Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 30

"The hero information bar is open."

"The chat bar is open."

Hero information bar?

Luo Yi didn't quite understand, but soon he knew what it meant.

Manjix: "Luo Yi what did you do?"

The name and words of Manjikes appeared in the chat bar below.

Isn't this the chat tool inside the system? Manjikes is too good at learning.

Lucifer: "Huh, boring."

Doomsday Dad is arrogant, or why would he suddenly speak.

Lilai: "It's amazing. I can see my face, as well as the equipment."

Meepo: "It won't affect eating."

As soon as Luo touched his chin, it seemed that this time, a subsystem was directly configured for everyone, allowing them to communicate remotely and see their own information.

I took a look at the lower right corner of my system interface. There are still 1,000 dollars left. This time the upgrade cost 10 million Baileys. According to this rule, will it be 50 million next time?

Luo once guessed a bit, but didn't think much.

It doesn't matter whether you know or not, anyway, the more money the better.

With 1,000 dollars left, Luo Yi opened everyone's inventory to the second grid and spent 700 dollars. The remaining 300 dollars, Luo Yi opened the shop and clicked ten consecutive draws.

If the previous inference is not wrong, after the system is upgraded, the first draw will be a hero.

Seeing what appeared in Shilian Pumping, Luo took a deep breath, as expected

"You got it"

53. Hello

After ten consecutive draws of inertia, Luo didn't have time to see what he got, he saw a teleportation array in the room.

Before he was summoned, Luo Yi felt that the temperature in the air was beginning to drop.

"Is there a hero who uses ice? Who would it be?"

The magic circle was lighting up, Luo Yi's thoughts flashed quickly.

There are not many mercenary heroes in the blade tower. Except for the ice girl, there are only three remaining: Lich, Ice Soul, and Winter Flying Dragon. Of course, if you count the double-headed dragon and Xiao Hei, then it is still There are two.

But of these two, one uses the power of ice and fire, and the other just shoots ice arrows, and shouldn't cause such a big movement.

However, Luo Yi could see that everything in his room had already been frosted. If it hadn’t been for this period of time to strengthen exercise, so that Luo Yi’s physical fitness far surpassed ordinary people, it is estimated that he is now more than just retreating to the door of the room. Up.

Luo Yi knew that these three ice heroes belonged to the Dire Legion, in other words, they were not human.

Just look at Lucifer. If it weren't for wearing a piece of armor on his body, it is estimated that his completely burnt and corpse-like appearance would be scared to death by going out.

It can't be said that he is a general from the great sea route mummy country.

No matter which one was drawn, Luo Yi's heart was very tense. Although he felt the chill from the magic circle on his skin, he didn't know why, Luo Yi felt the burning on his skin. Burning.

This is very strange. It is obviously ice, but it has the effect of fire. Is it really a two-headed dragon?

Luo Yi was a little excited. He had already grasped the doorknob with his right hand and had already unscrewed the door. With a slight pull, he could leave the room.

However, the development of the matter seemed to exceed Luo Yi's imagination.

When the magic circle in front of him was getting bigger and bigger, Luo Yi regretted it, why he had to summon in the room.

Among the Dota heroes, there are those who look like normal people, and naturally there are also abnormal ones, and everyone's body shape is different.

Maybe in the game, their body shape is not much different, but in fact, everyone's body shape is different.

If a dragon is as big as a person, why does the legend of slaying the dragon stay? What is the difference between going out and hitting a dog.

Similarly, if a small mountain giant is called out, would it directly summon a mountain?

It seems that when you call heroes in the future, you should find a wide open space for everyone. Maybe you should find an uninhabited island?

Luo Yi shook his head. So far, except for the heroes in the first draw after the upgrade, it's really hard to say whether the heroes can be drawn in the other lotteries.

It can be said that Luo Yi did not draw a hero, but a contract, and this contract would randomly select a certain hero.

Originally changed to a new room, Luo Yi's room has been nearly 100 square meters, but the magic circle has been expanded to the entire room from its original size of two meters in diameter.

Originally, Luo Yi wanted to escape quickly. If nothing else, the coldness alone would be too much for him.

But when Luo pulled the door hard, trying to open the door.


The doorknob broke.

Silently looked at the doorknob in his hand, and looked at the door of the room that was frozen.

Luo realised whether he would be the first traverser in history to freeze to death when using the system.

But soon, he found out that he was wrong.

When the magic circle disappeared, a huge sound and shadow suddenly appeared.


In just an instant, Luo Yi felt that he was being pushed against the door by a huge force, and he almost didn't knock out his lunch.

His body was completely stuck, only his head was barely able to move. As soon as Luo was relieved, he saw a huge eye in front of him.

"Um, good noon."

Luo Yi felt that it was really embarrassing now, he already recognized the other party.

Although I only saw the other person’s eyes, it was just the skin of the hero in front of me, and the forehead that stood alone and exuded a burst of coldness. Fortunately, I didn’t open my mouth just now, otherwise I guess I’d have a stomachache. .

