Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern

Pirate's Blade Tower Tavern Chapter 31

Here, no one knows that she is a winter flying dragon with explosive combat effectiveness. As long as it doesn't change into its original form, who knows her fierce group.


Lilai yelled very happily under the education of Auros Love.

Auroth looked at Lilai with a golden light in his eyes.

Unexpectedly, he could also have a disciple.

Although he is a human, and he is from the same world as himself, it doesn't matter. After he has cultivated Lilai and returned to the original world, Lilai will definitely become a well-known hero.

And he is the mentor of this hero, and he can even write everything that happened here in the biography, even the title of the book.

Crystal Maiden

Well, just call it this name.

Auros didn't expect that he would pick up the treasure as soon as he came here.

When Luo saw that the two women were together, it seemed that there was nothing to do with him, so he patted his butt and got up. After eating the sacrifice of a tree, he took Manjikes and Lucifer and left the room.

"Fortunately, I live on the second floor."

When he came downstairs and looked at the large open pit above, Luo Yi felt a little grateful that the surrounding wall was not low, so people outside should have not seen it.

A lot of people have gathered outside the fence of the tavern, and some even climbed up on the fence, wanting to see what happened inside.

Luo Yi didn't know now, when the ice dragon just appeared, he was also seen by outsiders.

At least for now, it is indeed time to deal with this problem.

After explaining a few words, he said that his house was going to be renovated, and he gave some wine to the hotel next door, which calmed the commotion.

"Manager Luo Yi."

Bell appeared just after solving the neighbors.

"Major Bell, why are you here?"

Luo was also a little surprised when he saw Bell appearing.

"When the manager moved your tavern, my patrol area was transferred. Just now someone said there was a commotion here, so I rushed over."

Bell said without shy.

"Offended the major for a trip. I was decorating the house."

Luo shook hands with Bell in a polite manner.

After a few words of greeting, Bell left after knowing that no fighting had happened.

When he came here, Bell was very scared in his heart.

He knew his own level, so he bullied ordinary pirates. If he was swarming, he might have to consider running away.

Let yourself come, even if the people in the tavern really fight, you can only shout.

"For Justice"

Then become a navy martyr.

As he walked a little far away, Bell secretly glanced back.

In the broken place above the tavern, some traces can be seen beyond the fence.

However, because it is on the side area, it is not very clear, but there have been some cracks near the third floor.

Is this decoration?

Why do I think you want to remove the heavy cover.

Bell touched his head.

Forget it, although he was the first navy to contact the Dota Tavern, it was true, but at this time, he couldn't rush with blood.

It seems that you have to become stronger, otherwise something really happened, how to maintain your own justice.

Ah, it suddenly burned.

Seeing Bell's back left, Luo Yi tilted his head.

I have been paid attention to by the navy, I think it should be Lieutenant General Gumir, and I don't know how the Mediterranean will deal with this matter.

However, although Lieutenant General Gumir did not appear in the comics, the story of the title page alone shows that this person should be pretty good.

In a certain sea area, Gumir stood on the deck of a warship and sneezed.

"Is the Lieutenant General caught a cold?"

"It's possible. After all, Lieutenant General is cooler on his head."

55. I want to buy milk

Marine Headquarters, Marin Vando.

Warring States has recently felt that there are so many bad things.

Two years ago, the captain of the Pirates of the Sun climbed up to Mary Gioia with his bare hands, and the hero Fischer Tiger, who released the slaves, died. The internal division of the Pirates of the Sun caused a large group of murlocs to constantly oppose the navy.

Finally, the murlocs were caught, but last year, because the current captain of the Pirates of the Sun, Hai Xia Jinping became Qiwuhai, all the murlocs were released.

This kind of thing can only be done by World ZF.

Why did Jinping take the position of Qiwuhai? Isn't it just to preserve the entire Murloc Island?

With the name of Qiwuhai hanging on the fisherman island, those pirates did not dare to be too presumptuous on the island.

As the world's highest authority, the "Five Old Stars" said that inviting him to join Qiwuhai was to strengthen the harmony between races.


Harmony ass.

Don't think that the Warring States Period does not know that the population auctions on the Chambord Islands are not for you to nod and acquiesce, and from time to time to entertain the Tianlong people.

Otherwise, where did the slaves on Mary Joa come from, it's impossible to climb up and apply for it.

And this year, a lot of things happened.

Don Quixote and Flamenco have always been a thorn in the heart of the Warring States Period.

As the original Tianlongren and the brother of Luo Nande, the adopted son of the Warring States Period, he personally killed his brother, who was arranged by the Warring States undercover.

For the Warring States period, Doflamingo was a scum on the sea.

And this scumbag directly attacked a ship full of "heavenly gold" last year.

