Oliver was the vice chairman. However, as the chairman, Luo Yi didn't have to deal with things at all, as long as he was responsible for counting money.

Although Luo Yi was not good at this kind of thing before, it didn't matter. Everything is difficult at the beginning. One day, he will be able to master how to count money happily.

Just like today, Manjix threw him some pocket money, and asked him to activate the inventory of several people first.

Luo Yi understood what he meant.

After the inventory is opened, you can wear equipment.

Although they have been relying on their own cultivation system to cultivate to their current strength, according to Manjikes, experiencing a higher level of power in advance will also help cultivation.

Luo Yi thought about it a little bit, just like a certain game of Journey to the West, when a newbie quest, there will be a character, artifact, beast, mount, child, wife, and he is very happy to tell you.

"I am the future you."

Heh, tui

This method is just to cheat Xiaobai into the game. If you use it on yourself, where is the recharge channel? I will seal him first.

After a brief conversation with Oliver, after leaving everything to Oliver, the tavern’s business today is almost over.

Dibu skillfully cleaned up the tavern, and Lilai took out Lucifer's prepared dishes. Nine people sat down around the round table and began to eat beautifully.

Incidentally, Oliver's father Cecil also contributed his personal network resources to the construction of the Chamber of Commerce, as well as his own life experience over the years.

The only thing he has nothing to do may be Oliver's mother Naomi.

This woman, if you say she is a vase, it's not like that, the family relationship is handled extremely harmoniously by her, but if she has any ability, Luo Yi really can't see it.

However, if you can't see it, you can't see it. Luo Yi doesn't have any interest in an aunt in her fifties.

What he likes is Sister Yu, those whose meat has gone where they should go.

Women in Pirate World are Luo Yi’s ultimate standard of aesthetics. Teacher Oda’s preferences are exactly the same as Luo Yi. At least in this world, adult women are still flat. Luo Yi doesn’t know much and sees even less. .

Thinking about it this way, Luo Yi suddenly felt that it was really happy to be in this world. You don't need to make money for yourself, just find a girl outside, who are all devilish figures with good looks.

Luo Yi eats a meal very comfortably. In addition to being delicious, it is also a good mood, especially when Luo Yi goes upstairs with two boxes of Bailey, that is the real satisfaction.

"A total of 2000 dollars recharged, are you sure to recharge? No"

With 20 million Baileys, Luo Yi used his inaccurate mental arithmetic to calculate, this is a soft sister coin of more than 1.3 million.


With just these two boxes of money, if you say that you don't have it in your own hands, it's gone.

However, when the recharge was completed, Luo Yi received another reminder.

"The system meets the upgrade conditions, is it upgraded? No"


Luo Yi went down very decisively.

Rather than opening the inventory and distributing the equipment on hand, it is more reliable to upgrade the system first.

"The system level has been upgraded to level 1."