As soon as the voice fell, Luo saw that a long sword burning with flames came in from his ears.

"Luo Yi, are you okay."

Outside the door, Manjikes' anxious voice came.

"I'm fine, you let Doom Dad be merciful, don't insert it in the wrong place."

When Luo saw it, the eye staring at him in front of him blinked, as if he wanted to say something.

Outside the door, after hearing Luo Yi's voice, Lucifer drew out his sword, placed it at the door, and slightly increased the temperature.

Feeling the warmth coming from behind, Luo Yi's body, which had been a little stiff from the cold, also felt much more comfortable.

Sure enough, the doomsday father is also a deadly proud.

Looking down at that eye, Luo Yi was thinking about a question now.

Winter Flying Dragon, referred to as Ice Dragon.

Like many great poets, Auros only wants to write poems in her life.But the Winter Flying Dragon is constantly disturbed in life.Gulong's epic is long and colorful, but the remaining dragon scholars in the world are not as knowledgeable as their predecessors in the eyes of some people. After the last heyday, Gulong's dragon poems only added a few lines.

Auros is the name of the ice dragon.

And this dragon is a female dragon.

In order to write the legend of the hero, Auros set out to explore and research, collecting books that can inspire inspiration.

However, Auros was caught in an epic battle, facing a powerful enemy.

She looted the castle, searched the ancient library and gained supreme glory.

Moreover, because her skills and strength are so wonderful on the battlefield, her academic efforts are not praised.

Therefore, she is no longer satisfied with writing heroic legends, she also wants to create a hero with her own hands.

When the contract appeared, Auros chose to leave the original world without hesitation.

However, the person who summoned himself did not seem to have chosen the right place.

"Sorry, I will become human first."

Auros spoke, her voice was sweet and polite, Luo Yi was looking at her profile, and suddenly hearing this voice, such a scene could not help but emerge in his mind.

In the sky, a huge winter flying dragon flies in the sky, flapping its wings, and bringing endless cold air to the bottom.

When everyone raised their long spears and crossbows in fear and prepared to resist this dragon's invasion, the dragon suddenly spoke.

The voice is sweet and polite, as if an aristocratic lady is saluting you with her skirt.

"Hello, I am going to snatch your castle."

The picture is so beautiful that I dare not look at it.

54. Teacher

Luo Yi's room.

The door of the room was broken, and the previous cold had completely destroyed Luo Yi's room, even the spiders hiding in the corner had not let go.

However, Luo Yi felt that it was not the cold air that ruined the room, but the size of the ice dragon Auros.

Auros, who has turned back into a human form, has a slender and sexy figure, a light blue dress that is slightly tight, and a long white hair, sitting there like a lady.

And beside her, Lilai was sitting there cleverly.

Behind, the warm sunlight spilled in. There were no walls or windows.

When Auroth was summoned, Luo Yi was on his head, but his body had already crashed the wall of the room.

If it hadn't been for seeing the ruined wall falling from the sky, Manjikes and others would not be alarmed.

Manjix took a little Bailey and handed it to Dibu's hand: "Meepo, please go and ask a craftsman to repair this wall."

Holding a toothpick and taking the money, Dibu ran out directly.

To be honest, after knowing that the woman sitting in the room was a female dragon, Dibu was still a little panicked.

The long-standing rule of survival has been to tell him not to get close to people he can't solve. If there is not the power of the contract, Dibu will consider running away at the first sight of Lucifer.

But now, his reflex nerves told him that this dragon is as dangerous as Lucifer, no, this dragon is even more dangerous, after all, this is a female dragon.

Manjikes and Lucifer sat on the ground on the sidelines, and Luo Yi looked at the mess on the ground with a little distress. These are all money.

"I made a decision."

The first to speak was Auroth.

Manjix took a sip of wine and his eyes drifted away.

Lucifer's soy eyes also rolled.

"I want to develop Lilai into a hero and write it in my biography."

Auros looked at Lilai very satisfied.

The power of Frost that day was born, even Auros was envious of it. Apart from being unwell to the dragon clan, he was like a tailor-made heir, ready to inherit her mantle.

Even if Auroth knew that he could live a long, long time.

"In other words, Auros, you have to teach Lilai how to use frost magic."

Luo Yi didn't expect that he actually summoned a dragon for Lilai to teach her.

Imagine what Lilai will look like after learning frost magic with the ice dragon.

"The Hook of the Ice Dragon"

"Ice Dragon's Wing Strike"

"The Roar of the Ice Dragon"

No, this is the dragon-killing magic next door.

The villain in Luo Yi's heart shook his head silently.

"Lilai's talent is very high, coupled with the frost power in his body, it is a pity not to study."

Auros patted Lilai's head lightly, with a look of doting and expectation.

Luo Yi probably knew that Auros wanted to write a biography, and wanted to be recognized by others academically, then he came to this new world and could start all over again.