Although the Warring States period did not agree with the actions of "Heavenly Gold", Doflamingo directly threatened World ZF, and because of the identity of the Tianlong people, World ZF could not attack him.

However, according to the world power order, the Tianlongren could not stop paying tribute. In the end, he could only agree to the threat of Doflamingo, making him one of the seven Wuhai.

Of course, the main thing is that the above did not want Doflamingo to tell the secrets of Mariejoa's national treasure.

It didn't take long before Doflamingo became the hero of Dresrosa, while the original King Liku became a brutal killer.

Just kidding, can Doflamingo be a hero?

The Warring States period would rather believe that now sitting in his office, eating the senbei he hid and drinking his green tea, the naval hero Kapu, is actually the undercover of the revolutionary army in the navy.

At least their son is the leader of the revolutionary army and the only organization in the world that has the ability to fight against the world ZF.

But this is not important. What's important is that some time ago, the Tianlongren had an accident, but he didn't die, which is a shame.

He is a guy who likes to collect murloc slaves. It is said that he was going to the murloc island in order to snatch the liberated slaves, but he was attacked by the sea kings and landed on the murloc island.

The Warring States period could even imagine the scene where the Tianlongren was sacked, but he didn't expect that the scum would be rescued by Princess Yi Ji and he is now recuperating in the Dragon Palace.

And that Draco is exactly Don Quixote Muse Garrud Saint.

This Don Quixote family is really good at doing things.

In addition, there are all kinds of trivial matters, but they are not as serious as these.

However, within a few days after the Tianlongren accident, he received news about Raleigh.

Who is that, the former deputy captain of the Roger Pirates, the legendary man.

Warring States and Karp are figures of the same era as Roger, and they have never played against each other before.

People are not pirates anymore. They live in the Chambord Islands for the rest of their lives. Thank God if they don’t cause trouble. Tell me, why are the idiots down here going to provoke him.

However, when the Warring States period understood the situation, he didn't think so.

Raleigh did appear in front of the navy, or in front of Lieutenant General Gumir, but they just went to buy a drink.

He has been offered a reward from the navy in the pub, but the navy does not rush forward eagerly.

Dare to move Leily, for fear that the redhead will call him the next day.

There are also the members of the Roger Pirates who are scattered in all seas. They are afraid that they will all gather. When that time comes, I am afraid that Malin Vandor will be razed to the ground.

It is impossible to do it, it is impossible to do it in this life.You don’t know how to do things like Zhao'an. It’s just by counseling this kind of things that you can maintain your balance. Entering the navy is the same as going home. It feels better in the navy than at home!All of them are talented people, they speak nicely, and Warring States super likes them here.

If it hadn't been for the tavern where Lei Li bought the wine, it would have been passed to his ears because of certain things, Warring States would really not want to care about it.

When the two people in the tavern discussed each other, they destroyed half of the No. 9 GR Street. Even in the navy, this strength is extremely terrifying.

It is said that half of the island was turned into a piece of scorched earth, and it has not recovered.

And the one who did it was a person from the fur clan, and the other was wearing an armor with a winged skeleton behind him, and he didn't know who it was.

As a result, these people are not at peace.

According to information, Luo Yi, the current manager of the Dota Tavern, exercises on the island with a little girl who has the ability to eat frozen fruit every day.

The man in armor also wiped out a ship of the Baroque Working Society in the battle.

Although it was just a small criminal company, there were no strong people in it, and the Warring States period couldn't even remember the name of this company, but the news that one ship disappeared at a time was really unexpected by the Warring States period.

For the strong man in the blade tower tavern, Gumir personally went there. According to the news he reported, the man in armor was no weaker than him.

And these people are strong folks. The Warring States period needs to know what their stand is, and why, suddenly gathered in this little-known tavern, they might not be members of the Revolutionary Army.

"Don't "

The phone worm on the desk rang, and the Warring States period directly answered it.

"Mosimosi, I am the Warring States Period."

"Marshal, this is Gumir, I have something to tell you."

"Lieutenant General Gumir, is there anything to report?"

"The Dota Tavern before, now there is another woman."

Hearing Gumir's report, the Warring States period rubbed his head with a headache.

One more woman

The Warring States felt that this tavern became more and more suspicious.

Where did these people come from?

"I see, is there anything else?"

"By the way, can you allocate more funds for my G2 fortress."

"Yes, have the pirates been more rampant recently?"

"No, I want to buy milk for the fortress."


56. Aghanim's Scepter

Dota Tavern.

The craftsman has come to repair the wall.

As the shop manager, Luo Yi was scolded loudly by the craftsman.

If it weren't for the damage to the wall and it wouldn't affect the entire building, Luo Yi felt that he would be scolded to death.

But thinking about it carefully, it was also his own problem, and Luo Yi humbly accepted it.